Linda, a very shy and up to now is still a virgin lets her morals slide during a holiday at her grandparents place. The bits about the dog are true, as is my meeting with Donna. The pieces about the lil stallion are partly true. I masterbated one and tried to get its penis up me but it was impossible..

I was really looking forward to going down to my grandparents place for 2 weeks during the summer school break. They have a big 3 Ha block next to the beach and I am going to have a great time just mucking around and swimming with no one to bother me. At least I wont have to worry about school for a while. Some girls pick on me because I’m so quiet and shy, and not good looking. They say no guy would want to root you. Even a few of the boy’s tease me, and call me a dog, or Miss Fugly. I’m extremely self conscious about my under developed tit’s, and of the bad acne I have lately. My body isn’t that bad, I have nice long legs and a curvy bum, although mum makes sure my school skirt cover’s my knees. I’m not fat, a bit skinny if anything, but my boob’s are small for a girl who is nearly sixteen. My hair is blonde brown and goes halfway down my back, on mum’s insistence ‘again’, it is usually in a plat, that’s half the reason I look gawky.
My mum dropped me at her parent’s house and stayed for the night, part of the reason I was staying here was because mum and dad where having marriage problem’s. My only brother was 10 year’s older than me, he moved out 3 year’s ago. As if I didn’t have enough trouble of my own.
The next day mum said her good bye’s and left in the morning. My grandparent’s were quite old and stayed around the house, hardly ever venturing down the track that lead to the beach.
I didn’t mind, I was a loner, my grandparents 2 year old German shepherd, Luke, kept me company and enjoyed having someone to run around with him. We spent hours down the beach swimming and sunbathing. On the third day all my hassles had vanished, so had a lot of my inhibitions.
That evening after tea I had a shower and put on my nighty, it came down past my knee’s so I never wore undies with it. I entered the lounge to find my Grandparents asleep in their chairs. Luke lay next to the settee in a dimly lit corner, and wagged his tail when he sighted me, I lay down next to him and stroked his head, propping my head with my arm to watch TV. Luke rolled onto his back so I rubbed his tummy, he enjoyed the attention.

I was loosing interest in the show on TV when I felt something warm touch the back of my hand on Luke’s tummy, I looked round, and in the half light I could see he had cracked a fat as the saying goes. I pulled my hand away in disgust and looked at the big red purple shaft sticking out of him. I peaked around the corner of the settee at my Grandparent’s in case they sprung me in this embarrassing situation, still sleeping. Staring at his cock again the urge came over me to touch it.

Curiously I held it between my thumb and fore finger, it felt silky smooth and soft. Wow, I was actually holding a real cock. Slowly I ran my fingers up and down it’s slippery length, it was over 150 mm long, and about 20 mm in diameter. A randy feeling was building in my vagina. The hole at the end of his cock started to drip a clear liquid. I rubbed my finger in the slippery pre cum, it made me even more horny. I sensed my vagina getting wet, when a perverted thought came over me. I wanted to rub his juice on my vagina.

Laying on my left side, I lifted my right leg and pulled my nighty up exposing my wispy brown pubic hair. My finger thoroughly covered in his juice, I rubbed it into my already wet slit, then pushed it into my vagina. I imagined my finger was his cock, I felt wicked at the thought. Then I realized, why imagine when the real thing was right there. My heart started to pound at the idea of his cock in my cunt, I decided ‘yes’, why not, I’m going to do it, nobody will know. I’ll just put the end in a little way.
Quickly I checked my Grandparent’s, then slid closer to Luke who was half on his side by now. Hitching my nighty up to my boob’s I guided the tip of his cock into my slit, then down to my vaginal entrance, it’s pointed end entered me. I rolled towards Luke and it slipped effortlessly inside, oh it felt lovely and soft and hard at the same time. So much better than a finger or hairbrush handle. Only about half of it penetrated me. I put my arm around Luke’s back to pull us together, but it was so awkward. A bit more slipped in, I rolled my hips and i felt his penis slide right into me, it felt beautifully warm and alive, just laying in my vagina. I tried to rock myself on it and i felt his penis getting harder. I actually had a real penis inside me, my vagina was throbbing like crazy.

We stayed coupled together like that for few minutes or more, a cramp in my leg eventually parted us. Just as well, Gramp’s and Nan awoke, and soon after they declared it was time for everyone to go to bed. I anxiously watched Luke as he got up and his erect tool quickly shrank back into its sheeth.

I lay awake in bed for half an hour thinking about what I had done. How could I have let myself do that. I remembered what the girls at school said ‘No guy would root you, your a dog’. Maybe they’re right, maybe I am a dog, I’ve got the morals of one, but who care’s, it feel’s good.

I awoke to the sounds of Nan rattling around in the kitchen. I thought about what I did to Luke last night, I felt a bit guilty, reduced to having sex with a dog. But it didn’t worry me, at least I’ve had a cock inside me. I jumped out of bed, happy at the start of another brilliant day of my holiday.
I stripped of my nighty and looked at myself in the full length mirror. Turning sideways I held my boob’s, they felt bigger. A year ago they lay on my chest like 2 fried egg’s, now I had 2 small hill’s beginning to point out. I hope they keep growing for a few more year’s. The bottom half of me was fully mature by the time I was 12, periods and all. Turning full circle, I decided my body wasn’t that bad, although a white body with brown legs and arm’s looked odd, thanks to my prudish mum and the old style one piece bathers she makes me wear. Smiling, I think I might try some nude sunbathing in the sandhills.
After breakfast I walked across the dirt road with Nan to a neighbors block. Nan’s friends, Charlie and Meg where on holiday and she had volunteered to feed their horse’s. We doled out a bale of hay to the 2 mares. Nan said there is a mean unfriendly shetland pony in the side paddock, it’s called Blacky, her friend rescued it from a circus that went broke, no one can get near it. Nan asked me to chuck some hay in it’s pen, while she went around the other side to chuck some chlorine in the pool.
I stood at the fence and saw a black pony standing in the corner of the small paddock, I shouted ‘Blacky’, it lifted it’s head and immediately trotted over to me. I could see things swinging around between ‘his’ rear legs, it must be a stallion. I dropped the hay on the ground it had a quick nibble, but was more interested in me. I patted him on the head, he was small and cute, his back only came up to my waist. It certainly wasn’t mean, not to me anyway. I climbed through the fence, and stroked his back, he rubbed his muzzle against my arm. He snorted a couple of times and moving behind me lifted his head onto my shoulder and gently tried to push me down. Easy dose it fella I said what are you trying to do. I stepped to the side and it was obvious what he was ‘trying to do’. The thing that was swinging around under his belly had grown into a huge shining black shaft over 250 mm long. He wanted to ‘do me’. I leapt back through the fence, God, having a dog’s cock in me was one thing, but that monster, no way. I marveled at it’s size, and admit, I was becoming a bit randy, but now way, not a horse, it was much fatter than Luke’s. Nan’s voice called from the front of the house, ‘Linda, have you finished around there yet’. I replied ‘Yeah, I’m coming’.
As Nan and I walked from the house a car pulled up, a tall red head stepped out dressed in short’s and T-shirt, it was Donna, a local girl I had met while on past holidays down here, her parent’s are friend’s of Nan and Gramp’s. I hadn’t expected to see her as she had moved away from the area.
I liked her a lot, even though she was 4 years older than me, we seemed to click together as we where both quiet and considered social outcasts by our peers. Donna said hello to Nan and a big ‘Hi Linda’ to me. She said had been working as a Jillaroo up North for the past 6 months, but was back home for a while. As we talked I noticed her body was still like a surfboard, straight up and down, although it seamed bigger, but she still had tiny tit’s, even smaller than mine. Her short ginger hair framed a freckle covered face, she looked boyish. Donna said she had business in town, but would be happy for me to come over her place this afternoon. Nan said it was OK with her, so 2 PM it was, Donna smiled and waved as she drove off.
As we walked back Nan said be careful around Donna it’s been a long time since you have seen her, people change. I replied what do you mean. Nan quietly added. ‘Well there’s rumors going around town that she is, how can I say it, a lesbian. The story goes she was caught ‘doing thing’s’ with a girl not much older than you. And she doesn’t have a boy friend. They may be rumors, but you just don’t know. So please don’t go off with her on your own, stay around the house where Jim and Edith (Donna’s parent’s) can see you. Not really believing Nan, I agreed just to keep her happy.
Luke was waiting for me on the back verandah with his tennis ball in his mouth. He was ready to go to the beach, I’ll just get into my bathers I told him. Nan said ‘O Linda, you might as well have your birthday present. It’s only 4 weeks to go, but you could use your present now.
She handed me a brightly wrapped small soft package. I gently opened it up, it was a pair of black bikini’s and a white T-shirt. Thank you very much’ I said with glee, I raced into my bedroom to try them on.
They fitted me perfectly, the top half lifting my little hills to form a small shapely pair of tit’s barely filling the cup. But they looked nicer than ever before. The bottom showed my curvy bum and made my legs look even longer. I felt a bit embarrassed when I showed Nan and Gramp’s. Nan said I looked beautiful, I thought to myself I hope nobody’s down the beach.
The narrow walk track snaked through a dense area of stunted Pepper corn and gum tree’s. It was only about 200 meters to a line of sand hills, then down to the beach. Luke trotted by my side, the still air was hot and thick with the smell of Eucalyptus. I wore my new bikini’s and carried a towel, the warm air against my almost naked body was sexually arousing me.
On top of the sand hill I surveyed the beach, I didn’t like having other people around me. 500 meters To the South a large impassable rocky outcrop marked the end of the beach. There where a couple of 4 wheel drives with people dotted around them. To the North and the only public access, a kilometer and a half away, a dozen or more people, not to bad I thought.
We swam and ran about, then in the water again, Luke and I had great fun, I thought he must lead a boring life with the Grandparents. A slight breeze developed from the South West, 10 minutes later it was blowing a gale, the calm sea turned to shit. I still wanted to sunbathe so we headed up and over the track and found a sunny sandy spot amongst the peppercorn tree’s at the base of the sand hill.
I spread the large beach towel out, the warm scented air gently blowing around my body was starting to arouse me again. The idea of walking around and laying naked in the sun crept into my mind. No one would see me here. I undid my bikini top and chucked it over a tree branch, then hooking my thumb’s either side of the bottom half and slid them down my legs. The feel of the hot sun on my tit’s, and the warm air against my vagina turned me on. I slowly walked around amongst the tree’s gently rubbing my breast’s, a strong erotic feeling was rising in my body.
Luke was faithfully laying down by the towel watching every move I made, kneeling down next to him I stroked his head. The perverted memory of Luke’s cock sprang into my mind, I wanted it in me again.

Patting the towel a said “Lay down, lay down boy”. He obediently did as he was told. I rubbed his tummy and rolled him onto his back. Disappointedly I looked at his shriveled up tool. Don’t you want to root me I said. Softly I stroked it with one finger, it soon started to harden, a red stalk telescoped out of the pink skin. The last trace of morality left me, I called myself a dirty slut as I lifted my knee over him and straddled his chest. Reaching down with my hand I guided the end of his cock into my vagina. Lowering myself down it easily slipped into my wet cunt, it felt so good. I wanted see how far in it would go . Rolling my hips back I let his tool penetrate further. Luke’s rear end jerked, I felt it ram deep inside me. Ooooh, it felt fantastic. He jerked a few more times, then lay still, my vagina had accepted his entire cock. I slowly rocked back and forward, I could feel the hard shaft of his cock deep in my belly. It grew tight inside me, it felt lovely, my vagina began to tingle. Suddenly Luke jerked again and started to fight to get up. I said “Easy boy, easy”.

I raised my bum up and his cock slid out of my cunt. I climbed to my feet and Luke stood up. That was nicer than last night I thought, the randy feeling in my body was temporarily satisfied.
I lay down on the towel thinking intercourse must be better than that. Looking at Luke sitting next to me, I wondered if he enjoyed it. Then it dawned on me, males spoof off when they have sex. I quickly inserted a finger into my vagina. It was wet, but that was probably my love juice. It didn’t feel like there was any sperm inside me, I felt a bit dejected, I couldn’t even make a dog cum, maybe Luke wasn’t in the mood.

I nudie sunbaked for an hour or so before walking naked most of the way back to the house. A year ago I wouldn’t have dreamt of wearing a bikini. But a year ago I didn’t have these randy feelings, even in the past 3 months the sexual desires in me are becoming stronger, and occurring more and more often.
A nice cool shower, then salad for lunch and I still had over an hour before walking the 300 meters up to Donna’s place. I liked my bikini so much I wore the bottom half that I rinsed in the shower, with a short T-shirt up top. Gramp’s was already asleep on the verandah, Nan suggested I read a book for a while. I figured I could do with a rest and browsed through the bookshelf.

Amongst the war stories and gardening books, the title ‘Know your German Shepard’ stood out, I quickly flipped through the pages when a colour photo took my breath away. It showed a male German Shepard with his front legs on top of a female, and his long cock about to fuck her. Isn’t this what I tried to do this morning?, I scurried to a chair in the corner of the lounge and thoroughly studied the section called ‘How to achieve a perfect mating’
The paragraph that most interested me described how the male’s rear legs must have firm contact with the ground, so that the pistle (a bone inside the penis) can support the penis until it enlarges and knots form at the base to help lock it inside the females vagina. At this stage of full erection the pistle withdraws and the prostate muscles contract once a second, pumping the semen through the penis in a series of pulsing squirts, this is called ejeculating. This process can last up to 15 minutes, and over a 200 ml of sperm can be delivered into the female reproductive tract.
I did it all wrong. Luke couldn’t fuck me properly unless he was standing on his rear legs. And me on my hands and knees (doggy style), this way he could copulate properly and get knotted inside me. Studying a line drawing showing a cross section of an enlarged penis knotted inside a female. I wondered if my little vagina could accommodate such a large diameter cock, it looked twice as thick as Luke’s ever was. Doubt clouded my mind. But I knew how strong my randy urges have been lately, I knew I wanted to be mated. Maybe next time.

Donna was at the side of the house attacking a punching bag when I arrived. Her arm and shoulder muscles bulging from out of the tank top she was wearing. Hi Linda, she greeted me. Her legs even had muscles I didn’t notice this morning, although the short’s had gone in favor of bikini bottom’s similar to mine. She explained that being a Jillaroo builds you up, and she liked the feeling of her firm body. Donna looked at my breasts and said “Your firming up quite well to Linda, and your hair is lovely”. My hair was tumbling over my shoulders, and after a couple of days in the sun and sea, was almost blond. The acne on my face wasn’t nearly as bad either.
We talked and carried on like we’d known each other all our lives, not just 4 years. Donna had gone through the same hell at school as me, persecuted because of her shy nature and immature body. I wished she was the same age as me and we where together at the same school. I asked if she had a boyfriend, Donna replied “No , I haven’t found anyone that I can call a true friend yet. Although I slept with a guy up North.” Yeah! Was it good” I said. Donna replied “Not really. The guy only wanted one thing, you know what it’s like. I nodded approvingly, but I wished some guy would want to sleep with me.
Donna suggested we take her mare for a ride, she only had a stock saddle so it would be better if we rode bareback. I jumped up first then Donna sat behind me. I felt unsteady as we slowly trotted along, I’m not a horsy person. Donna’s arm’s were either side of me holding the rains, she told me to lean back and relax. “I won’t let you fall off” she said. Her strong legs held me in place, her hands rested on my hips, still holding the rains. I felt her small tit’s jiggling against my back. “Is that more comfortable” she said. I replied “Yeah, your a nice comfy armchair”. Her arms tightened around me, and shifting the rains to her left hand she held my tummy with her right. She softly said “That’s OK, your nice to hold on to”. If it where any other girl I would have felt uncomfortable, but somehow I felt safe and secure in Donna’s arms, maybe because she’s older than me I told myself.
The track we where meandering along headed South behind the sand hills. At one high section I could see that we where past the rocky outcrop that cuts the beach off. Donna explained that passed here was no-mans land, there was no other access apart from the tiny track that we where on, it was virgin bush for 15 kilometers.
The peppercorn trees where dense, they sheltered us from the sea breeze, the warm air was thick with the lovely mint smell. It reminded me about this morning, that and the feel of Donna’s hand on my belly moving up and down with every step of the horse. I was getting randy.

Donna said “Whenever I ride out here on my own, I pretend that I’m an early pioneer and all this land is mine, and I’m going to develop it into a productive farm.” I said “Yes, it would be great the two of us living here with nobody to hassle us.” Donna replied. “Yeh, we could imagine that we are a young couple. There is a water hole I found that no one else knows is there, that’s where I’ll build our house.” I thought isn’t a couple supposed to be a man and a woman, I felt sure Donna kissed the top of my head..
The track dipped into a small creek bed. As the horse negotiated the drop Donna said “Hang on” and she held me with both arms. Just as well, I thought I was going fall over the front. After we returned to level ground her long arms remained crossed around my waist. Her left hand still held the rains, supported by the back of the right hand. Slowly with the too and fro of the horse her open right hand slid down on to my bikinis, I could feel it pushing on my pubic mound.
We talked about what life would be like as settlers, and living close to the beach. The way she talked I wondered if Donna did think of herself as a man. But I was becoming distracted by a horny feeling growing in my lower belly. With every undulation of the horse Donna’s hand was touching the top of my vagina. I wasn’t sure if I should let myself enjoy it or not.
The conversation I had with Nan about Donna being a lesbian sprang into my mind. Maybe she was rubbing my cunt intentionally, maybe she wanted to seduce me. But then again what are girls supposed to do if guys aren’t interested in them. Or maybe Donna didn’t realize she was doing it. Either way, there was a strong erotic feeling building inside me. There was something reassuring about being with Donna, even though she was a woman. I lay my head against her shoulder and gently opened my legs a little more, and enjoyed the ride.
Donna hadn’t said anything for a few minutes, her hand was right on my vagina continuing it’s lovely massage. When she softly said “Riding a horse bareback always makes me horny”
. I didn’t know what to say, so I just agreed “Yes, I suppose it does”.
She said “Does it make you feel horny as well”.
I thought might as well tell the truth and replied “Yes, I feel a bit randy”.
A moment of silence, then Donna whispered “You don’t mind my hand down there do you”.
A mental shock went through me, she ‘was’ deliberately touching me. But it felt oh so good, who care’s if she is a girl. I replied “No, it feels nice”.
She slowly lifted her hand and slipped it under my bikinis. I then realized how wet I was as Donna squeezed my cunt and began to finger me. “Do you like me doing that” she whispered.
I moaned softly with pleasure, the feel of being touched by another person, even though it’s a girl, was unreal.
I felt her kissing the side of my head and my ear. I turned to face her and she kissed me passionately, I returned the passion as best as I knew how. I had never kissed anyone before, her lips where soft against mine, our tongue’s intermingled in our mouth’s.
The horse came to a halt, I think. I don’t know which felt better, the sensation in my lip’s or the feel of Donna’s finger’s inside and around my cunt. My head was spinning, I’d never felt so much erotic pleasure. Donna had dropped the rain’s and her left hand came up under my shirt and began to feel my tit’s, she gently squeezed my left nipple, oooh it felt so much nicer than when I touch them.
I lost any inhibitions I had, I opened my legs wide and let Donna do what ever she wanted.
If she was a guy I would have let her/him fuck me and I wouldn’t have cared if he made me pregnant.
Eventually Donna stopped kissing me and whispered “Linda, Linda, your so beautiful, I just want to make love to you”. I wasn’t sure how she was going to make love to me, but my sexual desires where craving for something. We dropped down onto the dry grass, Donna held me around the waist and we started to pash on again. Her hands lifted up my T-shirt and I was soon standing bare breasted in front of her, she lowered her head and started to suck my tit’s, alternating between one then the other. It felt fucking fantastic, it was as if my nipples where connected to my cunt, I had never felt so randy. Donna stood back and peeled her T-shirt off, her nipples where sticking out from her flat freckle covered tit’s like bullets. As she pulled her bikini down I noticed a big wet area on the crotch. A ginger coloured patch of pubic hair lay at the base of her flat tummy, and for the first time I looked at another girl’s vagina. Her entire genital area stuck out in a big bulge between her legs It’s wet slit glistened in the sun. I pulled down my bikini and we both stood naked looking at each other.
Donna held me against her as we kissed again, our naked bodies sliding against each other. She slowly rubbed her wet vagina against my thigh and whispered for me to lay down. She said “Pretend that I’m a man, and I’m going to fuck you” I lay on my back and opened my legs. She lay on top of me and started kissing me again.
Her vagina pressed against mine. She reached down and with two fingers opened my cunt up. The bulge of her vagina sliding in between my flaps, it felt beautiful. I pretended that she was a guy and was fucking me with a big cock. The mare stood watching us, I looked at her and instantly thought of Blacky’s huge tool, and imagined that was deep in my cunt. Pushing my vagina up against Donna’s I whispered “Oh fuck me, fuck me hard.”
Donna humped me faster and faster. Her skinny hips dropping between my wide open legs, her protruding cunt pushing into mine, it was easy to imagine I was being fucked by a guy, her cunt felt like it was inside me. A tingling throbbing sensation was building in my vagina.
After a couple of minutes she stopped kissing me and with a gasping breath said “Oh Linda your a fantastic fuck. Can, can you feel my cock…… Ahh, ahh….. I’m going to cum….ahh… I’m going to cum inside you”
My head was starting to spin and my cunt felt like it was going to explode. With my own gasping voice I replied “Yes, I can feel it fucking me….oh, fuck me, fill me with your spoof……. make me pregnant”
With that Donna began to moan out loud, she was almost screaming. I think I groaned myself as the most fantastic feeling I had ever experienced traveled from my vagina to every part of my body. I was having my first ever orgasm.
Donna groaned and screamed for about a minute. I had grabbed her bum and was holding her tight against me, our dripping vaginas pressed hard together. We looked at each other and she kissed me again. She whispered “I’ve wanted to do that to you since the first time we met. And when you said that bit about making you pregnant, well, we both enjoyed it as much as each other. God I wish I was a man”
My body was still tingling, I replied “Yeh, it felt bloody fantastic, I really imagined you where a guy rooting me”. Although I think she enjoyed it more than me.
I thought about what she meant by the first time we met, did she mean today or back when I was 11?. Who cares, I would have probably let her do the same back then anyway. But I doubt if I would have had an orgasm, this is one experience I will remember for the rest of my life.
After more kissing and cuddling and fingering. Oh yeh, I fingered Donna just to see what her vagina felt like compared to mine. Strangely enough despite the size of her pubic mound her vagina was a lot smaller and tighter than mine, and my middle finger could just feel the end of it.
I knew my vagina was much deeper than that, I have been sticking my hairbrush handle up myself since I was 12.
Eventually we got dressed and headed back. Neither of us talked about what happened between us, back at Donna’s house we where just friends again. I felt a bit guilty at what we had done, and even though I had a great orgasm, I couldn’t help feeling I wasn’t satisfied.
I returned to my Grandparents house just in time for tea. Later that evening Gran asked discreetly if Donna had tried anything funny. I said “No way Gran, don’t be silly Donna’s great” Gran seamed satisfied.
I said to myself if only she knew that Donna had given her Grand daughter a great fuck. I thought about the orgasm I had and started to feel randy again. I wanted to fuck again, but I wanted a real cock inside me.
I went to bed, but lay awake thinking about sex and cock, and getting hornier all the time.
I thought about Luke’s cock and having a proper copulation like the book said. But his cock will be to big for my cunt, and all that sperm inside me. I imagined his penis ejeculating in my vagina, pumping me full of spoof. Then the sexual craving hit me, that’s what I wanted, I needed to be fucked.
I don’t care if Luke is to big for me or how obscene it is. I wanted to mate with him. My vagina was throbbing at the thought. I was going to do it, I was going to let Luke fuck me
My Grandparents had also gone to bed and would be sound asleep by now. I knew Luke slept out on the back verandah, so quietly I got out of bed, stripped off my nighty and climbed naked out the window. I slowly walked around the back and softly called Luke. He recognized me straight away and wagged his tail as I approached him. I patted his head and slipped my hand down onto his cock, rubbing it in my hand it instantly became hard. I wanted him to mount me then and there, but I wasn’t going to chance being caught. There was a half moon and the track down to the beach was clearly visible, I whispered to Luke to follow me.

The night was warm with a faint breeze blowing, we walked about 100 meters down the track, my heart was pounding, cum was dripping from my vagina and starting to run down my leg
I looked around at all the silver grey trees in the moonlight, no one would see us here. I dropped to my knees and cuddled Luke, I said to him “Do you want to fuck me boy” I rubbed his cock again, it sprang into life. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this.
Turning on my hands and knees I offered Luke my bum, he ran around to my side, his tail was wagging furiously. I turned my bum in his direction again, nothing happened. I was just about to turn around when bam, his two front paws landed in the middle of my back. At the same time I felt the tip of his cock probing hard around my bum, he was to high. Then his front legs slid down around my waist and his cock landed right in my wet slit. Here we go I thought, I’m going to be fucked.

His legs tightened around my waist as his cock slid into my cunt, he rammed it hard and fast, each stroke going further and further into me. At first it hurt deep inside, I could feel it growing bigger and longer with every thrust. I held my hips forward so he couldn't get up me so far. The pain inside lessened and slowly i rolled my hips backwards so my vagina stuck out and my wet cunt was now taking all of his hard thrusting penis. The opening to my vagina began to hurt, the base of his cock was growing tight. I figured it was the knott i read about in that book, i pushed back further. He thrust harder and the growing knott seamed to pop inside me, the pain vanished and the sensation of his cock penetrating deep into my belly was fantastic. He settled into a steady rhythm,
. His body slammed hard against my bum, he was up me as far as he could go. My vagina throbbed in ecstasy. I was on the verge of an orgasm, when his fucking slowed and his tool grew fat, I could feel his knots tight in my cunt. A warm tingly sensation started deep in my belly. Then I felt a definite squirt, and I realized Luke was starting to cum. The thought that I was being ejaculated in sent me over the edge and my vagina contracted in waves of orgasmic pleasure. It wasn’t as intense as the one I had this afternoon, but it lasted for much longer.
Luke’s tool felt huge inside me, it pulsated as it continued to pump my belly full of spoof. I was still letting out quiet little moans of pleasure 4 or 5 minutes later.
I felt totally contented, my bodies craving to be ‘mated’ was satisfied. And god was I definitely being ‘mated’. My vagina felt so wonderfully full, Luke was still pumping sperm into me as fast as when he started. I’d never felt so sexually satisfied in my entire life, I was so glad that I was a female, no guy could ever know such erotic pleasure, the fact that I was being screwed by a dog didn’t worry me in the least.
Another 5 or 6 minutes passed, I was beginning to get a full kind of heavy feeling in my lower abdomen, the feeling you get just before your period starts. Then I remembered that a dog can ejaculate 200ml, he was filling my uterus up. Just the thought of all that sperm in my reproductive organ turned me on.
Then another thought suddenly hit me. I started my period 2 weeks ago. Shit, I was right in the middle of my ovulation stage, I probably had an egg inside me waiting to be fertilized. A brief sense of panic came over me, I imagined myself giving birth to a puppy. But then my high school biology told me it was impossible for me to conceive to anything other than human sperm. No wonder I felt so randy lately, it’s just my natural urge to reproduce.
After a couple more minutes Luke’s cock lay still and began to shrink, he pushed back with his front legs and his tool slipped out in a flood of spoof. As I returned to a kneeling position I could see Luke’s tool gleaming in the moonlight. I couldn’t believe how big it was, it must have been 200mm long and 30mm in diameter. I had all that in my virgin little cunt. A sense of pride and achievement came over me, there was no way Donna could even get half of that up her tight little hole.
I stood up and felt my belly, there was a definite full feeling, god , I would love to be pregnant and have a baby growing inside me. Watery sperm dribbled from my vagina, I squeezed my tummy muscles, more spoof squirted out, and my belly began to feel normal again.

We very slowly walked back to the house. I was in heaven, my vagina was still tingling and I had a beautiful kind of ‘Fucked’, fulfilled sensation. Luke collapsed on the verandah and I walked around the side of the house to my bedroom window. The air was warm and I didn’t feel like going to bed, and Luke’s sperm was still leaking from my vagina, so I carried on out the front and stood naked in the middle of the dirt road, nobody would be around this time of the night. It was quite an erotic feeling.
The sound of music playing, and men talking and laughing in the distance, caught my attention. Someone was having a party, the noise appeared to be coming from the property behind Charlie & Meg Ryans place. I vaguely remembered Nan saying something about the local football club having a BBQ there tonight, and she hoped they weren’t going to be noisy. From memory the house had a rough asbestos fence and lots of bushes, it was about 150 meters from the back of the Ryans home.
I don’t know why, but I thought it would be fun to go and spy on them. The idea of me being nude and hiding in the bush perving on them excited me.
I followed a fire break that ran down the side of the Ryans place, it took a few twists and turns then I could see lights through the bushes.
Approaching the fence after carefully picking my way through the thick bush I could clearly see about a dozen guy’s sitting around a smoldering BBQ. The asbestos fence was about 1.5 meters high, but had bushes hanging over it, and holes and crack’s everywhere. I crept along behind it until I was level with the guy’s, finding a hole about the size of my fist I could easily see and here them, I was only 5 meters away, they all sounded half drunk.
I listened in, a longhaired guy of around 20 was talking how he fucked some girl in his boat, and how 2 of his mates screwed her as well, and she was cumming the whole time. An older guy said remember Lucy Smith, she fucked the entire team on one night, and got knocked up, and did it again when she was 5 months pregnant. Another one said yes I remember her, she was only 16, that was every one’s baby. The rest laughed, and similar stories continued.
I couldn’t believe I was hearing such sexy thing’s, and here I was naked this close to them.
My vagina stirred at the thought of all of them fucking me, just the idea turned me on. But I knew they wouldn’t be interested in a boring ugly girl like me. And with my shyness I could only imagine being conned up and seduced by a man. Anyhow, in a kinky voyeuristic type of way I was quite content listening to their erotic tail’s.

The conversation topic was now football, but I listened all the same, it would probably go back to sex before too long. One guy stood up and staggered in my direction, a bloke sitting down, I think it was Jason’s father, said ‘Make sure you piss through the fence, our dog goes stupid digging holes if you piss in the yard’.
The young guy replied ‘Yes. Yes, we know’. By now he was right in front of me, he unzipped his jeans, and I was looking straight at his half erect cock. Shit ! I thought, he’s going to piss through my peep hole. Did I get a close look at a man’s penis or what, he shoved it through the hole then crashed against the fence. He was that drunk he could hardly stand, his hand’s held the top of the asbestos to hold himself up.
I was in a kneeling position facing the fence, I leaned back as far as I could, there where bushes all around me, I didn’t want to make any noise. There wasn’t much light and I could barely see his cock, but I could hear a stream of wee hitting the sandy ground. I could feel it spitting up on my knees, I opened my legs as far as I could to avoid the splashes. The splashing stopped, he must have just taken a breath, 2 seconds later it started again, I felt it splashing up the inside of my legs. I could just see the line of wee, it was getting closer and closer, I couldn’t go anywhere. The main stream landed right on my leg covering my tummy and vagina in his piss. For a brief moment I felt disgust, but then the perverted part of me said ‘that feels nice’. The increasing stream moved up and was boring into the top of my left leg. I wanted it to hit my vagina, moving my body slightly to the left it blasted directly onto my cunt. Oh Christ did it feel lovely, his piss flowed for at least 30 second’s, and I enjoyed every bit of it. It slowed to a dribble and light filtered through the hole in the fence as the guy stood back. I leaned forward and watched him stagger back to the other’s.
Now I smelt like a public toilet, at least it washed off most of Luke’s cum. What sort of a dirty slut enjoys a guy pissing on her, and loves to be fucked by a dog and another girl. Not to mention creeping around naked and being a peeping Tom, or Linda. I smiled at myself and thought god I must be weird, this holiday is getting rid of all my inhibitions. What am I going to do next ?.
A couple of blokes left, then a few more, the light’s went off in the house, only one light was left on out the back. A woman came out of the house and shouted ‘Taxi’s here. A disapproving mumbling came from what guy’s that were left, four out of the six weaved and staggered towards the house and a minute later the taxi sped off down the road.
The two left were still drinking. One was around 18 or 20, he had blond hair and was quite good looking, he only wore a pair of footy shorts. The other was over 40 and overweight. They were both totally drunk dribbling shit about nothing. I was thinking about returning home when the fat guy said ‘I’ve had enough Joe, see ya tomorrow’. He zig zagged his way around the side of the house and was gone.
It was just me and Joe left. He could hardly stand as he got out of the plastic chair, he made his way to the fence and crashed into it. He was about 5 meters away, that section of the fence was only a meter high. With great difficulty he climbed over, shit he was on my side now. I crouched low behind a bush, as he staggered along the track I followed in here. Keeping my distance I trailed him, I think I could have walked right behind him and he wouldn’t have noticed. He mumbled something and giggled to himself before stumbling and falling over. He sprawled around trying to stand up, but he couldn’t even get on his knees. Finally he rolled onto his back and fumbled with his shorts, to my amazement he pushed them down his legs exposing his lovely big hunk of manhood. In the moonlight his hand began to rub up and down his tool. Joe’s hand moved faster and faster.
I quietly moved up to within a couple of meters, my sexual desires rising fast in my vagina. When suddenly his hand slowed and stopped, his head rolled to the side and his body went limp, he was out cold. I knelt next to him, and prodded him in the ribs, the rise and fall of his chest indicated he was still breathing, but he was definitely unconscious. My attention turned to his still erect cock, I rubbed my hand along it’s length, oh it felt nice and hard.
What a perfect opportunity, I didn’t need much convincing. I gently climbed on top of him and with a finger guided the end of his cock into my eager waiting cunt. At last I was about to have a real man’s penis up me. Lowering myself onto it I gave a little moan of pleasure as it sunk deep into my cunt, oh did it feel good. I slowly rode up and down on it. Joe stirred a bit, but his eyes remained closed. He was quite handsome, I pretended he was my husband. He twitched and made an errrg sound, then lay still. I wonder if he was dreaming about fucking a girl, I hope so. His cock grew harder and he made a strange noise. Mmm I wonder if an unconscious man could cum. It wouldn’t worry me at all if he spoofed off in me.
A tingling urge was rising in my belly, I pushed my cunt hard against his pubic area, and did short fast strokes. I shuddered as a small orgasm emanated from my cunt.
I quietly enjoyed the pleasure wave pass through me. His tool was still right up me. I don’t think he’s ejaculated, I didn’t feel any squirting inside my vagina. Joe was completely still now, pity, I don’t think he is going to fill me with cum.
I took advantage of the situation for as long as I could. Joe showed no more signs of coming around, and I just loved having my cunt full of hard cock. I lay in that position for 10 minutes or more, eventually Joe’s cock began to soften. I began to feel a warm sensation deep in my belly, the same as when Luke started cumming in me, it was filling up my vagina. I thought Joe was cumming after all, but it was a steady stream, not spurting. The stream grew stronger, it was running out of my cunt. Then I realized, Joe was pissing in me. Oh, it felt lovely, it didn’t worry me in the least that my vagina was being flooded with urine, I enjoyed every last drop of it, and there was lots and lots. What a dirty disgusting slut I am.
He started moving his head again, slowly I lifted myself up, his half erect cock fell out and flopped onto his stomach. Wee dribbled from my vagina as I quietly stood up and stepped to the side.
Leaving Joe laying in his own mess I returned home the way I came. On the way back the novelty of being covered in urine was wearing off. I decided to have a quick swim in the Ryan’s above ground pool. The sight of the water made me want to have a piss myself. A kinky feeling came over me about pissing on my own body, I’d done it a few times before, in the bath usually, it was such a turn on.
I lay on my back by the side of the pool wall and walked up it so as my bum and lower back was up against the wall. I pushed a little and a flood of wee bubbled out of the flaps of my cunt. It streaked down my belly in warm river’s, running around my sides, and over my small tits, it felt lovely, I must be perverted. Having drained myself I slipped quietly into the pool, it felt nice swimming in the nude, the water was almost hot.
It was nearly 2:15am by the time I climbed in through my bedroom window. Flopping onto my bed I held my cunt and thought about all the pleasure it had given me in the past 12 hours. Fucked by a girl, fucked by a dog, pissed on, pissed in and the best bit of all, having a man’s cock up it. Oh yes, this was just the beginning, my sexuality awakened I wanted a lot more cock in my vagina and I don’t think I’d care who or what gave it to me. The thought’s and desires of sex filled my mind as I drifted off into a deep sleep.
DAY 4.
Sun pouring in through a gap in the curtains woke me. I felt a wet patch on the sheet under my vagina, the remainder of Luke’s sperm I figured. Sounds and talking from the kitchen indicated Nan and Gramp’s where up. Looking at the bedside clock it was past 7:30, my Grandparents were going to lawn bowls this morning. Approaching footsteps and a knock on the door, I pulled a sheet over my still naked body. ‘Linda, Linda are you awake’

‘Yes Nan’ I replied.
The gray hair of Nan appeared round the opening door ‘We’re off to bowls now Linda, will you be ok on your own ?.
‘Of course I will Nan, go bowl em over’ I cheekily replied.
‘There’s cold meet and salad in the fridge, we should be back by 2:00 pm, bye, bye love’
I lay in bed and listened to their car as it faded off down the road, the only sound was waves breaking lazily on the beach. I thought about yesterday’s events, this is the start of my forth day and I’ve had more sexually bazaar experiences than I’ve had in my entire life. Feeling my belly I wondered if everything was still all right in the reproduction department after the filling Luke gave me and the urine flush, there were no aches or pains. After all it was only sperm, that’s what a uterus is there for. What’s going to happen today I thought ?.
With the place to myself I didn’t worry about putting any clothes on, it was a good opportunity to try my new found passion for being nude. I devoured 2 big bowls of Coco pops and 4 slices of toast for breakfast, last nights activities sure made me hungry. My normally white body was beginning to show a bit of a tan so I decided to nudie sunbathe in the back yard.
Luke greeted me at the door and brought me his ball to throw for him. I lay on a towel in the middle of the back lawn, 10 minutes on my tummy, then 10 on my back. Luke chased the ball a couple of times, wandered about the yard for half an hour then came and lay next to me.
I wondered if he enjoyed last night, I thought about him fucking me again, my vagina stirred slightly.
The sun was really strong, it felt lovely as it’s rays reached every part of me. I rolled on my side and noticed Luke was giving me a strange look, I said what’s wrong boy. He jumped up with his tail wagging short fast strokes, and pawed my thigh. One look at his half erect cock and I knew what he wanted. I felt the urge rising in my vagina, and soon I wanted the same thing. I looked him in the eye and said ‘Do you want to fuck me, do you want to fuck me boy’. He gave a little excited bark, I’m sure he understood what I said.
I wasn’t going to do it in the middle of the lawn so getting up quickly, in case he nailed me as I got up, I walked back to the house. Luke followed me inside as I locked the back door. I knew the Grandparents wouldn’t be back for another 4 hours, a strong randy feeling ached in my belly, I was ready for mating again. Where to do it, I decided my room was safest, shutting the bedroom door I looked at Luke and rubbed my tummy, he was going wild.
Dropping to my hands and knees on the carpet, Luke jumped up on me and his cock jabbed straight up my vagina. I barely had time to spread my legs as he rammed it hard into me, it felt lovely as it grew bigger in my cunt. Almost straight away he began to cum. Oh how I loved to be fucked, the pleasure was rising in me.
Luke’s rooting quickly slowed then stopped, his tool grew fat inside me. I wasn’t going to have an orgasm this time I thought, I didn’t really mind, just the feel of a cock in me was pleasurable. He pumped sperm into me for about 20 seconds, then the pulsation’s subsided. I must have drained him last night I thought, it was only 12 hours ago. But he still managed to fill my cunt up. His tool began to shrink and it withdrew as he moved backwards. I stayed on my hands and knees hoping Luke would want to fuck me again. After recovering his breath though, he scratched at the door to be let out. I stood up and opened it, he slowly walked towards the lounge, he was knackered. I felt sort of ripped off, I would have liked it to have lasted longer. I said ‘Have a good rest Luke, I’ll might want it again tonight’ and I knew I wasn’t joking.
I showered and deciding to hang around the house this morning. I put on a favourite summer dress, it was blue and white check cotton and drew in around my waist, the bottom was like a frilly skirt. It made me look about 12. Come to think of it I’ve had it since I was 12 anyway, and I deliberately left off my panty’s. After grabbing a can of Pepsi from the fridge I looked over the bookcase to see if I could find anymore sexually interesting books. Right in the corner on the bottom shelf was a set of medical encyclopedias, bingo. I sat on the floor next to them and looked up all the parts on male and female anatomy, that had anything to do with sex or reproduction.
I was studying a section on the human uterus and fallopian tubes etc. when it mentioned about uterine distention caused by liquid injection, either accidental or deliberate. I thought about the belly full of sperm Luke gave me last night. Reading on it said the uterus can contain and expand to more than double it’s normal size without risk of rupturing the fallopian tubes. As the uterus grows the tubes seal themselves. The most common cause of liquid injection is water skiing, water is forced into the vagina, it does not take much pressure to open the cervix and fill the uterus. Another common cause is young teenage girls experimenting with water hoses bath taps etc. In isolated cases bestiality is a factor. In all cases if no pain is felt the fallopian tubes will escape damage, and the uterus will drain itself in a couple of days. That’s a relief I thought, but what the fuck is bestiality.
Thumbing through the B section I found it. A man or woman who has sexual intercourse with an animal. Wow that’s me, other girls do it as well. There was half a page on the subject. Bestiality related medical cases are usually adolescent girls who have copulated with a dog and have resultant vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain. This can be attributed to an under developed vagina being internally torn by the dog’s rather long penis. Other documented cases have been uterine distention caused by horses and donkey’s ejaculating. My erotic mind raced as it pictured Blacky’s huge cock up my vagina and pumping my uterus full of sperm. A randy surge ran through me at the thought of actually doing it, Blacky was sure willing enough..

By now I had hitched my dress up and was fingering myself. If I could get it in, what would that massive tool feel like in my vagina. Bloody fantastic, that’s what.
The sound of a car and gravel crunching under tires interrupted my thoughts. Someone had pulled up the driveway, putting the book away I stood up and walked to the kitchen. Donna was climbing out of her car, she spotted me through the window and waved. I invited her in, my vagina tingled as she gently touched my shoulder and said she was glad to see me again. I replied me too. Donna said she ran into Nan at the local shop and figured I was home on my own. She said that she had applied for another jillaroo’s job this morning, and that they may want her to start in a day or two.
She told me about the job and that she would be sorry if she had to leave soon, she said she would miss me. The way she talked and looked at me was the same as before we made love yesterday. I said I would miss you as well. With that she put her arms around me and gave me a hug. I held her too, my vagina was quivering, we stayed like that for a minute, and said nothing. Each of us was waiting for the other to say something about yesterday. Donnas hand slid down onto my bum, it was my move. I whispered in her ear “Do you want to try and get me pregnant before you go”, that was it. She looked at me and sighed “O Linda I love you” and we started pashing on, her hand finding my nicker free vagina she quickly began to finger fuck me. She carried me into my bedroom and lay me on the bed, she soon had my dress off and was sucking my tits.
Her tongue flicked across my tummy and down onto, and into my vagina. It felt fantastic, her whole mouth sucked on my cunt. For a brief second I thought about all of Luke’s sperm inside me which Donna was obliviously sucking out of me. But the electric tingles streaking to every part of my body took over every thought and sensation as my back arched up and I exploded into the most fantastic pleasure I could imagine. I was screaming out loud, I kept cumming and cumming, I was gasping, trying to moan, trying to breath, it was incredible.
Eventually It subsided, my body trembled, Donna looked up from between my leg’s smiling and whispered “Sounded like you enjoyed having your pussy licked” I replied “O yes, it felt fantastic”
She added “Would you like me to fuck you as well”. I looked at her and nodded.
She had already taken down her shorts and pants and crawled up dragging her small tits over my belly. She lowered her body against mine and our vaginas came together she reached down with her hand and opened my flaps as she had done yesterday.
I opened my legs wide as she began to push her cunt against mine. She worked her vagina down, and I pushed up against her. She grabbed my shoulders and began to hump me. Within a minute her body stiffened and she was moaning and groaning as her orgasm erupted. She bucked hard against me, the thought that I could give her so much pleasure turned me on.
After she regained her breath we passionately kissed, I still pretended Donna was a guy and I quietly said “I love to be rooted by you”. She replied “If you want to get pregnant I will have to root you a few more times”. I sexily replied “You can fuck me whenever you like”.
Donna showed no sign of wanting to get off me, I didn’t mind, the weight of her warm body felt nice against me. We gently kissed and she ever so slowly rubbed her dripping wet cunt over mine. A wet patch was growing under my rear as our combined love juice ran down the crack of my bum. A filthy thought materialized in my mind, I wonder what it would feel like if Donna pissed on my cunt. I figured she was a lot like me, she might enjoy it, there’s only one way to find out.
I whispered in her ear “Do a little wee in my vagina”. She said nothing, but took a breath, and her stomach muscles contracted. Her vagina was pressed hard and motionless against mine. For several seconds nothing happened, when suddenly a warm squirt hit the middle of my cunt. I let out an oohhh of pleasure. She took another breath and held her cunt tight against mine, a gush of her piss flooded my vagina and ran down between my legs. I oohhd again. She said “You really like that don’t you, there’s one more squirt left”. She stiffened and another warm river flooded my cunt.
After that session we got off the bed and looked at the big wet patch on the bed cover. Luckily it was cotton, a 5 minute rinse in the washing machine and half an hour on the line it was dry. Luckily girls piss doesn’t smell like a mans. We both had a shower together, Donna washed me from head to toe, what a sexy turn on. Then we dressed, and like yesterday it was as if nothing sexual had happened between us, we talked as friends for an hour before Donna said she would have to get home to find out about her job. She said she would phone me tomorrow and we could do something, if she wasn’t packing. She smiled at me and gave a cute wave as she drove off.
Later that evening Donna phoned to say she had the job and would be leaving in the morning. She’d call in on her way to say good bye. What a bummer I thought, just when thing’s where getting interesting between us.
That night I had a weird perverted dream, a girl was humping me like Donna did. Only this time as she rooted me something big went up my vagina. She started to change, her body grew bigger and became all hairy. She had turned into a horse, she was ‘Blacky’. She was a he. Blacky’s huge tool was fucking me, he snorted and started cumming inside me. I was nearly having an orgasm.

To Be Continued ....

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