If you don't like the idea of someone finding sexual stimulation from a kindergardener don't read this. If you do read it the start is based on a recent news report
Jenny had been excited when her Mom had suggested that they go to the park. It was more fun that staying home. They’d been doing that a lot since her mother had gotten pregnant. The baby was big enough that they’d been able to tell Jenny that she’d soon have a little brother.

But the trip to the park hadn’t been as much fun as Jenny had hoped. Her mother didn’t want to play and just sat on a bench watching her kindergartener ride her scooter up and down the path, yelling if she went too far. After a while Jenny was bored and, dropping her scooter, went to ask her mother if she’d play with her now.

When she got to the bench, she could see that her mother had fallen asleep. She knew, from experience, that she shouldn’t wake her mother up; so she looked around for something else to do. That was when she saw the puppy.

Not far away a man was playing with his puppy. The puppy was so full of energy, bouncing up and down and rolling on his back. The man seemed happy too. He was laughing and smiling as he played with the cute little puppy. When he saw Jenny looking at them the man smiled at her too.

Jenny loved puppies, but didn’t have one. She walked closer to watch. The man smiled at her and asked if she’d like to play with the puppy. Jenny smiled back; he seemed so nice and friendly that she wasn’t afraid. She said she would like to play with the puppy.

The man said the puppy’s name was Max and his name was Bill. Jenny told him her name. Before playing with the puppy Jenny looked back at her mother but she was still asleep on the bench. The puppy rolled over onto his back and wriggled happily as Jenny scratched his tummy.

Bill asked her if she had a puppy of her own, and Jenny told him that she didn’t. He asked her if she’d like to have one; she said “Yes!” and nodded her head vigorously.

“Well” Bill said, thoughtfully, “Max has some brothers and sisters that we can’t keep. They’re in the car with my wife. I can see that you would be kind to a puppy. If you’d like to come and choose one, you can keep him as your own.”

Jenny was really excited at the idea but didn’t think her mommy would like it. She turned to look at the bench and saw that her mother was still asleep. As if he read her thoughts, the man suggested that she choose a puppy; then the two of them could go to her mother with it. He said that her mom was much more likely to say yes when she saw how cute the puppy was.

Jenny thought that was a good idea. Bill let her pick Max up and carry him across to the car park, as if he was her very own. She rubbed her face against his fur and he licked her nose as she giggled.

When they got to the car, Jenny was so excited at the thought of having a puppy of her own that she didn’t notice that there was no woman in the car. The man opened the back door and told her to put Max in. The puppy jumped out of her arms just as a strange smelling cloth was clamped firmly over Jenny’s nose and mouth. She was too surprised to react right away; then it was too late. The world went hazy; she lost consciousness.


The man had seen the little girl as soon as he got to the park with his puppy. She was absolutely gorgeous, just what he wanted. She was probably six years old with lovely blonde hair tied behind her ears in two bunches. She had the palest of skin with a natural blush on the cheeks. He liked the way she was dressed too. Short white ankle socks and white sneakers; a very short blue jean skirt that showed her smooth legs to advantage; and a pale pink sleeveless top, that left her smooth arms bare. She was so sexy that he could hardly control himself.

But he had to, so he did.

As he played with Max, the man kept an eye on the girl. It didn’t take long to see where her mother was sitting on the bench. Much as he wanted to grab the girl and run he knew that wouldn’t work. He had to do it subtly, or not at all. He could see the mother was nodding off and, finally, was fast asleep. A little at a time, always playing with the puppy, he moved, as if by accident, across the grass, getting closer to the little blonde until she noticed him.

From there on it moved smoothly. Walking with her to the car was the most dangerous part. If anyone had watched him move in on her, now would be the time they’d react. He hoped he’d taken long enough playing with Max and Jenny that anyone walking past would have assumed the girl was his daughter and wouldn’t be alerted when they left the park together.

As they got close to the car, he slipped his hand into his pocket and unzipped the plastic bag that held the chloroform pad. With Jenny occupied with the puppy, it was easy to overpower her. He held her until he felt her body go limp; then he dropped her onto the back seat of his car. He looked around, there was no one watching, so he had the time to wrap some duct tape around her wrists and over her mouth before covering her with a blanket and putting Max on top.

Unable to resist, he lifted the blanket and ran his hands up her legs and under her skirt until he touched the soft cloth of her panties. She was so limp, so soft, so vulnerable that he caught his breath. His mind flooded with images of what he was going to do.
Shutting the car door, he backed carefully out of his parking space and drove home. He switched off the engine while the garage door closed behind him. Jenny was still unconscious as he lifted her limp body out of the car and into the house. Max bounced along behind him and went over to his basket, where he lay down to take a nap. He sensed that his master wouldn’t be paying much attention to him for a while.

The man carried the limp body of his little captive into the spare bedroom and laid her gently on the bed. He didn’t want to hurt her, at least not yet. She was lying on her back with her wrists taped behind her and her legs bent to one side. He took out his camera and snapped the first of what he expected to be many photos.

As gently as possible, he pulled the tape from her lips and wiped them clean with a cloth that he had dampened in the bedroom sink. He straightened out her legs and pulled off her sneakers. Standing up straight, he took a moment to look down at her, as she lay there unconscious. She was so beautiful.

Not for the first time, he wondered how parents could dress their beautiful little girls to catch the eyes of child lovers. Perhaps her father liked to look at her like that. Bill hoped that her daddy hadn’t started abusing his daughter. He’d like to be the first one to use her.

Bending ove,r he kissed the child on her unresponsive lips. They yielded under the pressure of his mouth. He moved his mouth onto the skin of her cheek. She felt so soft and smooth. He reached one hand down, to touch her bare leg and slid his fingers up the inside of her thigh until they reached her panties. He found the little mound of her sex and pressed it with his thumb while his other fingers pushed the cloth of her panties between the ridges of her unformed labia into the slit.


As he fondled her, the girl’s eyes opened and she moaned. Not realizing what was happening to her, Jenny began to move her hips to try and get away from his probing fingers. He could see her begin to realize that things weren’t right. She tried to get her hands out from under her but couldn’t. Her eyes began to tear up and, in a trembling voice, she said she wanted her mommy.

Bill gave her a reassuring smile. He told her that all he wanted to do was to take some photos of her, as she was so pretty. If she was a good girl, and did as she was told, she’d soon go home and see her mommy. He asked her if she was going to be a good girl and she nodded; too frightened to argue.

“If you’re a good girl you’ll give me a kiss” he said, bending over her. When his lips met hers this time, he could feel her react. He kissed her several times, telling her to kiss with her lips apart, so that his tongue could explore her mouth. Once or twice, she tried to move her face to the side, but he held her by the chin so she couldn’t get away.

When he was satisfied, he pulled out his camera and took another photo of her lying there; this time with her blue eyes open wide. He rolled her onto her side and photographed her with the curve of her hip and the slope of her thigh emphasized. Next he had her on her tummy, with her frightened face towards the camera and her bound wrists in full view. He took another set with the same positions, but this time, pulled her blouse out of her skirt so that her tummy could be seen. He pushed her skirt up, as well, so that there was a glimpse of her panties.

He could feel his shaft coming erect and knew that he wouldn’t be able to last long without needing to shoot his load into his delicious little captive. He didn’t want to spend his time dressing and undressing her, so he’d try to get all the photos that he wanted of her clothed, before he stripped her. There were lots of photos he’d want to take, once she was naked; he’d keep her that way until he bought her some different clothes for another photo shoot.

Jenny hardly resisted when he pulled her off the bed and pushed her down onto her knees for a couple of shots. Then, to her horror, he forced a rubber ball gag into her mouth and tied it behind her head. It started to get unreal for her, as if she was having some ghastly dream. She was tied with her hands over her head, hanging by her wrists, so that her toes just touched the ground. Then, with her ankles attached to a pulley, she was hanging head down, her hands swinging free a few inches above the floor. Next her wrists were tied to her feet, forcing her to bend over backwards while he pulled her skirt up to her waist. There were other photos of her in different positions, like being bent over a chair and tied to the legs of a table, but they got confused in her mind.

As he prepared his beautiful captive for each photo, he couldn’t keep himself from letting his hands roam over her body. He caressed the smooth roundness of her bare shoulders. He slipped his hands under her shirt to find her little nipples and rub them into tiny erection. More than anything else, he enjoyed running his hands up and down her naked legs. He savored the feel of her firm, cool skin and the roundness of her butt cheeks. Sometimes, he slipped his fingers under the soft material of her panties to find the tight hole of her anus and the slit between her labia. The feeling of the helpless girl trembling as he touched her was so arousing.

Finally the man, who she had thought was so nice, left her lying on the floor as he went away for a while. She could hear him arranging stuff around the room. He’d left her lying on her tummy with her wrists tied to her ankles. The pain in her shoulders and hips got worse and worse; her moans and sobs were muffled by the gag.

The pain was getting so unbearable, that she was close to fainting when the man came back to her and cut the tapes that bound her wrists to her ankles. Jenny collapsed onto the floor. Her captor rolled her over and took the gag out of her mouth. He held her face with his hand, so she had to look him in the eyes. Somehow she knew that the cold, hard look meant that she had to do whatever he told her, or he’d hurt her bad.

The man rubbed Jenny’s arms and legs, to get the circulation back. She didn’t like the way his hands rubbed all the way up her legs under her skirt until they touched her panties. She was too frightened to say anything or to try to push his hands away.

When she was able to stand up, the man walked Jenny to the bathroom and told her to pee and to wash her face. She did as she was told, while he looked at her. After that, he asked her if she wanted a drink of water and something to eat. She felt hungry and thirsty but shook her head in refusal.

The man said that, if she didn’t want something, they’d get on to the next bit so that she could get home to mommy sooner. When he mentioned that, Jenny hoped that it wouldn’t take long so that she could get home and be hugged by her mommy.

He led her back into the room that she’d been in before. Jenny looked around and saw that there were cameras on stands in various places. The man looked at her and said that, now, they were going to make a movie and he’d tell her what to do. If she didn’t do what he said, right away, he’d hurt her, so she’d better be a sensible girl and do as she was told.

There was a cruel edge to his voice that made Jenny shiver. Her own voice trembled as she agreed to do as he said. The first thing he told her to do was to put her sneakers back on. With trembling fingers, she managed to get them on

To Jenny’s surprise, when she stood up, she saw that the man had started to take off his clothes. He was soon completely naked. She’d never seen a naked man before. Her eyes were drawn to his erect member. It looked huge, as it poked out from the bush of hair that covered his groin. As he moved towards her, Jenny noticed the sack of flesh that hung down between his legs. She wondered, for a moment, why she didn’t look like that. She forgot that thought as he grabbed her roughly, pulled her arms behind her back, and tied them with a cord.

The little girl stood there, trembling with fright, while she waited to find out what was going to happen next. She watched the man as he walked around the room switching on the cameras, and some bright lights. He grabbed a piece of black cloth and a knife with a long blade, off a shelf before coming back and standing behind her. In a low, menacing voice he reminded her to do as she was told.

Suddenly he shoved her hard and she stumbled towards the bed that was in the middle of the room. When she bumped against it he grabbed her by her blonde hair and spun her round. She yelped with pain as he pulled her hair and then she gave a scream of fear as she saw him. The black cloth was a mask that covered his face. It had holes cut ,just for his eyes and mouth. In his hand was the knife. Its blade glittered in the light.

Jenny couldn’t help screaming out that she wanted to go home; that she wanted her mommy. The man’s laugh, as he leaned his body against her, was not friendly. He told her that she’d been bad in leaving her mommy at the park. He said her mommy would want her to be punished. He grabbed her and pulled her towards a chair on one side of the room. He sat on the chair and pulled her across his knees.

Jenny tried to get up, but the man held her there; his left hand holding her tight by her bound wrists. With his right hand he pulled her skirt up to show her panties. He stroked the mounds of her arse through the soft material, slipping his hand down to stroke her thighs. After a bit he pulled her panties down as far as her knees, exposing the pale moons of her buttocks. He fondled them for a while, letting his fingers probe the tight hole of her anus. Suddenly, he slapped her hard. The little girl screamed in pain as the man continued to spank her, first on one butt cheek and then on the other until there were red marks on her pale flesh. Jenny was crying out at the pain each time he slapped her.

Finally he stopped, and stood up, pulling the shaken girl to her feet at the same time. Jenny was sobbing as he turned her round to face the bed. He pushed her head down onto the mattress and the blade of the knife slit the cord that tied her wrists. Her arms dropped to her sides.

He continued to hold her face down on the bed. She wriggled as his free hand fondled her ass again and pushed its way between her thighs, but she could do nothing to hinder his assault.

After a while he stopped. Grabbing her by the back of her shirt he pulled her upright and told her to turn around. Trembling, but obedient, she did as she was told. As he stood back and looked at her she tried to pull her panties up and her skirt down to cover them. He looked at her standing there, still innocent and unsullied. He loved how she looked with her little white socks and sneakers, her denim miniskirt, that showed so much of her smooth thighs, her thin pink shirt that left her smooth arms bare. Then there were her little pink lips, her blue eyes and blonde hair. Pretty as a picture. But not for long; he would have a good time with Jenny. He licked his lips as he thought about the plans he had for her. Once again he laughed his cruel laugh.

“Now, little lady,” he said “it’s time for you to strip naked.” Jenny didn’t understand. She looked at him with a question in her eyes. He suddenly exploded, “You fucking little bitch” he yelled “get your clothes off before I slap you silly.” Still confused, Jenny didn’t know what to do. The man lunged at her, grabbed her shirt at the waist and, ripping it in the process, pulled it up and over her head. Suddenly the girl found herself naked above the waist. Frightened by his violence, she started to cry.

“Listen bitch” the man bit off each word as he said it, “take off the rest of your clothes before I rip them off you.”

Obedient in her terror, Jenny sat down on the edge of the bed and took off her sneakers and her socks. Then, on trembling legs, she stood and pushed her little skirt down to the floor and stepped out of it. Finally she pushed her panties down to her ankles and stood there, naked. He told her to sit back on the bed. As she did so, the panties slipped off her feet to lie crumpled beside her skirt.

At his command, she lay back on the bed with her legs dangling over the edge. His excitement built as he looked at her perfect little body lying there, awaiting his pleasure. Still obedient to his orders, she spread her legs wide, giving him a complete view of her immature sex, smooth and hairless. Immature it was, but it looked good to Bill. He knelt in front of her, spreading her cunt lips apart with his thumbs as he bent forward so his tongue could taste her slit.

He liked what he tasted as his tongue moved up and down her little slit, before it found her virgin hole, and started to penetrate her. Jenny didn’t like what he was doing; she started to whimper, uncomfortable with the feeling that his tongue was producing. He pulled back and nibbled the soft flesh of her thighs before returning to taste her some more.

The foreplay couldn’t go on too long; he’d been in a state of arousal ever since he’d shoved her unconscious body into the back of his car. He knew he’d come soon and he wanted to spill his sperm into this unsullied virgin. He could already sense how it would feel to force himself into her tight hole as she fought him. She wouldn’t be able to stop him, but neither would she be able to stop from trying. He loved the feeling of conquering a desperate, but helpless, girl; the feeling of holding her down as he pumped wave after wave of his sperm into her.

Quivering with lust, he stood up, leaning between her legs so she couldn’t close them. One of his hands went to his prick, ready to guide it into the tiny hole that he was going to violate. The fingers of the other hand spread her labia to make it easier. As his shaft found the opening of her vagina, he felt Jenny stiffen. She didn’t know why he was doing it, but it didn’t feel good to have part of him start to go into her.

Once he was sure that his prick was firmly into her tight little vagina, he leaned against her, feeling his shaft force its way deeper. He took his hands from her groin and slid them along her sides, from her hips to her shoulders. He forced her arms up over her head and pinned them to the bed with one hand on her wrists. His other hand held her face by the chin, forcing her to look at him as he raped her.

With the pain of his penetration, Jenny began to panic and, finally, tried to resist him. It was useless; the little blonde kindergartener was no match for the man who held her down using only part of his strength. He felt his penis touch her hymen. He rotated his hips to increase the pain for his victim. Jenny squealed with agony as he thrust against her cherry, popping it with ease.

Now he settled into a rapid thrusting, as the need to climax grew greater. At each thrust the girl screamed, feeling the pain burn deeper into her body. Pinioned by his hands Jenny could do nothing to stop her suffering. She heard the man’s panting grow louder and quicker. Then, with a thrust that drove his shaft as deep into her as it could go, he climaxed with a shout of triumph. His penis pulsed with the release of waves of semen into the violated child.

The pain was too much for the girl and her body went limp; her mind on the edge of oblivion. With a sigh of satisfaction, the man withdrew his prick from her. It was followed by a surge of semen, tinted pink by Jenny’s blood.

As he looked at the girl’s limp body, lying there, he felt desire build again in him. Her blue eyes were wide open but unfocussed. He paused a moment to enjoy the sight of her naked body, open and available to his desires. Then he bent down, took her body by the waist, and turned her over. She moved without resistance and lay there, face down, her arms still stretch above her head.

He spread her legs apart again. The cheeks of her arse were still flushed pink from the spanking she had received. The little puckered hole of her anus was just visible between the mounds of her cheeks. It would be a struggle to penetrate, so he reached for a pot of Vaseline that was on a nearby shelf. He spread some of the grease around the entrance of her rectum and then dug his thumb into the pot. Taking his thumb, thickly coated with Vaseline, he pushed it into her rectum, twisting it round so that the gel covered the inside of the entrance. For the first time since her rape, Jenny showed signs of life, gasping with surprise as his thumb entered her.

When he was satisfied that she was well lubricated, he pulled his thumb out and wiped it clean. The little girl lay there, limp and unresisting. Her very helplessness excited him and he felt his prick swell and lengthen as he looked at her. With one hand he spread her ass cheeks apart. With the other he stroked himself a few times until his penis was hard. Pushing forward with his hips he forced his shaft into the tight entrance of her rectum.

Jenny started to twist in an effort to get free from his invasion but, as soon as his prick was firmly lodged, he put his hands on her waist and held her tight. Holding her firmly, he pulled her back, forcing his penis deeper into her. The girl started to cry and, between sobs, begged him to stop.

Her pain only served to increase his pleasure, and he increased the strength of his strokes, grunting with each thrust. After a few minutes Jenny’s protests were replaced by moans of pain that swelled as he pumped faster, feeling that his climax was approaching. When it came, the release was tremendous; he fell forward against his victim, feeling her bottom against his belly as he discharged his load into her violated rectum.

After a few minutes, as his penis shrunk, he withdrew from her body and stood up. He wiped himself clean with a towel that he’d left in the room, ready for use. Jenny lay on the bed, motionless. For a minute he was worried that he’d killed her but, when he rolled her body over, he could feel her pulse and see that she was still breathing. She had only fainted.

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to do much more with her until she’d had time to recover. He would leave her there until tomorrow. When she woke up he’d tell her that he’d talked to her mother and been told that she didn’t want her for a daughter any more and would leave her with the man. He’d say that her mother was having a new baby and didn’t need a disobedient daughter. After he’d said that a few times, the little girl would believe it and would accept that she belonged to him.

Getting some rope, he tied her wrist together and then tied them to one of the posts at the head of the bed. Stretching her out, he roped her ankles together and tied them to the bottom of the bed. He bent and gently kissed the unconscious child on the mouth before hitting the switches that turned off all the cameras.

After taking a quick shower, the man got dressed, ate a sandwich, and downed a couple of beers. He peeked into the bedroom but Jenny was still lying motionless, with her eyes closed. Either she was still unconscious or she had fallen asleep, exhausted by her experiences. That quite often happened.

Taking another beer, the man went into his office and switched on his computer. One of the benefits of being rich was that he could afford the best equipment. The cameras, that had filmed his rape of Jenny, automatically downloaded into the computer. He had installed professional software that allowed him to switch from one image to another. He could also zoom and enhance the image when he wanted. He smiled as he thought how much easier it was for him than it had been for his father who was always cursing at having to develop the film and then cut and splice different clips together.

Sitting back comfortably, he reviewed the film. With experience, he’d learned where to place the cameras in order to have shots from different directions so that none of the action was missed. The first penetration was the best; when Jenny was face up one of the cameras caught all the range of expressions that crossed her pretty little face: fear, pain, humiliation, despair. Just looking at the replay aroused him again.

He relaxed in his chair and let his mind explore plans for the future. He’d buy her some more clothes. With internet shopping, he could do it easily. He’d get her a couple of swimsuits; some nighties; shorts; some pretty dresses. Then he could take a variety of pictures and videos of her. In a few days, he’d take her up to the cabin and do some outdoor photography. This little blonde would look good tied naked to a tree. When the clothes arrived he’d take her back there and do some work on the beach.

This was the prettiest girl he’d ever taken, it was a pity she was so young. Then an idea came to him. He’d keep her. As she grew he could continue to use her. He didn’t think he’d get tired of her, and keeping her didn’t stop him from getting other girls from time to time. When she was old enough he could get her pregnant and, with luck, get a lifetime supply of beautiful blonde girls for his pleasure. Bill sat back with a sigh of contentment; the future looked good.

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