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You need to read the first ten chapters first.
Such Good Friends

The Bus Ride

Teeny and Carla and thirteen other girls on the school soccer team had just finished loading the bus for a trip to a neighboring town to play a soccer game when a car pulled up in front of them, partially blocking the bus. Two men jumped out of the car and climbed into the bus. Both were carrying bags and each had a hand gun which they pointed at the driver and the girls.

“Everyone keep quiet and stay in your seats and no one gets hurt,” the first man shouted. “Driver, get this bus moving. I’ll tell you where to go. If you want to keep your kids safe you’ll do as we say, so get moving.”

The men had just robbed a local bank and were racing away in their getaway car when they saw the bus being loaded. Just in case their getaway car was witnessed, they took advantage of the situation and hijacked the bus, leaving their car.

One of the girls screamed when she saw the guns. In response, the man pointed his gun at her and shouted, “Shut up and stay quiet or I’ll shoot you. Driver, you’re responsible for keeping them still and quiet.”

The driver was a young woman who was also the coach of the team. “Girls,” she said over the intercom. “Please be quiet and do what these men say and we should be okay.”

“That was good,” the man said to her. “You’re a really pretty woman and you had best keep them quiet and still if you want to keep those good looks.” The driver was a recent graduate and was a first-time team coach. She had light brown hair, blue eyes and a shapely strong body gained from participating in college athletics. She was wearing a loose set of sweats with the school logo. The man stayed up front keeping an eye on her and telling her where to go on their way to their preplanned destination. The other man made his way toward the back of the bus to keep an eye on the girls.

About a half hour later, the man in back said, “Okay. Listen up. We’ve been in jail for the past five years and just got out. We ain’t had any pussy for more than five years and one of you is about to get lucky. That means I’m gonna fuck one of you and maybe my partner will join in. We have about an hour before we get to where we’re going so we have plenty of time. Here’s how this will work. I ain’t seen any naked young pussy since high school and one of you is gonna strip for me. Whichever one of you volunteers to strip until you’re totally naked will not be the one I choose to fuck. Understood?

There was no response from anyone as each tried to avoid catching his eye. “If one of you doesn’t volunteer soon, I’ll have to choose one of you myself. And, not only will I cut your clothes off with this knife, I will fuck you. My promise to not fuck you only works if you volunteer to get naked.”

Ever the exhibitionist, Teeny raised her hand.

“Okay! We have a winner. Now, little girl, stand up in the aisle and show me what you got.”

Teeny slowly stood up and after a short hesitation, pulled her team jersey off over her head, revealing her black sports bra. Next she put her thumbs in the waistband of her soccer shorts and pushed them down over her hips. They dropped to the floor and she kicked her shoes off and stepped out of the shorts. Standing in her bra and tights, she delayed the inevitable by next removing her socks. She then crossed her arms and grasped the bottom of her sports bra and pulled it off over her head. Finally, she quickly pushed her tights down where they joined her other clothes on the floor.

“Nice,” said the man. “You’ve got a very sexy body.” Kicking her clothes aside, he stood next to her and told her to turn slowly so he could admire her nakedness. Teeny had an athlete’s lean and strong body, six-pack abs, strong arms and legs, and her mother’s large tits and bubble-butt ass, all her assets wonderfully accented by a tiny waist. In short, she had an awesome sexy body that she was very proud of. When she faced him he reached out and grasped her tit and fondled it.

“You promised,” Teeny said as she stepped back from him.”

“That I did,” he replied. “But I promised to not fuck you. I didn’t promise to not play with your tits. Or your ass, or your nice flat tummy, or your round hips. And, I certainly didn’t promise to not play with your cute bald pussy.” As he spoke he rolled her nipples with his thumbs and forefingers until her nipples were hard and erect. He continued to massage, squeeze and caress her tits and heard no more complaints from Teeny. All the girls on the bus were watching closely and a few began to stealthily rub their pussies as they watched the man feel Teeny up. Most of them had never witnessed any sort of sex acts and to see a live demonstration was arousing to some of them. Most of the girls were virgins.

Teeny’s over-sexed body responded with that familiar and pleasant roiling sensation in her lower belly as his hands on her titties generated waves of energy flowing from her nipples to her clitoris. Her breathing increased and her cunt began to get wet as he ministered to her tits. He slid his hands down her side over her hips and down her thighs, softly caressing her body. He slid his hands back up, squeezed her tits once more then repeated his caress down her thighs. He caressed her abdomen from her tits to her lower belly, noting her bald shaved cunt lips. “You got a fine ass too,” he said as he grabbed both cheeks and pulled her body tightly against his. She gasped when he moved his right hand to her inner thighs and slid it up to her pussy and strongly grasped her sex mound. As he massaged her pudendum with a slow sexy rhythm, he could feel her pussy already getting wet. He moved his finger to her cunt hole and slipped a finger into her young pussy, then located her clit and gently rotated his finger around that little knob, already slick with her arousal juices.

Teeny was breathing heavily now and her hips began to thrust against his hand as he increased the pressure and speed of his finger on her clit. Her cunt began flowing freely with her juices and she moaned as her body responded to the flood of sexual stimulation. Her supercharged sex drive overrode her resolve as she humped his fingers matching the speed of his finger on her clit, trying to increase the pressure.

“Why, I think you want me to fuck you,” he exclaimed. “Your pussy seems to like my finger and you’re wet enough to fuck already.”

“Use more fingers,” she gasped. He obliged by pushing two fingers into her hot twat, then added a third. Teeny’s hips were thrusting heavily against his invading fingers and she moaned with each thrust. His fingers located the ribs of her G –spot and he wiggled his fingers against them, intensifying her arousal. His three fingers were nearly as thick as her mother’s fist and she moaned loudly as she humped his hand.

“Take my dick out,” He commanded. Teeny unzipped his pants and quickly undid his belt and waist button, dropping his pants to the floor. She pushed his boxer shorts down and gasped as his enormous cock flopped out. It was stiffly pointed up at her and could reach as high as her cleavage if he stood on his toes. Easily more than nine inches long, it was so thick her hand could not reach completely around it. She took hold of it with both hands and started to stroke it, marveling at its size and heat.

“You want that thing inside you?” He asked, with a smirk. She gazed wide eyed at his proud hard cock as she stroked it. “If you want me to stick it inside your hole and to fuck you with it, just tell me to take my promise back.”

“Yes.” She whispered. “I want you to shove your cock into me and to fuck me with it. I’ve never seen such a big cock. I want to try it. Please take your promise back.”

“You want my cock?”


“All of it? Up your cunt?”

“Yes. I want your cock up my cunt fucking me.”

“You like cock?”

“I love a man’s cock, especially when it’s hard and inside my pussy.”

“How bad do you want it? Tell me what you want me to do to you. Do you want it bad enough to beg for it?”

“Yes. I want it bad. Please. I want you to shove that big hard cock into my hole. I want you to fuck my cunt with your cock. Please. I can’t wait. Fuck me now. Please. I can’t wait any longer. I want to cum. I need to cum. I’m begging you to fuck me.”

“You want my cock bad enough to kiss it? You want it bad enough to lick it and suck it?”

“Yes. Anything,” she gasped as she knelt in front of him and kissed the opening at the tip of his cock. Opening her mouth as wide as possible, she could only manage to get the helmet of his cock into her mouth, but she was able to move her tongue around it in her mouth, licking it and sucking it.

“Are you ready to take my meat and let me fuck you with it?”

“Yes, my cunt is ready. I’m ready for you to fuck me now. I want to feel your big cock stuffed inside me.”

OK, then. Get on your hands and knees on the seat with your ass facing me.”

As she did so, he saw Carla staring wide eyed at Teeny as she begged to be fucked. Teeny was so lost in lust she no longer cared who saw what she was doing, or what was being done to her. Her lower body was aflame with need for his big cock to fill her sex while her breasts and nipples sparkled with more heat. Her cunt was literally aching to be filled with hot cock. The man took his giant meat and put it to her engorged cunt lips and slowly started to push it into her slick hot box.

“Yes, yes, that’s it. Shove it in. Fuck me hard and deep.”

When he saw that Teeny’s head was near Carla’s boobs, he ordered Carla to strip to the waist so Teeny could suck her tits while he fucked Teeny. Carla quickly shed her jersey and bra and then continued to rub her own pussy while Teeny sucked her nipples.

“Unnng,” Teeny said with her mouth full of Carla’s nipple as the man succeeded in pushing the entire nine inches into her dripping cunt. It was so long, she felt it penetrate her cervix at the back of her cunt. He started to hump her hard and fast, but came almost immediately as it had been so long since he’d had sex. His long cock penetrated her cervix with each stroke and he fired his entire load of cum directly into her uterus. The overwhelming new feeling of her womb being flooded with his hot seed allowed Teeny to reach an orgasm before his cock popped out of her abused pussy. Teeny continued to suck Carla’s nipples. Carla still had her hand inside her own pants, rubbing her sex.

“Turn around and lick my cock clean,” he ordered. Still totally aroused and wanting more sex, she grabbed his shrinking cock and sucked and licked it until it was clean of his cum and her juices. By then, his cock had again stiffened to its full glory. Teeny was furiously rubbing her clit as she sucked him.

“OKayyy,” he said. “Who’s next? Who wants to feel my meat inside your little pussy?” There was no response. “Well, there’s nothing I like to see better than lots of cute titties. Here’s what we’re going to do. You are all going to take your tops and bras off until you’re naked to the waist. The last one to finish stripping is the one I’m going to fuck next. Got that? OK. Starting now!”

There was a mad scramble as all the girls quickly stripped their tops off, and in seconds they were all naked to the waist. “Well, I think that was a tie,” he said. “So what I want is for all of you to sit up straight, push your shoulders back and stick your titties out for me to see. I will pick the one with the nicest set of hooters. Not necessarily the biggest, or the cutest. I’ll pick the one who has a set of titties I like best.”

The man walked slowly up and down the aisle, studying each pair of breasts on the girls. Most were small, a few were larger, like Teeny’s, and some were barely big enough to call tits. They all had nipples, though, and he told them to tease their nipples, which they did until all were hard and erect—even those with flat boobs. The man reached out as he walked up and down the aisle, softly squeezing titties on each girl.

Up front, the other man knelt down next to the driver and slid his hand up under her sweat shirt. He was delighted to discover that she wore no bra. Unable to stop him and at the same time keep control of the bus, she did nothing as he played with her small soft mounds and hard nipples. Growing bolder, he slid his hand down into her pants but she kept her knees together and all he could feel was the top part of her bush. Not wanting her to lose control of the bus if he forced his hand further, he pulled his hand out and said, “I’ll see you again later and we’ll definitely have us some fun.”

Meanwhile, the other man had finally made a choice. He picked a girl who had hardly any boobs to speak of, but who had very long, hard nipples. “Move to the back and take off the rest of your clothes,” He ordered.

“No please. Not me,” she whined. “I haven’t done it before.”

“Get in back now, take off all your clothes and lay down on the back seat. If you don’t, I’ll cut one of your nipples off and then I’ll fuck you anyway.”

Crying softly, the girl made her way to the back, took off her clothes and lay down on the bench seat and waited for him. She looked again at his enormous cock and nearly fainted at the thought of it splitting her in two. She was amazed that Teeny could take the whole length of his thick fat cock, and that she seemed to enjoy it while he raped her with that huge tool. She had been sure that she would not be chosen because her tiny boobs were late in developing even though she was only a few months younger than fourteen year-old Teeny.

“While I’m busy in back, the rest of you are going to entertain each other. I want each of you to slide your shorts and panties down past your knees, then you will reach your hand to your seat mate’s pussy and then I want you to get your fingers busy rubbing her pussy’s sweet spot. You all know where the spot that feels good is; well you will soon see how much better it is when someone else is rubbing your clit. So get busy.”

Well familiar with each other’s bodies, still-naked Teeny and stripped-to-the-waist Carla simply continued what they had already been doing since the man had finished fucking Teeny with his huge cock. The girls were hesitant at first but they soon got into the spirit when they saw other couples doing it. There soon were a lot of moans and gasps as the sexy young girls rubbed each other’s clits and enjoyed the power of clitoral stimulation.

Satisfied that they would not interfere with his next fuck, the man walked to the back and looked down at the girl with tiny tits and long hard nipples as she lay on the bench seat. She was unable to take her eyes off of his cock and stared at it, wide-eyed and frozen in fright as it swung back a forth in front of her. “Ever seen one before?” he asked.

“No,” she whispered.

“Touch it.” She reached up and gave it a little pat.

“Take hold of it and stroke it like your friend up there did.” Using two hands like Teeny, she started to stroke it. She was amazed to feel that it was hard on the inside and soft on the outside. A few drops of pre-cum leaked out the tip and she could feel the difference in slipperiness.

“Sit back and spread your legs wide,” he ordered. When she did so, he knelt between her knees and started to lick and suck her right nipple while his hand squeezed and rubbed her other tiny tit.

“Oh,” she said as his kisses and sucking on her nipples sent waves of pleasure through her body until her lower body started to tingle and to feel funny.

The man moved his kisses down her hard midsection, pausing to lick her belly button and then to her surprise, moved his kisses below her belly button. “Surely he’s not going to kiss me down there,” she thought. Almost immediately, he reached her nearly hairless pussy and licked her crack from stem to stern, slurping noisily on her clit. It was like she was suddenly hit with a jolt of electricity and her body jerked up against his mouth as a flood of sexual lust-driven desire lashed her lower body.

“Omigawd!” she screamed out as another powerful wave of sexual energy roared through her body. Her cunt started to flow so heavily she thought she was peeing. The man continued to lick and suck her clit, slurping up her tasty juices. The flood of sexual sensations made her feel as if she was floating away, driven by the power of clitoral action. Lost in lust, she violently humped his face, grunting as the increased pressure caused by her pelvic thrusts sent her young body over the top to a huge orgasm screaming out loud involuntarily.

“Ready for my cock?” he asked with a grin.

“Keep doing what you were doing. I liked it.”

“Well if you liked that, you’re going to love what comes next,” he exclaimed as he took his huge meat and guided it to her cunt hole, which was still gushing with her juices. He was on top of her and took a nipple in his mouth as he felt his cock touching the entrance of her hole. He could feel it begin to enter her tight virginal cunt. She was still lost in sexual lust and did not realize what he was doing until the head of his cock slipped into her. His massive cock stretched her cunt lips causing pain that brought her back to earth.

“No, no. Please, no. Take it out. It hurts.”

“It’ll hurt more for a while and then it will start to feel good,” he replied as he began to gently thrust his cock into her cunt, gradually and slowly slipping deeper into her tight love box until he felt his cock up against her cherry.

“Ow, ow, ow. Take it out, please. It hurts.”

Gathering himself, he braced his arms on the bus seat and shoved his huge cock another inch into her, tearing through her hymen and generating a loud scream of pain from the girl. After that, his cock slid into her more easily until he reached the end of her cunt hole. He stopped moving his cock inside her tight cunt her until her screams settled down to quiet whimpers.

He pulled it out part ways then shoved it back in. He had never felt such a tight pussy in his life, and she had never felt such pain. Gradually, however, the pain started to subside and she started to feel some pleasure. He reached between them and rubbed her clit with his thumb. Her hips jerked upwards and drove his cock deeper into her cunt. Taking this as a positive sign, he started thrusting his cock into her tight hole while keeping his thumb on her clit.

Soon, she was back in Sexual Never Land, crying out as waves of new sensations caused multiple orgasms. Finally, he shot his load deep into her cunt. There was so much cum and so little extra room in her stuffed honey pot that cum sprayed out of her pussy around his cock. The flood of hot cum generated such a powerful orgasm that she fainted dead away. He pulled his cock out of her with an audible pop and a flood of his cum poured out of her cunt onto the seat. She lay there while he pulled his pants up over his shrinking cock. “Get up and get dressed,” he ordered. Then raising his voice he called out, “That goes for the rest of you. We’re nearly there so you can all get dressed.” The girls were all still finger-fucking each other but not all of them stopped.

Up front, the man directed the driver to pull into an abandoned gravel quarry where they had hidden another getaway car. Pulling along side of it, they had her stop and turn off the engine.

Gathering up the sacks of money, they transferred them to the trunk of the car. “OK. Let’s get out of here.”

“Not yet. You’ve been having your fun and I need to get some pussy action myself.”

“OK. Go ahead, but make it fast. They don’t know about us using this bus to get away, but we don’t want to take too many chances.”

“We could take one of the chicks with us. We could fuck her along the way.”

“No. Too much of a hassle. Hurry up and get your piece of ass, then we better get going. We still have a long way to go.”

Reboarding the bus, the first man looked at the driver that he had been feeling up earlier. “You’re next,” he told her. “Go to the back and take your clothes off. We’re going to have some fun—especially if you like to fuck.” The driver didn’t move so he said,” If you don’t do what I tell you, I’ll fuck one of your young girls instead.”

She stood up and moved to the back of the bus and quickly removed all of her clothes before he could get back in time to watch her strip. She figured correctly that he wanted her to put on a show like Teeny had earlier.

“Stand up.” She did so and he reached out and squeezed her breasts until she cried out in pain. “That’s for not letting me finger your pussy on the way over here. Now spread your legs so I can play with your cunt.” When she moved her legs apart he moved closer and started to massage her mound while he fondled and squeezed her small titties.

“You got a hard body. I like it. I bet your cunt has some strong muscles too. Let’s find out, shall we?” With that, he shoved his middle finger into her pussy, hurting her because her cunt was not aroused and dry. Unmoved by her cry of pain, he said, “Now squeeze my finger with your cunt muscles.” Not knowing how to do what he wanted, she simply tensed all of her muscles in her lower abdomen. “That’s it!” he cried. Keep doing it. My cock’s going to love how that feels.”

Pulling his finger out he told her to sit down and spread her legs wide. She did so and was so flexible that her legs were nearly perpendicular to her torso. He pushed his pants and shorts down and knelt in front of her. She was happy to see his cock was normal sized. He began to lick and suck her small but soft, beautifully-shaped breasts and gently fondling them with his hands, enjoying the feel of her small soft tits. His other hand explored her pussy until he located her clitoris and started to rub it taking care to be gentle hoping she would become aroused and wet before he fucked her.

In spite of her resolve to not enjoy it, her body’s automatic response to clitoral manipulation began to take over. Tiny waves of pleasure flowed between her nipples and her clitoris and soon a little bit of moisture leaked out of her cunt. The pleasurable waves and moisture increased until he noticed it. He moved his hands from her tits and reached around her, grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling her pussy to his waiting tongue. When she felt his mouth licking and sucking her clit, she was unable to prevent her body from thrusting her hips against his mouth.

He stuck his tongue into her as far as he could and pulled harder on her ass to increase the pressure on her clit. Again her hips bucked up and she moaned quietly. As he continued to eat her cunt out, her body started to hump his mouth with a sexy rhythm, accented with her quiet moans of pleasure. Her resolve to not become sexually aroused was forgotten as her body made its needs known. More pussy juice came out of her so he moved his hands from her ass to her cunt. This time his finger slipped easily into her and he was happy to feel her cunt muscles start to squeeze his finger without him telling her to do it. He knew she would participate when he fucked her and that she was now wet enough for him to slide a second finger into her. He reached her G-spot and rubbed the ribbed area of her cunt.

“Are you ready for my cock?”

“No. Don’t do it. I don’t want you to do it to me.”

“Your body says otherwise,” he responded, then rubbed her clit with his thumb as his fingers wiggled against her G-spot. She moaned loudly and pushed her cunt upwards, trying to drive his fingers deeper into her body.

“Now, are you ready?”

“Yes. Go ahead and do it to me.”

“First tell me you want it.”

“Yes. I want it. Put it in me. I want to feel your cock in me. I’ll squeeze your cock with my cunt. Do it to me now. I want to fuck. I need to be fucked.”

He moved over her and told her to grab his cock and guide it to her cunt hole. When she put the tip of his cock at her entrance, he forced the entire length of his cock into her and began stroking it in and out. She was so wet and slick with arousal, he was able to pull his cock all the way out of her cunt before driving its length back into her.

“Oh, oh. Fuck me. Fuck me hard,” she cried.

Pushing his cock as far into her as he could, he stopped humping and waited for her to start squeezing his cock with her cunt. When she started to massage his cock with her cunt muscles without him ordering her, he mashed his thumb on her clitoris, causing her to reach a massive orgasm, wailing loudly as she thrashed under his body. He had not cum yet and continued to enjoy her snapping pussy while she enjoyed his thumb on her clit. She came again, then again, but still he did not come.

He started to thrust into her, keeping his thumb on her clit, causing another orgasm. Then another. And another.

“Oh please. Stop. I can’t take any more,”

He increased the speed of his strokes until he was able to come and spurted a massive glob of sperm into her writhing body. She was totally overcome and unable to move. A final spasm of her cunt muscles forced his softening cock out of her cunt. She was not a virgin, but she had never experienced anything close to the number and strength of her orgasms.

“Fuck me again,” she said. “I want your cock inside me again. I’ll suck it until it’s hard again.” Without waiting for him to reply, she knelt in front of him and took his soft cock in her mouth and licked and sucked it until he regained a stiff hard-on. She did not lie back down on the seat but raised a leg over him, straddling his body. She grabbed his hard shaft and put the head to her cunt hole and lowered her body on his, forcing his cock into the depths of her cunt which was still dripping with his cum and her juices.

She did not bounce up and down on his cock; instead she massaged his cock with her cunt muscles with a steady sexy rhythm. To increase her own pleasure, she reached down between their bodies and rubbed her clitoris. He could feel her powerful cunt muscles sucking at his cock deep inside body trying to milk his cock for more sperm.

He loved her small beautiful breasts and licked and sucked one while fondling the other with his rough hands. The feel of her cunt walls massaging and milking his cock was amazing and he grabbed her ass and pulled while pushing his hips upward, trying to get his cock as deep in her as possible. She finally succumbed and had another orgasm when she felt his hot come spurting into her depths.

“If you’re done, get dressed and let’s get going,” said his partner.

“That was the finest piece of ass I ever had,” he responded. “I’d like to take her with us. She squeezed my cock with her cunt so hard, I thought she would break it off.”

“We can’t watch her while watching for the cops too. Come on. We got to get going.”

They jumped into their car and roared out of the quarry, only to be met by several police cars that blocked their way. When they tried to back up, two more cars blocked that as well.

Handcuffed and being led away, they asked, “How did you find us?”

“Don’t you know that practically every kid in the country has a cell phone? We practically had a blow-by-blow account of your attempted escape. We would have stopped you sooner but we needed to be sure that none of the girls would be killed or taken hostage.”

“Well,” Teeny said to Carla. “I’m glad that’s over.”

“Yeah, me too. Although, I would have liked to have a try with that huge cock. You looked like you really enjoyed it.”

“I did, once I got over the fear of such a huge tool. It was an amazing fuck. I’ll be dreaming about it for a long time.”


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“You got a hard body. I like it. I bet your cunt has some strong muscles too. Let’s find out, shall we?” With that, he shoved his middle finger into her pussy, hurting her because her cunt was not aroused and dry. Unmoved by her cry of pain, This is Sadism enjoyment of causing pain to other people. This is the first time I read a sadistic deion on this blog. If you love a woman you do not cause her pain.

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