Jessica explains how they were destined to be together
Jess snuggled up to me on the couch and rested her head on my thigh, inches from my groin. She absent-mindedly rested her hand on my scrotum as she began her story:

It was national reconciliation day and my primary school had an aboriginal elder come down to talk to us. I wasn't really paying attention until I saw something bizarre. It was what looked like a golden thread of smoke travelling through the air horizontally. As it passed over my head, one strand branched away from the rest and snaked down until it was encircling me. I was terrified at first, but then I felt a calming sensation trickle down over my body, making me feel light and happy. When the bell for lunch rang the golden wisp started to recede, and I followed it, until it led me to the back of the school behind some tall bushes. It seemed to be burrowing into the ground and I grabbed at the tail before it could disappear but my hand went right through it. I was confused and upset that I wouldn't be able to have that feeling anymore, when I heard a rustle behind me and I turned around to find the elder standing there, watching me. He had a big, friendly smile, and I could feel the same lightness and happiness that I felt from the wisp seeping out from his body. He started to talk in his native tongue, and at the same time a gentle Male voice began talking in my head.

"Do not be frightened, bright child. You have shown an amazing imagination and a powerful mind, these are both incredibly rare these days. It used to be that 1 in every 20 child had the gift of the Dreaming, but after the settlers came our dreams and wills were crushed and beaten. Now there are only a handful of Dreamers left in Australia."

He stepped forward and raised his index finger, and the wisp of golden smoke appeared from the ground and started to snake it's way up my body. The happy feelings intensified, and as the golden ropes of smoke started to bury into my skin I started receiving a whirlwind of images and noises, that were simultaneously confusing and straightforward. Suddenly it was over and I was doubled over gasping for breath. As I straightened up I noticed that my surroundings looked slightly different. The trees seemed to be brighter, giving off this refreshing energy that made me feel like I had just gotten the perfect sleep, and I looked down and suddenly I could see every single insect that was crawling along the woodland floor, their bodies seemed to be outlined by this invisible crackling energy, and I was able to concentrate on every single insect in my field of vision without increasing my focus on any particular part. I looked over at the elder and could see a ring of orange energy emanating from his head. He started to talk again and this time the voice in my head was harmonious and echoed like a bell, making slight vibrations throughout my skull.

"You are apart of the Dreamworld now child, so you should have no problems giving and receiving energy from the environment.
However, things are a little different for you than the other Dreamers. Dreamers are traditionally forbidden from falling in love with other people, because it drastically alters their perceptions. They stop seeing the environment's energy, and focus on the amazing feelings the love that they share produces. Before long their partners energy appears so bright and powerful that the environment itself appears dull and bland in comparison, and all the Dreamers want to do is bask in their coupling. This usually drives the companion away, as they cannot experience the Dreaming themselves and will only be seeing their partner becoming more and more obsessed and needy. However," The elders smile disappeared and his energy turned brighter while his face grew serious. "Yours is an exceptional case. For starters, Dreamers are usually born with the gift, but you seem to develop it at a young age instead. You received love and attention constantly from your big brother, and as he would talk and play with you, his energy was flowing into you and connecting with yours. Because he opened up his heart completely to you, it allowed a strong bond of energy to develop between you. It is because of your love for each other and his early conversations with you that your mind was able to develop beyond that of normal children. Now, listen very carefully, as what you decide to do here at this important crossroads will determine how your very life unfolds. You can choose to break the bond between you both, which will damage your relationship as it is now but will guarantee that your lives and minds remain intact, or you could allow the bond to foster, which is usually incredibly risky, but..." ~

She stopped for a second and just smiled at me, her eyes showering me with her happiness, and I felt the magical sensation that I have been referring to as the "haze" once again returning. The room seemed to be shimmering with her emotion, and I could feel that it was as wild and powerful as any sexual desire that man can conjure; but it was not in any way sexual. It was incredibly passionate, and intimate on a level I had not yet comprehended. I could feel her affection, fondness, adoration and respect, but eclipsing all of these emotions was an intense, overwhelming feeling of appreciation and joy. Suddenly the waves of energy were lifting me up off the ground, and as I floated up to the center of the room, I could see my body lying there with Jess resting her head on my naked lap, and I noticed a white cord extending from the center of my physical body's chest to the center of my spirit, of my consciousness or whatever you want to call it. From the moment these supernatural visions started taking place, my mind had just accepted them as natural. Now that I was suspended 6ft in the air, with a silken cord connecting me to my body on the lounge, having immense waves of Jess' pure-hearted love flow into my ethereal form, I had gone from accepting things as natural to the brink of nervous breakdown as my senses were assaulted and roughly wrenched open. It wasn't pain I was feeling, but rather a terrifying sensation that all of your senses are being stretched rubber thin, to the point of snapping. If you don't know what it feels like to have your sense of smell stretched within breaking point then I simply cannot explain it to you. Once the violent modification to my perceptions had finished, I floated there completely numb, unable to move, talk or open my eyes.

~~~~Then it hit me~~~~

The limits to my infinitely stronger senses were pushed as Jess' emotion pushed past the numb mental barrier I had subconsciously put up and absorbed my soul. My spectral molecules were disrupted and transmitted to the centre of her energy, which was so dense that it created a gravitational compression, and my being was flooded with Jessica's love, causing time to slow to a crawl as I experienced in it's entirety the years of love that Jess had bottled up inside, waiting for this exact moment to unleash them. I was beyond euphoric. Weeks seemed to pass as I was thrown about by the powerful waves of happiness and gratitude, love and affection. I was in an entirely different realm, one where I envisioned that I was praised like a god, with a million Jess' to serve as my subjects. I envisioned that I was a tree that stretched for miles above all the other trees, and Jess' love was the moss that covered my entire trunk. I envisioned that I was a single cell organism and I was held gingerly in the grasp of a blue whale, whose core radiated sunshine and happiness. Finally the illusions reduced to a cloudless sky, just an endless blue, no terrain in sight from any angle. 2 metres in front of me stood Jess, radiant golden energy flowing all around her beautiful naked body, constantly forming patterned rings in the air around her. She smiled and the rings coalesced into giant golden butterfly wings, with the points stretching sharply and then receding with power. She moved closer and her wings curled around me to form a protective cocoon, and she whispered the words "Do you accept my love?" I looked her in the eyes and said firmly "I do" and instantaneously we were One. ~

There was a blinding flash, and all of a sudden I was back on the couch, with Jess' head resting in my lap. But everything was different. It was like I was opening my eyes for the first time. Jess' face was glowing and rings were forming around us both, sending ripples of happiness and tender love ricocheting through my body. I gasped Jessica's name as she slid up my body, her body causing a million tiny sparks of pleasure shooting along my skin. The sparks made laps around my body, weakening with each consecutive circuit. She kissed my collarbone and I nearly passed out from the emotion, as I felt her energy spread from my collarbone all over my body. ".....fuck........ Jess........ Ugh........ Unbel........ievable.... ARGH" I made a strangled cry as she slowly moved down my stomach, her lips leaving a slight trail of saliva as they traced around my belly button. This was something else completely. Her saliva on my skin was sending jolts of electricity coursing through me, and I could feel her thoughts transmitting from the touch of her lips on my stomach, and I was reeling from the multitude of feelings she was experiencing. She was shivering with excitement, anticipating that first contact between her mouth and my penis. There was a heavy dose of satisfaction and arousal from the sensations she was about to put me through. But over all that there was deep feeling of contentment. She was over the moon with the knowledge that I had accepted her love, and that we would be together for the rest of our lives, and she wanted me to know how happy I had made her through showing me how an awakened orgasm feels. ~

I didn't understand what her thoughts meant by "awakened" until her lips gingerly touched my glans. Suddenly my back was arching at an extreme angle, my eyes were rolling to the back of my head and I was yelling hoarsely. I felt every square millimetre of her luscious, warm lips that were cushioning the head, and I literally passed out from the pleasure as her lips slid over the tip and her tongue slowly swiped along my urethra. She waited for me to come to my senses before she continued, and immediately I was hunched over, holding her head in my hands and wailing. The feeling was indescribable. Her saliva coating my cock was alive with tingly electricity, and her tongue was searing hot with her own pleasure as it swirled around my glans. The love and happiness I felt coming from Jess intensified as she slipped more into her mouth, and when she started to suck I completely lost it; time once again slowed to a standstill as my cum surged forth, each spurt feeling like a new orgasm was starting and over-lapping the others. I lost consciousness and was once again in the cloudless sky, and Jess was hunched over me, sucking my cum down her throat, her already massive wings five times the size they were as they pulsed and glowed, sending rays of light scattering everywhere. I held Jess' head in my hands as I continued to pump my seed into her, the orgasms rolling and merging and manifesting into a large bubble of pleasure that encased me and Jess. I felt like my soul was shining, threatening to reduce my physical body to ash with it's radiant light. After what felt like a decade had passed I slowly floated back down to reality, and I opened my eyes to look down at Jess, who was still nursing my limp penis inside of her mouth, cooing from the faint remnants of our spiritual coupling that hung like faint smoke in the air. ~

Jess started to hum, and the vibrations spread from my penis throughout my whole body. Instead of arousing me, however, I found it had the opposite effect. I felt a peaceful, soothing sensation slowly wash over my body, and the visions and extreme sensations slowly faded away, until the haze was completely gone. Jessica let go of my dick and moved up so that the only thing between her boobs and my chest was the thin fabric of her school top. Physically I was able to talk, but mentally I was still shell-shocked from that awakened orgasm, and I just lay there while Jess looked at me affectionately. "Are you alright Dave? I can see that blew you away a bit." She giggled then rested her head on my collarbone. "Don't worry, your mind will recover soon. In the meantime I might as well continue the story:

So, the Elder had just finished telling me that I had to choose between destroying the bond we shared at the time and potentially saving both of our minds, and letting our relationship prosper come what may. He then told me that the only reason I had a choice in the first place was because of you. This is what he said to me. "Your brother, he is a special one indeed. I sense that even though he is at the age where his manhood has awakened, he holds no lust for you, only love and devotion. But even then this is incredibly risky. If his commitment to you is any less than absolute, then he will eventually reject your love. If that happens then you will surely lose your mind to despair. Do you understand little child? If you choose to keep the bond, then there is no going back. You will know when you have to choose; do not forget how important your decision will be." The Elder walked away and left me there, while I struggled with my thoughts. I was still shocked from the things I had seen, and the Elders advice was spinning round and round in my head. %

The rest of the school day was spent in a daze, thinking about you and what I should do. I just couldn't decide. I was so scared that you would just stop loving me one day, and then it would be all over. I understood how much closer we were than normal brothers and sisters, and how much you cared for me and loved me, but I didn't know for sure if you were "committed" to me. I only vaguely understood the word committed meant being there forever, and I just felt that forever was too much for anyone. I was really upset because I thought I would have to break the bond between us. I was sitting on my bed after school that day, still thinking about the Elder's warning, when you came in and sat down beside me. Your aura was a chaotic mess, and even if I hadn't had that to go by, your fidgety hands and red face would have told me how anxious you were. "H-hey Jess! I was j-just wondering, if you would be i-interested in, uh, in forming a kind of, you know, special bond with me?" At the word bond my blood froze; I knew straightaway that I was about to have to make the choice. "What do you mean David?" I remember asking you without being able to look at you. I didn't want you to see how much I was freaking out inside. Secretly I was wishing you would go away, because I knew that I would have to do the right thing and refuse. "Umm, well, we're already, you know, important to each other, wouldn't you say? I mean siblings are meant to be close and I love all of you guys. But Jessie, you and I have always been... together, you know? Not like boyfriend or girlfriend, but we're probably closer to twins than normal siblings." As I was watching you Dave, my heart was beating faster and faster. I remember blushing like crazy when you told me that you didn't know happiness until I came along. Then what you said next blew me away. "Well, I wanted to do this..... Special thing with you called Locking Hearts. It's for people like us who have always been together and will always be together, at least in spirit. No matter what I will always love you, and nothing can stop me from being there for you. This is why I want to do this. I guess, you could call it a sibling marriage?" You looked so cute when you scrunched up your face at your own words, and I laughed so much that suddenly I wasn't stressing out anymore. I didn't have to think about this decision, the answer was obvious. In one minute you had utterly convinced me that there was nothing to worry about. %

After that you explained about Heart-Lock Secrets and that everything we talked about had to remain between us, but I just thought that was funny because I never would have told anyone the things you talked to me about anyway! All I cared about was the fact that you had basically proposed to me, and now I was free to explore these new magical sensations with you at my side. The next few months were full of bliss as I just hung around you, basking in the warm glow of affection that emanated from your core when we were together. I started to notice that whenever we weren't together, like at school or when you were out of the house objects seemed to be drained of colour, and people's voices became monotonous and dull. Whenever you talked to me, even when it was about your problems, your words would flow into me and tenderly embrace my heart. Simple contact would induce beautiful and romantic daydreams, and even though I felt guilty because you were my brother, I couldn't help it. The dreams started to get more and more sensual, and I started to do the things I was doing in the dreams, like rubbing your back when we hugged or laying on top of you and resting my head on my hands, on your chest, while your gentle warmth would put me to sleep. %

I didn't go too far though, so the next two years went by like a heavenly dream. Then I started noticing a weird and powerful emotion coming from you: Arousal. Sometimes I'd walk by your room and I could feel this energy, or at night sometimes a bubble of pleasure would swell up inside me and burst, and I would picture your face contorted with pleasure. It got to the point where I would be able to predict 30 minutes beforehand when you were going to wank, and I would seek you out and give you lots of love and cuddles. That's when I began to notice your arousal targeting me. I knew it was mean, but I would find every chance I could get to sit on your lap or hug you around the waist or "accidentally" brush up against your crotch. I know you didn't want to think about me sexually, but you couldn't stop your body from reacting, and the waves of impotent pleasure that would exude from your pores were intoxicating for me, who had not experienced any kind of sexual feeling before at the age of 9. Then a couple of years later you taught me sex ed, and I remember how I was checking your emotions and I found that you hadn't held anything back, hadn't lied or dumbed down the truth anywhere, and openly answered all of my questions, even embarrassing ones like how many times you wank and stuff like that. I was so happy that you had once again proven how seriously you took our bond, and I think it was then that I had decided I would seduce you. The next three years went by pleasantly but uneventfully, with you moving out but still coming over plenty and high school starting, I hadn't really had a chance to put my plan of seducing you into action. I knew you wouldn't be easy, not by a long shot. But, in the end, all it took was to get you while you were asleep. Maybe I should have done this ages ago. Ah well! I'm not about to complain about the present. %

~She just lay there on top of me, looking at me with her beautiful eyes as I processed all of the information she had given me. So the Heart-Lock bond was both unnecessary to keeping my secrets safe and crucial to how we got to where we are today? At first I was mortified that I had been the cause of this incestuous relationship, but then I thought about what the alternative would have been, and I realised that we wouldn't be extremely close if we had broken our bond. I would be happy with Jess without a sex-life, but if I didn't have this amazing girl by my side in general, then life itself would cease to have meaning. I lean forward to kiss her on the lips, and she leans into me, crushing her boobs against me as our lips meet. I feel faint sparks exploding between our lips, and they slowly grow in intensity until our mouths are sending shockwaves through our bodies. Jess breaks away panting, her eyes half-closed. "David, I think I'm ready, please make love to me!" My hands are running all over her uniform, rubbing and caressing her glowing body. Her arousal spreads out around us like a low flame, and as I take her top and bra off, tears start to form in her eyes. "Davey, I am just so, so grateful that you are my brother. Honestly, you are one of a kind. You raised me, cared for me, helped me grow. I am nothing without you. Thank you...." A kaleidoscope of colours and sensations were swirling behind Jessica's head, patterns constantly emerging then dissolving instantly. I place my hands on the back of her head and pull her close to me, locking lips and bodies together. My hands find the clip to her skirt and they unhook it, throwing her last item of clothing across the room. I drink in her glorious beauty with my eyes, feeling my soul swell with happiness and contentment. I slowly moved my head forward until my mouth was resting against her vulva. She shivered and spread her legs more, inviting me to lap up her sweet nectar. I didn't need any encouragement, and dived right into her warm, fragrant flower. I lapped up every drop of juice she had already produced, and then began to alternate between stimulating her clit to produce more juices and dipping back down to her love-hole to lap them up when they came out. Jessica was bucking and moaning from the pleasure, and with each thrust she was sending a different feeling or sensation through my body. They felt like different colours of energy, stimulating different parts of my body, mind and soul, awakening deep, powerful pleasures within me. I pushed forward this buried pleasure up through my mouth and injected it into her vagina with my tongue. Once again we were transported to that empty sky world, only this time giant arcs of golden lightning pierced the sky on every angle, a giant cocoon of primal energy. Jessica was nowhere to be found, until all of the crackling energy condensed into a single point and took the form of Jessica, a vestal Goddess, swathed in flowing robes of the bliss I had found and shared with her. "Come to me David." She said with such want and desire in the melodic voice that resonated out of her mouth and in an instant I was beside her. I brought my steely 7" penis up to her small entrance, and gingerly pushed at her opening. I felt something, for a brief instant, that was the equivalent to the sun exploding. Jessica threw herself down onto me, and her vagina seemingly effortlessly took me up to the hilt, so that my balls were resting on the curve of her butt cheeks. "UUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRGGGGUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" I screamed blindly.
"EEEEEEEERRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Jessica replied, deafening me with the boom of her intensity. Energy was gushing and exploding and shooting out of Jessica's form, as her wings shivered and faded away, only to re-appear on me. Through the screaming haze of pleasure and euphoria I grasped one desire, and I set my body on auto pilot, as the empty sky slowly filled with stars and darkness, until it resembled what I instinctively knew was the Milky Way. Neither Jess nor I made a sound as we gently flew through space, rocking back and forth tenderly as Jess' super-charged vaginal canal slowly adjusted to my girth. Then Jessica lifted halfway off me and then slid down forcefully, and the intense magical pleasure I felt was so great that the yelp I let out pushed the nearest planets away from me, slightly altering their orbits. We slowly picked up the pace, Jessica shooting out bright rays of light from her body, and they would circle and dance around us, forming streaks and patterns and shapes, before flowing into her wings and me. The pleasure was on a cosmic scale. Suddenly I knew I could not last and I started to hammer away, space seemed to warp and bend and time, well time was slowing down until every nanosecond could be counted out slowly, and I was feeling everything, every painstaking millimetre sliding into her sweet pussy. "JESS, I AM YOURS FOR ETERNITY" I yelled as the amazing feelings flew out of control, and Jess' vagina clenched down as her orgasm started in time with the first sensations of my sperm slowly crawling through my shaft, with time slowed down to a virtual standstill I could feel every single one of the millions of hot pleasure trails slowly crawling past what felt like thousands of pleasure receptors, and Jess clung to my neck, wailing and shrieking while bouncing up and down wildly, going at a super fast rate considering how slow the first pump of sperm was taking. Finally after a millennia had passed the first spurt had pumped out of me, and suddenly we were fused together as One as my sperm flooded her cervix and flowed out of my cock on what I now realised was the couch. ~

Jess was staring at me, wide-eyed, as I held myself up over her, my penis buried inside her all the way, twitching and jerking. "D-d-david, I, I love you!!! Oh my, wow.... oh my GOD. David, that. was. Incredible!" We lay there, as she just looked at me in awe and wonder, and I felt huge waves of her love crashing down over me and washing me with a pleasant, happy feeling. I looked at Jess's face and I can feel through her energy that she is feeling a chaotic jumble of emotions and sensations. Happiness, exhaustion, joy, love, but also this deep burning want for something and a huge fear that I will refuse. "What could you possibly ask for that I wouldn't agree to Jess darling?"
"Oh Davey, do you promise that you will agree to do what it is I.... I need you to do with me, before I tell you what it is? I, I just.... I NEED THIS!" And she flung herself around me while I pinned her to the couch. I pictured our hearts opening up and merging, and I showered her mind with my love and assurance. "I promise, Jess."
"A Heart-Lock Promise, David?"
".........A Heart-Lock Promise, Jessica My Love"

"Run away with me and never look back."

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I know he does what he promised but OMG do I want more of this story at least one more to let me know for sure that everything turns out fine. Well as fine as that situation can get.

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I know he does what he promised but OMG do I want more of this story at least one more to let me know for sure that everything turns out fine. Well as fine as that situation can get.

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