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Every Friday night for the past few weeks, my sister would bring her friends to our home for a sleepover. I don't mind except for the face that they make so much noise. I can't even sleep. These 12-14 year old girls need to shut up and I wanted to go and slap each one of them. Of course, my parents would kill me but it would be well worth it.

My Mom opened my bedroom door, "Hun, we're going out for the night. Keep an eye out on your sister."

"Wait Mom, where are you going?" What The Fuck is she thinking leaving me here!

"Just gonna stay at the hotel, your father and I." My Mom said trying to reach for something in her purse

"You're just gonna leave me here with these gals?"

"Just ignore them. Call if something happens." My Mom said. She grabbed my bedroom door and closed it.


"Have a good night!" My Mom said. I listened and heard my Mom say something to my sister and her friends, but I'm guessing they won't be listening. I heard the front door shut, and then girls started cheering.

"This is gonna be a long night," I thought.


I'm 18 years old, a grade 12 student in high school. Average with brown hair blue eyes. I was really today tired because I work part time everyday after school. All I need is some time to chill on Friday nights. My stupid sister is such an annoying bitch. She's 13 years old, nerdy, and is both my parents and teachers' pet.

I took a look at the time, 9:30pm. I headed to the washroom, where I can hear giggling coming from the living room. I walked to the living room where I see my sister with her 3 "girlfriends forever" or whatever they call it. All I see is them laughing in their Pajamas and sleeping bags. My sister's friend is throwing duck tape in the air. They scream so loud when they see me.

"I'm going to sleep so shut up, okay." I said.

"Well, I'm going to be talking to my friends so don't go to sleep okay." My sister said. Her friends all start grinning. I head to my fucking room. What a bunch of stupid ass comebacks she can think of. I hop on my bed and hoped to get some sleep tonight.

I close my eyes to try to sleep. I can only think about is what to do next year. Like do I go to University or something. Maybe I should take a year off and work full time? I don't know shit.

*Pillow thrown at me*

"Yo What The Fuck." I whispered. Someone fucking threw a pillow at me. The door to my room is open.

I smash my way to the living room and see all the girls laughing.

"WHat the fuck is wrong with you!?" I said. I want to kill my sister. I walk past the girls and right to my sister on her sleeping bag. She stood up... as well as her friends. They all started smiling. I turn around scared to head back to my room. But then, all girls jumped on me. I'm 6'1 but 5 girls who were about 5'3 brought me down to the ground.

"What ar----" My sister placed her hand on my mouth before I could say anything. I was on my back on the floor while the girls were all on me touching me inappropriately. I can't move my body. My sister had her hand on my mouth. Then she let go but her friend put duck tape on my mouth.

My sister was sitting on my chest looking at me with her hands on mine. I couldn't see the other girls but someone was on my legs, the others were touching my body.

"Should I take his underwear off?" I heard one girl say. I was wearing boxers but they reffered it as underwear, like idiots. I couldn't move.

I felt my boxers being pulled down by the girls. I could feel the cool air hit my penis. Then I felt hands.

"It looks funny." One girl said.
"And the skin keeps rolling on and off." Another girl said. The girls giggled as someone started pulliing my foreskin on and off the head of my penis. The feelings of someone's skin touching my prick made it start to become erect. The girls were all staring at it grow to 7 inches long.

Then I felt this warm liquidy feeling. SOMEONE WAS LICKING MY COCK.

It started with one tongue, then another, then another. The feeling was amazing. The movements of the tongue was masturbating me. "Oh Fuck." was all I can say in my head.

"Jen, sit on it." My sister told her friend.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO," I tried to break free but it wasn't possible.

I could feel someone hold my penis behind my sisters back. Then I felt my cock enter something warm.

"Oh, it feels so good." One girl said. "Uh-oh."

Someone is fucking me. They have my cock in their pussy. Oh shit, they're bouncing on it. The other girls had their hands and rubbed my balls.

One of the girls was moaning over and over again. My sister and her other friends watched. Her pussy was so tight and so hot inside. She was moaning more and more as she started bouncing and bouncing all over my prick. I felt liquid escape from her pussy right onto my penis and she sat completely on my penis and began moaning. I was completely inside of her. I could feel myself reaching the point of no return.


I shot load after load of my seeds inside of this girls pussy. It felt like a never ending stream, never going to stop.

"What's this white stuff? And why is your penis small now?" The girls asked.


This was just a test post.
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really good story. can't wait for part 2

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Make another one!!!

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