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The truth about the school is revealed!
Only Girl in School Ch 4

Originally written by Frankel. This one is VERY mean and nasty, with some horror.

Katie woke to the taste of cum.

She opened her eyes and found a cock was aimed at her face, the last of its cum draining slowly from the head. Most of the load was in her mouth, prized open by an o shaped ring tied to her face.

Katie swallowed as best as she could and looked up to see the cock belonged to the school captain.

"Wake up bitch," he said. "You could sleep through anything. I've been fucking your mouth for ten minutes."

"Three weeks," Katie thought as he untied her from the bed and took the ring from her mouth. "Three weeks and I graduate and never have to suck another cock in this place again."

Being the only girl at school had been the worst experience Katie could imagine. The daily rapes and gang bangs had never let up. She was still only allowed to take the sex ed classes and ever since she had first suggested they role play a rape and abduction it had been the only thing the class had wanted to do - whether she wanted it or not.

She could tell by the pain in her arse it had been more than her mouth that had been used overnight. She suspected they were lacing her food with some kind of date rape drug but wasn't complaining about that - at least that way she got some sleep while they fucked her in the night.

Not being allowed a uniform had one advantage - at least she didn't need to get dressed in the morning.

"Principal wants to see you," said the school captain. He slapped her on the arse and left for class.

Katie began limbering up her jaw for the day ahead as she made her way to the principal’s office.

"Three weeks," she told herself. "Just three more fucking weeks."

"Ah, Katie," said the principal when she arrived. "Come in."

The principal was sitting at his desk stroking his cock as he watched Katie cross his office.

"Come and kneel down over here and suck my dick while we talk," he said.

Katie knew there was no point in refusing. Refusal would mean punishment which would mean a whole lot of pain and a cock in her mouth instead of just a cock in her mouth and no pain.

She knelt before the principal's chair and kissed the head of his cock before opening her mouth and sucking down the shaft.

"That's so good," said the principal. "I remember when you first started here, barely a day over 18, you barely knew one end of a cock from the other. Look at you now though."

Katie looked up at him as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock.

"Mmphh," she said around his cock. "Wmpph vouhgfu voulph seev for?"

The principal could understand her cock talk as he called the sounds she made when she tried to speak around a mouth full of dick.

"What did I want to see you for?" he asked. "Well there is some good news and some bad news I am afraid."

"Wumph ve Vad vewmph?"

"What's the bad news? There's no good way to break this to you I am afraid. Your parents wrote to us and told us you were not welcome back. They never want to see you again."

In shock Katie took the cock from her mouth.

"What?" Katie said. "Why?"

"Let me explain," said the principal putting his cock back in her mouth. "You see as you have been pre-occupied with your other duties the school community has taken the trouble to write letters home on your behalf. Would you like to hear them?"

Katie looked up at the principal, her head no longer bobbing up and down on his cock. He took her by the hair and forced her head up and down as he took a pile of letters from his desk drawer.

"We do this for all the girls who attend the school," he said. "We know how busy you girls can be."

Katie managed to push his hand away from the back of her head and pull his cock out of her mouth.

"But I'm the only girl here," she said. "I'm the only girl who has ever been here!"

"No, not the only ever here," he said rubbing his cock over her face. “We have a policy of allowing one girl a year. We like to keep one as a plaything for the students. You have been an outstanding success. No other girl has ever offered to run the sex ed class before. Usually they just curl up in a ball and cry all the damn time."

He pushed her head back down on his cock.

"You didn't know this but all of the previous girls are still with us. You've met them. My secretary is from the class of 2010."

Katie had no choice but to keep sucking as the principal spoke. His cock seemed extra hard today, like he was particularly excited.

"They all stay," he said. "Because they have no choice. It gets easier for them of course once the new girl arrives. My secretary, for example, only has to service me now. Others are kept in the staff lounge or to service the grounds staff."

"bulh ey sveay," mumbled Katie in cock talk.

"Because their parents said they never wanted to see them again," said the principal. "Just like yours did. Let me read from the typed letters you sent home."

"Dear Mum and Dad," he read. "I hate this fucking school almost as much as I hate you. How dare you send me to a place like this. Who the fuck do you think you are?"

Katie sprang to her feet and jumped against the wall.

"What?" she cried. "My parents would never believe that letter was from me."

"Well, not at first," said the principal talking more to her tits than her face. "But after a while they came to believe it. If you read through these copies of the letters you will see how the whole year unfolded from their point of view. At first you were a model student. Things were going well. Unfortunately, you started a relationship with a rogue teacher. A sexual relationship. You even included a few photos of his cock in your mouth for them."

Katie gasped in horror remembering all the times when they had photographed her giving head against her will.

"Then, according to your letters you fled the school with the teacher. You were both druggies by this stage. We have been working hard with the police and the authorities to find you and this teacher. We've had many meetings with the police but there is no trace of either of you."

"But there is no teacher," Katie said. "You made him up!"

"Now you're getting it. Anyway the letters you sent got fouler and fouler. You accused your father of raping you, your mother of being a cock whore crack addict and said that it was you who killed the cat!"

"Killed the cat," she said. "Mittens is dead?!"

"Yes," said the principal. "Had some boys take care of it. Nice touch that one, thought of it myself. So, anyway, that's the bad news. Your parents wrote to say they are calling off the search. After you killed Mittens they never want to see you again even if you do show up."

Katie broke down in tears. She lunged for the principal, wanting to choke him. All the hatred that had been building up inside of her was unleashed. She wanted revenge for the pain and humiliation, for the cum dinners and the constant rape.

The principal dodged her attack and pushed her to the ground. She fought with all her might kicking and punching at him but he was too strong. He flipped her over on to her stomach and pinned her arms behind her back.

"You haven't heard the good news yet," he said. "We've decided to keep you on staff. You are our new sex ed teacher!"

"Fat fucking chance," said Katie. "I'm leaving now. Get off me you son of a bitch."

"Hang on, hang on," he said. "You haven't heard everything yet."

He turned to the door and called out to his secretary in the next room.

"Bitch get in here," he yelled.

Katie heard the secretary scurry into the room.

"The time has come," he said. "Lock the door and pass me the handcuffs and chain."

With her face pressed into the carpet Katie heard the door lock and chains being picked up and carried. The principal handcuffed her hands behind her back then attached a chain to the collar she already wore around her neck.

The principal got off her.

"Tell her," said the principal.

As Katie sat up, tears filling her eyes, the secretary sat down beside her.

"I used to be a student just like you," said the secretary. "They did to me what they have done to you."

"Why didn't you warn me?" said Katie. "Why don't you leave?"

"Because I can't and neither can you. This place is our prison."

"Bullshit," said Katie. "I could have escaped a thousand times and so could you."

The secretary smiled. "I thought that once too," she said. "This place is more powerful than you could have imagined. Politicians, judges, top police commanders, all of the elite of this country went to this school. They are a sect, there is no other word for it. It looks like democracy and sometimes it is but it has its dark secrets. We are some of those secrets."

"But how can they keep you here. I've see you in the grounds alone. You could have left."

"I wouldn't have got far," she said.

"On all fours bitch," said the principal to the secretary. She complied at once and let principals pull up her skirt and his cock enter her pussy from behind. He began to fuck her, pulling her pony tail back with his hands to force her head back as her tits bounced in time with his thrusts.

"Why do you let him do that?!" said Katie.

The secretary was breathless now.

"I have to, we both do. They control the terror and with it your mind. You will see. Trust me don't go down into the pit. Just do what they say. Be their whore. It is better."

The principal transferred his cock to her arse and she cried out in pain, no longer able to speak as she gritted her teeth in agony.

"What pit?!?!" said Katie.

"The Pit," said the principal. "As this slut knows is non-negotiable. It is your three week training program. When it is finished you will either do as we say or go back into The Pit."

He took his cock out of the secretary's arse and pulled her up to a kneeling position. She took his cock in her mouth as he cried out and came, forcing her to swallow his sperm.

"The school captain and some of the other boys are waiting for you outside," said the principal. He kicked the secretary in the backside. "Take Katie out. I have more important things to do now."

Katie screamed and tried to stand as the secretary took her by the chain and dragged her across the room.

"No," she said. "Let me go. We have to fight them. We have to escape!"

The secretary stopped at the door and gripped Katie's face in her hands.

"Listen to me," she said. "You can't beat them. I am not going back into The Pit. There is terror there you cannot imagine. Survive it if you can. When I see you again you will understand. It has broken every girl they sent there."

She unlocked the door and the boys, all 18 year old seniors, burst into the room laughing wildly. They seemed like blood crazed animals as they took Katie in their arms and held her above their heads.

"Pit, Pit, Pit," they chanted. They carried Katie screaming through the corridors and into the school’s extensive grounds. Katie could see a large group of students and teachers gathered beside what Katie had always thought was a shed for the groundskeeper.

The door of the shed was open and Katie could see there were stairs inside leading down into darkness. Katie was put down at the top of the stairs and quickly surrounded on all sides, except for the stairs, by students with sharp knives.

"Down you go bitch," said the school captain. Katie looked down the stairs and could just make out a deathly pale white face staring up at her from the bottom step. She couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman. It looked so thin for a moment she thought it was a skeleton but suddenly it moved and ran screaming like a banshee towards her.

Katie tried to back away but felt the point of the knife at her back and had to stand her ground as the pale creature ran towards her.

"It's last year’s girl!" the school captain called out. "Fuck me she is still alive."

"The girl grabbed hold of Katie. Her finger nails were long and sharp like claws and she opened her mouth in a crazed scream and went to bite Katie on the breast. Two students grabbed hold of the skeleton like girl and threw her back down the stairs. For a moment the girl paused and looked back up at Katie before screeching and disappearing back into the darkness.

"Can't believe she is still alive," said the school captain.

"She's fucking barmy now," said another student. "Knew she was never going to be any good to us when they sent her back down."

Every part of Katie trembled with fear. She couldn't get the look of insanity on the poor girl’s face out of her head.

"What is down there?" she thought. "What could make you become like that?"

She felt the handcuffs on her wrists untied and the chain and collar on her neck pulled away. She was totally naked and for the first time in months with no bondage gear on any part of her body. She turned to face the students.

"Please," she said. "Don't send me down there. I'll do what you ask. Please, I don't want to be like her. PLEASE!"

The school captain suddenly lunged forward and pushed her hard. She fell backwards and began to tumble down the stairs into the darkness.

"Three weeks," the school captain called out as she fell. He slammed the door shur and the world for Katie went dark.


The secretary hated the weeks of The Pit. She had hated it last year and she hated it this year. The screams of terror coming from there would echo around the school. At night while she was raped by the principal in the bedroom they shared she could hear the screams.

It would take her back in her mind to when she was there. To the darkness. The fingers of the creatures, probing, always probing. The shapes in that dark world that would form shadows in your mind as they hunted you, always hunting. No rest, no sleep. The fingers on your flesh with their claws. Their cruelty. Their pure terror.

She had no sleep in all those weeks. With Katie gone the students and teachers all turned back on her and the past survivors. They were licked, probed and fucked in so many ways and always present where the screams from The Pit. The screams to remind them they could always be in a worse place.

Finally the three weeks ended. The secretary watched from her office window as The Pit door was opened, the principal's cock in her arse as it had been so many times before.

She watched and prayed.

"Please God, let her come out," she thought. "Let her be alive. Let her still be sane!"

Seconds passed like hours while she watched the empty entrance to The Pit, the students gathered, knives in hand, waiting to see what would appear.

Finally they cheered as Katie emerged. She was naked and thinner. Her body was bruised and dirty but even from where she watched the secretary knew she was broken but not insane.

"What do you think?" asked the principal, still pounding her arse.

"I think you have your girl," said the secretary. "She is broken."

She began to cry as the principal, seemingly pleased with the news, began to fuck her harder, pushing his cock deeply inside her arse. He gripped her hips and screamed with pleasure as his cum filled her.

Katie meanwhile stood blinking in the daylight.

The school captain was the first to approach her.

"Well," he said. "The Pit or the classroom?"

Katie stared at him unseeing.

"I killed her," she said. "They came for us and I let them take her. They wanted one of us. I gave them her."

"So the little defiant bitch is dead," said the school captain. "That will be you if you go back. We never let them out when they become like that."

Katie simply stared ahead.

"Pit or classroom?" he said again.

"Classroom," she said as if to herself.


Six months later Holly arrived for her first day at the exclusive boarding school.

"Should I come up with you?" asked her father at the front gate.

"No," said Holly. "They were quite clear. Parents not allowed inside. I am the first girl ever to be accepted here, Dad. I have to follow the rules even if I am 18."

She left her father at the gate and found her way to the principal's office, dragging her luggage behind her. She was met by his young secretary who showed her into his office.

Holly was surprised how revealing the secretary's clothes were but was soon distracted by the principal’s booming voice.

"You must be the new girl Holly," he said. "Nice to have a girl in this place at last. I'm a bit busy at the moment. Why don't you leave your bags here and get off to your first class. It's in room 403 with Miss Katie. We can chat later. My secretary can show you the way."

Holly was a little shocked at her reception. The principal had been friendly enough but had seemed to be talking to her breasts rather than to her.

His secretary led her down a maze of corridors in the centuries old building. Finally they arrived at room 403.

"Go in," said the secretary. "Miss Katie won't bite."

Holly walked nervously into the classroom. There were around thirty 18 year old boys in the room and a female teacher who looked no older than Holly herself. She too was dressed in very inappropriate clothing, a very tight mini skirt that didn't even cover her panties and a low cut top that revealed most of her braless breasts.

"Welcome," said Miss Katie to Holly. The teacher smiled but there was something odd or distant in her manner.

"You must be the new girl Holly," she said. "We just started so why don't you take a seat up the front."

"I don't have any books," said Holly.

"It is OK," said Miss Katie. "It is sex ed so you won't need them."

Holly blushed.

"Sex ed with an all boys class," she thought. "This could get awkward!"

She sat down at the front of the class.

A student next to her put up his hand.

"Can I go first?" he asked.

Miss Katie stood silent for a moment. To Holly it looked like there was some inner battle going on, as if she was in some kind of doubt or turmoil.

"Of course we could always go back to The Pit," said another boy.

"No, no," said Miss Katie. "Everything is fine. George can go first. Holly you are his partner."

"Partner in what?"

"A little role play thing we do," said Miss Katie. "We pretend it is your first date and role play correct ways to behave. You'll catch on. Come up to the front of the class."

Miss Katie put two chairs side by side and told George and Holly to sit in them.

"Now," said Miss Katie. "You have just been on a date. George has paid for a movie and dinner and driven Holly home. What happens next?"

"She sucks his dick!" a boy called out.

Holly stood up enraged but Miss Katie eased her back into her chair.

"It is OK," she said. "They're not used to having a girl in the class. I'll deal with it later."

Holly sat back down.

"Let's just play the scene out," said Miss Katie. "Holly you go first."

"Thanks for the movie," said Holly nervously. She couldn't help but feel all the boys were looking at her breasts.

"I'm sure going to have to change a few things around here," she thought.

"That's OK," said George.

"Well, good night," said Holly. She leant forward as if to peck him on the cheek but he turned toward her and kissed her full on the lips. She tried to pull away but he held her head with one hand while the other grabbed a breast and began kneading it through her top.

Holly cried out, her lips still pressed to his.

"Why doesn't Miss Katie stop him?" she thought.

He let her go and Holly pulled away. She looked at Miss Katie who sat staring into space as if she was somewhere else in her mind.

"Time to suck my cock, bitch," said George.

Holly screamed as he pulled out his cock and shoved her head down into his lap. She closed her lips tight as he pushed his cock against them.

All the other students got out of their seats and began to tear off Holly's clothes until she was naked but still defiantly keeping her mouth shut.

"Get the fucking jaw brace," called George.

George held Holly's nose closed. She had to open her mouth to breathe and as she did metal was forced into her mouth. Her mouth was forced open as the metal pushed her lips apart to make her lips form an O shape.

George now forced his cock into her mouth while the other boys pawed at every part of her body.

Holly tried to scream for help but could see Miss Katie turn her back on her and look out the window with a far off dreamy look in her eyes.

Holly's legs were forced apart and pain seared through her body as a cock was forced into her virgin arse.

George forced her head up and down and for the first time in her life she felt a cock slide across her tongue and hit the back of her throat.

"She's a tight fucking whore," the student fucking her arse called out. "When do we get to hunt her, Miss Katie?”

Miss Katie stood by the window softly humming to herself as if she were the only one in the room.

Holly felt both the cock in her arse and mouth twitch and cum exploded into both ends of her body. She had never tasted cum before and it was far worse than she imagined. With her mouth forced open she was unable to swallow and the cum drained out of her mouth to the floor.

"No spitting," a boy called out and her head was forced into the ground and her face smeared with the cum.

"Next," said George.

Her head was picked up and she was forced on to all fours. Two new cocks found their way into her mouth and arse.

Holly heard Miss Katie leave the window and come and sit beside Holly as she was fucked at both ends.

"No bruises," Miss Katie said. "There is another class soon. I need her to be fresh."

THE END, but there will be more Frankel stories

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