The meeting was scheduled for the following Tuesday morning. Warren and I sat on one side of his conference table; Amanda and her attorney Wilma Spencer sat opposite. She began aggressively, “We demand the house, half the accumulated investments, and alimony of $10,000 every month. We also insist on a clothing allowance and jewelry allowance totaling $1,000 per month.”

“That’s pretty steep for a woman who has repeatedly committed adultery during the marriage,” Warren replied.

“My client denies any wrongdoing. Rather it appears that Mr. Anderson has been the one fooling around and we have the pictures to prove it.”

I looked at Warren for permission and he waved his hand as if to say, “Go ahead.” We had discussed this at a strategy meeting. “I make no excuses for anything I have done since Amanda and I split. I consider myself a free man and so far as I’m concerned Amanda may do the same.” She flinched at these words; I smirked to myself, knowing about her predicament. I continued, “However, while we were married I never once even looked at another woman—I thought I was happily married. And, it would have been hard to fool around, as you say, while wearing this…” I pulled out the silicone chastity device, laying it on the table. “Before you deny knowledge of it, here is a copy of the receipt and shipping order. You’ll see that the date of order is only months after our wedding, that it was ordered by and shipped to my wife. I wore that every single day when I was out of her sight.” I noticed “The Bitch” give Amanda a questioning look. “Suddenly, she decided this wasn’t enough so I was required to wear this one. I was tied to the bed when she forced it on me. I understand that can be considered assault. You’ll note that this one was bought and paid for by her lover, my former employer, and shipped to her at our address. Be assured that we have the originals of these documents. If you know nothing about these I have to assume that you know nothing about this video, either. I set my laptop on the table and ran the DVD.

“My passport will show that I cleared U.S. Immigration shortly before their first time together and that I entered England late that evening. It will also show that I returned eight days later. Mr. Petersen and my loving trusting wife had adulterous sex seventeen times during that period while I was locked away in this horrible device.”

“We deny that this ever took place. We will claim that it is a fabrication.” I laughed, packed up my stuff and left. Amanda followed me into the hall.

“I guess you didn’t believe me, Amanda. You’ll stay in that belt forever if you and your attorney persist. I’m willing to be reasonable…well, maybe not actually reasonable, but fair by my standards. However, here’s two warnings—leave my secretary out of this; it’s between you and me, and drop this idiotic pretense. We both know what happened, don’t we? What the hell did you ever see in slimy Tom Petersen, anyway?”

“He was a distraction. You were gone so often and so long. I got lonely. Tom was there. He was available. I never loved him.”

“It sure looked like it that day I came home early from Rome. I saw you kiss him—ram your tongue down his throat-- out in front of the house…talk about indiscreet! I’m sure I’m the laughing stock of the neighborhood. That’s why I hope never to go there again, except Saturday morning when I’ll be there to pick up my clothes and personal items. I’d appreciate it if you weren’t there.”

“Wilma told me to change the locks.”

“That’s some attorney you have. Even I know that was illegal. The house is in my name, not yours. It’s my house, my parents’ before me. You can’t keep me out of my own property. If anything you should be the one who leaves. I’ll be there at ten and I’ll either open the door or I’ll break it in…your choice.” I walked out and went to work. On the way I turned off the Dictaphone; it had picked up every word. Marcie could see how upset I was when I walked in. She followed me into the office, closing the door behind us. “That bad?”

“Amanda’s an idiot and her attorney is worse. Not only is she trying to deny having sex with Tom….”

“Can she get away with that?”

“No, the original DVD will stand up to any scrutiny as real and she just admitted it to me and I…uh, forgot my Dictaphone was on. She also told me the attorney told her to change the locks on the house which is interesting considering that it’s my house. I owned it before we were married…before we were even engaged. I was born there; it belonged to my folks before they gave it to me. I called Warren from the car and told him. He’ll file a complaint with the Bar Association and get an injunction demanding I receive a key. Oh yeah, I told him I absolutely refuse to pay even a penny for the change and I’d better not see any other changes take place without my permission. Truthfully…she hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with her attorney.

“Now…I want you to know they brought you into it, suggesting…no, stating that we were involved before the split. I’m pretty sure I diffused that with the chastity devices. Her opening position was pretty much what I would expect if she was the affronted party, but that will change. I don’t want her to starve…I’m saving that for Tom. His company must be reeling, losing twenty top clients and he’s so clueless he’ll have no idea what to do. I just hate to see the others there suffer…although….”

“Oh, Jack I can see those wheels turning again.” I just grinned and held her for a minute before returning to work. Tomorrow I’d be off to Indianapolis for two days and next week to Miami for almost the week. I had a lot to do, but first I used the intercom to reach out to Bill. I told him what I had in mind. He laughed crazily before agreeing. Petersen would be out of business within a year by the time I was done with him.


I had no trouble from Amanda when I went to pick up my stuff from the house. My key was delivered to my office the day before. I rented a truck from U-Haul and made six of those big cardboard wardrobes that movers use. I carried them into the house and Marcie loaded them. Then I taped them closed and carried them down to the truck. I checked the computer in my office, moving anything of value to a flash drive. There were some important papers that I took as well as my jewelry from my personal safe. I left the key in the lock. The entire operation took us about four hours. I texted Amanda to tell her we were done. We unloaded everything into my empty living room.

My trips once again were successful so when I returned again to work I made a few calls to several of my former comrades at Petersen. “Well, Stewart,” I began, “how’re things these days?”

“Jack,” he whispered, “it’s like a fucking morgue here since you left and Petersen is even crazier than before. His wife is divorcing him and taking him to the cleaners. I don’t know what she has on him, but it must be something really bad.”

“It is, Stewart…he was fucking my wife and I caught him at it. Worse, I have it on DVD and I sent a copy to Nancy. There’s something else, too, but I can’t get into that. Now…on to business; want to come to work for a real company…one with a future?”

“Hell, yeah! You mean with you?”

“No… with some competitor…of course with me. We worked really well together in the past so why not? I’ve already cleared it with Bill Wells—same salary and benefits.”

“Just tell me when.” We spoke for a few minutes and I made my next call. All told I hired away every software and network expert in the company. Then I made another call…to Nancy.

“Hi, Jack,” she answered, “What’s up?”

“I just want you to know what’s happening. Make sure you get cash from Tom, because his company isn’t going to be worth spit by year’s end. I just hired his best six experts. Even if I hadn’t I suspect he’d be broke, just a little later.”

“I’ve seen it coming, too. He is completely losing it. We had a meeting last week and all he did was scream and rant. His attorney apologized afterwards. So far they’ve agreed to three million and the house, not that I’d want to live here. It reeks of him. But, thanks for calling. I think I’ll push for a quicker settlement—I don’t know if there will be anything left by year’s end. I know I can speed up the process by promising him the keys…you can get them, can’t you?”

“Yeah, I anticipated this so I phoned the company. I’ll have them for you by week’s end.” We exchanged a few pleasantries and rung off.

If anything, the meetings with Amanda and her bitch lawyer got worse and worse. It was so bad I just tuned her out. There was only so much of “We deny…that never happened…blah, blah, blah. You’re imagining things, etc, etc, etc,” that I could take. By the fourth meeting all I wanted to do was reach across the table and strangle that fucking bitch until she was dead. I was just about to walk out again when I heard Amanda. It was the first time she had opened her mouth, “ENOUGH!! ENOUGH ALREADY! WHAT DON’T YOU GET? JACK IS TELLING THE TRUTH. I DID ALL THOSE THINGS—EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.”

“My client is not responsible for that statement. She is irrational because of all the stress your lies are causing her.”

“Oh, God,” Amanda continued, ”How can you be so clueless? I’ve had enough of this and enough of you. Get out! You’re fired!” The Bitch packed up her papers and left in a snit, slamming the door as she left.
“Good riddance.”

“I have to agree, Amanda. Where the hell did you ever find her…under a rock?”

“Just about, Jack…Warren, can anything be done about her? She’s the most incompetent lawyer I’ve ever met.”

“Normally, I’d say no, but I happen to know she already has several serious complaints against her, including the one about changing the locks on Jack’s house. If I prepare a statement will you sign it?”

“Gladly, and thank you, Warren. What are you willing to give me, Jack?”

“I’ll give you the house. As you know, there’s no mortgage left on it. It’s in good condition and in a good neighborhood. I suggest you sell it. I’ll also give you $500,000 which is much more than I originally intended, but things are going so well at work I think I can afford to be a little generous. That with the investments in your name should give you a reasonable income until you’re able to remarry.”

“If you two agree,” Warren interrupted, “I can draw up some preliminary papers for your signatures. Then I’ll put everything into the proper legal form and we’ll be done.” We agreed and signed. Amanda and I walked out of the office together.

“What about…?”

“Strip your bed and pull the mattress off the box spring. Then lift the box spring off the platform. You’ll find a manila envelope with the keys. They’re labeled ‘L’ and ‘R.’ Be sure you follow the directions to the letter. Once they’re in place turn them ninety degrees clockwise at exactly the same time. Let me know if you think you’ll need help. The belt should separate into two parts and fall from your body. Good luck.” I leaned down to kiss her cheek.

“Thank you, Jack. For what it’s worth I’ve learned my lesson. I’ve had a few dating opportunities, but with this on…maybe now I’ll be able to do something with my life. I wish you well, too. Marcie is a wonderful person. I always liked her.” She reached up and kissed my cheek. We were done—finished with each other.


The office was deserted when I returned. Even Marcie was missing from her desk. I wandered down the hall—still nobody, so I climbed the stairs. It was quiet there, too, but when I opened the conference room I was greeted by cheers. Bill Wells led me into the room and to the head of the table. “How much do I pay you, Jack?”

“Uh, I think you already know the answer to that, Bill.”

“Actually, I do and I also know it’s not even close to enough. You’ve already brought in more than enough to cover your entire salary—almost equal to what the entire company did last year-- in the first five months you’ve been here so I’ve made a decision. I’m making you a partner.” I was shell-shocked. It wasn’t something I had ever really thought about, but before I did Bill continued, “I’m sure you’re wondering why. I have a son, but he reminds me a lot of Tom Petersen and I’ve seen what’s happened there. You’re the obvious choice, Jack. You know more about this field than anyone I’ve ever met. I’m giving you thirty percent to start. Welcome to Wells-Anderson!” He hugged me and shook my hand. I was still in a fog when Marcie kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her and held the kiss for an embarrassingly long time, ignoring the hoots and jeers from my colleagues—er…employees.

I wanted to sneak away to share my news, but the party was in full swing and as the star attraction I was stuck there. I must have shaken hands or been kissed by every employee in the place, some of them two or three times. There was champagne and deli sandwiches and even a big sheet cake. Oddly, I thought of Tom Petersen—of what he would have done under similar circumstances. Then I realized there would never be anything remotely like similar circumstances with him.

The party broke up more than an hour later. I grabbed Marcie by the hand and led her down to my office. Before she had the chance to ask about my meeting with Amanda I was on my knee, “Marcie, will you marry me?” Her hands went to her face. I’ll never know why she was surprised. She knew it was just a matter of time. She answered by pulling me up into a long hot kiss that lasted for more than ten minutes. “So…the Bitch gave in?”

“Never…not a chance…actually Amanda had enough and fired her just before I was about to reach across the table and strangle her. I agreed to give her the house and $500,000...and the keys, of course. She was shocked to learn she was sleeping right on top of them for almost four months. That was a great idea you had—hiding them in her own bed.”

“Well, I’m just glad it’s over for your sake. I know you’ve been under a terrific strain recently. I’ve been amazed that it hasn’t affected your work.”

“To be honest, that’s the only time I’ve been able to put it out of my mind. OK…not the only time. I never thought about it when I was with you. She’s my past; you’re my future. I’ve never been as much in love as I am with you.” I looked into those liquid eyes and leaned down again to kiss her. It wasn’t far; at five feet nine she was only three inches shorter than I was and most of that was eliminated by her heels.

I heard a scuffle at the door and turned to see my friend Stewart standing there, “Is this the secret of your success, Jack? If so, I’ll take a little.”

“I’m afraid not, buddy…Marcie has just been taken out of circulation. Amanda and I have settled so I’m almost free to remarry. I just asked her and if she’s still smiling I’m assuming she’s still interested. You’re the first to know.”

“Don’t worry,” he said, “I’ll be sure to tell everybody else. Actually, I stopped in to thank you. Working here is nothing like over there. I don’t understand how I managed to survive all those years. It’s like comparing poverty to luxury—no comparison.” We chatted for a while, but I never let go of Marcie. Before long it was almost five and, thanks to Stewart, everyone in the firm knew about our engagement. Bill stopped by briefly to ask, “What the hell are you doing here? Go home and celebrate. Buy the woman a ring, a really big one. You can afford it. Now get out of here!”

For the very first time ever, and probably the last, I left work early taking Marcie with me. I wanted to drive straight to a jewelry store. My high school buddy Brian now owned his dad’s store so I knew he’d do well by me. Marcie, however, wanted to go home to bed. “Uh, uh, darling…if you walk in there tomorrow without a ring I’ll never live it down. Ring first then dinner then me.”

She leaned in for a quick kiss and we were off. Brian beamed when we walked into his store. We had been close friends—not as close as Mike and me—but close. I introduced him to Marcie and explained why we were there. “I heard about you and Amanda…too bad, but I can see you’ve landed on your feet. Where’d you two meet?”

“I work under Jack…as often as possible,” Marcie replied, “and if it was up to me that’s what I’d be doing right now.” We all laughed, but I knew she was serious. Brian showed us several types of rings; she selected a simple solitaire of 1.8 carats. The ring wasn’t huge, but it was top quality. I steered her to a pair of diamond earrings. Marcie looked at me questioningly, but I answered, “It isn’t every day I become a partner or get engaged, is it?” She reluctantly accepted a pair of half-carat studs, but not so reluctantly that she didn’t wear them out of the store. I knew I was pushing it when I led her to the bracelets, but she fell in love with a beautiful, but simple, tennis bracelet that had more than eight carats of small, but excellent quality diamonds. Brian totaled the bill at $58,000, “Less ten percent family discount,” he added.

“I never realized we were related.”

“We’re not, Jack, but you’re close enough. You know I’m an only child, so why not?” I handed over my credit card and we left. We were both so excited we took only a small meal, a burger and fries with a Coke before we got down to the important business of making love.

I carried a laughing Marcie over the threshold of my tiny apartment. She clung to my neck as she kicked her feet wildly. I dropped her carefully—lovingly—onto the bed. Cradling her head with my hands I leaned down for a searing kiss, one that burned through my body. Tenderly, I removed her blouse, bra and skirt leaving her clad only in panties, garter belt, and stockings. I literally ripped my shirt and tie from my body, dropping my pants and boxers to the floor. I teased Marcie by slowly pulling her panties down her thighs. Frustrated, Marcie forced them past her ankles and pulled me to her.

“What’s that line from that old James Bond film? Oh, yeah…’I think I will enjoy very much serving under you.’” We shared a laugh as she pulled my cock to her slit. Back and forth she rubbed the head until it was drenched. Her hands behind my butt pulled me into her. I gasped at her heat as I became seated in her tight cunt. Marcie wrapped those long legs around my back as we began a slow sinuous rhythm. Our eyes were fixed on each other’s as we moved together. “Oh God, I needed this so badly, Jack. I needed you…I’ll always need you. I love you, Jack. I love you so much.”

“You’ve made me so much happier than I ever believed possible, Marcie. I want to share my entire life with you. I want to be with you for eternity…that’s how much I love you.”

“Let’s save the love for later, Jack. Fuck me--fuck me hard!” I pulled out and pounded her poor pussy. I was always afraid I’d hurt her with my thick cock, but I never did. Marcie just loved having her cunt stretched and battered. There was only one problem—she was so tight I couldn’t do this for long without cumming ferociously. As expected I felt my balls begin to churn. Marcie recognized the signs and only encouraged me by increasing her pace, driving her clit into me faster and faster, harder and harder. I arched my back and screamed, “AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH. AAARRRGGGHHH. AAARRRGGGHHH” as I flooded her pussy and womb with my baby cream. I collapsed onto her exhausted.

Marcie rubbed her fingers through my hair as she caressed my head. “What about you?” I gasped.

“You can take care of me later…after I give you the bad news.” I started, unsure of what to say or do. “You’re going to have to meet my mother.”

“How bad can that be? You’re her daughter, aren’t you?”

“Sometimes I wonder. Think of the Inquisition and the plague combined and you’ll almost come close.”

“Oh, come on…you’re kidding, aren’t you?” I could see that she wasn’t. “Where does she live?”

“In Salem, Massachusetts with the rest of the witches--seriously, Jack, she was the reason I moved here. I hated being there with her. Now I have to expose you to her…I feel terrible.”

“OK, you are still going to marry me, aren’t you? Whatever she says…whatever she does?”

“Yes, you know that.”

“Then, what’s the problem? Don’t forget who I dealt with for the past six years—the world’s biggest, the world’s most amazing, the world’s most total asshole—Tom Petersen!” I raised my hands in the victory sign. Marcie cracked up. I rolled onto the bed, holding her tightly as we made our plans.

The following morning all the women wanted to see Marcy’s diamonds. I was on the way to get a cup of coffee when I heard a woman from accounts receivable comment, “Oh, Marcie, you’re so lucky.”

“Yes…yes, I am, but I’d be just as lucky and just as happy if Jack was penniless.” The woman was amazed, but I wasn’t. I knew what kind of woman I was marrying—the best!


We decided to go over Labor Day weekend. We’d have enough time, but not too much. We flew from Washington Dulles near our homes in suburban Virginia to Logan Airport in Boston. From there it was a short drive to Salem. Marcie’s mother lived in a modest one-bedroom apartment, about the same size as mine, but a lot more run down. It was in a lower to middle class neighborhood a bit too close to the town center for my tastes, but Marcie told me that her mother loved being there. She couldn’t afford a car so proximity to stores and shopping was important to her.

I knew that Marcie was the product of a single parent family. She had already told me how much she wanted to be a stay at home mother, giving our children something she had never experienced as her mother worked long hard hours to get by. Marcie had told me also of her embarrassment at having to wear clothes from thrift shops. I parked the car and hand-in-hand we walked to the door. Marcie rang the bell. We waited nervously for her mother to answer.

Finally, she opened the door and stood there silently. It wasn’t as though we weren’t expected. I had been there in the room when Marcie phoned to tell her about becoming engaged. We stood there awkwardly for more than a minute before I introduced myself to her, “Hi, Ms. Wayne, I’m Jack Anderson, Marcie’s fiancé.”


“I’m sorry?”

“Marcia…her name is Marcia, not Marcie.” Marcie rolled her eyes, but followed her mother into the apartment. She sat in a worn armchair and waved us to the couch. “So, you’re the fiancé, eh? How much do you make? Can you support my daughter?”

“How much I earn is my business…and Marcie’s, but I assure you that I can easily afford to support her and any children we have.”

“I’ve heard that line before. Talk is cheap.”

“OK, last year my salary was $250,000 and I got a $50,000 bonus—satisfied now? I still have the same salary, but I was recently given thirty percent of the company we’re working for. I charge between $250 and $350 an hour for my time.”

“Do people really pay that?”

“Actually, they pay that and more,” I explained. I went on to describe what companies did when I went on site. I also explained how I had taken Marcie with me on several trips recently. I noticed how nervous Marcie was as she gripped my hand repeatedly.

“I believe you should call her by her name—Marcia.”

“Well, here’s the way I see it. When she first came to work for me I asked her what I should call her. She told me, ‘Marcie’ so that’s what I’ve always done. She may be Marcia to you, but she’ll always be Marcie to me.” I was trying to be polite, but I’d be damned if I was going to take any shit. I’d never taken any before and I wasn’t going to start now.

“So, Marcia works for you? How long have you known her?”

“A little over five years.”

“A fast worker, eh? What took you so long?”

“I was married…I thought happily, but I’m in the process of getting divorced…and no, Marcie and I never were involved until I learned my wife was cheating on me with our former boss.”

“Ouch, I’ll bet that hurt.”

“More than you realize, so now it’s my turn. You look like you’re barely hanging on. Is that accurate?”

“No, I’m an eccentric millionaire. I prefer to live here instead of my mansion in the Berkshires.”

“Mother! Jack is just trying to help. Why do you have to be so…? There are times I wonder about you.”

“Ms. Wayne, you’re the closest thing I have to a parent. Both of mine died on 9/11. My dad always wanted to go to New York City. That morning they got up early so they could see the sun rise over the skyline and the East River. They were on the observation level when the plane hit. I saw it on TV and I knew instantly they were gone. Now I have another chance. I didn’t come here to argue with you. I love Marcie with all my heart. I was so tempted—we both were—when I was married, but I don’t cheat at anything. Marcie and I would like to help you if you’ll let us.”

“Just how would you help me?”

“I could help you financially…send you money every month, more once we’re married. I don’t want you to be forced into paying income tax on our gifts. I could buy a car for your use if you wish. We’d love to have you visit us. Pretty soon we’ll be looking for a house; we’re both in apartments now, but that will change. We’re hoping you’ll want to see your grandchildren when they come.”

“And when will that be?”

“Not for a while, Mother—I’m enjoying working with Jack too much. Would you believe I’ve gone to Africa, Paris, Hamburg, and Amsterdam over the past six months, not to mention all over the U.S. We make such a good team together, don’t we, Jack?” My response was to kiss her cheek.

Ms.Wayne asked to see Marcie’s ring. Marcie also showed her the earrings and bracelet I’d bought her. “Are these all real?”

“I hope so. If they’re not a certain jeweler friend of mine is going to be dead.” She smiled for the first time.

“I’ll accept some help from you…gladly. I worked hard, but I never had a pension or any kind of investments. Now I’m disabled and it’s tough getting by on social security.”

“I can imagine,” I told her as I took my checkbook from my pocket. I wrote her a check for $10,000.

She thanked me, “Wow, that’s more than I get in a year. Thank you, Jack. Thank you, Marcia.”

“You’re welcome. Believe me it comes from the heart…Mom. Is it OK if I call you that?”

“Do I have a choice?” She said it coldly, but there was a smile on her face and I could see for the first time where Marcie got her good looks.

“N…O…NO! You definitely do not, nor do you have a choice in this.” I stood, walked across the small room and hugged her. There was a tear in her eye when I told her, “Thanks for raising the most amazing person I’ve ever known.” I kissed her cheek before returning to Marcie who was beaming. She leaned over as I sat to kiss me. It was sweet and promising of things to come.

We took my future mother-in-law out to dinner—a seafood place she said she loved but could rarely afford.
We all had huge lobsters, delicious, but sloppy. I teased Marcie just as she had teased me at the Smythes’ when my face was covered in grease; her face, covered in butter sauce, was just as funny. I dabbed at it daintily with my napkin while she pretended to pout. We both broke out laughing at the same instant, kissing each other between gasping breaths. Mom looked at us as if we were crazy until Marcie explained. Then she laughed, too.

We dropped her back at her apartment before driving back to the Hyatt on Boston harbor. I had attended MIT, both as an undergrad and for my Masters. I had originally thought about seeking a doctorate, but I realized early on that I knew more than the professors. Worse, they realized it, too. That’s when I was recruited by James Petersen. Three years later I was at the top of my field.

Marcie had been silent most of the way to the hotel. She waited until we were in the suite before opening up, “Jack, you were incredible with my mother. I was so afraid she would try to ruin things between us, but you handled her so well. I don’t know how you did it.”

“Lots of experience, darling; not every CEO is like Jonathan Smythe, you know. Some of them are even bigger assholes than Tom. They hire me because they know they need what I have to offer. They don’t have to—there are other firms, but they hire me. Then all they do is bitch about the fee. That’s especially true when they demand that I go on site. I’ve learned how to push the right buttons—how to calm and placate them. It’s not so difficult; all you have to do is listen. They’ll tell you what to say—how to answer their concerns. I’ve gotten so good at it that I almost know as soon as they open their mouths. It doesn’t happen much any longer. My reputation speaks for itself now and I always offer a prospective client the opportunity to work with someone I supervise…someone who charges much less than I do.”

“You make it sound easy, but I know it wasn’t. No wonder I love you so much. Now I’m going to show you.” She removed my clothes and sat me on the bed. I sat there while she gave me another strip tease—different from the first one, but just as sexy…just as hot. Once naked she sat on my lap teasing my mouth with her nipple. First one then the other was brought to my mouth only to be removed just as I was about to latch on. Slowly Marcie slid down my legs until she supported her body only with her arms braced onto my thighs. When her knees hit the floor her mouth found my cock.

Between the strip tease—I was once again giving serious thought to that pole in our bedroom—and her teasing I had grown rock hard in seconds. She licked around the head and down the sensitive underside of my shaft. She opened wide, taking me deep into her mouth. I was amazed. Marcie had given me oral before, just as I had enjoyed licking her tasty pussy, however she had experienced only limited success getting it into her mouth. Now it was about eighty percent into her mouth and throat and I was loving it. I groaned in ecstasy; it was all I could do to not to collapse backward across the bed.

I tried to pull her up so I could take care of her, but she shook her head as she fucked me with that hot sweet mouth. She pulled back for only a second to tell me, “Tomorrow morning,” with a huge grin as she attacked my big dick again, sucking and licking and sucking some more. When she reached down to fondle my heavy balls I lost it, blowing load after load of hot white cum into her throat. She pulled back a few inches to take the last one onto her tongue. She showed it to me before swallowing with a big gulp followed by one of those Cheshire cat grins—big and loaded with teeth.

She bounced up and pushed me back. “Pretty good, huh? I’ve been practicing with all kinds of vegetables. I think my favorite is a zucchini…after the real thing, of course.”

“Of course—nice to know I’m marrying a vegetable sex fiend.” I gasped, “That was amazing…the best, but I would have liked to reciprocate.”

“You will, don’t worry. I love the way you do me. Now let’s go to sleep. I want you up early…pun intended!”


When I go to sleep at ten I always wake up at five. It was still dark when I plotted my revenge. Of course, it wasn’t real revenge—I was getting that against Tom Petersen. This was play revenge, the kind one gets against one’s lover. I slipped beneath the blankets and nudged her legs apart. I was trying to be careful so she wouldn’t know until my mouth was on her cunt. I was just about to lick her when she ruined it all. “It’s about time you woke up. I’ve been waiting for almost an hour.” I kissed her pussy then moved up to kiss her. Amanda was always worried about “morning breath;” Marcie was only worried about me.

“Good morning. I love you. Why didn’t you wake me?”

“You looked so peaceful lying there. I can’t wait until we’re living together so I can watch you every morning.”

“I don’t think there’s anything stopping us now other than your place is too small and I don’t have any furniture. Let’s go looking for a house next weekend. How many kids do you want? You’re an only child and so am I. I always wanted a family of my own. Am I babbling?”

“Yes, but you’re so lovable doing it. I’d like a big family…three or four children at least so we’ll need a big house…at least four bedrooms. We’ll have to talk about what we want, but not now. You have an appointment to keep, don’t you?”

“Well, it was supposed to be a surprise, but I guess that’s OK.” I kissed her again and slid down in search of my treasure. I found it below her neatly trimmed hair, right at the junction between her legs. Her labia were already swollen. A touch of my tongue showed just how ready she was. My chin could feel the moisture that had fallen drop by drop from her eager sex onto the sheet. I licked her nectar from her butt cheeks and thighs before targeting in on her hot cunt. I penetrated with my tongue, loving how she squirmed with every touch.

I fingered her tunnel first with a single digit, but adding a second when I started licking her sensitive clit. She bounced all over the bed; it was all I could do to maintain contact. I wrapped my left arm around her waist and held on for all I was worth. My fingers fucked her hard and when I took a little bite of her clit she exploded, screaming in the silent night. I prayed nobody was housed near us as I climbed up her body. Her chest was heaving as she caught her breath. I lay on my back and pulled my love onto my chest. She laid her head there and draped her leg over mine. I pulled the blanket up and invited her to sleep. In minutes slumber found us again and we slept until well past nine.

Once we were dressed we left the hotel, planning to drive back to her mother’s. We were intercepted in the lobby by one of the desk staff who asked if we had heard a shriek around five. “No…I don’t think so,” I replied, “We were both so tired we slept right through the night. Did something happen?”

“I’m not sure,” the young woman commented, “some guests reported a loud scream. I was just wondering if you heard anything.” We shrugged our shoulders, turned and left. We held off laughing until we were out of the lobby. “Oh…you are definitely going to get me into trouble.”

“Me? You were the one doing all the licking and fingering. What did you expect me to do? Oh, Jack, it was so intense. Oh God, I thought I was going to faint.”

“Remember when I said you bring out the best in me? Last night was just one more example.” I kissed her briefly as we got into the rental car and drove north toward Salem.

The rest of our trip was cordial and friendly, just the opposite of what Marcie had led me to expect. Too soon it was time to fly back home. We weren’t looking forward to living apart again. Hopefully, it would not be too long before we could be together all the time.

The rest of the week was quiet, but on Friday I received a phone call from Nancy Petersen. She sounded worried. “Yes, Jack, everything is done, but I’m concerned about Tom. He was completely irrational the last time we met. I’m afraid he’ll do something dangerous and stupid.”

“Are you worried about your safety? Why not leave town for a few days…go on a little vacation?”

“That’s a good idea, but you should be aware…he blames you for all his troubles.”

“Yeah, like I forced him to fuck my wife when I was thousands of miles away; that certainly qualifies as irrational—insane, in fact.”

“Insane…maybe, but be careful, Jack, he can be mean.” I assured her I would and rung off. Little did I realize how right she would be. It was just past four when I heard a commotion at reception. There was yelling and swearing and the sound of fists hitting the desk. I walked out to investigate, finding Tom Petersen accosting poor defenseless Maria, the receptionist. I walked past Marcie whispering to her, “Call the police…now!” I continued toward Tom to defuse the situation and to get Maria off the hot seat.

“Hello, Tom…what brings you all the way over here…all the way across town?” I was trying to appear friendly, but what I really wanted was to kill this jerk.

“You, Jack…you! I came all the way across town to see you! You mother fucker…you destroyed my business. You destroyed my marriage. You destroyed my life.”

“Actually, Tom,” I began calmly, “you did all those things yourself. All you had to do was keep your hands off my wife, but you couldn’t and you didn’t. Did you think I wouldn’t find out? Not only did you stick your nose into my affairs, but you were totally indiscreet about it, too. Were you too cheap to get a hotel room? You had to do it in my own house and my own bed. I’m sure all the neighbors enjoyed the show the two of you put on. While you’re feeling sorry for yourself, keep in mind that I probably could have gotten away with killing you. So far as your business is concerned…that’s also your doing. Let’s face it--you’re not your father—not even close. He commanded respect both as a person and as a businessman. You really know nothing about business. You relied on me and the others to manage things for you. It wasn’t enough for you to get rich on our efforts. No, you had to try to mess with my life. Last year I busted my ass and brought more than $800,000 into your business. You got more than $300,000 out of that, yet you treated me with ultimate disrespect. But…I’m actually glad you did. I would never have gotten involved with Marcie were it not for you. So tell me, Tom, why did you come here—certainly not to hear me list all your shortcomings.”

“It’s simple, Jack…I came here to kill you.” He pulled a revolver from his jacket pocket, aiming it at my chest.

“OK, if you’re going to kill me let’s at least go into my office.” I turned my back on him and walked away, daring him to shoot. When I passed Marcie I told her to get the hell out of there. She shook her head, but I pushed her away. I held the door for Tom, but he forced me in ahead of him. I sat in a chair at the conference table and gestured him to another. He sat down, his gun aimed steadily at my heart.

“So tell me, Tom, how is killing me going to help you? Will it restore your marriage? No, I don’t think so. Nancy told me she was considering divorcing you before I even caught you. Will it restore your business? Not a chance—you have nobody there to bring in any business and you haven’t a clue as to how to generate any on your own. No, Tom, killing me will only make things worse for you. At least now you still have some money—you must still have a couple of million--and you have your freedom and you can fuck some idiot woman now that you’re free of the belt again. Kill me and it all goes away. You’ll spend the rest of your miserable life in prison and, face it, you’re not very strong. You’ll probably get raped on a regular basis. Besides, if you really wanted to kill me you would have done it by now. You have the gun and I’m doing all the talking. Soon the police will be here, if they’re not already, so put the gun away and I won’t even press charges.” I stood, walked over to him and removed the gun from his hand. When I walked to the door I handed it to the deputy who was standing just outside.

“He needs some therapy. Don’t take him to jail. I’m not pressing charges and neither is anyone else here.” After dedicating myself to destroying Tom’s life and business I just couldn’t go on. I’d done enough, besides I had gotten everything I could ever want—a beautiful and sexy woman who loved me, a top job and career and a piece of the business. What I really needed now was peace of mind. I couldn’t get that by breaking Tom. Enough was enough. I walked to Marcie’s desk and held her as the deputies took Tom out in cuffs. “Sorry,” one of them said, “this is procedure. We’ll take him in to the hospital for observation.”

I returned to my office, sat down and began to shake. I put my head in my hands and broke down. I cried and cried, releasing the tense feelings from my near-death encounter with Tom Petersen. I had appeared cool on the outside, but on the inside I had been terrified—more for Marcie than for myself. Marcie sat on my lap and caressed me. She took my head and held it to her breast as she ran her fingers through my hair.
Bill Wells came in. “I heard all about it, Jack. I don’t know how you managed to talk him out of it. Personally, I would have been shaking in my boots. Take the rest of the day off and go home. In fact, take Monday off, too—both of you. You’ve earned it.” He patted me on the back and walked out.

“C’mon Jack, that was good advice. Let’s get your stuff and go. I’ll drive.” She helped me gather my things and led me out the door—I was still numb from my experience. Ten minutes later we were at her apartment. It was cute, but tiny—a studio with everything except the bathroom in one big room. A waist high bar separated the kitchen from the rest of the room. She dropped my coat onto the sofa and led me to her bed—a double. She stripped me and put me in. I was still shaking as she pulled the blanket up over my body. Marcie went into the bathroom and returned with a cup of water and a pill. “Take this, Jack, it will help you relax. It’s just a mild sedative—Valium I take when I have my period. I think it will help you.” She removed her clothes and climbed in with me, soothing me with the touch of her body. The Valium took over and I fell into a fitful slumber, awaking to find Marcie lying next to me on her side looking at me with all kindness. I closed my eyes again and the next thing I knew it was morning.

Marcie was already up and making coffee. It smelled divine. If it tasted just half as good as she looked it would be wonderful. I dropped my feet to the floor and plodded off the use the toilet. I left the door open—it didn’t work anyway. I could hear Marcie tinkering in the kitchen and she could hear me as I emptied my bladder. I leaned against the wall cringing as I recalled how close I had been to losing everything—most especially Marcie. I could have accepted my own death or being injured, but had Marcie been injured…well, I could never manage that. I flushed and walked into the kitchen still naked sitting on one of the two stools, the second of which had only been purchased after Marcie and I had become an item. She clearly hadn’t expected to entertain overnight company, or maybe she knew something I didn’t.

Marcie pushed a steaming mug of black joe in front of me. I mumbled my thanks and drank. “Is this what you’re going to be like when we’re married? Mumbling and grumbling?”

“Sorry…I need to tell you how much I love you although I was really pissed that you wouldn’t leave when I told you to. You could have been hurt or worse.”

“He said he wanted to kill YOU.”

“Yeah, but what do you think I would have felt if he decided to shoot you instead? That would have hurt me even worse.” I could see her think and then she realized the potential danger.

“I’m sorry, Jack. I didn’t think. I was just so worried about you.”

“It’s OK, but the next time someone wants to kill me I’ll expect you to disappear…right after you call the cops.” She looked at me to see if I was serious—I wasn’t and she began to giggle as I couldn’t keep a straight face. In seconds I was laughing like crazy and she was joining me. I pulled her to me and looked into her eyes, “I wasn’t worried about myself yesterday; I was terrified that you’d be hurt. The relief I felt when it was all over was more than I could handle. I still can’t believe I took the gun away from him like that. I must be crazy.”

“I was thinking the same thing. I was also thinking that last night was the only time since we’ve been together that you failed to make love to me.” She stuck out her lower lip but smiled when I replied.

“Then we’ll have to do it twice today…before breakfast or after?” She answered my question by dropping her robe and extending her hand, leading me back to the bed.

I caressed her head as we kissed tenderly, my hand snaking its way down her body, pausing at her breasts, her navel, her cunt. My lips followed as I suckled each nipple, licked out her navel and found her tasty snatch with my tongue. I wrapped my entire mouth around her sex and sucked mightily, forcing a huge amount of her delicious natural lube into my mouth. I began to lick gently, starting at her thighs and moving inward toward my ultimate target. Reversing my arm I brought my fingers to her mouth. She sucked on them, covering them with saliva, exactly what I wanted. My fingers now found her puckered star. I pressed home when I sucked her hard clit between my teeth. Fucking her anus while sucking and nibbling her clit drove Marcie absolutely crazy. She thrashed all over the bed, bouncing repeatedly until her orgasm brought on a massive spasm that wracked her body for several seconds before she stilled, almost unconscious from her exertions. I crawled up her body and turned her so she lay on my chest. I rubbed her back as she slowly recovered.


“Omigod…omigod, Jack,” she gasped, ‘that was unbelievable. Nobody’s ever been inside my ass before. If I’d known it was like that….will you put your cock into me like that?”

“I’m thrilled you loved it, but there’s a big difference between my finger and my penis--luckily. If it’s something you want we’ll have to build up to it—fingers, butt plugs, dildos—to get your anal muscles accustomed to being penetrated. Here’s a question for you: what two areas of your body have the most tremendous concentrations of nerve endings?”

“How do I know? Uh, my pussy and my lips?”

“Well, you’re in the neighborhood on one guess—part of your pussy--but cold as ice on the other.”

“OK, my clit and…oh, I give up.”

“Clit is definitely one, but your anus has even more. If a woman’s pussy had as many nerve endings as her ass, all women would ever do is fuck.”

“Well…all I ever think about is fucking you.”

“I don’t think that counts. You’re in love with me. Besides,” I laughed as I pulled her even closer, “if you’re thinking you’re not fucking.” I gave her butt a playful slap.

“I’m glad to see you’re recovered, Jack. I was really worried about you yesterday.”

I loved Marcie, but this was typical of many of our conversations—jumping around from topic to topic. Sometimes I had a lot of trouble following her. Life with Marcie would never be dull. “You know, sometimes you remind me of Gracie Allen.”


“Gracie Allen…she was George Burns’ wife. Ever hear of him?”


“Well, George was a wise cracking straight man to Gracie’s zany comedy. He also starred in the movie, ‘Oh, God.’ They were really big in the fifties, in the early days of TV. I think they were in vaudeville before that.” She gave me that lovable confused look I’d come to love so much. “Never mind, I’ll get something from the public library to show you, but right now why don’t we get up and go house hunting. She lit up like a light bulb and jumped from the bed. She pulled me into the shower which was quite a job because it was really tiny, probably only 30 by 30. She left the door open which made a mess of the bathroom, but gave us the ability to turn around a bit. I stood very still when she took her razor—the one she used on her legs—to shave my face. At least she left my pubic hair alone.

We drove to a well-known realtor in town. All I wanted was to look at some houses, but all I did was answer questions. I was a bit annoyed at the time, but I learned this was how the agent eliminated those homes we would have no interest in. She wanted to know how much I earned, did I have a current mortgage, was I paying alimony (she had heard about my divorce), how big a house did we want? On and on and on it went for well more than half an hour. Then she asked us about neighborhoods and schools. Finally, she showed us some photos. I allowed Marcie to take the lead here. Personally, all I wanted was to be with her, but I also knew the house was very important to her. She looked to me for guidance, but all I did was nod to approve of her choices. In the end she selected eight to visit.

We went to lunch while the agent made the arrangements for our visits. The first was lovely, but it was on a busy street. Marcie shook her head. It would never do for our future family. The second was on a tiny lot—rejected. The third was next to a small creek, a potential danger to our as yet unborn children. We couldn’t find anything wrong with the remaining five, but two stood out from the rest. We set appointments to see them again on Monday morning.

I learned something about the law from the Sunday papers. It wasn’t necessary or even expected for me to file charges against Tom Petersen. His alleged crimes, including attempted murder (three counts), terroristic threats with a deadly weapon, owning an unregistered handgun, and, I knew they were stretching things--trespassing! Tom had been taken to the county hospital for observation in the prison ward pending a hearing on his mental state later in the week. I shook my head in dismay at the entire affair.

I made up for my gaffe of Friday night by making glorious love with Marcie at least twice a day. She insisted that I finger her sexy butt every time. She was handling two fingers easily by the time we made an offer on our future home. It had everything we wanted—four bedrooms with the opportunity to add more in the unfinished attic, an acre of land backing up to a wildlife preserve owned by a private foundation, end of a cul-de-sac so there was little traffic. There were three and a half baths on the main floor and piping installed if we ever decided to finish the attic. The master suite was large, bigger than Marcie’s studio with two large walk-in closets, windows for cross ventilation, and a large master bath complete with a whirlpool tub we could easily share. I loved it and, best of all, it was a foreclosure so it was vacant. I offered $425,000 for it, easily $200,000 below its value—a $10,000 check as a binder.

Even after my settlement with Amanda I still had well over two million in investments. I applied for a mortgage of $250,000 with payments I could easily afford. “Let’s celebrate,” Marcie told me when we left the realtor’s office. I allowed her to drive; I had no choice really, she had blindfolded me. I could tell that she had driven out of town by the apparent speed and lack of traffic signals. I thought we were on the Interstate. She pulled off and turned several times before stopping. She removed my blindfold; I blinked several times to adjust to the bright afternoon light. We were in a parking lot…right in front of a huge adult store. “C’mon, we have a lot of stuff to buy. I’m getting that big cock of yours into my ass.” She pulled me from the Z4 and into the shop. We headed right for the dildos and vibrators. I bought two of each in different sizes. We bought four butt plugs of increasing size. I stopped short when I passed several cock cages in a glass case. “No, Jack, we’re not buying one of those. Remember? I trust you.” She took my hand and led me to another section of the store where we bought several bottles of anal lube. Marcie was like a kid in a toy store.

I watched as Marcie wandered around the store. She stopped suddenly and removed a box from the wall. She examined the item closely while I walked to her. “If we bought this you’d never have to use the intercom.”

I gave her a questioning look until I saw what it was—a radio controlled vibrating egg. Hmmm—this could be interesting. I took it from her and put it into our basket. She jumped up and down with joy. I paid for our purchases and Marcie drove us home—a bit too fast for my tastes, but I guessed correctly that she couldn’t wait to try out some of our toys. She laid everything on her dresser and selected the smallest butt plug and begged me to put it into her.

I led her to the bathroom where I carefully washed her butt, taking time to kiss each of her gorgeous cheeks. I lubed the plug and inserted a bit into her anus with my finger. Marcie squirmed a bit when I applied a bit of pressure. The plug was small—maybe an inch in diameter at its widest with a half inch neck just above the wide flange. I twisted back and forth until it popped in, her anus closing quickly to secure it in place. “How does it feel?”

I was cleaning her butt—removing the excess lube-- when she replied, “OK, I guess. I feel kind of full, but not uncomfortable. Now…your cock is about an inch wider than this, right? I’ll want to increase every day so I can handle you by the weekend.” I shrugged my shoulders and agreed. It wouldn’t kill me if I never had anal, but I really did want Marcie to be completely satisfied. I’d do whatever she wanted so long as I didn’t hurt her—that’s where I drew the line.

Marcie started to leave the bathroom, but I stopped her, leaned her against the vanity, and spread her legs. I tickled her vulva and spread her labia. I pressed the egg into her tunnel, looking up into her eyes as I did. The wire antenna protruded just an inch from her pussy. “Now I think we’re ready to go out to dinner.”

Marcie hopped off, wiggled her butt, and threw her arms around my neck. “I think we’re going to have such fun together. I can’t wait until we go to work tomorrow…with both my holes filled.”

“Sure, and then I can fill the other one at lunch.”

“Hmmmm,” was all she said. Damn, I loved this woman. We went out for Italian. I knew of a fantastic Northern Italian restaurant. Few, if any, of their dishes used red sauce. I especially loved their rigatoni with sausage and mushrooms in a garlic and oil sauce. Marcie gave me a funny look when I said garlic so I got even by punching the remote for the egg. Marcie squealed and jumped in her chair while I smirked and giggled. She jumped almost as high when I turned it off.

“That’s not fair,” she whispered. “First you turn me on and then you turn me off.”

“I’m saving you for later—when we change plugs.” Glumly, I continued, “I’m not looking forward to sleeping alone tonight.”

“Me neither…why don’t I move in with you? I hate being away from you. Your bed is big enough. All we’d need is my couch and maybe another chair and a TV.” She batted those big gorgeous eyes at me and I knew I was a goner, but then I was already a goner for her. I smiled and nodded. We talked about how to do it and agreed to make the move over the next weekend. In the meantime Marcie would pick up the clothes she needed and put them into one of my spare closets. Actually, having been married I naturally assumed she’d soon take over ALL my closets.

We stopped at her place to get her clothes and toys before continuing on to my apartment. I cleared my casual clothes from one of the bedroom’s closets to make room for Marcie’s. I dumped my stuff in one of the cardboard wardrobes. Next I went to the bathroom to make room for her cosmetics. Luckily, Marcie never used much—she didn’t need to. Her skin was flawless; her eyes bright and clear. Once again she lined up all her new toys on her dresser. I used an armoire for my t-shirts, boxers, socks and stuff. The bedroom set also included a full dresser that Marcie had used from the outset, keeping the occasional night gown and change of underwear there. Now it would house much of her wardrobe until we moved into the house.

We showered and I removed the plug, cleaning it carefully while we washed each other. We fell onto the bed. By prior agreement we 69’ed. Marcie wanted me to play with her ass and the best way was for me to eat her to orgasm. I’d never deny it—I loved the taste of her delicious pussy. We began by kissing—that was another thing I’d never tire of. Her lips…her tongue were so inviting. We held each other; I rubbed her shoulders and her back, savoring the softness of her skin. I ran my hand over her butt. We broke the kiss and I moved to her neck, covering it with tiny kisses before moving down to her sensitive areolas and nipples. I licked around each nipple and suckled as I began to reverse my body next to hers.

Marcie had found my cock. It wasn’t difficult—it was standing out hard and proud from my body. She stroked me slowly, preparing me for her hot mouth. Impatiently, she helped me turn and flipped onto my chest. She looked down at me and pointed to her ass. I just smiled and nodded. I’d take great care of it. She fell forward, aligning her lips with my cock. She kissed the tip before extending her tongue to lick the underside, starting at the tip and moving down toward my balls. Once there she carefully placed each into her mouth and massaged them with her tongue, rolling them in her mouth. Pulling back she allowed each one to pop from her mouth as she once again attacked my hard throbbing organ.

I fingered Marcie’s pussy, coating my fingers with her juices. When I moved my mouth to her I pushed them into her ass. It was easier going than it had been the first time. Clearly, having the plug in there had familiarized her anus to being penetrated. However, her reaction was just as strong. She humped her ass against my hand wildly as I fucked her rectum and bit her clit. So intense was her reaction that she actually squirted onto my face and into my mouth.

Rather than relax, she increased her efforts on my cock, sucking me deep within her throat. Marcie backed off until only the head was within her lips. She inhaled me again and again, fucking me with her mouth until I couldn’t hold back. It felt as though I exploded, drowning her tonsils repeatedly with my hot white jizz. Finally, I was spent. It was all I could do to spin around in the bed. I was just about to fall asleep when Marcie pulled me to the bathroom where she handed me the next plug—the inch and a half one—and the bottle of lube. Slowly, I worked it into her. We returned to bed for a good night’s sleep.


There were two detectives waiting for me when we went to work on Tuesday. They asked me about the encounter with Tom then agreed with Marcie—they thought I was crazy. But not as crazy as Tom--he had been ranting and raving, swearing to actually kill me if he ever got out of the hospital. “He’ll never get out if he keeps that up. The judge will commit him for sure.” He handed me a card. “The hearing date is on the back. We’ll need you to be there, you know, to testify.” I nodded my agreement and they left. I called all of Tom’s former employees into my office.

“Tom’s incarcerated and the detectives think he’ll be there for a while…a long while. I want you to check your calendar books and come up with as many past clients as possible. Petersen Electronics will go out of business soon. Those clients will need services and we’re going to do it. Now let’s go!” They practically ran from my office as I returned quietly to work.

Two weeks later I went to the hearing. I had no choice—I had been subpoenaed. Tom looked like a hermit when they brought him into the courtroom. His hair was filthy, he hadn’t shaved in more than a week, and he smelled…badly. He reacted just as badly when he saw me, trying to break the bailiff’s grip screaming how he was going to kill me. The judge reviewed his testing results and the recommendation of the psychiatrists and reached his decision—committed to the state hospital. He would stand trial on the charges if ever released which seemed unlikely. I never had to testify; I cried like a baby as I exited the courtroom. Marcie was there to console me when I returned to work.

Marcie kept her promise—she increased the size of the butt plug every day—even though I told her it wasn’t necessary. It was more a promise made to herself than to me, something she saw as a challenge. At lunch on Tuesday she entered my office and locked the door. I was still on the phone with a client when she kneeled between my legs. She opened her mouth and held up three fingers—her meaning obvious—butt plug, vibrating egg, my cock, each filling one of her holes. I tried to dissuade her by shaking my head, but she was not to be denied. I told the client I’d get back to him, that something had come up that required my attention.

I looked down at Marcie and shook my head, “I do need to earn a living, you know.”

“It’s lunch time—my time now. You’re mine for the next,” she checked the wall clock, “forty-seven minutes. If I start now we’ll have time to actually eat something.” She engulfed my cock in a single gulp, taking more than half of it into her mouth. Her tongue wrapped around my shaft as she bobbed up and down. Now that she was actually blowing me I had to agree it was a great idea. My only concern was remaining silent. I usually moaned and groaned like crazy whenever Marcie did anything sexual to me and a blowjob was the absolute worst. I had no resistance to her.

That’s exactly what I was experiencing right now. Oh God! She had such a wonderful talented mouth and it was all mine to love and enjoy. She sucked hard and I was done. I blew, erupting hot white semen into her throat. She swallowed every precious drop and licked me clean before rising from the floor and kissing my nose. She extended her hand, “Let’s get a quick bite.” I was numb as I followed her out of the building.
She drove me to a Sonic. I’d passed it maybe a thousand times, but I was never tempted to stop. I didn’t realize we’d be eating in the car until she pulled me back in telling me to close the door before someone drove up and knocked it off. “I don’t see any hedgehog on this menu,” was my opening comment. She responded by punching my chest and shaking her head to let me know what she thought about my pathetic attempt at humor. Finally, in the interest of getting back to work, we both ordered burgers, fries, and Cokes. When the meal came I was glad we weren’t eating in my car. It was big and messy and I loved it because I was with her. We got back to the office just before one.

Wednesday morning I took a call from Quebec—from the Provincial Government. I was asked if I could do a job for them over the weekend. There was a holiday on Monday so I would have three days. They much preferred to have the work done while the government was closed so there would be no interruptions in their service. I hesitated because of Marcie’s plans. Their representative sensed than I was hesitant so he played his ace, “We will pay all your expenses. I understand that you always fly first class and we will pay $50,000 for your expertise. I said yes and rung off. He assured me that tickets for Marcie and me would be at the Air Canada counter for a Friday night flight. I hit Marcie’s egg remote to let her know I needed to see her. She wasn’t keen on the idea, but accepted it especially when I told her we would still be able to do “her thing.”

Marcie and I arrived at the airport at 3:30 for our 5:30 fight. I got into the line for first class and in less than a minute we were at the counter where I presented our passports. The agent punched our names into the computer, stopped and did a double-take. “Wow, who do you know? Hold on a second…uh, please, sir.” A minute later she was back with her supervisor. He printed our boarding passes and accompanied us to security. We went through the line reserved for flight crews so we didn’t wait even a second. He met us on the other side and escorted us to a special V.I.P. lounge where we ate and drank a leisurely meal. I was told that their last visitor was U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. I wasn’t impressed, but Marcie ate it up. We rode in one of those big “golf carts” to the gate where we walked straight onto the plane. Two hours later we deplaned in Quebec where we were hustled through immigration and customs to our limo.

Marcie walked into our suite and went right into the bathroom. I cut the bellman short, telling him we’d find everything on our own as I tipped him generously. I put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign, locked the door and grinned. Marcie was certainly determined. I heard her in the shower so I dropped my clothes onto a chair and joined her. We stood in a tub, forced together by the confines of the steel rim, reveling in the hot spray when Marcie turned and bent over. I gripped the big butt plug, the one that was three inches across, and pulled as she pushed it out. It took a while, but in time we had it out of her ass. I soaped my fingers and easily pushed them in, cleaning her rectum in the process. We dried each other and went to bed.

“There are three ways we could do this—doggie is the one you see most often in porn, but I think it’s the worst. I could lay you on your back and wedge a pillow under your butt, or I could lie down and you could get on top of me.”

“Uh…I don’t know...whatever you think is best.” I laid her on the bed and brought a pillow to place under her. Raising her butt while I held her legs on my broad shoulders, I almost bent her in two as I leaned down for a kiss.

“Remember our deal,” I reminded her, “You have to tell me if I hurt you. If I do I’m going to stop.” She nodded “OK” and I applied the lube to her butt. I rubbed it in with my fingers and, when done, I wiped even more over my engorged erect cock. I mouthed, “I love you,” as I brought my organ to her anus. Gently I pressed into her, expanding the small gape that had remained from the plug. My eyes were glued to hers seeking any sign of pain, but seeing none I pressed even harder and Marcie raised her hips to encourage me. Suddenly, we heard an audible “POP” as the head slipped inside her sphincter. We both smiled, knowing the hardest part was over. I pushed again as my cock entered her bowel. On the out stroke I added more lube, spreading it over my shaft. I fucked her slowly, totally amazed by the tightness of her ass. I loved her tight pussy, but this was something else entirely. The friction was incredible; I’d never felt anything so intense in my life. My pace increased without even realizing what I was doing. As hard as I was working, Marcie was doing even more. She was clearly excited by the experience; her clit was hard and hot when I reached for it. She exploded in ecstasy with the first touch, spraying me with her cum; it was by far the strongest orgasm she’d ever had with me. I was glad she had cum; there was no way I could hold on much longer. With one mighty thrust I came into her hard, spewing thick white semen into her dark hole.

I released her legs and fell forward, my shrinking dick still embedded within her. She reached up to kiss me. We were both spent, but it was soft and sweet. I held her head, caressing her cheek as the kiss lingered. Finally, I pulled back to whisper, “I love you so much. You are the best…the most incredible woman I’ve ever known. I’ll always love you.” I pulled my shrunken cock from her, rose, and led her back to the shower. We cleaned each other, dried off, and returned to the bed, this time to sleep. I had a six o’clock date with the government.

From what I was told I thought the job might take thirty to thirty-five hours. I’d know more once I was on site. I planned to work a minimum of twelve hours each day and probably longer, knowing that I could manage the final tests while the system was operational.

I was told that the equipment was state of the art, but that was a slight exaggeration. This project was going to require new servers and routers. If we couldn’t get them soon I was going to have a wonderful free weekend vacation with Marcie in Quebec. It is amazing what the government can get done when they want to. A major supplier opened on Saturday to accommodate us and I was able to pick up everything I needed for the job—for close to a hundred thousand U.S. dollars. I installed it and configured the network, more than tripling capability and tying everything together. There was a mess of cables, but I could have Marcie straighten that out tomorrow morning. We returned to our hotel late—after nine—and we were beat. Only Marcie’s presence had enabled me to go on as long as I had. I pushed her to the shower—no fun tonight, we were both too tired—while I ordered room service. Marcie was done and in her hotel robe when the food arrived. I had ordered two ribeyes with baked potatoes, a pitcher of iced tea, and two New York cheesecakes. Marcie signed for them, giving the waiter a generous tip courtesy of his government, while I toweled off. We ate slowly as we enjoyed the tender beef. “I couldn’t have done all this today if it wasn’t for you,” I told her.

Marcie just smiled and told me to eat so we could go to sleep. We were done and in bed by 10:30. We had another early start tomorrow. We worked through Sunday and I was pretty sure we were done around three Monday afternoon. Final testing would have to wait until the system was up and running tomorrow. I took Marcie back to the hotel where we took a long nap before taking advantage of the hotel’s pool. It was a pleasure to bask in the warm water. We ate in the room again and retired early.

There are always unforeseen problems in this field and this job was no exception. My government liaison had forgotten to tell me a few things. I didn’t get angry; that would just waste time and energy. I had to write some patches—mini programs—that I would add to the existing software. I was done around noon, but before I left to return home I spoke to the Minister about upgrading the software. I felt it was antiquated, and in this field anything more than a year old qualified. I told him almost any member of our firm could and would be happy to do this. Total cost would be less than $10,000 including the new software. Marcie and I were driven directly to the airport for the flight home. I phoned Bill Wells en route. He insisted we take the following day off.

We returned to work Wednesday morning to find that Warren had phoned me on Tuesday, leaving a message to call. He told me that morning that it was done—Amanda and I were officially divorced. I walked out to see Marcie, “Lunch today…twelve…please be ready.” I turned back to my desk leaving her to wonder what that was all about. At 11:59 I walked to the door and extended my hand to her. I led her out to my car and helped her in. “Where are we going, mystery man?”

“We’re going to fulfill my every desire.”


“Today is a day I’ve waited a long time for—the happiest day of my life so far, but, hopefully, it will become the second best very soon.”

“And you say I’m confusing.”

“You are…and that’s one of the reasons why I love you so much, while I am as clear as….”


“Perhaps so far, but mud has a way of washing off. We’re here.”

“Town Hall?”

“Yup, know a better place to get a marriage license?”

“Omigod, it’s really happening?”

I leaned over to kiss her. “Yeah, I called Warren this morning. It’s official…I’m on the market again.”

“That’ll last for about five more minutes. Let’s go.” A minute later we were reading the directory and climbing the stairs to the second floor. We completed the form, signed, and paid. We could be married now any time, but we had decided we had to have her mother present. That night we called and made arrangements for her to fly to us. There would be the bare minimum at this wedding. Stewart had agreed to be the best man; Marcie’s ex-roommate, Beverley, the maid of honor, and her mother--five people along with the Justice. Her mom agreed to come immediately. Marcie took her shopping on Sunday and we were married on Monday afternoon. “I understand now,” Marcie told me. “Your happiest day has been replaced…by today.” I nodded and kissed her again as we left Town Hall. We were both surprised—shocked, really—to see the entire Wells-Anderson crew waiting for us on the sidewalk. They threw some birdseed at us as we ran to the limo that Bill Wells directed us to, holding the door for us. “Is this your idea of a simple wedding, Bill?”

“Sure, wait ‘til you see what Dorothy and I have planned for you. Get in and relax. The rest of this is on me.” I shrugged my shoulders and went along for the ride. Marcie and I sat in the back seat while Stewart and Beverley sat on the jump seats. My mother-in-law rode with Bill and his wife Dorothy. Dorothy was a classy old-money woman from an exclusive family in the area. I had read while in school that her grandfather had been an aide to Robert E. Lee during the “War of the Northern Aggression” also known to most Americans as the Civil War. I’d heard that she could be a real bitch on occasion, but she had always treated me well.

We sat back in the huge car enjoying the ride. Of course, we had no idea where we were going or why, but I trusted Bill completely. Sure enough, my faith was justified when the limo pulled through the gates of the Stonehurst Country Club, probably the most exclusive golf course in the area. Everyone else was already there; that’s when I first realized that the driver had driven us around in circles; the club was only minutes from Town Hall. It had been built on the town’s outskirts more than a hundred years ago, but the town had expanded over the years, its borders now far beyond Stonehurst’s tall fences.

Again, Bill and Dorothy greeted us and led us into the dining room. He invited everyone to order what they wanted and to make merry. “And don’t worry about tomorrow. We’re here to celebrate and have fun.” Marcie and I were led to a table with Bill, Dorothy, Stewart, Beverley, and Mom.

“You’re too much, Bill. How did you ever get all this done? We only got our license Thursday afternoon.”

“Well, it’s not generally known, but Dorothy’s family owns Stonehurst; they have ever since it was built back in 1907. In fact, they owned all the land around here—thousands and thousands of acres. You should become a member. It’s a great time and lots of good business contacts, too.”

I laughed. “I get most of mine from the Fortune 100 list, besides I’m planning on spending every available second with my new wife.” I leaned over to kiss Marcie. I would have held it, but the waiter came for our drink order. I’m not much of a drinker—never have been—but this was a special occasion. I ordered a margarita on the rocks. Marcie ordered some white wine. We had surf and turf with baked potatoes and cheesecake for dessert. As much as we enjoyed the meal and the party we enjoyed watching Marcie’s mom in conversation with Dorothy Wells. One had to struggle every day to survive; the other never had to lift a finger. Still they must have found plenty in common because they talked together all evening. We excused ourselves early, planning to enjoy our wedding night to the fullest.

Once again, I carried Marcie over the threshold. She clung to me, her head pressed to my chest until we reached the bedroom. I released her carefully and held her for a long lingering kiss. “I love you, Mrs. Anderson.”

“And I love you, Mr. Anderson.” She reached up to undo my tie, letting it drop to the floor. My shirt, pants, and boxers soon followed. I stepped out of my shoes and pulled my socks from my feet. Then I turned my attentions to my new wife. Standing behind her, I unbuttoned her blouse as I kissed and nuzzled her neck. Her skirt followed and her panties. I left her standing in her garter belt and stockings.

I moved to the floor to remove her stockings from the garter belt. I kissed each milky thigh as I unhooked them and slid them down each of her smooth slender legs. Once I had her naked I moved between those sensational legs to sample her pussy. Her strong fingers gripped my hair as I was pulled physically into her. She held me there as I sucked and licked all over her wet cunt. I would gladly have serviced Marcie in this way, but she had other ideas. She suddenly pulled me up, spun around, and dropped me onto the bed all in one swift motion. She kneeled over my cock and ran it into her slit several times. Apparently satisfied that it was wet enough she lowered herself onto me, leaned forward to kiss me and proceeded to fuck me silly…or so I thought. She rode me hard, but only for about ten thrusts. She rose up and repositioned herself, slowly lowering herself so I would penetrate her ass this time. Her face showed her ecstasy as she rocked her ass around and over me. I reciprocated by driving my hard organ deep into her and reaching up for her clit. I found it hard and hot peeking out from its hood. I rubbed and twisted it and she came almost immediately shaking wildly and totally out of control for several seconds. I held her waist, fearful that she might fall. I continued to drive into her when I pulled her to my chest. The constricting sphincter won the battle—I blew a huge load into her. “Oooooh, I can feel it inside of me. Oh, Jack!”

“I like doing it that way, Jack. I feel like I have so much control. I think the orgasm was even better than the first time. I’m so drained I don’t think I can even move.”

“So, what’s the problem? You’re welcome to spend the night there. Hell, you can spend your life there if you want.”

“Sure…and when I need to pee?”

“Is this what I have to look forward to,” I teased, “a woman who ruins all my dreams?”

“That’s what they called me in junior high...’dream-ruiner’,” she laughed.

“That’s as bad as my hedgehog joke.”

“Oh no, nothing is ever going to be as bad as that one. That was pathetic. This was a bit lame, but not pathetic.” We looked at each other and couldn’t hold back. We broke out laughing simultaneously. I had never laughed as much as I did with her. Maybe it was being in love with her. All I knew was I was madly in love with her.

“I want you to know I’ve never been happier than I’ve been with you. You mean everything to me.”
“You know that I’ve loved you for a long time...I think from way back when I first came to work with you. You were so kind and so patient. I screwed up so often I was sure you’d fire me, but you taught me to be what you needed. I was so jealous of Amanda. I still have trouble sometimes believing we’re together and actually married.” I kissed her and pushed her off before pulling her with me to the shower. We talked and laughed as we washed each other, dried each other, and went to bed holding each other through the night.

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First off I'd like to say sorry for the lack of real comments, I wish those like the 4 below would all eat shit and drop off the face of the planet, writers give us their talent freely , the least you can do is rate properly, now, I really enjoyed these 2 stories they were really interesting, and totally believable, abd erotic with a big stonking slice of romance, which is what helps great sex , not always but romance never goes unnoticed, keep that in mind boys! I think your a fantastic writer please carry on posting S. L thanks . Luvsalik xx

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