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This is pretty long but hopefully pleasurable

There was a warm fire going in the fireplace and Jr. was already up and having some breakfast. As I sat up Jr. said good morning, which drew his father’s attention to me.
“Well there’s our sleepy little slut.” He said “You must be starving, how’d you sleep?”
I was still somewhat frightened of “daddy” as I was instructed to call him so I glanced over at Jr. and he shook his head no so I just said fine. I understood his nod to mean that he didn’t tell daddy about last night and didn’t want me to either.
“Well get yourself over to the table, breakfast is almost ready and you’re gonna need your strength later.”
“Where are my clothes?” I muttered
“Oh don’t worry about them, you ain’t gonna be needing them. We’ll just have to take them off again anyway.”
Can I use the washroom? I asked
We don’t have one of those but Jr. here will take you to the outhouse.
I noticed the two of them both had just their underwear on. I tried to wrap the sheet that we brought back in with us hours before around me.
As instructed Jr. took me out to the outhouse which to my surprise was cleaner than I had anticipated.
When we returned my breakfast was at the table waiting for me. I didn’t care how it tasted I was so hungry I ate like it was my last meal.
Daddy told me to take the sheet off while I was devouring my food. I hesitated a moment and once again glanced at Jr., then remembering what he said the night before and my agreement I untucked the sheet from around my breasts and let it fall.
As I would lean over to take a mouthful of food my tits and now hardening nipples would touch the edge of the table.
“Umm, ya, that’s what I like to see.” “Those sure are nice round tits you have there”
“Thank you daddy I’m glad you like them.”
I was now finished everything in my plate and just had a piece of toast and my milk to finish.
“Why don’t you bring the rest of that over here and sit on daddy’s knee so daddy can have a feel of those nice round things.?”
I shivered inside at the thought of him touching me again but I knew it would be better for me to comply so I got up with the rest of my food and walked over to him and sat on his knee. I could see from the tent his underwear was starting to make that daddy was already getting excited.
He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. His hands found their way to my tits quickly.
“Daddy loves his little girl and she’s being much better behaved today. Are you Daddy’s girl?” He asked
“Yes” I said
“So you’re not mad at daddy anymore for having to spank you yesterday?”
“No, I understand, I deserved it; I was being a bad little girl”
“But daddy & Jr. made you feel good afterwards didn’t we?”
“Yes daddy”
“Did you enjoy all those nice orgasms we gave you?”
“Yes” I once again replied
“Ya, I thought you would” he said. “Daddy wants to make you feel good again later. Would you like that?”
“Yes daddy”
“Tell daddy how much you’d like that”
“I’d like it very much daddy”
“Did you like getting spanked over daddy’s knee?”
“Not at first daddy, it hurt a lot”
“But it really excited daddy, and made me feel good, don’t you want daddy to feel good too?”
“Yes daddy”
“It was really exciting to see Jr., finger and eat your wet pussy while daddy held you open wide.”
Daddy’s cock was now protruding profusely under his shorts and he shifted my weight so I was now sitting in the center of his lap with my legs on either side of his and because men sit with their legs apart (not to mention he didn’t have a lot of choice here) meant that mine were spread also.
I was finished my breakfast now but daddy wanted me to stay where I was but to turn around and face him. So I swung my legs around and was now sitting in the opposite direction.
He told me to play with one of my tits so I started to caress one and lightly flicked at my hardened nipple.
“Ohhh God, ya baby girl you sure know how to excite daddy.” Then he grabbed my other one and lifted it to meet his mouth and started sucking my nipple while fondling the rest of it. He then grabbed me by the hips and started to move my lower body back and forth on his lap so he could dry-hump me.
He would hold my hips down while raising his pelvis up to grind his dick between my spread pussy lips.
My body started to react and I could feel my juices seeping out of me onto his underwear.
My head went back and a small moan came out of me.
“Pa,” Jr. said “I think she’s really enjoying that.”
“I think so too Jr., I knew she was a horny little slut and if she wasn’t we would make her one.”
“You got that right pa.”
One thing about ‘”Pa” he loved to here praise and encouragement about himself. And Jr. knew this about him so he did his best to give him lots to stroke his ego.
“Pa my dick is getting really hard watching this. I think I should get the camcorder out again.”
“Yes Jr. I’d like to watch this for myself later.”
So while Jr. got the recorder and got it set up daddy said to me “Honey, you know what a good little girl would do right now to make her daddy feel really good?”
“She would get down and suck on you daddy?”
“Yes and she wouldn’t have to be told or asked”
So with that I got off his lap and he moved his chair out a little so I could kneel before him. I reached inside the leg of his boxer shorts and ran my hand along his cock and stroked it a few times, making daddy moan.
“Ahhhh Ya baby girl play with daddy’s hard cock.” “Make daddy feel good”
I could feel his wetness at the tip of his cock where he leaked out so I scooped it onto my finger a sucked it off.
“My baby girl like that? You like the taste of daddy’s cum?”
“Yes daddy”
“There’s more where that came from.” “You want more of daddy’s love juice honey?”
“Yes daddy, I want more”
“Tell daddy then”
“Daddy I want to suck your big cock and taste your cum in my mouth.”
“Ok baby girl I think daddy can do that for you.”
He grabbed the waistband of his underwear and pulled them off, his cock as large as I remembered it to be. As it lay straight up his abdomen I could see it pulsing, more liquid already present at the tip.
I stuck out my tongue and touched the tip of it to the drop of liquid and there was a long sticky string from my tongue to his cock. I licked around the head a few times before licking up and down the length of it, just as I heard him say “ya baby make daddy feel good.”
I opened my mouth as wide s I could and swallowed as much as I could get in it, then I tightened my lips around it and slid it all the way up.
Daddy started moaning. “Fuck baby that feels wonderful.” “Good thing you like the taste of daddy’s cum cause you keep that up and you’ll be tasting a lot of it soon.”
I did keep it up and soon daddy had his hand on the back of my head and was pushing it up & down.
His pelvis started meeting my strokes causing his cock to push in farther then I thought it could go. He was starting to hit my gag reflex and tears started to come from my eyes. I reached down and started to rub my very wet pussy.
“Ohhh ya, rub that sweet cunt for daddy. Rub your juices on my dick and let daddy watch you lick it all off.”
I did as instructed. My pussy was sopping wet so I coated his cock with my juice and licked all around his cock then I started sucking him again. One hand still fingering my pussy.
“Ohhhhhh, yaaaaa, you’re gonna make daddy blow his load very soon.” He grabbed my head and shoved himself deep inside my mouth and then I felt him shoot stream after stream of hot cum down my throat. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to swallow it all but I managed most of it. Some dripped out and ran down my face.
“God, that was good.” “My little girl did a good job. Daddy won’t forget it either. You’ll be rewarded later. Now I want you to clear up the breakfast dishes and clean the table off while Jr. transfers the tape onto a VCR tape so we can all watch it.”
Then he got up, put on his pants and went outside to collect some wood for later in the evening.
Jr. looked at me and said “You did good, and you’ve got him in a good mood. Keep it up and before long you’ll be set free.”
He came up and kissed me and reached between my legs and fingered me a bit. I parted my legs more to give him better access. I leaned into his chest and moaned, hoping he wouldn’t stop till I came, but then he pulled out and licked his fingers as he walked back to where he came from to work on transferring the tape.
I started cleaning up as ordered and just got everything finished when daddy returned with a sack full of wood. He started loading it near the fireplace.
“Is the tape ready boy?”
“Just about pa”
“Good I can hardly wait to see out little girl’s performances since her arrival. “
“Ya pa it should be real exciting to see again.”
When everything was ready, I was told to come sit on the couch with him & Jr. soon the whole ordeal from yesterday unfolded before me and when I saw jr. playing with my pussy while daddy held me open wide for him I found myself getting really turned on. Jr.’s hard cock was quite evident under his shorts and rather close to me and I couldn’t help but reach over and give it a bit of a squeeze. The fly opening in his boxers was separated now so I reached in to touch him.. After a little rubbing he stood up and pulled his underwear off. Daddy looked over and saw the state jr. was in and said “I can see you’re enjoying the show. “
“Ya pa it’s got me in a state.”
“I can see that, maybe your sister will be willing to help you out there.”
“I’d like that pa.” Jr looked at me and said “Play with me sis?”
So I grabbed hold once again and started to stroke him. He grew even harder. I lowered my head to his lap and started to suck him. A few seconds later there was a knock at the door.
We all froze a moment, and then daddy slowly got up to glance out the window to see who was at the door. The visitor knocked again.
I wanted to find something to put on but there was nothing around.
All of a sudden daddy said “Well by golly I don’t believe it, we’re gonna have us a party.” Then he went to open the door just as jr. asked what he meant by that. “Who is it pa?”
“Well hello my sweet Amy, long time since you’ve stopped by.”
“I know daddy, I’m sorry but I’ve been busy. But I was not too far from here and my pussy was itching for some of yours & Jr.’s attention.”
“Well we’re really glad to see you and you know how much we’d enjoy taking care of your needs.” “Have you been behaving yourself or do you need some discipline.”
“Well I’ve been trying to be good but its tough daddy I might need a little punishment.”
“Well come on in, I have someone for you to meet.” “We were just watching some of her activities, and now you can join us.”
A girl about my age came in, I tried to hide my nakedness but jr. stopped me.
Daddy made introductions and said Amy was the second girl they had brought here and she came back whenever she got the chance so they could have their way with her. She liked getting spanked was willing to let them do whatever they wanted to her.
She said hi to Jr and me and smiled when she saw the state jr. was in.
Jr. had paused the tape when daddy had got up to answer the door. but once we were all seated again he hit the play button.
I was embarrassed that this girl was seeing me get raped and begging to let me suck daddy’s cock but she seemed to be enjoying it, so much so that she stuck her hand inside her top to play with her tits. They were fairly large and for some strange reason I found myself wanting to see them. It wasn’t long after when my wish came true and she pulled her top off and unhooked her bra.
I was screaming on the tape now about to have one of my many orgasms from yesterday, and as she watched she moaned and said I was so hot. She lifted one of her big tits to her mouth and flicked her nipple with her tongue.
Jr. grabbed my head and pushed it back to his lap for me to start sucking him again.
When the close-up shot of my pussy that jr. took came on the screen Amy moaned and said she’d love to have a taste of that sweet looking cunt.
I had never been with another girl in any sexual manner before but when I heard Amy say that I was surprised to learn how the thought of that turned me on.
Pa & jr. both said they’d love to watch and tape that.
Amy got up and took off the rest of her clothes; her pussy was shaven clean like mine. She turned her back to us and bent right over with her legs apart and spread her ass and pussy wide and stuck a couple fingers inside.
“Ahh yes darling you know how to get daddy hard don’t you?”
“Yes daddy and I like what happens when I do.”
Daddy could see some glistening down there, “Are you all nice and wet for daddy & Jr.’s big dicks?
“Ohh yes daddy I want it in the ass and pussy”. “And I want it hard while you slap your bad little girl.”
“That’s what daddy likes to hear” But what are you going to do for daddy first?”
“I’m going to eat her pussy while you and jr. watch & tape it.”
“Ohhhhhhh ya that would definitely make daddy happy.”
Daddy grabbed the camera while Amy moved towards me. I was kneeling in front of the couch sucking on Jr. when I felt her hands come around me to play with my nipples. Then she told me to kneel on the couch while I sucked jr. and to spread my legs so I did just that.
She got behind me and spread my pussy lips and ran her tongue all along my wet slit. God it felt so good.
She moaned as she tasted me and I could tell this wasn’t her first time eating pussy. She seemed to know my every nerve ending even the ones I didn’t even know I had.
I was moaning like crazy and stroking Jr. really fast. He couldn’t hold back any longer and shot his load all over my chest.
Amy turned me around and licked all the cum off my chest and sucked on my nipples for a bit, then she returned to finish what she had bee doing between my legs.
“Amy” daddy said “Bring her over and lay her on the table here and you’ll have a better angle and she can spread her legs wider for ya”
“Jr. come over and work the camera for a while I wanna get me a piece of ass.”
“Yes pa”
So while Amy was lapping at my cunt, daddy came up behind her and started fondling her.
“You got daddy all worked up now, watching you two playing together” he said
He started rubbing her cunt and was really pleased to feel how excited she was from licking me.
“Daddy sure enjoys his little girl’s all wet and horny for him. “
He grabbed hold of his cock and stuck it between her legs. It quickly found its target and he pushed himself all the way in making Amy squeal with delight.
He teased her with it for a while and slapped her ass every time she made a sound or pushed herself back to get more of him.
Amy’s tongue was driving me wild and I had one small orgasm already but she had me worked up now that I could tell the next one was going to be explosive and it was going to happen very soon.
The more I moaned the more it pleased daddy and he’d say “That’s it, make your sister scream and cum all over your face.” “And when she does Jr.’s gonna put that camera on the tri-pod and come and pound her cunt with his cock till she cums again.”
“How’s that sound to you Jr?”
“That sounds really good pa, my cock is all hard and ready for her. I can’t wait to stick it in that tight hole and bang away at it.”
I couldn’t take it anymore and erupted like a volcano.
“Move aside a little darlin’; daddy wants to have a taste of that sweet pussy too.”
She shifted over enough for daddy to lean over and like me till Jr. arrived to take his place.
Jr. put my legs up on his shoulders and shoved himself inside me.
I let out a little scream as it hurt for just a moment, then that pain turned to pleasure and my breathing quickened.
Amy was screaming “Harder daddy” “Please fuck me harder”
Daddy slapped her hard on the ass. “Daddy will fuck you harder when he’s ready to” he said
“But daddy I need it so bad”
Whack! He slapped her again. “You’re a little slut just like your sister over there”
“Yes daddy.” “I’m your little slut
“You got that right & if daddy wanted to whore you out to someone you’d obey daddy wouldn’t you?”
“Yes daddy if that’s would please you”
“Well daddy just might do that. I might get someone here and tell you to come by and I’ll make some money for that cunt of yours.”
Just then Amy started screaming so daddy pounded her hard and fast as she came all over his dick. When he withdrew from her he went into the bedroom and grabbed some oil. He poured some on his dick and told Jr. to change positions. Daddy placed his cock against my rectum and ignoring my protests he started to push his way in. it hurt till he got it all in and then it felt wonderful as he started fucking my ass jr. was fucking my cunt. It didn’t take me long and I was squirting my cum like a fountain, soaking Jr.’s chest.
That did it for daddy and he emptied his load in my ass. And Jr., only seconds later in my cunt.
I was so exhausted I couldn’t move.
The sex continued between us four, on and off throughout the day and evening. When the guys could no longer perform, Amy & I would play together. She taught me how &what to do with another female. And after my first taste of pussy I realized I liked it.
Amy stayed with us till the next morning and after breakfast she left. By the afternoon Daddy asked if I enjoyed myself and this time I didn’t lie when I said yes.
“That’s good.” He said “You promise to never say anything to anyone?”
“Yes.” I replied “I know you have the tapes and what you’ll do with them if I ever did.”
“That’s right.” He said
“I think it’s time to take you back, I wouldn’t want a missing person’s report to go out.
He handed me my clothes which had been neatly folded and sitting in his room.
I got dressed and said goodbye to Jr., then daddy took me back to the park.
As I said goodbye to him and started to walk away I turned to him and asked. “Would it be okay to come back and visit sometime?”
“You know where we’ll be.” He replied


2006-05-11 22:07:05
I am so wet!!!!!!!!!!!!


2005-10-02 11:38:59
i love how the story ended up u should make a sequal were the girl comes back to visit


2005-09-26 12:19:08
dam that is good keep doing what you do pimp

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