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This is a story of my true Gay experience during my teen years
This is a true story that happened to me many years ago. I have tried to reconstruct and write it in detail, exactly the way I remember it.
This happened when I was about 15 years old. At the time I used to live in a country in Southeast Asia.

Since the age of 12, I had been initiated into sex by older men. You can read my story about my experience with the school Dr. Since that experience with the Dr., I had many experiences with boys around my age or a bit older and a few older men as well.

But one thing about me was that I was always the passive one, where I never initiated the contact, but once started, I was always a willing participant and enjoyed myself completely.

As a teenager, I was slim with a fit body but not too muscular and not too hairy. Just very little hair in the right places. One thing I had realized about myself was that I responded very well when touched in the right places as I was very sensitive to touch.

At the time of this story I was travelling to visit my aunt and uncle during the spring break. They lived in a city about 7 hours away by bus. Since airlines tickets were fairly expensive, my parents felt that at 15, I was old enough to travel by myself in a bus.

Although this happened many, many years ago, I still remember it vividly as one of the most exciting, pleasurable and horniest sexual experiences I have had.

After my parents dropped me off at the bus station, I boarded the bus and found that most of the front window seats had been filled up. The only seat that was completely empty was the one at the very back, the last row, on the left side. So I made my way back to it and settled in. I was happy that this bus was one of those luxury buses with tall seat backs to rest your head on and plenty of leg room. The windows were tinted and had curtains you slide to cover up the windows.

I had a bag pack that I pushed under seat in front of me. The seat across the aisle was occupied by an old man, sitting by himself. I was hoping that no one else would sit next to me so I could relax while having the whole seat to myself, but my hope was short lived. Within a few minutes an older gentlemen in his late fifties came and set next to me, as the bus had started filling up.

At least he was well dressed and smelled good. He was slim and tall. He had thinning salt and pepper hair and a goatee. After he settled in, we exchanged a few pleasantries. He asked me where I was going. He told me that he traveled that route many times a year for work as he was in sales.

A few minutes later the bus stated moving and we were on our way. I was excited to be leaving town and visiting my uncle and aunt, little did I know that the bus trip itself would be the most exciting part.

We talked some more about my school, sports, my hobbies etc. He seemed knowledgeable about many things and was well spoken.

For about the first hour or so, we talked a little and then I listened to some music through the head phones, enjoying the ride as we drove through the country side.

Since it was the month of March, the weather was still a bit cool. I had worn shorts as it was warmer in the afternoon but as the sun was setting and the bus was not yet heated completely, I was feeling a bit cold. I reached into my bag pack for my wind breaker and covered my lap with it. The older man who we will call SS noticed that and remarked that indeed it was a bit chilly and that the evening time inside the bus can get a bit cooler.

He reached inside one of his bags and got out a blanket. He added that this should keep me warm and he spread the blanket over both of us. It was big enough to cover both of us completely. He added that he had learned to bring a blanket along based on his frequent travel experience. I thanked him for his kindness.

After a few minutes he asked me if I was warm enough and I told him that I was. He mentioned that when the bus makes its only stop at a city which was midpoint to our destination, maybe I can get some coffee or hot tea. Although at that age I was not a coffee or hot tea drinker.

After a little bit, I realized that his right leg was touching my left leg and that he had moved closer to me. I figured maybe he did that so the blanket would cover both of us. A few minutes later, he asked me again if I had warmed up and at the same time put his right hand on my bare thighs to see if my thighs were still cold.

I had removed my jacket off my lap and put it to the side. He remarked that my thighs were still a bit cold. But he left his hand on my thigh. My thighs were very sensitive at that age. I was feeling a bit excited and was starting to get hard. So I did not say anything and just enjoyed the feeling.

Since I did not protest, he started caressing my thigh and then very slowly inched his hand up my thigh.

Having had some experience in this area already, I kind of knew where this was headed and decided to just enjoy what was happening. I just passively sat there and looked outside the window. As it was already getting dark and the lights in the bus were very dim, it was pretty dark inside the bus. I was not worried about anyone noticing us. The old man across the aisle seemed asleep.

As his hands teasingly reached my crotch, he stopped and leaned over and asked me if I was feeling okay. I just looked at him and whispered a yes. This gave him the encouragement he needed. Next, I felt his fingers slowly caressing my already hard cock over my shorts. I was already leaking pre-cum.

He played with my cock through my shorts for a while and then reached for my zipper and expertly lowered it. He reached inside my underwear and with a little help from me, freed my hard cock through the underwear out in the open.
He complimented me on the size of my cock for a 15 year old. At that moment I wondered as to how many 15 year old cocks he had played with. But I didn't care much as I was enjoying the feel of his hand on my hard teenage cock very much.

He played with my cock for some time, spreading the pre-cum over my slit again and again. Then just as my orgasm was building up, he let go of my cock and went back to caressing my thighs.

I thought he was done playing with me. So disappointed, as I was reaching to put my cock back into my pants, he leaned over and said that we have just started, and to leave my cock out and just relax and enjoy.

I did as he told me and after sometime when my orgasm had subsided, he came back to my cock and started playing with it. Again, just when my orgasm had started to build, he stopped playing with my cock and went back to caressing my thighs. He continued alternating this way for quite some time. I was immensely enjoying the touching and teasing. I realized he wanted me to enjoy this feeling without cumming.

He asked me if I have ever cum multiple times within a few hours and I told him I had. He smiled at me and whispered to get me a bit more comfortable. He reached over with both hands and unbuttoned my shorts and then whispered for me to lift my butt. When I did, he pulled my shorts down to my knees. He then did the same with my underwear and I lifted my butt for that too.

He now had open access to my cock and balls. He cupped my balls expertly and I was on fire. I was so horny and ready to cum but he was taking his time. He then bent down towards my legs and took my shorts and underwear completely off my legs. Now I was completely naked under the blanket from my waist down.

It was a good thing that the seats were cloth and not too cold as I set my naked butt on it. I got a horny feeling as the cloth of the seat touched my naked ass.

He then asked me to sit at an angle towards him with my back to the window, so that my left leg was bent and rested in his lap and my right leg was spread and on the ground.

He started to jack me slowly and expertly while he played with my balls with the other hand and within seconds I spurted my cum with an amazing force and intensity. I had to chew on the blanket to keep from screaming loud.
He continued jacking my cock until I stopped cumming. Milking my cock completely.

He took out his hands from under the blanket and discreetly licked my cum off it. Then he gave me a handkerchief to clean the mess I had made under the blanket. I cleaned myself and the inside of the blanket as best as I could in the dark.

He asked me if I had enjoyed me and of course I said I had. When I bent down to find my shorts and underwear to get dressed again, he told me to stay naked under the blanket and not to dress up.

He then asked me if I would like to cum one more time before the bus stops at the bus stop. I told him yes I wouldn’t mind cumming again. He told me to wait for a little bit. So I went back to listening to my music, still naked under the blanket.

A few minutes later, he got up and said he will be right back. He wanted to give some papers to his colleague, who was sitting up towards the front of the bus. I was a bit surprised to know that he had a colleague travelling on that bus as well.

He came back in a few minutes and carefully sat back down without lifting up too much of the blanket. Although I had just cum, sitting naked under the blanket in the bus made me very horny.

So after a few minutes, when SS touched my thighs, I started getting hard again. After playing with my cock and balls for a little bit, he asked me if I have ever been fucked in my ass. I told him that I had not, but had been fingered there. He asked me if I enjoy when my ass is being fingered and I said yes.

He then had me sit at an angle again like before, with part of my back towards the window and my crotch towards him. He then had me slide down a bit, to where now my left leg was bent on the seat behind him and the other was bent and on his legs. He had me use my jacket as a pillow to rest my head on.

He had also moved a bit at an angle, to where my butt was resting on his right thigh. Under the blanket he started caressing my buttocks and then my balls. He then traced the perineum line from my balls to my asshole. I almost jumped with pleasure. Luckily, because of the noise of the moving bus, our movements and sounds were masked.

He started fingering my asshole on the outside first. He lightly traced the ring of my puckered hole with his finger. He then tried to penetrate my hole with the tip of his finger and soon realized that I was pretty tight. He stopped for a minute and when his fingers returned, I felt Vaseline like substance being applied to my asshole.

He started working one finger into my asshole very, very slowly and gently. I was amazed at how good it was feeling. With his other hand he kept playing with my cock.

He applied some more gel to his fingers and was able to slide his whole finger in my ass and then he started finger fucking me hard as he continued to jack me off. And soon I spilled my cum over his hand once more. I could not believe the intensity with which I had cum a second time.
It took a few moments for me to recover. He left his finger in my asshole, removing it only when I was I was ready to get up. He then got a handkerchief and cleaned my asshole and the cum off my body.

He smelled his finger that was in my ass, and then made me smell it too.

He then asked me if I had ever sucked a cock and I told him that I had limited experience. So he asked me to change sides and put my head in his lap. He then lifted the blanket and covered my head with it, holding the blanket high above my head with a little gap for air.

In the dark with his other hand, he guided my mouth to his cock, which was already hard. I was surprised to find that his pants were already pulled down to his thighs. His cock was of average size and thickness.

I licked the head of his cock first a couple of times and then swallowed the head in my mouth and started sucking him. He whispered to go slowly and not make him cum yet. So I started sucking him slowly. He then guided my mouth towards his balls. I licked and sucked his balls for a few minutes before returning back to sucking his cock.

I alternated between sucking his cock and his balls, still under the blanket. His cock tasted good and clean. While holding the blanket above my head with one hand, his other hand went back to my asshole. He slid his finger in and started finger fucking me. He then added a bit more gel to his fingers and this time slowly began to insert a second finger in my ass.

He was so gentle that within a short while, he was able to get both fingers completely in my ass and was fucking me slowly. I once again got hard and horny because of the fingering.

But then he asked me stop and get up. He told me that we were close to the bus stop. He also told me that if we can find a spot during the stop over, we may have a bit more fun.
He told me get dressed but to give him my underwear. So I handed him my underwear, which he put in his pocket and I just put my shorts back on.

Continued in part 2.

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