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like all girls, she likes to suck cunt!
Tina is my internet slut, she is a hot blonde that i had been dying to meet (and eat). We would e mail our kinky ideas most nights and play with ourselves on line. She was older than me by two years being 28 and me 26. We met in a local chat room and after a while were having so much fun getting off on line that we decided to meet. Tina had this idea of sex in the outdoors and we would be always rubbing our pussies thinking of a great place to get into each others pants.
We organised a day to meet, and both Tina and i were eager to get a first lick of each others body. I picked Tina up from her house at about 10am as we wanted to make a day of it. She was better than the picture, and when she jumped in the car she leaned over and kissed me on the lips and to my surprise slipped her hand straight up my mini skirt and into my already moist cunt. This girl didn't mess around and i liked it. We had agreed on wearing no knickers on our meeting day and Tina had already made sure i kept my end of the deal. We kept kissing and i put my hand up her top and found her hard nipples. Tina had now slid three fingers in me and we hadn't even left her driveway. She took my tongue and started sucking it like a cock while forcing her fingers in and out of my now dripping pussy. I was now getting worried people walking past would see us so i made a stop to our actions and told Tina she would have to wait until we made it to a place more deserted where we could explore each other more intimately.
We decided to drive to a lake on the outskrts of town that i knew we would have to ourselves.
We found a quiet spot in the woods about five minutes from the lakes edge and layed out a blanket for us to lie on. Tina wasted no time in ripping my shirt and bra off exposing my tits to the warm morning air. She took one of my nipples in her mouth and sucked it hard, while i reached down and unbuttoned her jeans that were tight around her hot arse. I now got my first chance to rub Tinas sweet pussy. I pulled her jeans off and threw them aside, then reached between her legs to find a dripping wet pussy that was completely shaven. Tina let out a deep moan as i slipped my fingers into her hot cunt. She then returned the favour by removing my skirt and started rubbing my juicy clit. I was now completely naked and in broad daylight getting my pussy ravaged by a sex starved slut wanting to cream me as much as she possibly could.
My pussy didn't take much frigging before i let out a moan and had my first orgasm of the day. I then roughly shoved my fourth finger into Tinas wet hole which made her buck and moan with every thrust.
"Fuck me harder and faster you bitch" she yelled at me while trying to hold back her orgasm. So i thrust her as hard as i could and slid my thumb in as well. My hand was now buried deep in this dirty girls self lubricated fuck hole. As i fisted my sex sluts pussy she could not keep her fingers up me and got on all fours to give me better acsess to her pussy and arse.
"I want your fist to pound my bad pussy, i have been a little slut and need to be punished" Tina said in the dirtiest voice possible. I started ramming her with my fist with her arse in the air pointing straight at me.
Tina grabbed a tree next to us to surport herself better which let me pump her harder and faster. Tina was really hot and wet now (and getting noisy) so i leaned down while fisting her and poked my tongue straight into her tight arsehole. This sent Tina over the top and gushed pussy juice all down my arm. She had the blanket clenched between her teeth saying "don't stop" as best as she could.
I now had my hand in Tinas wet cunt, my tongue up her arse and i reached round and got to work on her clit which was hot,wet and hard. A few more thrusts and she was going wild again, cumming all over my fingers. Tina let go of the tree and collapsed on the rug. I pulled my hands out of her pussy but kept probing her arse with my tongue, this would make her twitch and jump as her orgasm was subsiding.
We just lay in each others arms for a while sucking each others tongues,until Tina said
"I want to suck your pussy till you cum in my mouth"
i replid by saying how much of a dirty slut she was and that i wanted to eat her pussy too.
Tina got on top of me and we got into a sixty nine position. Tina lowered her pussy onto my waiting tongue which was sticking out in anticapation. My tongue went right in and i now got my first taste of the girl i had only masturbated about. I had been waiting for this one moment for so long and now i was lapping it up.
Tinas pussy was the tastiest pussy i had ever licked. Her sweet juice was running down my cheeks as my tongue was darting in and out of her pussy.
Tina pulled my legs into the air and with one quick movement she expertly dined in on my waiting clit which made my body shake. She started licking back and forward on my clit as i slid my tongue in and out of her pussy hole. My clit was getting such a good working that i could hardly concerntrate on eating my new bitches hole. Tina then started to grind her pussy all over my face while she made my clit go wild.
We were both really horny and fucking each other with our tongues like crazy when Tina caught a glimpse of someone near by. Tinas pussy was in my face so i didn't see any thing. The dirty bitch never said any thing to me and she just kept going.
Tina then sat up stradling my face completely naked and looked at the person who was now only meters away. It was a mid thirties female who was standing next to a tree and had been watching us. She was fully clothed but had her hand down the front of her pants playing with her pussy. I still had no idea what was going on as i kept licking Tinas hot slit which was being mashed into my face.
Tina started staring at the watching woman and groped both her own breasts while having her pussy eaten by me. Our watcher was getting hotter and lowered her pants to expose her snatch and give her more room to play with her pussy.
Tina started saying "you are going to make me cum" so i licked her pussy harder and she would ride harder on my face.
Our watcher put leg up on a tree branch and pointed her pussy straight at us with her fingers going in and out of her wet cunt. This must have sent Tina over the edge as she came in my mouth and overflowed down my chin and neck.
I then swung my head to see this mystery woman finger fucking herself with one leg up a tree pointing straight at us.
"Whos that" i gasped.
"I don't know but i would love to find out" Tina said. She then gestured for this new flavour to come and join us.
see more in the next episode of tinas pussy 2...

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meeting people on line
is dangerous and i would now for i am Thor god of lightning


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