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A middle aged tutor teaches his student more than just trig and geometry
I was a adjunct professor at a local community college after switching career paths. Forty-five may seem like an odd age to change careers, but I was unhappy as a consultant and wanted a change. Adjuncts don’t typically make a lot of money, so I tutored on the side. My specialty was math and prep for college entrance exams. It didn’t pay great, usually about 25 dollars a session for an hour, but it helped out.

My friend and neighbor of 2 years, Gary, had a daughter that was preparing to take the SATs and asked me if I’d be willing to tutor her. I had known Emily for some time and told him it would be no trouble, even offering a discounted rate, considering that we were neighbors. I began to tutor Emily in math during the winter, because her exams were that upcoming spring. She was a good student and I was surprised that she was already a grade ahead in her math sequence at school.

I hadn’t realized it before, but Emily must have actually skipped an entire grade, as she was a 15 year old senior. She was a pretty typical teenager, but smarter than most kids her age. She wore classes that made her look more stylish than nerdy. She dressed fairly conservatively, but even so you could tell that her body had definitely developed over the previous couple years from when she moved in. She had large breasts, which were accentuated by her thin overall figure. She was only maybe 5’2 and barely 110 lbs, but had good curves hiding under her slightly baggy sweatshirts she liked to wear.

We met 2 to 3 times a week, depending on when the swim team had meets. Everything was going relatively normal until one day when I had to take a phone call during our session. I told her it may take a while as I was conducting some business and that she should feel free to use my computer. I ended the call after about 15 minutes and apologized. She said no worries and we got back to our session. After she left that night I went to my computer and noticed that she hadn’t cleared the browser history. She had went to a few social media sites and then another site I had never heard of. When I clicked on it, it was a diary blog. After reading it for a few minutes, I realized that although it was anonymous, it was clearly HER diary blog. She had mentioned studying and the swim team numerous times.

For some reason, having access to her private thoughts was enthralling. The electronic diary was fairly innocuous until I found that she had written about me on more than one occasion. I decided to search for my name within the diary. She revealed having a crush on me, which definitely was flattering. It wasn’t what she was saying, but how she said it, her writing was blunt and graphic. It was a far discord from the girl I knew in person. The line that really stuck out was “God, Mr Jones makes my pussy so wet, and I bet he doesn’t even know it.”

I decided not to bring it up to her in person, but I bookmarked the page so I could see if anything else was being written. I became obsessed with checking it on a daily basis, usually at night. After our next session, she wrote that she had a regular tutoring session, but wondered if “Mr. Jones” would ever notice her. I went to the comments section and posted as someone named “Olivia” and suggested that she be more provocative with the way she dressed, saying that maybe wearing no bra would catch her tutors attention. I was very turned on with the thought of manipulating her actions via the blog and wanted to see if it would work.

Two days later, during our next session, she showed up in a tight cream colored sweater and no bra. Her tits looked perfect in that top, with her nipples slightly visible. During the session I asked her what she had done differently. “Did you get a haircut Emily?” She replied with a shy “No. Why?” I told her that I thought she looked different, but in a good way. “Oh, I don’t know what it could be” she responded coyly. “Well, whatever it is, keep doing it because you look great.” She tried to cover up a small smile, but she had already let the cat out of the bag. I made it a point to get caught staring at her tits more than once.

Right after she left, I began to monitor her journal. Within an hour she had posted a new entry. Most of it was boring, but when she got to the part about her evening she wrote:

“Oh my god! It totally worked. I went over to Mr. Jones’ place without a bra on today and I caught him staring at my tits at least three times, he even said I looked ‘good’ and to keep doing whatever I was doing!”

During the next few tutoring session, she continued to dress more provocatively, sometimes wearing no bra, other times wearing shirts that showed off her perfect cleavage. I decided to get a little more flirty with her, resting my hand on her shoulder and using body language to convey that I was interested in her little game too. I still couldn’t fathom why she had any interest in a man three times her age, but at that moment I didn’t care.

It was mid-February now and I knew the SATs were in less than 6 weeks, so I suggested that we have our session more regularly. In reality, I had just wanted to see more of her and see how far things could go between us. I was pushing the boundaries too, one time resting my hand just above her knee to see if she’d say anything. I pretended that I mistakenly put it there and apologized, and she blushed as she told me not to worry about it. I started regularly placing my hand on her leg or brushing against her to see if she’d stop me, but she never did.

She continued writing about me in her journal as well. I loved reading her dirty comments, especially since she was so prim and proper in real life. One of the postings she wrote said simply – “Mr. Jones has no idea how bad I want to suck his cock. I swear if he just took it out I’d be all over him in seconds.” After reading that, I decided that it was my turn to really tease her. I generally wore slacks and a button-down collared shirt when she was around, but maybe something more revealing of my bulge was in order next time.

Before the next session I tried on a few different outfits to see what would look best. I wasn’t hung like a horse, but I was certainly respectable in the size department. Fully erect I am about 7.5 inches, but very thick. I found an old cotton pair of shorts that were gray and really showed off my thickness if I didn’t wear underwear with them. I slide them on with a t-shirt and waiting for the doorbell to ring. I answered the door and immediately apologized for my appearance, saying that I had just gotten back from the gym.
We sat at the kitchen table, going over trigonometry when I asked her if she wanted a drink. She said that a soda would be good. I made sure to stand up so that my crotch was just a few feet away from her face, as she’d be eye level when sitting. I looked down and noticed her eyeing my bulge, she wasn’t even trying to hide it, she was simply staring at it. I returned with the soda and set it down next to her, leaning over her shoulder to look at her math problems. My cock brushed against her back as I stared into her blouse, catching a glimpse of her still growing tits.

Eagerly awaiting her journal post that night, I sat and drank a whiskey at my computer. I knew she’d post about it, but what would she say? Her posting came later than normal that night. She lead it with our meeting. “I can’t believe it” the posted started…”Mr. Jones had some tacky athletic shorts on today and his cock is friggin enormous! I could practically see the outline of it through his shorts and it is crazy thick. If you guys thought I wanted him before, you have no idea how bad I want him now. I got off like 3 times after I came home just thinking about it.”

I decided that enough was enough, I was either going to really do something about it, or stop all the gamesmanship. I devised a plan that I thought would work. The next time she came over, I asked her if she knew what an incentive was. We discussed how incentives often work better than penalties at getting people to do things. I told her that if she got a good score on her SATs, I’d give her a reward. “What kind of reward?” she asked me excitedly. “You’ll just have to trust me” I told her.

We had just a few more sessions before the actual exam and I focused on getting her as prepped as possible. Then our last session came and I reminded her to let me know as soon as she got her scores in. She told me they usually took about 2-3 weeks. Damn, the time lag was killing me. Not only would I not have an excuse to see her in that span, but I’d have to wait even longer than I had wanted to set my real plan in motion.

Finally, the day came when she got her scores. I got a knock on my door and opened it up, seeing Emily standing there looking excited. She was wearing a tank top now and shorts, as the weather was considerably warmer than in the winter. I told her to come in and noticed that she was holding a letter. “So…are those the scores?” I asked. “Yup” she said, smiling ear to ear. “Well…..” I uttered, waiting for her reply. “97th percentile!” she exclaimed as she walked over to hug me innocently. “Wow, I am so proud of you. I knew you’d do great, but that is even better than I thought.”

She wasted no time and asked me “I don’t mean to be rude, but remember the reward you said you’d get me? I can’t wait any longer, what is it?” I was nervous, and I wasn’t sure I could do what I was about to. I took a deep breath and walked toward her slowly. She looked slightly confused as I placed my hand on her flat stomach and leaned down to kiss her. She didn’t immediately reciprocate, but did after a few seconds, after the shock wore off.

I heard the letter fall to the floor as her hands wrapped around my back. She started kissing me deeply and passionately as I let my hands grope her perfectly tight ass. I pulled her shirt up slightly so that I could caress her back, her skin was soft and smooth. I pressed her body up against the counter and removed my mouth from hers, kissing along her neck. Her breathing was heavy and she began to moan slightly. She definitely wanted it as bad as she claimed in her diary.

As I continued kissing her neck I unclasped her bra with my right hand and vigorously took her shirt and bra of over her head. Her tits were unbelievable, so large and soft, with perfect pink nipples that were fully erect. I’d guess she was about a 34D, and they hung the perfect amount. I wasted no time caressing them and sucking on her nipples. I licked up her neck and began nibbling on her ear, whispering “Your tits are beautiful” in the process. My mouth once again found hers at about the same time her hands found my belt buckle. She began undoing my belt and zipper with a fast pace. Within a few seconds, my pants were on the floor. She knelt down in front of me rubbing my growing cock beneath my underwear. I pulled my underwear down and saw her face as she was just inches from my fat dick.

She grabbed it by the base, almost as if she was examining it. She slowly started stroking my length, and I was getting fully hard in a hurry. Her mouth opened and she began to take the head of my cock in her mouth. She was inexperienced for sure, but she was doing a great job. A few minutes in I told her to suck my balls and she immediately obeyed. I grabbed my cock and guided it back to her mouth. I knew I was going to cum soon, but wasn’t sure what to do. I couldn’t decide if I wanted her to swallow all of my cum or if it would look better on her face and tits. Right as I was about to cum, I looked down at her and simply stated “I’m about to cum” and let her make a choice. As I came she wrapped her sweet lips around the head and took every single drop of salty cum right into her mouth. I pulled my dick out and watched her swallow my cum like a good little student.

I helped her up and guided her into my living room. It was my turn to take her bottoms off now. I pulled her shorts off and then her panties. Her pussy was freshly shaved and looked totally unused and pristine. I couldn’t wait to taste her sweet juices. I sat her down on the couch and practically dove between her legs. I used my tongue to probe her labia and find her swollen clit. Her pussy tasted incredible, I had forgotten how good teenage pussy tasted. She was slowly starting to buck and I knew she was about to cum. I slid my finger inside her tight pussy and worked her g-spot as she came.

I made her cum twice more within the next few minutes before sitting on the couch next to her. We both sat awkwardly for a few minutes catching our breath, as I put my arm around her waist. “That was incredible” she told me. I said that I agreed. Next time you come over, I have more for you to learn…..


2013-09-30 23:44:25
Great story! Looking forward to part 2.

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