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Chapter 3 of a reader requested story. You should read part 1 and 2 so you can understand where this story is going. After having sex with her stepson's best friend a week ago, Stacy gets a visitor while her stepson and husband are gone, and David introduces her to a new feeling. Read on and enjoy...
It's been almost a week since David had sex with Stacy, and found out that she knew about him and Steven having sex. While he didn't explain to her that they were just bisexual, he figured she knew that after he had sex with her. He had promised not to tell anyone about having sex with Stacy, but he was finding it hard not to tell Steven. He knew how much he enjoyed having sex with Stacy, and wanted to do it again, but he also remembered what she had said about wanting to get one of their dick's into her.

"Did that mean she was willing to have sex with Steven too," he wondered to himself. He had been mulling over that statement, wanting to tell Steven about it.

David hadn't spoke with Steven since that day, so he decided to just go over to his house without calling. He walked up towards the front door, noticing Stacy's car in the driveway. He smiled to himself as he rang the doorbell, and patiently waited for someone to answer.

Stacy was busy doing some aerobics in the living room when the doorbell rang. "What the hell," she scoffed, grabbing the remote and a pausing the DVD player. She quickly walked over to the door, and opened it. "Can I help..." she trailed off, seeing David there, and smiled wide at him.

David's eyes widened when he saw his friend's step mom wearing only a sports bra and really short, tight spandex shorts, and the sweat making her skin glisten. "Is Steven home?" He finally asked, his dick beginning to rise in his shorts already.

"Didn't he tell you? He's out of town with his dad for the week," Stacy said, looking at the young man up and down.

David slowly shook his head. "No, we haven't spoke since last week," he replied.

Stacy pushed the screen door open. "Here come inside," she said, noticing the bulge forming in his shorts.

When David walked into the house, Stacy led him to the front room. "You caught right in the middle of my aerobics workout," she said with a laugh. She turned around to look at David, looking at him sternly. "So why haven't you talked to him since last week?" She asked.

David shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know, just had other things going on," he said.

Stacy continued to look at him sternly. "It's not because of what I said about not telling anyone, is it?" She asked, crossing her arms under her tits.

David slowly shook his head. It was partly because of that, but it was mainly because he had been busy.

"Ok, good, because I don't want you to stop what you were doing with him, or he may think something is wrong with you," Stacy said, looking down at the bulge in his shorts again, her pussy beginning to itch.

David looked at her in confusion, not sure what she meant by that. "Wh... what do you mean, what I was doing with him?" He asked.

Stacy laughed at his slowly asked question. "I mean don't stop having gay sex with him," she said, taking a step closer to him.

David's look turned to shock at her bluntness. "B... but we're not gay," he replied nervously.

Stacy laughed again, "I know that, because you gladly had sex with me, but that sex you have with him is considered gay sex, so you guys are bisexual."

David slowly nodded, staring her hard nipples poking at her sports bra. He looked back at her eyes, now wanting to have sex with her again.

"So have you told anyone about us having sex yet?" She asked, dropping her hands to her sides, and moving even closer to him.

David slowly shook his head, noticing her getting closer to him. He looked back down at her chest, his dick throbbing against his shorts, fully hard now.

"Mmm, that's a good boy," Stacy said, almost moaning it. "So do you wanna do something with this?" She asked, grabbing his dick through his shorts, and lightly squeezing it.

David groaned softly, pushing his hips into her, as she grabbed his dick. He slowly nodded, keeping his hands at his sides, and continuing to stare at covered tits.

"Will this help," she said, moving her free hand under her sports bra, and pushing it over her tits, releasing them to the teenager.

David's dick surged in her hand at the sight of her exposed tits. He licked his lips, moving his head towards them, taking one of her nipples into his mouth, and suckling at it.

Stacy threw her head back, pushing her chest into him. "Oh yeah, that's it get me all hot and bothered," she moaned, still knowing this was wrong, and that she just rushed into with him this time. But she didn't really care though, just wanting to get his young, hard dick back inside of her again.

David sucked and nibbled at her nipple, and then moved to the next one, doing the same to it. He put a hand over her covered slit and started rubbing it hard up and down, feeling her body start to tremble and jump.

Stacy's moans were getting louder, while feeling her body temperature rising. She moved back from him, wanting to sit down before she got close to cumming. "Let go to my bedroom," she said lustfully.

David nodded in agreement, following her to the bedroom. When they entered the room, he quickly pushed his shorts and boxers down, kicking them aside, and moving towards the bed.

Stacy stood next to the bed, and turned to face him, seeing he had already removed his shorts and boxers. "Mmm, someone's really excited huh?" She moaned, wrapping her hand around his dick and slowly stroking it.

David nodded excitedly, and groaned loudly, making his dick throb in her hand. He moved one of his hands back up to her tits, cupping it, while lightly pinching and rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

"Mmm, yeah baby, god you have me so hot right now," Stacy gasped, stroking his dick harder. She put her other hand on his chest, turning him around, and pushing him back onto the bed.

David groaned when he sat down on the bed, wishing she would've kept stroking him. He looked up at her with want, watching her pull her sports bra over her head and drop it behind her. He stared at her succulent tits, watching her twist her body quickly, making them jiggle side to side.

"Do you wanna play with them some more?" Stacy asked playfully, continuing to make them shake and jiggle for her young lover.

David nodded vigorously, enjoying the sight of her tits shaking. His eyes drifted down Stacy's firm stomach, and on down to her crotch, getting a slight view of her camel toe pushing against her shorts.

Stacy chuckled, stepping towards him. "I bet you do," she said, quickly grabbing the back of his head and pulled him towards her, burying his face between her tits. "Then suck on them naughty boy," she said through gritted teeth, grinding his face into her chest.

David was surprised when she pulled him into her chest, but was liking the older woman's dominating actions. He sucked hard on the spot between her tits, while cupping her covered pussy and rubbing it up and down.

"Oh god," Stacy gasped in pleasure, holding his head tight against her, feeling an orgasm quickly building inside of her. She somewhat reluctantly let go of his head, and shoved him back on the bed. "You stay right there," she said sternly, while pushing her shorts and panties down, and kicked them aside.

David laid back on the bed, watching her expose her slit to him. His dick throbbed hard, with the thought of getting into her hot and wet pussy. His eyes widened, watching her climb onto the bed,.and turn her back to him, straddling his chest and moving her pussy towards his face. He looked at her puckered asshole, nestled between her firm ass cheeks, then down at her splayed open slit moving closer to his face.

Stacy grabbed a hold of his dick, while moving herself back until her pussy pushed against his face, feeling his tongue penetrate her folds. "Yes that's it, eat my pussy, mmm," she moaned, while taking his dick into her mouth and sucking on it hard.

David pushed his tongue into her as far as he could, tasting her sweet juices leaking out. He groaned into her pussy when he felt her wet mouth surround the head of his dick, lifting his hips off of the bed, wanting her to take more of his dick into her mouth.

Stacy started moving her hand up and down his dick, while sucking and twirling her tongue around the head. She gyrated her hips, grinding her pussy against his face, feeling her orgasm nearing.

David moved his tongue in and out of her pussy, feeling her muscles contracting around it, as if sucking at it. He moved his hands up to her firm ass and pushed on it, wanting to see if she would object to his plans. He slipped his tongue up the crack of her ass, and pushed the tip against her asshole.

Stacy pulled her mouth off of his dick, throwing her head back, and letting out a long moan. Her body started tingling all over, and experiencing a new sensation as the teenager's tongue teased her butthole. Nobody had ever done that to her before, and now this young man was teasing her backdoor with his tongue, and it was driving her crazy.

David pulled her ass cheeks apart, giving him better access to her puckered hole, flicking the tip of his tongue against it. He could hear her moans getting louder, and feel her body trembling on top of him, but she didn't tell him to stop. He held onto her ass tightly, pushing the tip of his tongue into her asshole, feeling it slowly sink in.

Stacy's orgasm was quickly coming now, feeling his tongue enter her backdoor. "Oh my fucking god, you're going to make me cum already, don't stop," she gasped, moving her hand to her clit, and vigorously rubbed it.

David moved the tip of his tongue in and out of her asshole, feeling it contract around his tongue every time he pushed it in. He noticed her hips gyrating faster, making it hard to keep licking her hole. He involuntarily spanked her ass hard, and then she started cumming.

Stacy threw her head back, almost screaming out in ecstasy, as her body was rocked with one of the most intense orgasms ever. "Ohhh fuck," she moaned loudly, feeling juices being squirted out from her pussy.

David watched the older woman cumming, amazed when juices were expelled from her pussy, and soaked his chest. He watched her hips buck and jump with each squirt from her pussy.

Stacy continued to cum, vigorously rubbing her clit, until she collapsed on to him. Her body continued to jerk and shake with aftershocks of her orgasm. She laid there, slowly coming back to reality, wondering why David tonguing her asshole had made her orgasm so intense. She finally rolled off of him, still breathing heavily. "Damn that was amazing," she said breathlessly.

David sat up on the bed, his chest glistening from her juices. He looked at her with a wide smile. "You're telling me, I've never seen a girl squirt from her pussy before," he said.

Stacy giggled at him, "that was a first for me too, I have never came like that before." Then she grew silent, realizing it had to be from him playing with her asshole, and wondered what it would be like if he shoved his dick up there. She pushed herself up and smiled at him. "So are you ready to fuck me now?" She asked, moving to the edge of the bed.

David nodded quickly, more than ready to sink his member into Stacy's pussy again. He watched her move to the edge of the bed and lay back. His eyes grew wide when she lifted her legs up and put her arms over her legs, holding her legs back, and her pussy splayed open and sticking up in the air, amazed at her flexibility.

"Ok come on and fuck me," Stacy said, lightly slapping her sensitive pussy.

David excitedly jumped off of the bed, and moved in front of her, dick in hand. He guided his dick towards her pussy, still admiring her flexibility. When the head brushed against her wet folds, he let out a soft groan, and guided his dick into her, burying it deep inside of her with one swift push.

Stacy let out a long moan when he sank into her, feeling her pussy stretch to accommodate him. "Oh yes that dick is so hard, mmm," she moaned, making her pussy squeeze his dick.

David slowly began to withdraw, watching her pussy cling to his dick. When about an inch of his dick was still in her, he drove back into her hard and fast, grunting when his thighs slapped against her ass.

Stacy was in heaven once again, feeling his hard dick buried deep inside of her. "Oh god yes, fuck me, fuck my pussy hard," she groaned, looking at him with pure lust.

David nodded at her again, more than happy to fulfill her request. He started moving in and out of her, hard and fast, feeling his balls slap against her ass every time he drove into her, grunting and groaning loudly.

Stacy looked up at her young lover, urging him on. "That's it, fuck my pussy, god your cock is so hard," she said, vigorously rubbing her clit, feeling another orgasm quickly building inside of her again.

David started driving into her forcefully, feeling her pussy squeezing at his dick. He could feel the cum beginning to boil in his balls, and knew it wouldn't be long until he came, looking at her with complete pleasure.

Stacy noticed his look and moved her hand from her clit, and pushed against his abdomen. "Wait, I don't want you to cum yet," she said, smiling at him.

David froze with his dick buried inside of her. He wanted to cum so bad, and now this woman was wanting him to wait. He groaned in disappointment, looking at her with a pleading look, but not saying anything, and making his dick throb inside of her.

"I want you to fuck me like you and Steven do, I want you to put your dick in my ass," she said, even shocking herself at how she said that so easily.

David looked at her in shock, surprised by her request. That was another first for him. All of the other girls he had ever suggested that to, said it was gross or disgusting. "Ar... are you sure?" He stuttered out, not sure if he had heard her correctly.

Stacy nodded quickly. "But you just have to go slow, because it'll be my first time," she said.

David slowly withdrew his dick from her pussy, looking at it glistening with her juices, figuring that should provide enough lube for it. He grabbed the base of his dick, and lined it up with her puckered hole. He let out some deep breaths, becoming a little nervous now.

David thought back to the first time Steven and him tried it, and how it hurt at first. He didn't want to hurt Stacy, or she may make him quit altogether, and not let him cum. When the head of his dick brushed up against her asshole, he looked up at her, seeing her looking down at his dick ready to enter her. David steadily pushed forward, feeling Stacy's sphincter slowly open to allow him in.

Stacy laid her head back, feeling both pleasure and a little uncomfortable with his dick penetrating her ass. She started breathing quickly, trying to relax her rectum, feeling David's dick slowly sink into her. Her ass involuntarily pushed out, like she was going to the bathroom, but nothing came out, and only allowed his dick to sink into her faster. Stacy moaned loudly, feeling his dick throb, trying to push out with her rectum again, allowing his dick to fully sink into her.

"Oh my god," David groaned, feeling her dry asshole squeeze at his dick, as if trying to push him back out, but only heightening his excitement. He didn't know if it was because it was a woman's ass, or it was his best friend's step mom's ass that his dick was in, but he had never enjoyed it so much before in his young life.

"Ar... are you ok Mrs. Meyer?" David asked, noticing her wincing, and becoming worried that he was hurting her.

Stacy nodded quickly. She was ok, just a little uncomfortable with a feeling that she had to go to the bathroom, and the feeling refusing to go away. She opened her eyes, looking up at her young lover. "It just feels different," she said to him, knowing it probably sounded like she was a younger girl, but not sure how else to tell him. "Just go slow at first please," she pleaded with him.

David nodded at her, very slowly beginning to withdraw his dick, feeling her sphincter cling to his exiting member. "This way different doing this with a woman," he said with a chuckle.

Stacy had to giggle at his statement, feeling him pull his dick back until just the head of his dick was in her ass. She laid her head back when he started pushing his dick back in, slowly starting to feel more relaxed. "My god your dick feels so much bigger in my ass," she moaned.

David pushed back into her until his thighs rested against her ass cheeks again, making his dick throb deep in her ass. "God I love fucking your ass," he groaned through gritted teeth, losing all control of his thoughts.

"Mmm, try going faster now," Stacy moaned, enjoying his dirty talk. "Fuck my ass, fuck me like you fuck Steven's," she groaned, losing the feeling of needing to go to the bathroom finally.

David looked down at her, starting a steady rhythm of pulling back, and then pushing back into her, making his dick throb hard each time he was buried inside of her. He started grunting with each stroke, moving faster each time.

Stacy's moans started getting louder, really starting to enjoy herself now. "Oh my god this is amazing," she gasped, sliding her hand down her stomach, to her clit, feeling her orgasm building quickly.

David grabbed Stacy's ankles, using them for balance as he fucked her ass as hard as he could. He could feel his ball sack beginning to pull up to his body, looking down at the older woman. He wondered if he should pull out before he came, or not, because she never said. He continued to fuck her ass hard, feeling it getting even tighter, knowing that he wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer.

"That's it fuck my ass, Oh my god," Stacy moaned through gritted teeth, furiously rubbing her clit. She looked at David, noticing a look of concern on his face, figuring he was about to cum. "Go ahead, cum in my ass, let me feel that dick shoot in my ass," she commanded, wanting to see what it would feel like.

That was all it took for David to climax. He threw his head back, groaning loudly, and his dick grew in her ass as he buried it deep and shot into Stacy's ass. "Oh my god, here it comes," he groaned, almost gasping.

Stacy felt his dick throb, and the sudden rush of warmth fill her anal cavity, setting off her orgasm as well. "Ooooo, I'm cumming too, yess," she moaned loudly, feeling his dick continue to throb and fill her ass with his cum.

David felt her ass constrict around his spurting dick, like it was sucking on it. His orgasm began to wane, as he looked down at the orgasming woman, feeling her juices splashing against his abdomen. He looked down at her open pussy, watching it open and close as she came. Her ass continued to squeeze at his wilting member, in time with her pussy muscles.

Stacy moved her hand away from her sensitive clit, as her orgasm slowly dissipated. She opened her eyes, looking up at her lover with a huge smile. "Holy shit that was different, but in a good way," she said, out of breath.

David snickered at her comment, looking down as he slowly withdrew his limp member. He looked at her gaping asshole, watching it slowly close, and push some of his cum out, running down her ass crack.

"Damn boy, you really came a lot again," Stacy said, feeling the trickle of cum running down her back.

David grinned wide at her, and sat down on the edge of the bed. "Well I should get going home," he said, watching her put her legs down and sit up.

"Awe, so quickly, but you just got here," Stacy said, looking at him sincerely.

David looked at the clock, then back at her. "I've been here over an hour, and my dad is expecting me at the store," he said, getting up and retrieving his shorts and boxers.

Stacy looked at him disappointedly, but knew she didn't have a choice. "Ok, but remember, don't tell anyone," she said, watching him get dressed.

David nodded at her. "Don't worry, it's our secret," he said, and exited the room.

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