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By Blueheatt

___We were planning our next event. She liked only me to cum in her, but loved sucking on Wil and loved it when she made him cum in our mouth. We invited him over that evening and she told us we were hers and to do as she asked.

What was in store. After small talk, she went up stairs, then came down wearing a black see thru robe with tiny yellow panties and a see thru yellow short nightie. She loved to make Wil and me hot, and started in on him as he sat in her gold chair, and me as I sat in my recliner. She walked around letting us view her sweet body, then she brought out the water pipe and ordered us to smoke. We all did, and it was some super good weed. * Angi had a fantasy she always loved and we had used it many times and even watched some porn about it. It was that she was a super rich widow. She had a huge house and servants. Being single she would pick men as she wished to pleasure her.
She started in laying it out to us and sure enough it was her favorite fantasy. She told us we were her servants and would do as we were told. She ordered us to the couch and sat between us. “Light me a cigarette, get me a drink”, and on and on, which we both scrambled to serve her needs. “Go put on robes with nothing on underneath”, she demanded. Wil and I headed upstairs and I told him this is her fantasy, and don’t be shocked if anything goes. We were both excited and returned to the couch. She ordered Wil to put her feet up on the ottoman and rub them. She ordered me to run my fingers thru her hair. Soon she ordered us to take off our robes and lie on the big soft blanket on the floor opposite each other on our backs. * She had ask me once if I had any videos of two men suck on each other. I said no, but I noted that she would like to see that. Sure enough, now she got to see a live show of two men sucking each other, 69, and she took off her robe and spread her legs and started to play with her pussy. “Play with each other”, she demanded, so we started slowly jacking on each other. We were both ¾ hard so we quickly got real hard as she watched us. She got up, still playing with her pussy and stepped over us to get a real close up of us jacking and she liked our heavy breathing. “Make it hot, real hot …now”. * This took me back to when I was a kid, and my buddy and I had jack on each other, making each other cum.
We were on the floor, 69 position and jacking each other, as she stood over us watching and playing with her clit. She knelt over me and moved him on his back as I jacked him and got real close. She started sucking on him, making him squirm. She ordered me to suck on him, as she joined me. We jacked and sucked on him as he moaned. As I continued she turned, and had him suck on me. “I want to see you both cum in each others mouth”, she said, as she put her toy penis in her all excited. She moved my hand and she did the jacking on him. She laid her head on his leg and waited to see him cum in my mouth. She whispered (make him cum! Make him cum!!!) I jacked with both hands as she began to moan. I jacked faster as he bucked getting ready to cum. She moaned louder as he reached back to help her work the toy, while still sucking on me. As she started to cum, she licked the base of his dick as he moaned the moan that he was cuming. Then I felt him go, a huge load hit the back of my throat and some went out the sides of my mouth as he pumped a mega load. She squealed and joined me in licking the cum. Then she turned and licked the base of my dick with him and jacked me fast until I couldn’t hold back any more. She let him have the first load as she moaned, then she got on my dick and sucked the rest of the loads. I reached over and stuck my tongue in her pussy as she humped my face and squealed mmmmmm over and over. She had both our cums in her mouth and moaned with delight. She pulled me over to fuck her as she shared her mouth full with me. She then pulled him to us, and rolled us on top of him as I fucked her. She took his dick and moved it in her pussy with mine. “Now were talk’ in, Oh God!”…she said. We both started in fucking her as she moaned with delight. I could feel his dick rubbing on the underside of mine as she wildly bucked on the two dicks. “Fuck me hard, deep and fast, both of you!!!”, she moaned out. Soon all three of us were moaning and humping as she moaned and squealed real loud. “I’ve always wondered how this would feel, fuck me HARD!!!, you two!! He and I pumped her as hard and fast as we could until he shot a mega load, then her and I came big time as we all yelled with delight. The added dick rubbing in her was mega hot as she squirmed and moaned. I kept pumping along with him as she fingered her clit and pulled on my butt cheeks as she humped. We all enjoyed our wetness as we pumped more. Her legs wrapped around my butt to drive me in her. (“…Lick my clit…”) she whispered. I pulled out and reversed as she grabbed my dick to suck it. He began to pump as I licked him and her clit together……
….She began lift her vagina in time to the trusts of his pumps….I’d never heard her moan so beautiful….”Now you put it in.”

I quick reversed and put my dick back in also…my dick, his dick in her vagina….oooh yeah
……..we all pumped & kissed till the rise came up and up…again… and again….we all squirmed….

…..and we all came together…

….the cum began to flow…..and flow…..
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