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It's a little different...
I wanted to try out something a little different .... Here goes! Enjoy!

Sit back, relax and imagine...

She gently pushes you down on the bed then kneels down over the top of you.
She lightly brushes her lips over yours then trails down your neck...across your shoulder.
She tugs down your dress, freeing the tops of your breasts
She brushes her lips over them too
She brings her mouth back up to yours and kisses you
She presses against your lips with her tongue, then pulls away biting your lip gently in the process
She pulls your dress completely off
You're not wearing a bra or panties
She lightly licks at your hardened tits, grazing her teeth over them and giving you goosebumps
She moves her lips down, brushing all over your stomach, this sends shivers up your spine
Lower still, she takes down your panties with her teeth
You pull up your legs, giving her access to your soaking pussy
She goes straight for your juices, lapping them up
She then kisses your clit, before taking it in her mouth and sucking on it
She plunges her tongue into your hole, making you scream out
She moves her hand to your clit and rubs it as she tongues you
She rubs a bit faster...faster
She brings you to a climax and laps up your juices
She inserts a finger into your tight cunt, then another
She pumps her fingers in and out as she sucks on your clit
You play with your erect nipples, moaning
She stops and comes back up to kiss you, you taste your juices on her lips
You roll so she's beneath you and undress her
You go between her legs and suck on her clit, while fucking her cunt with two of your fingers
You go so fast your arm burns and she cums
You drink her juices
She reaches into her bag and pulls out a vibrator, switching it on to it's fastest speed, she buries it in your pussy
Moaning and rubbing your tits, as she pushes it in further before pulling it out and rubbing it over your clit
You take it off of her, lick it clean and burry it in her cunt
You rub her clit while slowly moving the vibrator in and out
She screams your name in ecstasy
She buries her hand in your hair and pushes your mouth to her clit, taking the hint you suck
Still pumping the dildo while you suck, she cums again
You pull her juice into your mouth and kiss her, transferring it to hers
Laying on top of her you kiss her, grinding your pussy against hers
Her hand finds it's way to your clit and she runs, you moan
Rolling you off of her she straddles you, kissing and tugging at your tits with her teeth
You scream her name
She screams yours
You cum
Exhausted you both collapse and fall asleep entangled

The next morning you wake up to her kissing your neck
You smile
She giggles
You lazily find her clit and rub
You rub faster and she cries out and shudders
She kisses you hotly and starts grinding against your thigh
She starts talking dirty while she fucks you with the vibrator
It's too much and you cum hard, juices dripping down your ass
She licks it up then rims your ass hole
You need to use the bathroom
You get up and go
She follows and hops in the shower
Once you're done you join her
Hot water and soap
You rub your hands all over her slippery body
Squeezing her massive tits and ass
She moans and grabs ahold of yours, her finger pushing slightly at your hole
Moaning you push down, letting her enter and finger your ass
Kissing her and rubbing her clit
You push your fingers into her pussy, stretching it
She cries out
You giggle and kiss her
You get out of the shower and go back to bed still wet
You lick the water off of her tits before biting her nipples
She gasps
She takes the vibrator and pushes inside her pussy
You finger your own as you watch her viciously masterbate
She's close to cumming
You bend down and bite her clit
She spasms, juices flowing down her ass
She screams your name and you cum too
She kisses you
You kiss her
You take her cum coated vibrator and lick it clean, sharing it with her
You turn it on and rub it over her tits, making her nipples hard, she does yours
Once more she puts the vibrator in your pussy
She then moves it to your ass
Coated in pussy juice it slides in a little
You allow it the rest of the way and scream in esctasy as the pleasure hits you
She grinds her pussy to your face as she fucks your ass
You cum together
She's pulls out the vibrator and throws it to you
On her hands and knees she begs you to fuck her ass
You push it in
She screams
You pump it in and out hard until she cums, then you lick her juices
She calls your name as she falls asleep beside you

When you awaken she's gone
A note taped to the vibrator is all that remains
You read the note
It says "Thank you xx" and it has her number
You smile, still naked you switch the vibrator on and fuck your pussy to one last orgasm
You shower
Change and go out
Hoping to snag another girl who's willing to please you

I hope you enjoyed this different style, I enjoyed writing it as I always do. Sorry to all the boys, I guess you could change it up a little as you read to suit a man ;)
Please leave comments and such. <3

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2013-10-01 07:43:55
Im a guy but I still loved it,and cant wait for more

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