Continuing the Happy Daddy Project of my daughter and her friends
(The students at my daughter’s primary school offered more than smiles for their ‘Happy Daddy Project’. With my daughter included, I was the ‘Project’….if it helps you: they have been the dominating group in this Fantasy….

The Opening

With no wife and mother home overnight, and no sex with her for quite a few years anyway, the Love in my house was only for that of my daughter, Sam, and that Love was rather blatantly reciprocated.
In recent times, no sex turned myself inwards to my imagination and the fantasies which lurked within, easily retrievable and embellished in dreams or a daydreaming state; perhaps my only little concern was they always involved young women – very young women – though I had never put names to any characters therein, certainly not that of Sam.

Today the fantasy characters had become real life and those in it had real names of my daughter and her 4 friends from school and they had been merciless since coming to our house after school, innuendos and displays and touching of me had my face easily reddening, and my cock easily rising.
It was all part of their agreed “Happy Daddy Project” and finally I took the happiness they offered me.

Finding the 5 girls in my bed made me realize the ‘sleep’ part of their sleep-over at my house, as guests of Sam and me, included sleeping with the Daddy.
But after the events of the day, it seemed rather churlish if I threw them out, so, having noted the bared arms and legs sticking out, I stripped off my shorts to sleep as I always do.
But first to clean my teeth and empty the beers from my bladder; returning to the bedroom, I noted Sam’s hand patting the pillow and space beside her – in the middle (naturally!)

I had to crawl across April, the youngest I thought – though not sure if my daughter Sam might be actually – and then Lindy, still a 10y.o. but with a voracious appetite for any part of my body in her mouth, and then slid down beside my own 10y.o. daughter, Sam, who was waiting with a welcoming kiss.
Noting Lisa next to her, I wasn’t sure if she was awake, but her hand seemed yet again to be working under the sheet fingering herself; she was 12y.o. and second oldest to Amy who was out to the world it seemed, on the far left side; well, Amy was the only one to have actually been fucked by me as the climax to the evening and copying the final scenes on the porn DVD the girls had used as their prop from start to finish.

I settled down, let Sam into the crook of my arm and sighed with my own tiredness after hours of sexual excitement and arousal showered on me by these girls all afternoon and evening; I closed my eyes, kissed Sam’s forehead, whispered ‘I love you’ and had multiple voices replying “I love you too’.

Then Lindy wriggled down the bed and took my worn-out cock into her mouth – “oh no, let’s sleep now Lindy, girls please….we are all tired.”
“Just a final snack, Daddy Steve” was Lindy’s response around the prick within her speaking orifice. I let her go; I didn’t know if Lindy had had this appetite for cock sucking and deep French-kissing before today, but she couldn’t get enough it was all too apparent.
Sam cuddled me “Let her have what she wants, Daddy – but I wish it was my turn next!”
Turn, what turn was she referring to? I drifted off, Lindy’s mouth turning on my cock enough turns for me to forget any others….

Part 1

My body didn’t need the hours of sleep of still growing girls so I was awake at a normal time, surrounded by slumber.
Not only slumbering, but naked and provocative in their child-like positions of innocence sprawled across the big bed; Sam and Amy – she must have moved over in the night - were almost entwined on my left, Lindy with her mouth open as if ready to swallow me at any moment yet again, and April’s left arm flung across her chest touching mine.

I lay there reflecting on Life’s changes in a mere 24 hours….the previous morning at this time, my wife was getting up to shower and dress and head for work; I rose, folded the light duvet cover and smoothed the sheet, went into the bathroom to wash and clean my teeth, brush out my long hair and pony tail it again, and went to the kitchen in just my house shorts.
I made my first café and the housekeeper, Ming, arrived shortly after, smiling a ‘good morning’ and starting her routine chores.

Café finished, cigarette out on the balcony with it, it was time to wake Sam – well, the first waking of the standard 2 or 3 times it took to actually get her out of bed of a morning.

My wife gave me a throwaway kiss on the cheek, said she ‘might be late’ but would let us know – read: definitely out tonight and home late – and I headed into Sam’s room, stooping over the bed and beginning the ritual: “Samantha, good morning, time to wake up my baby girl….”
But she wasn’t a baby anymore; 10y.o. girl waiting to bud into the spring time and begin her flowering into young womanhood, she lay there in her shorty pyjamas, long black hair splayed across her pillows, olive skin shining in the morning light as I moved on to phase 2: I opened the slats of the vertical blinds, turned off the air conditioning and left her for the obligatory extra 5 minutes.

Returning, I found her body splayed on her back this time, limbs spread almost like a star; lithe and lean, no signs of hips expanding, no signs of breasts apart from button nipples under the stretched fabric, no fat at all: she was my beautiful daughter, that’s what I thought leaning over her and inspecting her.
I shook her shoulder and she jumped up laughing for the morning hug; “I was tricking you, Daddy, but you took such a long time – what were you doing?”
“Looking at my beautiful baby girl…” “Dad….” “Oh, ok, my beautiful young lady; now, off for a shower and out for breakfast – we can’t be late today, you know I am coming with you to School to meet your teachers, let’s go my girl!”

She jumped up and off to her en-suite as I sat and thought of my recently developing fantasies – substitutes for a no-sex marriage, I knew. They involved faceless, nameless women – young women to be sure, very young actually – and looking at a disappearing Sam, I realized the women, the girls in my dream world were probably not much different to her – but, of course, she wasn’t in them, couldn’t be in them: she is my daughter….

Now, this following morning, I have lived some of those fantasies with very young women, girls, who now had faces and names and bodies spread out around me….including my very own daughter….

I shook my head and looked around again; Lisa was awake, smiling over at me and receiving mine in response; I motioned her to quietness, to let the others sleep, as I gingerly pushed myself straight down the bed and over the bottom edge.
I stood, as naked as anyone else and just motioned to Lisa to go back to sleep and I was going to the bathroom; she nodded, blinked her eyes closed and open and silently giggled, looking at my cock as it moved around with my body’s movements – true, cocks must look rather a stupid appendage on a male, flopping around as they do – unlike a girl’s mammary glands, which look beautiful and delectable unfettered and free…rather as Lisa was showing me hers were.

Today, unlike yesterday, after cleaning my teeth I went into the large open shower stall and began lathering shampoo into my hair.
With eyes closed, it was the breasts and cherry nipples and hands, which I felt before seeing, that alerted me to a presence: I knew it was Lisa; her breasts were the largest in the group and they and those cherry-sized toppings had been in my hands and mouth last night and flattened on my chest – I knew them and loved them.
“It is my turn next” she spoke quietly to my back, caressing it with the falling shampoo from my head; “I just choose to take it ahead of timetable, Mr Steve, because this time I want you in me, not outside.”
‘Her turn’ – Sam mentioned the same matter, about ‘wishing it was her turn next’ – but ‘ahead of timetable’ – have they a timetable for sex with me?

Those questions receded from my mind as Lisa spread her hands around my waist to my front, digging her nipples into my back, sliding them around, her small stature causing them to be centred in the small of my back as her mouth kissed through the water on upper parts she could reach.
Her hands had a destination in mind and an object in desire and she gasped when she enclosed it within her fingers and slid them along its length, tip to groin to balls.
She pulled on it – unwittingly stretching it to an even greater length, at its maximum surely - as I frantically rinsed shampoo out and wiped water from my eyes and face; I yielded and turned to face her, hands on her waist to pull her a step away from the shower water, which I now reached to turn off (no sense wasting a precious commodity).
My cock was bounding at her midriff, a dog after the bone it knows is waiting, and she made it slither upwards between our bodies as she hugged me; I staggered a step and decided on sitting on the wide bench seat at the end of the stall away from the shower, Lisa glued to me and squirming and squeaking and whispering words I couldn’t grasp.

I made her stand in between my legs and held her face up to look at me; “Lisa, are you sure you want to do all this? You don’t have to if it is just a ‘bet’ between you girls, you know; you are so young and this is a big occasion in your life – are you a virgin, Lisa?”
“I have wanted this since yesterday, more since last night, all night dreaming of this – virgin yes, but Amy and I have played together, the same games, so I am as ready as she was. This isn’t the ‘Plan’ making me, Mr Steve, it is my body and my heart which wants you to stop talking and show me how it felt to Amy to have a man make love with her. Don’t worry – I am more than a ‘little girl’ and I want to be your woman.”

I stopped talking in the face of such a mature attitude, ignoring her age, and accepted she meant everything she said. I pulled her waist forward and locked my mouth to hers, glued my tongue inside with her own and my hands enveloped those gorgeous breasts I had fondled so lustily last night; she squealed into my mouth and her body shivered within my grasp, her nipples jutting to their fullest extent (I imagined) - a very large size for one so young and small.
Making myself secure and comfortable, I lifted her up, facing me, and sat her on my knees; ‘yes’ she nodded, happy to be in the same position as Amy last night for her first fuck: on top so she could determine if/when it hurt, when to slip down on my rod, when to stay still and grow comfortable; she grasped my prick and smiled “It is hard and soft, long and big, but it is so beautiful in my hand, Daddy Steve.”

I lifted and pulled her forward and she followed what she had seen her friend do: positioned my cock straight up at her vagina until the head was rubbing her lips; she slid her hands down and followed it with her cunt – down, and down, hissing out a breath, a very sultry look in her eyes staring at me, only allowing them to roll away one time when she had made her decision: no hymen inside her either, she just relaxed and dropped herself to my roots – and gushed out her juices as she had rubbing against me last night, an outburst of juices and a strangled cry of a climax immediately she felt herself buried to the depths by me.

My heavens, both Amy and now Lisa – didn’t matter how much playing with toys they might have done – should not have been physically able, to my mind, to be able to do this, engulf me fully, join with me to the depths they did: my bush,. But they did, she was, and she was neither crying nor screaming nor complaining of any pain!

Instead, Lisa blew a whoosh of breath at my face, laid her head on my chest for a moment, then lifted her face up and stretched to my mouth and fastened herself there. Her thighs tightened around the outside of my legs, drawing mine inwards a half step, sealing my cock even tighter within her body, but giving her buttocks more support to aid her thighs to lift up and down, finding a rhythm she clearly found satisfying.
She never stopped smiling, releasing my mouth, perhaps just to concentrate on enjoyment, and with no real fear of her falling, I put my hands and my mouth to her breasts, my own favourite attribute of the female body, one I have never been able to get enough of, but 2 of which I now had to play with and make love to in another way, letting Lisa make her own love to the bodily part of me she found most desirous.

Obviously she did, because she brought herself – well, my prick stroking within her helped – to another quick orgasm, another flush of her copious juices flooding out and splashing below, while spittle dribbled from her open, gaping mouth; I wiped it off with one hand and used it to twirl and tweak one nipple, my mouth a suitable source of wetness latched on to the other.

She began groaning non-stop, jumping up and down even, hitting her insides hard with the invader she had invited in, wanting to be taken, to be a prisoner impaled - but she was far from helpless, and she knew it and flaunted it: it was her body which sucked in the dangerous spear, or expelled it almost outside her sacred walls; her thighs which clasped it tighter or less, her buttocks muscles which clenched when she squeezed on the spear’s shaft, and it was the side walls of her virginity which rippled along the head, that circular pointed head which she knew could spew forth the magical cream of which she had dreamed for eons it seemed.

She couldn’t stand it anymore and she bit into my shoulder while she screamed almost silently, and her body shuddered and shook, trembled right through my hands and mouth locked on her breasts, now swallowed in my mouth one at a time, and as she began another build-up to an explosion, my balls responded and the dam burst yet again, flooding my cock’s length with its own build-up; I had to take my mouth away to pant my own breaths, my hands held her waist and her back and buttocks and I brought her down as I lurched my cock up and a powerful meeting of explosions hit at the same time as I ejaculated and my semen met her own orgasmic cream pouring down her canal and a new creative juice was surely born at that very moment of bliss!

Lisa was whimpering now, coming down from a high I hoped; I was still gently pumping the last bits of me into her, and she was clenching and unclenching her cunt’s walls sucking my last drops of useless semen – well, useless in the sense it contained no sperm: a blessing of course in major respects.

(I had a flash of the last few times I had sex with my wife: I couldn’t recall a real forceful ejaculation of much at all. Clearly I desired Lisa, and Amy before her, far more than my own wife and this must have been the reason why my body felt it wanted to offer so much more love and excitement and cream.)

Lisa looked up at me, releasing my shoulder from her teeth thankfully; “Are you finished Steve?” “Are you finished Lisa?”
She did her best to giggle, “I am tired”; “I am too, let’s shower and go back to sleep if we can….”
My cock was wilting anyway, and she expelled it easily as I lifted her up; she caught her breath “Oh that was so…I can’t describe it…it was, I was so full!”
I steered us to the other end and turned on the shower; washing her gently all over, she could only put her lips to my body and kiss me while I did the washing for us both, followed by the drying in my big fluffy towel, though there was nothing much I could do to dry her hair or mine.
I headed for the door, but first I turned her to face me and kissed her lightly “I hope that made you happy, young Lisa; now let’s hope the others are still asleep and we can join them and wake up for a late brunch; I loved what we did, and love you.” She became a little teary and held my head to kiss me more ferociously, mumbling what sounded like “Love you more” and I eased her away and opened the door.

It was amazing: they were all still sprawled the same and still asleep, and there was a clear channel up the middle of the bed for me to slide – well, for us to slide as I slid up backwards with Lisa laying on top of my body after she had refused to let me go.
I rolled her gently to the side next to Lindy, put her head in the crook of my arm, my cock nestling between her bent thighs facing me and whispered “sleep, my lover”…. And we did.

Part 2

“Daddy, time to wake up – we are hungry and it’s late!” I stirred and rolled away, but it was only an empty space, then Sam climbed over my body - still naked I could tell under her, and shook me again “How can you sleep so late, Daddy – you never do; come on, you promised us bacon today!” “Tomorrow, Sam….” “Daddy, get up; tomorrow Mum will be home and we won’t be able to do this –the girls are calling.”

I opened my eyes and grabbed her for a hug, feeling suddenly alive and awake; she screeched and tried to force me away, very half-heartedly as I planted kisses all over her hair and head and face and tried to burrow into her neck.
She had a thin t-shirt on, no bra necessary, but I found a nipple as hard as it could probably get and held it in my fingers; I let her head go when her mouth seemed happy to stay against mine and she moaned when I cupped her buttocks through her short skirt, unfortunately with shorts underneath.
Clothes, she still had 4 limbs bare and I felt them all, delighting in their silkiness and feeling aroused yet again.
“Daddy, what is it with you – you have a cock poking me again! Did I do that this time – me, only me, gave you this?”
I grabbed her body to mould her against me and just kissed her, passion almost controlling me uncontrollably; she was so sexy and cute and beautiful and I wanted her!

I rolled her away; that was taking thoughts too far! I threw the sheet over her and bounded to the bathroom before she could unravel herself; “5 minutes, Sam, I will be ready – bet I am first before you girls!”

Cleaned teeth, washed my face, combed hair, shorts and t-shirt on – maybe 6 minutes later I was in the kitchen: it was mid-day, yes a late brunch indeed. I had time to hang the washing out to dry.
The girls bounded out, beaming faces all; they all came over for a ‘good morning’ hug and kisses of a variety of intensity – Lindy wanted to swallow my tongue again, April a good feel through my shorts, Amy a sweet ‘thank you’ chaste kiss, and Lisa a deep throat of her own as a ‘reminder’ no doubt.
Only Sam didn’t kiss me; she held my face for a moment but said “No, when I kiss you, your cock jumps too much – maybe I should stay away from you, Daddy….?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Ok Sam, if you think that is best, well, I guess Amy, Lisa, Lindy and April will comfort me and be like 4 more daughters; it’s ok, Sam, I will survive.” She punched my arm, gathered the girls and they ran for the door “Come on, Daddy, meet you at the car – bring your money, your shout remember.”

I was lucky to have the car, a bonus from the Company when they retrenched most staff, me included after 19.5 years; it had only been bought 3 months earlier, so was now 4 years old, but in wonderful condition. However, it was a 5-seater passenger car, but today we had to slightly squeeze 4 girls in the rear, while Sam rode up front as passenger.
It was a noisy trip the 30 minutes to downtown, the expatriate/tourist/shopping area I rarely came to anymore, but I did know a good place for an honest, original English breakfast – even a pint of Mild would be nice to splurge on after eating I decided.

Breakfast – lunch I guess - went as raucously as I expected; the food was plentiful, good – though slightly oily for me – and served hot (never understand how Thai people can enjoy cold ‘hot’ dishes as much as when served hot); 6 people slumped in their chairs after consuming various proportions and a declared ‘full’.
But it wasn’t long before the girls asked for an hour to ‘pop over the road to the Mall’ and ran off, Sam extracting some money from me as part of her “Happy Daddy Project” she declared, and off they went.
The waitress cleared the table, I settled the bill and went to the bar and ordered my pint, taking it to the smoking area and relaxing there.
My second pint was almost done when the girls returned, only 30 minutes over 1 hour, so not too bad for ‘women’ and we headed out to the parking lot and into the car, shopping bags into the boot, Lindy into the front seat before anyone else could, and I drove carefully out to the main road, headed for home.

It was mid-afternoon Saturday and the roads were getting busy, so it was a stop-start trip for most – one of the reasons I avoided coming to this area. The girls didn’t mind, they had their own conversation going: “Lisa when is your time? I can’t wait and I am next!” Lindy was asking the question while caressing my cock awake.
I was smart enough to understand this referred to the mentioned ‘timetable’ – but I wisely kept my mouth shut, waiting for Lisa’s answer.

“Well” said Lisa slowly, “The timetable can move past me, it’s ok.”
“What does that mean?” was the general chorus of responses, much chatter, Lisa silent it seemed, until Amy said quietly to the car “Mr Steve, have you fucked Lisa?”
We were stopped at traffic lights – those ridiculously long 2 minutes plus red lights of Bangkok – so I had time; “Well, it’s all a bit of a blur, Amy, like a dream maybe which I can’t quite get back out of my memory….Do you remember anything Lisa?”
“I had such a wonderful, beautiful, sexy morning today it couldn’t have been real, so maybe I was in your dream also Daddy Steve….”

“Daddy” Sam said exasperatedly, “Stop playing games with us; I know you: you cannot lie, so: have you and Lisa had sex already today, must have been when we were all asleep this morning, right, did you?”
I nodded my head and Lisa answered in words “Oh my, did we! I followed him into the shower and I don’t know how you girls couldn’t hear me, but there are no more toys for me after that – I only want the real thing from Daddy Steve from now on!”
Oh dear, that sounded worrying to me, but perhaps came out wrongly….I could only hope.
The other girls again began their chorus of complaints – ‘we didn’t see’, ‘we didn’t know’, ‘you lucky bitch’, ‘tell us when we get home’.

Home, the girls disappeared into Sam’s room, reappearing perhaps 15 minutes later, clad in costumes, grabbing the towels which I had also washed last night and were dry but still hanging out on the clothes rack.
I was having a beer and cigarette on the balcony, feeling more like a nap than a swim, as refreshing as this would be in the afternoon heat. The girls did their best to entice me down, but I demurred – ‘old age girls’ – and they scampered away.
Teeth cleaned, bladder empty, my bed beckoned, so I threw off all clothes, turned the fan on and closed the door; an hour’s nap all I needed after 5 minutes with my book, a ritual I followed automatically – well, except when 5 girls weren’t in bed with me too.

Lindy; it couldn’t be anyone else attacking my cock with such a mouth; it had to be Lindy who had joined me, waking me, her hair falling over my thighs and groin, tickling me with its wetness.
“I don’t need you to actually fuck me, Mr Steve; I am not sure I am ready for that and I haven’t been playing with ‘toys’ like Amy and Lisa. What I love is using my mouth; I find that gets me so excited it must be as good as full sex.”
“So, lie there and let me at this, please – but if you want to do a ‘69’ like yesterday, I loved that also….”

That was an invitation I wouldn’t, couldn’t refuse, and I gave her hair a gentle tug as I had indeed done last night, and she quickly turned her bottom to me, straddling my body as her mouth went back to my cock and I noted she seemed able to swallow down my length more easily, especially as she had started when I was asleep and not large, so I was actually growing inside her mouth in that first minute or two, swelling her mouth even as I swelled myself.

Her pussy was wet, rather naturally, and my finger slid in easily, gliding over her clit, mature for a 10y.o. I thought – but how would I know – and eliciting a grunt on my cock. Her tunnel was tight and clasping on my finger, but now I recalled that I hadn’t hit a hymen last night on my first fingering exploration – another query….
A third one was: how did she or any of the girls learn all this competent sexual activity?

The attention she was paying to my cock drew my own back to her; I lifted my legs and planted my feet on the bed, scrunching my body up slightly higher so I could draw Lindy’s body slightly more towards me; my mouth and tongue replaced my fingers on her vagina and went to town on this lovely girl’s body.
When she felt it, Lindy came off my cock and squeaked “Oh yes, Steve” before returning to her chosen task and I continued with mine, pointing my tongue at her clit, widening it to slurp her slit top to bottom and trying to point it again to spear her insides; she bucked and heaved and again came off me to grunt and moan as she hit a high spot and ejected her juice onto my tongue and it flowed down my chin as she shook on my mouth, muttering to herself.

She suddenly pulled away from my mouth, slid a juicy trail down my abdomen, lifted her body up and straight down on my prick; there was a hymen but she tore through it, throttling a small scream but then gasping “Now I want to fuck!”

With her body facing away from me, I could only caress her back as she bounced herself on me, quickly deciding she could bottom out on my length but with more to go, she bounced even harder, trying to get my head even further inside her young girl’s body; I let her do as pleased her until she sat on me to rest.
Then I used my hands on her waist to spin her around on my cock until she was facing me, and now I could caress those bumps of breasts with button nipples, not long, but surrounded by rather large aureoles which would be so beautiful in the not too distant future; I palmed them all around and she threw her head back and came again: this was what I had always wanted when making love with a woman, for them to reach a climax and feel the inner joy which comes with that occasion; to have them reach 2 or more was even more satisfying to me than ejaculating myself.

And today, with Lindy, I didn’t actually want to ejaculate; perversely perhaps, I wanted to keep that part of sex for another time with her, if that ever came about, and that would truly show her what a full fuck’s climax could be for both the male and female if I could help us both achieve that.
I continued to caress her, but she seemed worn out on my cock and soon lay down languidly along me, her face into my bony shoulder and collar bones after pausing to kiss me gently but with passion and, dare I say, love.

“Did we finish?” she mumbled, her mouth facing the inside of my neck as I stroked her back idly with one hand and her cheek with the other.
“Well, it would seem you did, my sweet young lady; do you feel empty but full, tired but happy; is your belly fluttering, your skin tingling, your heart pounding – yes, that is, I can feel it on my chest – and is your mind overloaded with sensations and thoughts and wisps of feelings and memories?”

Lindy nodded and nodded more; “Well, then I would say you have been fucked, young Lindy; there only remains to be filled to overflowing by my juice – if not me, then whoever you choose carefully a long time in the future when you want to do this….”
“Oh, it will be you, Steve; it must be you, there isn’t anyone else I love like I love you; it can only be you, say it will be, please, please tell me we will do this again?”
She was almost distraught at the thought it wouldn’t be me; was I wrong to soothe her and promise it will be me?
But, I also knew I wanted to do this all over again – problem was: I also wanted to do this all over again with all of them, just like these 24 hours!

She murmured through kisses on my skin “We should go to the pool; I told the girls I was just coming to check out my Facebook page and speak with my Mum about their plans for tonight or tomorrow, but I said I would wake you and bring you back with me.”

So we had a quick rinsing shower; I pulled on my speedos and shorts, grabbed a towel and items, including a can of beer, and we went down to the pool; a final kiss in the elevator as Lindy stretched on her toes up to me and we went out to join our family and a few others also enjoying the cooling water.

Part 3

Sam looked at me quizzically, as Lindy dived in and swam across to the others; “Good rest Daddy?” “Well, I feel fine, Sam, so I guess I had enough.” She smirked, beckoned me into the water and accepted I would after a cigarette and a little beer.

Joining them 10 minutes later, April was first to swim over to me, holding herself steady with a hand on my shoulder; “Lindy seems very happy, Mr Steve, did you 2 have fun?”
“A man never talks about other women, April – well, not a Gentleman, but to answer your question: I think Lindy is a happy girl and fun to be with, don’t you?” I quickly turned away from my patently non-answer and did a lap, after which my muscles and body told me I had had enough exercise this weekend to forego any further strong swimming and I made it to the side near our towels.

April was behind me in seconds, a hand above the water on my shoulder again and her other one inside my costumes before I could wipe the water off my face. April had been forceful and dominant last night, so I was less than totally surprised she would, ah, grab what she wanted.
“I only got to feel this rubbing me through my panties and your underpants last night; that was enough then, but not now, and it won’t be later, Mr Steve.”
“My body is tired April….” but that same body betrayed me within seconds when her hand tugged on my cock and rubbed up and down once: it showed a resilience to over-use which the rest of my body didn’t possess: damned independent cock, you never know when to have a rest!

“That’s ok, Mr Steve; we have time: I am staying over tonight with Sam again – and with you; my parents won’t be home until tomorrow so Sam invited me, and I hope you invite me also….I need your teeth on these nipples again, that was amazing, and this cock was amazing against my body, I can’t stop now, Daddy Steve, you made me feel like heaven was made between us and it must be again.”

Her words stimulated me further and yes, her nipples in my teeth as she rubbed her slit up and down over my cock and ball sac last night was incredibly erotic; she wanted more, and now she was asking for extra time to have more. “You are welcome to stay over April, but of course, Sam’s Mum should be home tonight….” That left to chance whether she would be able to get what she desired (what I desired also).

“You remember when Lindy and I told you ‘we’ll see you soon…very soon, Mr Steve’? Well, nothing has changed but it became real after we said that yesterday, and it will become real again after now.” She kissed me on the chest, on a nipple, reluctantly removed her hand and swam off; I climbed out, hiding.

I quickly dried my face with my towel and then draped it over my groin as I sat in the lay-back deck chair, drinking my warming beer before lazily ordering a new cold can from the pool bar, instead of going upstairs for one of my own.

I lit a cigarette, poured my beer over ice in the glass and just looked at the girls in the pool; there were a lot more than just ‘my group’ and it was easy to expand fantasies – especially given that some of my fantasies had already transformed from my dream world to my real world.

Some of the families I knew, enough to say “Sawasdee krub” or “Hello” depending on nationality, others to nod and smile to at least, but apartment living didn’t always lend itself to easy ‘know your neighbour’ friendliness for adults, though kids were less inhibited.
There were 3 Thai girls sidling along the wall on my side, edging closer, whispering as they appeared to be looking at me; they were in size order clearly: smallest at the left, to medium and a taller girl last on the right. Sam swam up to the side beside them and began a conversation, sometimes glancing at me.
Perhaps she was saying ‘keep away from him, he’s a dirty old man’ or maybe ‘that’s my Dad, you know him; he’s a lot of fun’ or ‘you want to see his cock get big?’ What a mind can do to one’s daydreams!

They all slid up out of the pool and came over; “Sam said, Daddy you should know these girls, they are on our floor, not sisters, just friends in the other 3 apartments around ours.”
As I smiled at each of them, processing my estimates of their ages – 10, 11, 13 – and noting their Thai-sameness: dark olive skin, long black hair, lithe healthy bodies, nipples to mounded breasts, Sam grabbed my towel saying “Can I borrow this Daddy” and my groin was revealed, undoubtedly as she intended and as she had expected: a hardened cock straining within my speedos – a barely hidden show of lust.

What made things more uncomfortable was to see Sam inelegantly wiping the towel between her legs and almost rubbing her pussy with it!
They all looked at me. They all smiled sheepishly, but continued looking as I tried to turn aside, getting up; “Nice to meet you girls, see you again. Sam….”
“Yes, see you again, Mr Steve” called a voice, followed by a “yes, very soon, Mr Steve.”
Where had I heard that before; Sam added “See I told you: he can’t help himself”; I rushed to the side of the pool and dived in, needing the shock of cold water to reverse the hardening process, I hoped.

I was under the water for a second after I dived when – who else but – Lisa smashed her mouth to mine and all but drowned me with a kiss. She took my hand and held it to her gorgeous breast, over her heart I realised is actually where, and pointed to me before swimming away.

I needed only a half stroke to thrust my head out and take in air, wondering if I wasn’t playing with Lisa’s emotions, if she was vulnerable and if I might be leading her places where she shouldn’t venture at such tender years; were the other girls feeling the same emotions after physical sex; what about me?
Perhaps this was a one-off momentous occasion which the girls could accept over coming days as being an experience in their lives but which shouldn’t be repeated?

Was it a one-off for me too? No, I could see it honestly: this was a new Reality for me and I didn’t want to retreat, I wanted to repeat this, I needed to repeat this to feel the Youth of my life restored; these girls had done this for me in just a day, and I knew I needed it now.

Part 4

Reaching my apartment door a while later, Lisa and my thoughts having curtailed my swim quickly, I now noted the change in light and realised it was getting to be late afternoon; I needed to find out what all the girls were doing, not just April; oh well, let them have fun for now and I will call them out in a while.

Opening the door, I heard my wife say “That you, Sam?” I groaned inwardly but answered cheerily to say Sam and her friends, etc as I headed into the bedroom en route to the bathroom.

My wife was naked, freshly showered and standing at her wardrobe to get clothes. I paused and looked at her: she still had a more than a ‘nice’ body: she had a voluptuous body, the same large, firm breasts which had so entranced me when I met her the first time, when I went on one of my frequent meetings to my company’s solicitors and auditors and found her working as one of the accountants on my company’s business affairs.

Entranced me yes, and caught me, also yes; I did love her in those early years – to the eventual ruin of my then marriage to my Vietnamese wife, who, to be fair to myself, was already having an affair with another foreigner on her frequent trips from Bangkok home to HCMC for a week or 3, and so I found it easy to ‘fall’ for a sexy local woman who seemed keen to have sex at any time we could arrange it = a lot!

My divorce came a year later, though I tried hard to repair matters, break off the Thai affair with a great deal of money as a bribe, plead to try again with my wife – who, to this day – has been the one I truly loved, but who was too hot-tempered to allow second chances (though has told me in years since she wished she had stayed with me) and I was soon married again here in Bangkok.
C’est la vie, I did it all to myself and, if not for thinking Sam should grow up with both a mother and father, we also would be divorced. But we aren’t, so she can have her life, boyfriends and whatever, and I have Sam. But I must thank her mother for bearing such a beautiful daughter, certainly not my looks on her, and so, in a moment of tenderness I walked over to my wife and cuddled her from behind, holding her breasts and giving her a kiss on her neck.

“Sam and I have you to thank for having a daughter so very beautiful; you still are, and she will be even more I know, and probably just as sexy as her mother – and with boys for Dad to chase away by the dozen no doubt! So, thank you for that.”
I went into the bathroom, finding my cock unexcited, indeed unresponsive – it wasn’t ever going to be a wife ‘turning me on’ now.

I was in the shower, washed my hair – I never finished it this morning anyway when Lisa took her ‘turn’ with me – but I heard the cacophony when the girls all came home; the noise stopped as abruptly as the water when I turned the top off, finished, so I guessed they had found Sam’s mum home.
Heading out to the kitchen, Sam called me in passing her bedroom door; “Daddy, April is staying over, but the others need to go home, so can we take them in the car?”

“Of course, Sam, I knew this anyway. I will ask your Mum what about dinner, but maybe you, April and I can eat out before we come home – if Mum agrees.” She beamed “That would be nice Daddy – if Mum stays at home.”
I gave her my ‘Samantha’ look and left her room, just as 2 naked bodies flashed out of her bathroom for a long moment before darting back inside the bathroom giggling; I knew who it had been instantly: one with cascading brown hair = April, and one with very large breasts = Lisa, I was certain, though my eyes never reached their faces.

Sam’s mother said she was tired, would make a snack and probably be in bed asleep before we got home; “Please don’t wake me up unless there is a fire” she stared at me; I nodded and Sam, behind me, said “Maybe Daddy should sleep in the spare bedroom?”
“Not a bad idea tonight, Sam” her mother laughed, while I turned to find Sam smirking triumphantly, clearly a plan in her mind at least.

30 minutes later we were all, sans mum, in the car, the short drives to drop off Lisa – hugs and kisses all around – tongue in my mouth and throat, breaking off and saying “I love you Steve”; then Lindy and Amy together at their nearby apartment building – they both gave chaste kisses, expecting their parents to be on the lookout for them, but said in unison “When do we come again Sam?”
“As soon as we have another night without my mum” Samantha began, and I admonished her as the girls climbed out and waved.

15 more minutes and we were parked just around the corner from our apartment, and seated at a little restaurant we frequented. I loved Thai food but food, per se, didn’t interest me, so I let the girls choose from the Thai menu (which I couldn’t read anyway) and knew I would find enough to satisfy my small hunger needs; beer and ice was different: I was very fluent in ordering those!
While we waited the short time for food, and drank our drinks, April leaned her hand across the table – Sam was next to her also opposite me – and stroked my arm; she was incredibly seductive with her touches, last night over the back of the sofa I well recall, and now she made the hairs on my arms, even my groin I am sure, stand up and feel electric.

“Want to watch another DVD tonight, Daddy Steve?”
I blushed red in a moment and Sam said “April, look what you have done to Daddy; don’t tease him so much!”

I looked at Sam; she was smiling kindly at me, and I said to April, pulling my hand back until I was holding hers gently, “Do you know what your touch does to me, April? It is an electric feeling, just your touch – it is really quite amazing, how did you learn this?”
“My mother sometimes has sensible things to teach me.”
“Your mother – she taught you!”

“Well, she didn’t really teach me, but she said something one day I have never forgotten: ‘a woman’s gentleness is often more seductive than any other skills.’ I am normally a gentle person and to be so, with you is easy, so I guess my mother did teach me something useful – would you agree Mr Steve?”
I could only nod; 10 years old and a Lolita with only her touch, as far as my body was concerned. I smiled “Yes, a useful lesson, my young April” and Sam added “Now I have learned this lesson also, thanks April.”

April looked at Sam, continuing her caress of my arm, “A snack before dinner, Sam?”
A flashback: ‘a snack before pizza’ – was it April and Sam who had sucked me off in my dream/sleep, and who had given my own cum into my mouth?

The food came, thank heavens, and they busied themselves with that, each passing something onto my plate so I ate quite enough for me and busied myself just looking at the girls I was lucky enough to have with me while drinking my beer.
Sam; Sam was so grown-up this past day and night. She had helped her friends, never asked for anything for herself alone, though perhaps she let her hair down when she did get hold of Daddy’s cock, and her kiss had been phenomenal and her strip tease with Lindy in front of me and then tongue-fucking her puffy, red vagina for the first time while she sat on my face…perhaps she didn’t need to ask very much: her Daddy would always give her what she wanted, and what he wanted now also: that beginning of the journey to making love.
That journey I wanted and needed to make very soon.

It had also been Sam who leaned way forward over my chest and replaced my fingers in Lindy’s cunt with her tongue and slurped up the post-climax juices puddled on my abdomen; she enjoyed doing that too.

April; well, she was perhaps even more provocative than the older girls; her brown hair attracted me first, just different and enticing; she was quieter than the others for most, but she was a 10y.o. seductress on her way to womanhood at a rapid level of development. Her nipples were on the same fast track and they were glorious, jutting out from her chest and beautifully clenched in my teeth last night after she ordered my shorts off and brought herself to her own orgasm sliding her panty-covered slit along my cock.

But it was April’s touch, that magic touch which induced submissiveness in me which the others didn’t; it didn’t paralyse me such as an electric eel does to its victims, but she wielded this magic tool like a protégé of Merlin himself and (though she didn’t quite realise it-yet) she could wrap me around her proverbial ‘little finger’ I knew.

I also knew she wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than a full intercourse climax; she wasn’t a girl to plead ‘young’ or ‘virgin; she will want to be a woman, if not tonight then at her first chosen next opportunity.

Girls sated, we paid and drove around the corner, parked and up to the apartment, exiting the lift just as the oldest of the 3 girls from the pool this afternoon came out of her door/her friend’s door – I didn’t know; she paused and smiled at Sam. “Hi Ting” Sam said cheerily, “You remember April, and my Dad of course.”
Ting had on a nightie, mid-thigh length on her tall frame, long legs I found myself staring at upwards from her dainty toes to her hemline, and then the flowing material, thin silk and to unfettered breasts easily larger than Lisa’s and Amy’s and moulded in her nightie, curves down her somewhat plunged neckline; a shake of her head and long hair whisked around and sensuously fell across one breast.

Then I got to her face, a smile as she watched me; her lips were glossy pink, they were full lips and when her tongue came out and licked them, my eyes rolled involuntarily in my head.
“I have to go home now, Sam; see you all again” a pause as she continued to look at me “soon”.

She headed past our doorway, buttocks taut and womanly-formed hips swaying, to the apartment down and across from ours, where she turned the handle, turned her head with a last inviting look at me – at my groin – and went inside.

“Come on Daddy, you are a ‘dirty old man’”. Sam took my arm and steered me inside, where all was quiet and, in the darkness April was first to pull my face down for a kiss; “We are here, Mr Steve, do you need reminding?” She thrust her tongue in my mouth and her hand to my cock, engorged from ogling Ting, and Sam pulled April’s arm and me with her across to the sofa.

I pulled Sam back to me for a kiss, but said “I have to go into my room Sam, make sure Mum is asleep; besides, we wouldn’t come home and not turn on lights, not make some noise, let’s watch BBC News or some sport, or you girls go into your room for a while.”
She nodded, and dragged April away from groping me and they went to her room while I turned on some lights and the TV.

My wife’s side light was on – unusual – and though it was cool in the room, she was sprawled naked on top of the duvet; legs akimbo, shaven cunt glistening with moisturiser or cream as was her whole body; her breasts were too big to stay jutting upright when lying on her back, but they didn’t sag to the sides with gravity very much, and her nipples were standing up and pointed in the cool air.
I went to the bathroom and cleaned my teeth, brushed my hair, returned to the bedroom and removed my ‘going out’ clothes, pulling on my house shorts only.
“Aren’t you coming to bed, honey - please, I feel like a cuddle tonight.” Highly unusual – what’s the catch I wondered?

“I was planning on watching the news with the girls; it’s a bit early for me to sleep and its Sunday, so the girls don’t want to sleep yet; you have a good rest, I’ll make sure we’re quiet.”
“Don’t you love this body anymore, don’t you want it anymore – I have been lying here waiting for come home and fuck me, I feel horny tonight.”
She was playing with her tits with one hand and circling her cunt with the other; nothing so far, neither her words of invitation nor her motions of invitation, had aroused me in the slightest to do as she wanted and, in a rare moment of brutal truth, I said “If you are feeling horny, why didn’t you stay with, or go to, your boyfriend; perhaps he will be interested, because, sorry, I am not.”

I went back to the lounge room after getting a beer; in the 5 minutes before the 9p.m. News began, my wife came out of the bedroom, dressed and with an overnight bag.

“I will go to him;” she began almost screaming at me, “he wants me and you can stay here with Sam. When you want another fuck, don’t bother to ask me, you had better ask your precious Samantha from now on – ha ha ha! I might be back….” And she stormed out the front door, closing it far too loudly, upsetting to my ears when I didn’t need neighbours disturbed by such a racket.

The News beginning interrupted me from wondering if I shouldn’t have kept my mouth closed like every other time in the past few years.
Then Sam came out quietly and ruffled my hair from behind; she knew I didn’t like this, so she quickly smoothed it again and leaned to my cheek, “We heard the last part Daddy, but what happened?”
How do I couch the answer to make it more elegant than the simple truth? “She wanted something from me, Sam, and I said I wasn’t interested and, perhaps stupidly, suggested she go elsewhere to find it; that’s what happened Sam, and I am sorry you heard what she said after that, about you.”
“She wanted sex didn’t she Daddy - and you said ‘no’?”

How rational she is; I nodded the affirmative and she hugged me, “Well, now you only have to ask me what she suggested, Daddy….”
“Sam, about that, I have just been thinking….” “Oh Daddy, I know what you are thinking and you are wrong; you’re thinking: ‘it isn’t right doing what I have been doing with young girls and perhaps going to do with my own daughter – and don’t forget April – and I am a ‘dirty old man’ even if Sam was just joking when she said it, so I have to put a stop to this before I hurt these girls.’ How is that for your thoughts, Daddy?”

I couldn’t answer for a while; the only thing she had left out was that my thoughts included my overwhelming desire to make love with her, and even meeting Ting had brought her into the orbit of my fantasies. It wasn’t just guilt I was feeling: it was the Desire I was still feeling – but I shouldn’t tell Sam this.

Sam came around and sat in my lap, cuddling into my chest and stroking my arm, but not speaking further; she knew she had said it closely enough to what I might have said to her.
April then appeared, having heard it all I assumed; she sat on the sofa beside me, nestling her leg and body against mine, but not overtly touching me. She said “I couldn’t help hearing, Mr Steve, so I will just say: Sam is right, all 5 girls decided on all that’s happened, you were actually mostly innocent, so you mustn’t feel guilty at all: we wanted to be with you this weekend, have sex with you, that was us.”
Then she stroked my leg with ‘that’ touch and, even though my thoughts were opposed, my body jerked an automatic response under Sam’s lap causing her to laugh and kiss my neck and cheek; “My Daddy is back!”

Thereafter, it seemed destined to be back to what I guess I now considered normal: the girls wanted some sort of sexy action, but I was deflated emotionally, which presented itself quickly after just a minute or so, as bodily tiredness, and truly all I wanted was a sleep with a cuddle.
April said “Your Dad needs to sleep, Sam.” Sam agreed but she wouldn’t let me go to my own bedroom; she decreed: “Not tonight, Daddy, not in there; you sleep in my bed and soon we will join you and we can all have a good night’s sleep.”

I wiped my brow and nodded and, feeling suddenly overwhelmed with weariness, stumbled to Sam’s room and onto Sam’s bed and pressed my face into Sam’s pillows, inhaling a multitude of scents as my brain turned off and my body followed.

I woke, cold, managed to throw off my uncomfortable shorts and pulled the duvet up over me.

I woke in the same dream: a mouth was on mine and I was drinking something creamy; I swallowed and slept, feeling my body held in warmth and comfort both front and back.

I woke; early light through the blinds; a hand was on my cock gently, sleepily stroking and black hair was hiding the face held in the crook of my arm, Sam’s hands cradled on my chest, my hand caressing her back and buttocks, the satiny skin so beautiful to my fingers . So my other hand was lodged in the ‘V’ of April’s thighs, my fingers idly stroking the slit of my daughter’s friend.

I was awake, feeling renewed and aroused; my fingers worked into the slit a little more, one finger spreading her lips and gently rubbing up and down the meaty-like insides, her blood pulsing into them making them puffy and roused also. April’s hand responded, circling my cock as it grew with its own blood-engorging signals of preparedness, and my pre-cum began as her cunt began leaking, inviting my fingers to probe further, deeper, everywhere; they complied, sliding easily more each second, feeling the bumps, then that one bump which caused her first shiver as I found her clit, budding and wanting.

Further adventure would not have been possible had April not taken over and dominated proceedings from there – and perhaps I knew she would.

As her juices began flowing more freely and my cock lengthened, straightened and pulsed in her now too-small grasp, she shuddered in a mini-climax and that gave her the need to move over on top of my body, not dislodging Sam who appeared to be continuing her sleep.
April lay her legs outside my spread ones, opening her vagina wide and supported her upper body on her hands as she wriggled into position; she needed a hand to grab my cock and I used mine to hold her up slightly, that hand on her chest and rubbing her proud nipples, jutting out as I knew from Friday night, far more mature than her undeveloped mounds.

She found my cock and, like the others before her without care for their virginity, thrust herself down on me, only a moment’s pause as we broke her maidenhead, and then she did that which she had wanted from almost 2 days ago: she fucked herself on me, yelling out her triumph when she felt my length invading her, driving herself down on me until it seemed I must enter her cervix fully and keep going, such was her body size versus my proud cock feeling so large inside this young girl.

Sam couldn’t sleep, or pretend to sleep, after that noisy announcement that April wanted her and the world to share with her: her changed status from a young virgin girl to a fucked young woman.
Lifting her head from my shoulder, my daughter stretched for a kiss “Good morning, Daddy; good morning April – having fun?”

April growled but didn’t change concentration from enjoying herself on me; she sat more upright, bringing my cock more vertical and rode me like a bucking bronco until she had her first real orgasm when she stopped on a full downward bounce and rolled her eyes upwards, tossing her hair away from her face with a flick of her shoulders and continuing to growl out sounds, more animal than human at this moment of joy at the success of the hunt.
I increased her feelings by twisting her nipple and Sam added to the occasion by darting up from lying on me to use her teeth and mouth on the other available nipple: April was overcome and howled now like a she wolf bred by her Alpha.

My now freed arm and hand had Sam’s back to caress but I wanted her front and stretched around to her nipples, this time noting better that she did indeed have small bumps of mounds growing under them and I squeezed the whole object on either side of her chest. She moaned and it took my mind away from any growing need to ejaculate in April, especially as she was doing such a good job of getting herself to the brink and throwing herself over into a new climax even as these thoughts came and went.

(I had other thoughts too: for a man who, possibly a year or two ago had wondered if I would ever have sex again and, if I did, would I be able to get my unused cock to work, wondering about Viagra….well, I thought my cock had been doing a pretty fair job for some 36 hours on 5, well 4 so far, horny young girls-becoming women.)

Continuing her taste for all things sex, it seemed, Sam moved herself across my body, upright and sitting on me, obscuring my eyes from April and interrupting my hands desire of holding a nipple of each girl. She had clearly found a liking for girls too and I could see her hands pull April towards her and they must be kissing – nothing very chaste I am sure – and now she had to fit April’s movements on my cock and they were both riding my body as, I presumed, Sam’s tongue was fucking April’s mouth in tune with April fucking me.

How fucking erotic!

Sam was wet, her buttocks making slapping, squishing sounds as she alternately ground into my abdomen or jerked upwards and I wanted to be within that wetness now.
As it was, I did have 2 hands and only Sam’s body accessible, so at least I could stroke her everywhere on my way around to her front and to both little mounds which I so much wanted to pleasure my mouth on today – and my desire wanted the same to be available to me each day as they grew in the future (hopefully to be as voluptuously gorgeous as indeed her mothers’ were).

April stopped again and this time she must have needed to disengage from Sam’s mouth and she whooshed air out and I felt her cunt clenching my cock as she came and a torrent fell around my groin and dribbled down between my legs, tickling the sparse hairs in my buttocks’ crack and then she slumped forward into Sam, forcing her to lay backwards on me, narrowly missing cracking my skull with her own, and April dislodged her cunt from my waving prick.

I held my arms around them both, soothing a spent April until she rolled to the side and just lay on the bed. I had been sure she wouldn’t stop until she forced my ejaculation to complete her first time, but she clearly had had enough for now.

That left a cock wanting and obviously the daughter it had spawned also wanting, and this seemed the time to consummate my heart’s love for her with my physical love and desire and need for her – did she want the same, and if so, did she want it now?
She rolled off me to the other side and lay there looking across and up at my eyes; her hand snaked across my body and found my rigidity and pulled it towards herself, her eyes beckoning and shining.
“Daddy” was all she said quietly, and all I needed to hear.

Part 5

I rolled into the middle of her opened legs, allowing my cock to jut up above her abdomen as I leaned on my arms down to her face and kissed her everywhere before reaching her mouth; she was hungry and had her own open and waiting for my tongue to enter and join with her and with hers.
“Sam…” “Ssshhh, Daddy, no more words just now” and she caught my face and pulled our lips and mouths together again; end of conversation for a while.

Her body size was only marginally different to April’s or Lindy’s, slightly taller than April and breast mounds perhaps slightly smaller than Lindy’s, but it was of a size which I felt I could crush by lying on top of it, so I held my torso up on my elbows at least while allowing my hands access to her nipples for a good long feel while we continued to kiss.

And, of course, she was only 10 years old.

My cock was dripping on to her stomach and Sam pushed a hand between us to catch the moisture and squish it around in her fingertips between our bodies – a strange feel to pre-cum isn’t it, not watery, but slippery, and unique I suppose.
Her touch of my cock’s head when wetting her fingers caused a jolt and a surge of need and I found myself doing what Man and males have been doing for eons: readying themselves to mate with their Woman, their females. My leg muscles lifted my thighs and groin up and I moved down the short distance to be dripping straight to her hairless vaginal slit; sliding my cock head along it, finding it needing no further stimulation to prepare her in terms of wetness anyway, she clutched my arms and pulled my chest down to lie on her body, fearless of being crushed, needing to be joined mouth to toes.

I pushed my cock down and leaned forward, gliding into the hole which was waiting; very slowly I pushed my head forward, changed the angle slightly and found it able to easily force the lips of her vagina aside and slip those first precious few centimetres inside enough for her sucking cunt muscles to begin their own part in this joining.
I came away from her mouth to look into her eyes; they were bright and piercing so close to my own and instead of kissing her more, I laid my head on top of her shoulder and her arms came around my body and held me there as my cock moved in and her cunt pulled me in, 2 bodies wanting the same thing and 2 hearts offering the same thing.

It was almost there; I pulled my groin back fractionally and slid forward further inside; Sam gasped and pushed her pelvis up at mine as I headed against the barrier preventing me from reaching the home port of my first voyage within the body of sucking juices which was the inside of my daughter’s virgin cunt. Sam reached her hands down and urgently pulled my buttocks against her, and this slight extra strength broke her hymen and Sam and I became no longer ‘just’ a father and daughter: we became lovers.

Sam’s fingernails were scratching my buttocks feverishly as I gently let my length continue within its quest, trying to get inside far enough until I could feel the hairs of my groin squashing against her hairless one, at that point we could begin to do it all over again.
“Oh Daddy, I have wanted this forever, ever since I was born and saw my Daddy, this was what I had to have and now I have you, all to myself as it should be.”

She huffed after a long speech in the middle of her first fuck, her breasts rising as she sucked in air; I bent to her mouth for a moment’s kiss and bent my head down to catch her nipple in my teeth while my mouth swallowed the small mound of her breast.
I hit a barrier and Sam grunted; I wasn’t buried within, but clearly I had hit the bedrock barrier of her cervix and I wasn’t going to cause her pain and ram against that, was I!

Now it was the love-making time, the languorous movements in and out, back and forth, up and down: whatever way one describes it, it is the process of feeling each other’s sexual tools for the first time; for a man it is the ripples and bumps along the walls of the woman’s insides when she is tight and a cock is sliding along them, from starting point to the end. I can only speculate from a woman’s perspective, but I imagine it is the length of something slithering right inside her body, the head probing and the girth following, the pulsing of it as if it has radar to seek out nooks and crannies within her cunt – and all this before either climaxes.

Sam came soon, her climax not an eruption but rather seeming, to me, to be the culmination of all she had wanted from her Dad.
She sighed, no scream, no moaning, but as I looked at her face, a tear ran down the cheek lying on the side and I watched it drip so slowly down and off to the bed; then I saw her smile and it told me this was a tear of happiness, not sadness; a tear of remembrance of this occasion, this union with her Dad, a tear from her heart as her juices flowed from her body, both giving her Dad the path to her soul.

I roared as I felt the need to surge inside her, to truly give my daughter a first fuck she could and would remember as being from her Dad’s love; I pulled back to her entrance and my spear invaded her body as straight as an arrow or javelin of old.
Her cervix barrier made me pause, but I was churning my semen within my balls and when Sam made no complaints, I drilled myself within, not wishing for sperm but wishing only to be within the pure centre of her womanhood.

I knew I was there and I hoarsely croaked “Sammy…” and I erupted, my balls jettisoning their load up my cock and my cock’s head seeming to feel and almost groan with the massive load of me it was asked to store for a moment before releasing it as its own stream of me down into my daughter, filling all those nooks and crannies I had sought and all the way to her core, and more was flowing and it was too much to contain and we both became saturated as the tidal wash came back at us and now Sam screamed her lust and I bellowed my own as my sex tool continued its job of trying to impregnate the Woman who had invited me in, and who wanted me to stay right there!

Stayed there I did; pumping more and getting us wet even more, the bed soaking under Sam, my stamina failing but the cock of my body flaring with each spurt, causing Sam to shudder at the same time as her orgasm had coincided with mine and we were flying together, joined and not finished; it didn’t matter, we were joined and the ecstasy was mutual and divine.

I slumped down to Sam’s body, my chest heaving, my breath hard to get, my head needing her shoulder to lie on again, and my torso needing to lie on hers again, her hardened nipples poking me as I flattened down and my hands sought the comfort of her body to cuddle, even as my cock pulsed again, declaring itself unfinished.
Sam cradled me, a woman comforting her man, little spasms through her body; she kissed the side of my head and my forehead where she could reach; “Daddy, I love you.”
This wasn’t an unusual 4 word phase for Sam to say to me, but the tone and the underlying feeling was of profound changes between the love before and the love now.
I sobbed, trying not to, needing to force out my own words, “Sammy, I only love you.”

‘Sammy’ was a nickname some used for her; I never had: it was ‘Sam’ for normal talking, ‘Samantha’ when Dad needed to be strong or admonish her; but now I had said ‘Sammy’ in the throes of ejaculating and now with my deep-felt feelings of my love; it became a new endearment between us.

A final shudder and spasm and Sam’s fingers in my back; I rolled myself to the side pulling her with me, not wishing to break our union but wanting to ease my weight on her.
April rolled to my back and put her arm across our 2 bodies; “That was so beautiful” was all she said, pressing herself to my back and stroking Sam across me; we dozed off.

Part 6

“C’mon Daddy, we have to do something today!” I stirred, alone in the bed with Sam kneeling by my side, shaking water from wet hair on me; “Do what Sammy?”
“Daddy, call me ‘Sam’ please; ‘Sammy can be for love-making times – like tonight! Now, have a quick shower – April suggests a drive to the beach, how about that?”
I rolled quickly and pulled her naked wet body to mine, “Do you know how much I love you Sam.”
Not really a question, she just kissed me and nodded “And I you Daddy – ah, Steve” and she skipped out of my room, taut buttocks flashing with water on her olive skin. I went for a shower and other bathroom matters and dressed for the beach, wishing I had bought that new pair of costumes I thought of last week.

In the kitchen, the girls were eating cereal; April jumped up and came for a hug “Good morning, Mr Steve; I feel wonderful – just not all squishy inside like Sam says she is; did we forget something?”
I blushed – heavens still blushing after this weekend!
Sam made me a café and we sat at the breakfast bar. “Sam, April, you know what we have been doing is, well, illegal; if anyone should tell their ‘secrets’ to another friend or their parents….you understand this would create major problems for us all and probably get me shot in this country.”
They both pooh-poohed the idea but April said seriously “None of us will say anything, Mr Steve; this has been too precious for us to share with others, please don’t worry. But you didn’t answer me: did we forget something that you and Sam did?”
I made a swat at her bottom and she squirmed away giggling.

30 minutes later we were on the expressway; 90 minutes and we were at the beach, Bang Saen, where I liked to go: few foreigners, beautiful clean beach, though sometimes a lot of rubbish in the water itself which was a shame.
Sundays it could be crowded but we settled under our umbrella and relaxed in the layback chairs after ordering beer and water and the girls talked about what food they would get when the sellers roved around near us.

The tide was turning and heading closer to shore; sometimes the waterline could be 100-150 metres out at low tide – a hot walk on a sunny day to get more than toes wet, so after a beer and the girls had eaten some fried prawns, I coated us with SPF40; the girls would just turn black from the sun, even Sam, but my shoulders needed protection.
We wandered down the slope and out across the uneven sand mounds seeking the shallow water; by the time we waded through water until knee height, my ankles were aching, so I sat where I stopped, stretched my legs out in front and scooped water up to splash and cool my upper body.
The girls splashed down on their front, rolled over and soaked themselves for a few minutes; hardly a blue ocean with rolling waves, but it was at least cooling and refreshing.

Sam stood and I marvelled at her yet again; the one-piece costume defining her muscles and beauty, the black against her olive skin a glorious contrast; she was looking around as if seeking someone, then she nodded at April.
April was dressed the same as Sam, as beautiful almost but Sam’s added height made a difference; however it didn’t detract from April’s seductive attractiveness as she meandered to me, turned around and squatted down between my legs, sitting on my groin; I groaned and put my arms around her, rubbing over her nipples and causing them to quickly grow firm and jut against the fabric of her costume.
“Sam and I would like a ‘quickie’ Daddy, here in the water, but I want to feel squishy first please.”

Sam added “No-one’s anywhere near us Daddy; of course, you might be too tired…does he feel tired to you April?”
April squirmed on the cock which had been growing for a minute now; “no Sam, I think he is feeling fine.”
She reached a hand under and between us and tugged at my costumes; I raised my buttocks and her body and let her remove them; she handed them in the air to Sam as I choked at the thought of people watching; both girls just giggled.

April couldn’t really be naked too, so when she felt my cock was ready she pulled the crotch of her costumes to one side and just sat her cunt down on my cock: ‘easy as that’ she seemed to say to me as she leaned back against my chest and turned her head seeking a kiss.

As she had last night, April controlled proceedings, bouncing and squirming on me, raising my desire level; it may have also had something to do with the ‘dirty’ talking she did while pushing me to ejaculate.
Today, surprisingly, I was willing and able in short time to give her the ‘quickie’ she wanted and with my teeth nibbling her ear and neck and my hands tweaking her nipples, her last grinding sit down on my cock produced a rush of cream up that cock and into her cunt, there in the water, and squishy she became as she tensed and exhaled and yelled loudly as a wolf braying at the moon – nothing quiet about sex and orgasms with April, and despite her magically sensitive gentle touch, when she was actually engrossed in fucking she was than gentle.

She lay back on my chest in peaceful satisfaction and I caressed her little body through her costumes; I was still joined with her, emptying myself fully, and her muscles were still gently clenching and releasing my cock with each spasm; it was thoroughly romantic, erotic and sensual to be here doing this in the stillness of the water.

“Why didn’t you cum in Lindy, Daddy? She told us you were ‘keeping that for another day’; now she will feel left out, so you have to make it again with her so we are all equal.”
“Oddly, Sam, she gave herself several climaxes and almost collapsed – a bit like April - and I felt that if I continued until I emptied, I would only be selfishly satisfying myself, not both of us, so, yes, I made a choice to, if you wish, ‘keep it for another day or time’. My greatest pleasure is, and always has been I believe, when a woman gets her pleasure, mine is secondary.”

Some voices were approaching and I gently eased April down so my cock slipped out; oh hell, I am naked now; I looked around frantically and a group of kids was only perhaps 20 metres away; “Sam” I motioned to my costumes held in her hand at her side as she stood there over us. She smiled, gave them a twirl and dropped them into the water – but next to April to the side of me, not to me….10 metres away.
The water was clear and still, my body easily seen in the shallowness; “April” I hissed, but it was an interminable wait before she seemed to wake up from her dream-like state and realise what I wanted, what I needed desperately now.

She passed them across to me, hardly hidden, just as 3 teenage girls and 2 youths came close to us; Sam took the 2 steps to me and began speaking in Thai “Daddy” as she sat herself in my lap “Have you had enough for now; I want a drink please, maybe a snack?”

She was hiding me and rousing me all at the same time, enjoying my discomfort as I held my costumes crumpled in my hand at my side under the water. The girls looked at us, at Sam in my lap; they smiled and whispered; the boys looked at April and Sam and smiled themselves – then they passed us and moved on, one girl taking a long look back at me.

Sam and April now laughed and Sam rolled away while I fumbled to put on my costumes under the water, squashing my re-erected cock down to pull them up to my hips. I stood and splashed the girls and jogged back to the sand and up to our table.
A voice followed me “But Daddy, I haven’t finished yet…come on, just a quickie Daddy…”

I dried myself quickly, keeping my towel draped in front and over my lap when I sat; the attendant girl came over and I ordered a new beer and ice just as the girls came up the slope, laughing and chatting.

I watched them hungrily; walking in the sand accentuated their hip sway and their provocativeness and they knew it as they both looked at me looking; April stretched her arms out behind her back well knowing her more than 10y.o. nipples would be thrusting towards me, offering themselves to me yet again.

They stood next to me when I handed them their towels; Sam beseeching “Daddy, you were supposed to have 2 quick fucks.” She sighed “Oh well, there is always tonight for more stuff….”
“Wait up, Samantha - I have just this moment been thinking on the same matter; on pre-school nights, I have decided, we don’t do any of this ‘stuff’. No, don’t protest, my girl; school comes first, homework and jobs second and fun comes after all of that – on weekends, that’s that. Now sit down girls and order some food or something, it will be time to head back before too long.”

April wisely kept out of this father-daughter matter and a morose Sam went with her to find some food, taking my proffered money with a defiant ‘thank you’; I smiled, she was still my 10y.o. daughter after all the womanly things she had done.
“Stop smiling” she said “I’m upset” but she was hiding her own giggles behind her towel; “I might say ‘no’ next time you want sex, see how you like it.”
I looked at April “How about you, April, will you say ‘no’ also?” She shuffled into the narrow alley between the umbrellas, looked at Sam, looked at me and said “Hell no, I will say ‘yes’!”
She ran off with Sam chasing her, calling out “traitor, turncoat…”

It wasn’t too much later we packed up and loaded the car, then hopped across the road for rinsing showers and clothes changes, and on the road home, traffic not as heavy as I had feared once on the expressway.

On the way April asked to use my phone to call her mother and afterwards asked us to drop her off as her Mum was home and would have dinner ready for her; she invited Sam but Sam said she wasn’t hungry, but asked me if we could order in spaghetti for later; I agreed as our local shop did really beautiful spaghetti and I ordered it regularly.

April home, Sam and I trudged rather wearily out of the lift and the few steps to our front door and were greeted by my wife sitting on the sofa. She stood and came over to us, put an arm around us both and said “I am sorry we have problems some times, but you and Samantha are my family and I love my family.”
Sam was less than enthusiastic, responding only with “Hi Mum, I am going to wash my hair; thanks for taking us Daddy, you’re the best.” I frowned a little at her: bit of a back-handed swipe at her mother I needed to tell her and not worthy of Sam when her mother has just offered a vague apology.
I kissed my wife on her cheek and patted her waist before indicating I needed to unload and go for a shower myself; she settled back on the sofa and turned the TV to a Thai soap opera – oh no, back to normal, I thought!

Sam went to bed early, didn’t want the spaghetti which came later; my wife went to bed, but I went in and took my book and told her I was tired from the beach, but not sleepy so I would read in the spare room until I felt ready to join her in bed; she nodded, offered her mouth for a kiss and damned if she didn’t offer her tongue to me also!

“I need to clean my teeth, my breath must smell” I backed off and said lamely, offering a smile, feeling rather sad and guilty also: she was asking me for an acceptance of her apology and perhaps she was also trying her best for a momentary return to our early happy years of marriage – should I be trying also?

I went out to the balcony with a beer and cigarette, but it was humid tonight and no cooling wind, so I soon returned to the sofa and sat with the fan on high, turned on the TV and found a movie to watch which occupied enough of my attention so I wasn’t going round and round with thoughts in my head: my daughter, 4 of her friends, my fantasies which had now become reality, my wife and our marriage….I shook my head – stupid thing to do that, it never works! – watched the movie and had another couple of beers, trying to induce drowsiness.

My head falling to the side woke me from a nap, so I turned off everything, locked doors and tidied up my glass, bottles and ashtray.

I went quietly into the bedroom to kiss Sam good night; she stirred enough to offer her mouth; my cock lurched towards her and I almost climbed into bed with her. Instead I gave her a gentle caress and even gentler kiss, then crept into my own bedroom; the side lamp was lit on my side as I stripped off my shorts, went to the bathroom and came back, sliding into bed and under the duvet, switching off the lamp.

She wasn’t asleep, shuffling her body over to my side and lifting her head, as if asking for ‘that kiss’ now; I bent to her mouth and kissed her lips lightly, but she opened them, softly pushed her tongue against my lips and I let her enter me: my decision had been made for me by my body, accepting her back for this moment or this night.
She immediately took this as an invitation to continue and she quickly lifted herself and came on top of my body, her mouth not leaving mine and now grasping my tongue and violently sucking and pulling on it.

Perhaps Sam had woken my cock a few minutes earlier, but now, unlike last night, it reacted to my wife’s body and gave an initial surge of growth against her; she opened her legs to the outside of mine and my cock was in free air to wave and search for a place to lodge itself.

I did want her breasts and nipples – no detriment to the magical young womanhood of Lisa and Amy, a true more-than-handful breast like my wife was endowed with was a wonderful thing to behold, to hold and to eat and suck: I rolled her over and leaned up, disengaging mouths and bending to her fully erect nipples, eating one and mauling the other with a hand.

She wanted my cock and grabbed it; startled she said “where has this come from” and she bent it towards her cunt and shifted our bodies until she could line it up, then she grasped my buttocks and pulled me forward and inside.
She wasn’t tight anymore like ‘my girls’ but she knew what she wanted: a fuck, so she bucked her hips up to me and fucked me from below while I continued to feast on really the only thing I wanted: her tits in my mouth and my hands.
She groaned as my full size buried itself within her; “god, has a holiday from sex made you bigger, or have you been practising?”
I pulled my thighs up a little and plunged my rod hard against and in her, my groin flattened against her shaven cunt lips and I rotated it slowly around there, rubbing her open and exposing her clit to be tickled by hairs and aroused with pressure; she thrashed her head to the side, dug her manicured nails into my buttocks and shuddered into an orgasm – something she and I hadn’t achieved for years since.

‘Well, you wanted a fuck my wife’ I thought to myself ‘and, whilst you can’t thank the girls responsible, and will never know, it is because of them that my cock feels alive again and you have a cunt for it to do its new-found best again.’

I held her breasts in my hands while I pulled my cock to her entrance and I fucked her as if my cock would never go down again; another orgasm and I buried my tongue in her open, gaping mouth, fucking her throat and her cunt, through her moans and squeals and thrashing body, my chest pressing against her nipples and flattening her breasts, rubbing myself across those nipples, scraping them with my coarser chest hair; she thrust herself up at me and I moved my mouth back to a breast and did my best to swallow it, sucking for the milk she had all those years ago for Sam, and pulling my cock back, holding myself just at her entrance, tormenting her with the head against her clit and when she came again, I ploughed back in again.

I varied my strokes, hard and soft, fully in, just a little, fast and slow, several fast, several tickling in their slowness, stopping everything for long moments; she was alternately cringing at my assaults and begging me for more, begging for no more teasing; when I complied, she begged me to stop, let her rest, enough.

I didn’t feel any need to cum: Sam and April had emptied me enough and were far more attractive vessels for my next ejaculation – not forgetting Lindy, first in the next group meeting; this was a fuck for my wife to remember, better than her boyfriend or not I didn’t care: this was to remember what she had chosen to turn away from those years ago when she decided on ‘greener, younger pastures’.

But I didn’t say any of this to her; I just used my cock to keep her heading for another climax, yet I felt quite sad and dispassionate about it, and when she had sweated into another bout of shuddering and shivering and squealing, and spewed her last cream around my cock and clenched my cock one more time, she just collapsed, sated, rasping heavy breaths into her lungs and I slid my still hardened cock out of her body and went to the bathroom to clean up, after giving her a light kiss on her cheeks and I couldn’t refrain from whispering “You haven’t wanted this; I hope you remember this one last time.”

Part 7

My wife was gone to work when I woke, checked the clock: normal waking time for school days. I cleaned up, pulled the duvet and sheets off the bed – how did my wife not smell all the girls’ scents in there? I went in to wake Sam.

Surprising me, she was awake, showered and dressed for school; I gave her a hug and kiss but she pulled back to say seriously “I heard you last night – well, not you Daddy, but Mum; you had sex for a long time Daddy, is she back, is she better than me?”
I pulled her in for another hug “Sam, there can be sex without love; it isn’t a good thing to do, but sometimes that’s how it is. I fucked your mother, I didn’t cum – didn’t even feel like cumming – and when she had had enough I told her to ‘remember this one last time’. There was no love there Sammy, she wanted a fuck: I fucked her.”
“I’ll make you a café Daddy” she took my hand and led me to the kitchen.

I walked Sam downstairs and out to the street and up to the corner to go to school; she didn’t want me to walk with her as she sometimes did, and it was only 3-4 minutes; I always could watch her from my corner, but mostly didn’t let her know I was there.

“Sam, before you go, there is one more thing; you are my daughter and I love you, and now you are my lover and I love you like that – understand?” She nodded, “But, you and your friends are so young – no, don’t protest: you are Sam; I do not want to be playing with your emotions, with anyone’s hearts, Lindy’s in particular and Lisa’s next. If you worry about them, if you think I have upset them, you must tell me Sam and we must work out how not to hurt them, ok my daughter?”
“I understand you perfectly, Daddy; you are so wonderful!” She stood up high as we reached the corner and planted her lips on my mouth, pushing against me hard, before running away, knowing what she had done to my body!

I couldn’t stand there today and watch her – not with a cock straining the thin material of my house shorts (without underwear) and only a t-shirt on to try and stretch to cover it; what a nymph she was!

Back up to my apartment and facing the door, I bent down to pick up the English-language newspaper which was delivered to me daily; whilst bent over, I looked through my legs at another pair of legs behind me; upside down to be sure, but they were phenomenally long as I strained to crane and see up them to their end, god how perfect they looked – olive, long, slim, muscled and stretching upwards to the stars it seemed.

I picked my body upright, the blood rushed to my head and I felt faint and fell back against my door; a concerned voice said “Mr Steve, are you all right, can I help you?” I had dropped my keys and this vision bent to pick them up from the floor – what a bottom she had, had to be a girl – and she was then standing close to me to unlock the door; she took my waist, her head under my shoulder and ushered me inside, bending down to deposit me on the sofa; god, she had breasts and their outline was centimetres from my eyes, from my mouth, and I groaned.

“Wait, I will get some water” and this angel disappeared, returning, dipping her fingers in the water and soothing my brow before giving me a drink from the glass. I slurped it into my mouth and slumped back into the sofa; she sat beside me, those legs touching mine, electric a la April’s touch, and I closed my eyes for a few moments while she patted my thigh comfortingly.

I opened my eyes and looked for an apparition; “Oh, nong Ting, I am sorry about that – stood up too fast, so thank you for being there.” I looked at her beside me, felt her beside me, her skin touching mine at legs and her hand on my thigh; I realised what I had on, what I didn’t have on, and willed my cock to just behave!
It didn’t and it began to grow, like a snake, down the leg of my shorts, toward her hand for goodness’ sake!

“Ah, why aren’t you at school, Ting?”
“Oh, Teachers’ meetings today and tomorrow so I am free, but at home; mum and dad have gone to work, it’s boring, so I was just going down for a swim – would you like to join me, Mr Steve, cool you off?” Her hand had to feel my cock raising my shorts’ leg as it wound along towards her; “You would feel better with a cooling swim, Mr Steve – with me.”
“Ah yes, probably a good idea, Ting; just let me change into my costumes and do a couple of things, I will come down and join you.”

“Oh, I can wait for you; besides, I have nothing else to do, and at least you have started my day as an exciting one!” I looked at her face; her smile was beaming, perfectly formed and white teeth shining at me from a face so beautiful it was meant for cover pages.
My eyes dropped to her shoulders, thin straps dropping down; pink, almost bright, fluorescent pink costumes covering her breasts which my eyes moved to next.
I knew from meeting her that one time in the hallway, in her nightie heading home to her apartment, she had bigger breasts than ‘my girls’; encased now in a pink nylon costume, they took my breath away.

“Oh, Ting, is it ok to say: you are incredibly beautiful?”
“If that is what you feel about me, Mr Steve, then yes, it is quite ok to say, and I thank you.” Oh, no, she leaned up and kissed me on the cheek; just a cheek kiss, but a long cheek kiss and any pretence I could I might have managed went ‘out the window’ and I groaned and felt faint yet again.

I jumped up and away; “A swim, yes, a good idea Ting; give me a minute to change….”

I ran out to the bedroom, but realised I had rinsed and hung my costumes out on the balcony last night. I peeked around the hallway corner – gosh, my own house, I admonished myself – and then walked out, smiling at Ting on the sofa when she turned to me; I mumbled about getting my costumes, did so, and feeling somewhat calmer, thought to offer her a drink or something?

“I am fine, Mr Steve, but could I use a bathroom please?”
“Sure; here, you can use Sam’s” and I waited to show her inside Sam’s bedroom. I stood in the doorway as she walked towards me slowly and then sidled past me as I was pointing out the direction of the bathroom.
Did she have to brush so close to me in passing, her arm grazing my chest and a sway of her hip at the right height to bump into my groin and slide along the cock jutting up from there? Her face turned to mine and that smile was playing there again, in her eyes and her mouth, as she said “Sam is a lucky girl to have you as a Dad.”

Why did she say that, I didn’t know; what I did know was she made me more confused than Sam or her friends, and I had only seen her, and she me, once at the pool and once in the hallway, but I was smitten with a new fantasy which already had become flesh and blood, and breasts and thighs and legs and face and was driving my cock wild within a few minutes of fainting in front of her!

I watched her walk to the bathroom: no, she did more than ‘walk’; she swayed and modelled her body, for my eyes and she knew I was watching, and she knew I couldn’t stop watching.

She didn’t close the bathroom door, looked back at me and pulled down a strap from one shoulder, slowly and deliberately facing me; a second strap and she held both sides of her front as she pulled her costumes down her body, bending over as she wriggled her bottom free of them and they fell to the floor; she stood upright but my attention was directed – by her - to a pointed dainty foot slipped them off one leg, then the other; I was frozen and mesmerised by her and with her, but now she reached to push the door closed after a long look at me and a long look for me at her naked body.
She was beautiful!

I was still standing there when she flushed the toilet, heard her washing and she opened the door, pulling her remaining shoulder strap up and doing that ‘thing’ women do: adjust their breasts for comfort within their bras, or in this case her costumes.

“Shall we go for a swim now Mr Steve – when you change?”
My costumes were still clasped in my hand, crushed and lucky not to be torn to shreds; I nodded and ran off to my room, falling over in my haste to disentangle my cock from shorts and stuff it into y costumes, covering it somewhat by pulling my shorts back up.

She was waiting near the kitchen, near my laptop open on the table; “Are you on Facebook, Mr Steve?” I nodded. “Are you also on Skype?” “I am setup but I never use it, not sure how” I answered, an old useless man when it came to a lot of modern social network sites.
“May I?” she asked; I nodded and she flew her fingers over my keyboard for 5 minutes.
“There, I have added me as a ‘friend’ and set you and I up on Skype; now we can see each other on cam – camera – and chat that way; I hope you like it, Mr Steve and it only takes you 2 keystrokes to connect with me: my name is 'tingaling4u'.”
“I am sure I will enjoy it, Ting, thank you for helping an old man.” She laughed and pointedly looked at my cock – covered, but overtly raging at its confinement and almost leaping at her; “I doubt you are an ‘old man’ Mr Steve, in fact I have never seen a man with so much evidence of being still ‘young’; a swim now?”

She held her hand out and I took it as we exited my apartment, closed the door, and went into the elevator.
I couldn’t control myself; I had to sweep her up into my arms and lock my lips to hers….I shook my head: that was the fantasy, the reality held me rooted by her side, no more intimate than holding her hand, probably too tightly, but she didn’t complain: she just had a smile for me every time I looked….


Captivated – no, far more than that; she had become a drug I couldn’t do without.
At the pool, she dropped her towel and, still holding my hand, led me to the water’s edge; it was silent, nobody else here, no infants, no parents, just Ting and me as she dropped lithely down into the water.
I stood over her as she came up to the surface, her long black hair smoothed down over her shoulders now in the water; she reached up to me, almost touching my maddened cock, and I knew I had to get in the water, hoping it was freezing and would counteract the effect she had on me.

It didn’t, not when she swam to my side and moulded her body against me, her groin against mine and her breasts, those magnificent mature breasts were against me; I whimpered with desire, facing that all-knowing smile, but I overcame my trepidation of refusal and moved my hands to her mounds, my thumbs to her nipples and my mouth to hers.

The elation I felt when she moaned at all this contact, when she pushed her groin hard against my cock, was as if the stars had burst above us, as if heaven on earth had descended, as if desire could be rewarded if it was strong enough.
“Can we go back upstairs now” she asked huskily; I nodded, tightening my grip on her breasts, my mouth and tongue gouging into hers and my cock pulsing non-stop in its fight to get out and do what it does best again: fuck a female who wanted me to….

(Fantasies can always be dreamed; turning them into reality requires a little more effort….)

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