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This time I listen to my wife having sex with my friend.
This a continuation of my story.
I have seen some negative comments that Sue should have let me fuck her, but I'm now a cuckold, I take what I can get and what Sue decides, thats a cuckold's lot, like it or not.

Having returned to work, some 200 miles away from home, I called Sue regularly.

This was Tuesday afternoon following her amazing session with Ben at the weekend. We had chatted for a while reliving the experience with Ben. Sue only occasionally wore a bra and told me when she was touching herself and then moving her panties to one side to be able to finger herself.

We were interrupted when the doorbell rang and Sue said she would see who was there and be back in a minute. I heard her talking and then her voice became louder as she came back into the room, I could hear clearly as she said to Ben, “Oh, this is a nice surprise, I wondered when I would see you again.” It went quiet as I guessed they were kissing. I heard Sue making little sort of purring sounds just as she does when I kiss her.

It was clear that she was going to let me hear just what was going happen by leaving the phone off of the hook.

Ben asked if she was O.K. Sue replied that she had been sore but was alright again now. I imagined them kissing, Sue with her arms around his neck, Ben with his arms around her waist.

“Is this a flying visit” she asked. “Actually I told them I'm on meal break, so I have about 45 minutes”.

Sue, “So to what do I owe this visit.” Ben “There were reports of someone screaming around here on Saturday night, I'm trying to find out if someone was attacked.”

Sue “I was attacked by someone with a very large weapon on Saturday.” Ben “Maybe we should try to reconstruct the scene like they do on TV.”

Sue, “Is that a truncheon in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me” Did I mention that Ben is a police officer. Ben, “No its all me and I'm definitely pleased to see you again”.

Sue “Well I seem to remember that you were naked, so you had better strip.” Sue, I realise now can be very forceful and I could hear the sounds of Ben quickly stripping, I could imagine Sue watching with her arms folded in front of her.

Sue, “Mmmm, that looks like the weapon, mmmmmmm feels like it too, time to help me get my kit off.”

Ben, “Nice tits, nice ass.” I now knew that my wife and my friend were naked again, it seemed ok when I had agreed to them meeting the once, but now he had visited her knowing that they would be alone and Sue seems quite happy with that.

I could imagine them kissing, deep passionate kisses. Him caressing her beautiful breasts, she holding his prick, wanking him, probably gently because she was expecting to be fucked again, confirmed as he slipped his hand between her legs to finger her and feel her eager wetness.

Sue, “I wonder it this weapon tastes the same.” Oh god she was going down on him and making sure I knew what was happening by describing it to me. Ben, “Ooooooh fuck, thats good.” Yep she had him in her mouth now.

Ben, after a couple of minutes, “Whoa there, dont make me cum too soon and I want to taste you too.”

Again I could hear some movement. Sue, “ Oh my god, thats good, I love it when you do that, Oh fuck dont stop.”

This went on for what seemed ages, Sue crying out encouraging Ben to do whatever it was, but it was obvious that he was between her legs kissing and sucking and fingering my wife.

I was so hard now but somehow managing to hold off wanking and giving myself the relief I so needed.

Then Sues cries got louder and more frequent, she was fast approaching what sounded like an amazing climax. She rarely swore but now she was saying fuck almost every other word as she came.

Sue, “Oh my god that was fucking incredible, I've never cum like that before.” She was so out of breath, now I was wishing that I could see the action as well. Ben, “There's more to cum yet sweetheart, lift your legs up, no right up in the air, let me see your pussy, yes, you look good, ready?.”

Sue cried out as I guessed Ben thrusting his cock deep inside her. Sue, “Oh fuck go easy big boy, I'm not used to being fucked like this.” Ouch, that hurt, but I hoped that she was saying it to get Ben excited by talking as she did and giving me a commentary of what was happening.

The chair that they were using for their afternoon fuck had a sort of squeak sometimes, and this was one of those times when it was useful as I knew each time Ben thrust his hot cock into her and by her commentary, like “Oh yes fuck me, fuck me harder, oh fuck dont stop.”

I have to say that Ben is very energetic and from the squeaks of the chair and the squeals from Sue, I knew that once again she was getting a good seeing to.

Was I jealous, I'm not sure. I wanted Sue to be happy, she wanted to make love to Ben, Ben obviously wanted Sue and I was left to pick up the scraps. It certainly gave me great pleasure watching Sue and Ben on Saturday, in fact I can't remember being more excited. I was also enjoying listening to them make love and using my imagination as to just what they were doing, I was excited now, I had a huge hard-on and I would enjoy a wank very soon, so I guess not jealous just enjoying sex in a different way to my normal.

Anyway back to Sue and Ben. Sue was going wild, it was clear that Ben was giving her more than I ever could, she was usually loud as she reached a climax and this was no exception. Her cries were getting both louder and more frequent. That poor chair was also taking a pounding from the sound of it.

Then crying out loud enough to wake the dead Sue climaxed, I love watching her cum and this one was spectacular, she kept saying “Oh fuck, oh fuck.” over and over. I was pleased for her.

But Ben hadn't cum yet and was still pounding and thrusting into her. Sue usually cums twice or three times before she is truly satisfied and if I cum too quickly she will get out her vibrator and finish herself off. But Ben was catching up quickly and grunting like mad, I'm sure this turned Sue on as then she and Ben came together.

It went quiet for a while, it gave me chance to finish my wank, but I came very quickly, even though I tried to make it last.

I think Ben went to the bathroom as I heard Sue ask if I was still there.

Sue, “ I think I've just had my best fuck ever, was it good for you too.” Me. “Yes sweetheart it was, I really enjoyed that, thank you.”

Yes, I most definitely am a cuckold now. Sue has found a new sexual freedom and I have no doubt that she is going to make the most of it.

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2016-12-09 11:55:44
Ben, you have REALLY tapped into the sensual complicated turmoil of the love, jeolous, horney, self pleasuring world of cuckolding. The need to show your wife off, assuring yourself she is VERY desirable.

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2016-11-21 11:19:20
Thanks Benn I will look for your next story there

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2014-04-19 07:35:22
Love your filthy slut!!!
Good nasty cock lover !!!!

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2013-10-16 01:11:31
cut the cheating bitches puissy off of her and shove it down the cops throat then slice his throat to bleed all over the cheating bitch, then just walk away and smile

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2013-10-07 12:21:14
I have posted a third story, but I did not tag it as a cuckold story so its in 'Erotic' Watching Sue story 3.

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