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Rachael was blushing red after replying that when she noticed,Tony's pants.It was clearly visible that he had raging hard on hiding and then she noticed the other two guys and there were no different.Rachael always knew that she was beautiful and had a sexy body but seeing what kind of effect she can have on guys was making her excited.All three of them started whispering and Rachael was curious what are they talking about now.Jon came forward and hesitantly asked "Can we...can we touch it,please Rachael?"
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Jon came forward and hesitantly asked "Can we...can we touch it,Rachael?"
"NO"Rachael blatantly replied and in a few microseconds,she saw her three bestfriends have hung their faces like they have just been accused of raping someone.Rachael felt very sorry for the guys.In all likelihood,they would probably be a virgin for a long time.Rachael was also having a sense of guilt for not letting them touch her.She took a long deep breath and blurted out "Okay,i will let you guys touch it but only one at a time and touching is as far as you can go,no further than that".Rachael was finally feeling better seeing their beaming faces and she heard Jon say"okay!thanks a ton buddy".

Rachael smiled nervously still not sure she should be doing it or not. Tony came forward a few steps,signalling he was going to be first.He sat on his knees and reached with his hands for her sex.Rachael waited in anticipation for the feeling of a hand other than hers on her virgin pussy.With his middle and index finger Tony touched along her slit.Rachael cooed at the touch.Tony's face was just a couple of inches away from her pussy and he marveled how beautiful it was.Tony noticed a tiny part of her skin poked out of the surface,he gave it a gentle push with his index finger.Rachael squirmed at the touch,that pressure on her clit felt so good.Seeing Rachael's reaction,Tony wondered if that was her clit.He had heard that,it's the most sensitive part of a woman's body but he had never seen one so he inquired "Is that your clit?"
The other two guys came closer for a better look as Rachael said "Yeah it is and you should be careful with it.It's very very sensitive.It has around 8000 neurons around it,no other body part has even half of that number"
Josh and Jon nodded their head in agreement.Rachael saw Tony's face and it looked funny,he looked as if he was enchanted.Rachael was smiling at his facial expression when she felt something.It was only then she realised Tony has just inserted his middle finger inside her pussy.

Rachael was in pain,the only thing that had been inside her pussy was her finger but she had tiny fingers whereas Tony had long and thick fingers.Tony thought the look on her face when he inserted his finger was very sexy and inspite of knowing that she might get angry and call this off,he was glad he did it. Rachael never uttered a word,after the initial pain of being penetrated subsided she enjoyed how good it felt to be filled.Her tiny fingers had never stretched her like this and she could never reach this depth too.Just when she was enjoying being filled,Tony pulled his finger out.Rachael wanted to hold his hand and shove his finger back into her slit but she blushed badly when she saw what Tony was up to.He was admiring how his finger was completely wet in her juices.Tony inhaled the sweet aroma his finger now possessed because of her juices. Jon wondered what that liquid tasted like Tony wondered the same thing but not for long as he licked off the juices from his middle finger.Rachael couldn't believe her eyes that he just did that and what was more unbelievable was she felt her clit throb when he did that.Jon and Josh felt really jealous of Tony,not only he got the opportunity to insert his finger inside her pussy but he also tasted her.Rachael couldn't help but ask "how does it taste like?"

"Like the sweetest honey ever made"Tony replied.The other two guys licked their lips hearing that but Rachael felt her white cheeks turn red.Tony inserted his finger back into her pussy and Rachael moaned softly "aaahhh.....".Jon And Josh felt their dicks throb on hearing that sexy moan.Rachael realised Tony is crossing the line so ignoring the pleasure she shouted "THAT'S ENOUGH".Tony pulled out his finger lightning fast.He felt as he just came back to his senses.

Rachael was not angry but she was certainly not happy being teased by Tony.Josh noticed there was no sign of her being angry so he asked "Rachael,can i be next ?".Rachael nodded in agreement and JoSh got on his knees.He stared at her pussy,Josh like his friends also thought that Rachael had a beautiful pussy.It was pink,bald and wet."Rachael,can i taste it too?"Josh asked.Rachael didn't wanted to imply to the guys that she was enjoying being fingered or tasted so she replied frivolously "Only If you want to".Rachael was expecting Josh would insert his finger and lick off her juices from it just like Tony did but Josh had something else in mind.Josh lowered his mouth bringing it close to her pussy and ran his tongue along her slit.Rachael was caught off guard by this action.The sensation of a tongue on her pussy sent shivers through her sexy body and Rachael moaned in sweet agony "ssshhh...".Josh noticed Rachael's reaction to her pussy being licked, so did the other two guys and Josh thought she tasted really good.So,he sticked out his tongue and flicked it across her slit once again."ggghhh.."Rachael moaned. For Tony and Jon seeing Josh lick Rachael's pussy while she moans in ecstasy was too much to handle.Jon unable to wait for his turn came near Rachael and sat beside her.He started squeezing her boobs.Rachael felt a pair of hands grab and squeeze her boobs.She opened her eyes to see it was Jon who was taking care of her boobs while Tony was rubbing his dick over his pants.She noticed the bulge in his pants.Josh had no idea what to do with her pussy,the only thing he knew was licking it caused Rachael to moan so he kept on licking it like a good dog.

Tony overcame his fear of being scolded by Rachael once again and went on to sit to her right.Now Tony was squeezing Rachael's right boob while Jon had her left. Jon lifted up her tanktop and Rachael raised her hands in air helping him in his endeavour.Tony tried to her unhook her bra but his inexperienced fumbled and failed to unhook her bra.Rachael realised this was getting out of control.One of her best friend was licking her pussy while the other two were massaging her boobs.Her mind said this was all very wrong and she had to ask them to stop but her body revolted.Overtaken by just discovered sexual pleasures,Rachael was not taking any orders from her mind anymore.She was obeying her body.She reached for the back of her bra and unhooked it.Tony removed it from her body to make her boobs as naked as her pussy was.Tony and Jon stared at her boobs with hungry eyes.It appeared to them Rachael was not only blessed with a beautiful pussy but she had gorgeous boobs too.Just about the right size,perky and with small pink nipples.Rachael was wondering why the squeezing and grabbing had stop when she felt a pair of lips were kissing her boobs like crazy."Mmm..."Rachael moaned.

Tony having already tasted her pussy wondered how her nipples tasted,he sticked out his tongue and flicked it over her nipple.Rachael cooed at the sensation.It tasted somewhat salty but he still liked the taste so he repeated his action.Jon felt Rachael's nipples grew erect and it poked on his cheeks.Jon took the erect bud in his mouth and sucked it."Aaahhh..."Rachael moaned in response.Tony being a quick learner decided to follow suit Jon,he sucked onto the other nipple.Rachael was involuntarily pushing her chest forward,thereby shoving her nipples into her friends hungry mouths.Rachael was fondling Tony and Jon's hairs while they sucked onto her nipples.Josh had been licking Rachael's pussy for quite sometime when he remembered something he had learned earlier today.Rachael had told that a girl's clit is very sensitive so he took it in his mouth and started sucking it. Rachael hadn't stopped moaning for a couple of minutes now and as Josh sucked onto his clit,her moans got only louder.Rachael had never had an orgasm before so he didn't knew what was happening to her when she felt an orgasm building inside her body.Three tongues on her body that too on her most sensitive parts was getting too much for her.Rachael curved her back,curled her toes and cried out "ggghhhh..." as she had her very first orgasm.Rachael squirted her juices over Josh's face and she felt as if she was floating on cold water on a hot summer day.

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