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Zuri's birthday

At about 11:30 at night Jessie went to each of the kids room and woke them and together they made their way to zuri's room. The door was slightly open and Jessie peeked in and saw that Zuri was sound asleep. She led all the kids in and crept up to the bed. Together they all yelled, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". Zuri jumped up surprised and said, "what's going on. Jessie answered, we wanted to wait until tonight to give you your present. A present, what is it, zuri said getting excited. We're gonna play a game called group sex. "Group sex, what is that", Zuri asked confused. (Zuri was just playing dumb, she knew exactly what was about to happen. She had been watching porn late at night for months.) "Don't worry", Emma said, "we'll teach you". Just then Emma leaned in and started a passionate make out session with the birthday girl. Zuri felt weird that her first kiss was with a girl, especially her big sister. Zuri began to get wet between her legs. Zuri broke the kiss, "wait i'm starting to pee, she said still playing dumb. Your not peeing, your just getting excited" Emma said pushing her lips back against Zuri's. Emma slowly reached her hand up Zuri's pajama shirt. This caused Zuri to sigh in pleasure. Emma took the opportunity and quickly pushed her tongue passed Zuri's teeth into her mouth. Zuri once again broke the kiss. As punishment Emma pulled off her shirt and started licking her tiny undeveloped breasts. By then Jessie had already stripped down naked accept her white lace panties. While Luke and Ravi just took off their shirts and both had raging boners. Zuri was now moaning loudly because Emma was biting on her left nipple and pinching the other. "Hey, save some for the rest of us, Jessie said. Sorry, but their really soft to be so small, Emma replied still trying to suck Zuri's tits. Just then Jessie walked over and lightly grabbed zuri's soaking crotch through her pants causing her to tremble at the touch. "She's so wet", Jessie thought to herself then started to rub Zuri's outer lips causing her to shriek and shut her eyes. Ravi and Luke couldn't take it anymore. They yanked off their pants and boxers in one tug then made their way to the bed, dicks in hand. They kneeled on each side of Zuri and grabbed her hands and made them grip their cocks. Zuri opened her eyes after feeling two pulsing dicks in her grip. She looked at the horny boys next to her and began to give them slow handjobs. While Emma worked Zuri's tits, Jessie pulled down her pants and panties. She drooled at the sight of Zuri's tiny naked body. She stuck her middle finger up Zuri's pussy and used her thumb to massage her clit. Zuri started moaning, "oh Jessie... i'm...gon-na", Just then Zuri came all over jessie's hand. While she rode out the first orgasm of her life, Luke and Ravi's dicks started throbbing and with a loud groan they both came all over her face and fell back on the bed. Jessie reached her hand up and stuck her fingers in Zuri's mouth tasting her own juices. Zuri liked the taste and sucked Jessie's fingers. Emma got up and starting licking all the cum off her face. By now Ravi and Luke were hard again and ready for round two. Luke took Jessie's hand out Zuri's mouth and put his cock in front of her face. She grabbed his dick and gave it a light stroke then kissed the head earning a small moan from Luke. Then she a long lick from the base of his cock all the way to the the head. Zuri put his shaft in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on his cock. What she couldn't fit in her mouth she she jacked off in her hand. Everyone was surprised at Zuri's actions. Luke began to moan, "this little faker knows what she's doing. Zuri started to giggle still on Luke's dick. Sending him over the edge and shot a thick load of cum down the young girl's throat. Zuri swallowed every drop and released his dick from her mouth. "Zuri where did you learn to do that", Jessie asked surprised. "I watch a lot of porn, and i suck off a couple of kids dicks sometimes behind the bushes at the park. Everyone was shocked by zuri's response. Luke was instantly hard again. Something about Zuri's naked little body turned him on. He layed on his back and motioned Zuri to his dick. She climbed on top and aimed his shaft at her entrance. Zuri took a deep breath and inched her way down on his cock. Now just the head was inside and Zuri was already in pain. She closed her eyes and and impaled herself all the way down on Luke's cock. She started screaming so the whole world could hear. Emma started to kiss Zuri so she didn't wake Bertrum. Zuri began moving her hips and the pain was replaced with pleasure and was bouncing hard on Luke's cock. Ravi went in front of Zuri and put his dick in her mouth. He grabbed her by her pig-tails and pulled her in closer and began face fucking her. Emma ran out the room and jessie got behind Zuri and started fingering her ass. Now all of her tiny holes were filled. Luke reached his limit and came in Zuri's pussy. Causing her to quirt her own juices onto Luke's cock. Ravi pulled out of her mouth and came all over her face. Zuri collapsed on top of Luke still with his cock inside her. Jessie called her over, "come here Zuri let me clean you up". Zuri obeyed and got off Luke and crawled over to Jessie. Then Jessie licked all the cum off her face then went down to her pussy and licked all the cum out. She got up and kissed Zuri sharing all the cum in her mouth. Emma ran back in the room holding two 10-inch strapons. Having as much fun as they can handle Luke and Ravi picked up their clothes and left. Leaving the girls alone. Emma handed a strapon to Jessie and she slipped it on. Zuri layed back on the bed and spread her legs allowing Jessie to crawl between her legs and point her plastic cock at her entrance. "I'm gonna fuck you now", Jessie said. "Ok", Zuri replied. Jessie started to slowly move the dildo in and out of her pussy. Emma was sitting across the room fingering herself watching her nanny fuck her sister. Zuri moaned in pleasure and Jessie started pounding harder shoving her fake dick in all the way sending the little black girl to an orgasm and squirted her juices all over the cock. At the same time Emma came on her fingers and started to lick them off. Jessie pulled out her dildo and Zuri's cum flowed out her tiny hole. Zuri got up and sucked off the cock tasting her juices. The three girls snuggled their sweaty naked bodies together in bed and drifted to sleep.

End Part 1

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