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This is a story of my true Gay experience during my teen years
This is a continuation of Part 1. Please read Part 1 first for this story to make sense.


After a few minutes, the bus stopped at gas station / restaurant and driver announced that we will have a 30 minute stop over for food etc. As we were disembarking the bus, SS asked me if I needed to use the restroom. I told him I needed to pee.

He asked me to meet him first at the last stall in the very back of the restroom and went ahead walking briskly ahead of me like he had to use the bathroom in a hurry.

When I got to the stall, he was already in there. He locked the door behind me. In our county the toilet stalls were covered from the floor up, so no one can see the feet under the stall like we can in the US. So no one knew we were both in there.

As soon he locked the door he turned around and started kissing me and unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to the ground. He then raised my tshirt and licked my nipples one by one. That felt so good. I told him I had to pee, so he stood behind me and held my cock as I tried to pee. I was already semi hard, so it was difficult to pee, but I finally managed.

He then got on his knees and started sucking my cock. He did that for a little bit. He then turned me around and bent me over the toilet seat and started liking my asshole and then finger fucked it. I enjoyed my asshole being licked a lot.

He then asked me if he could fuck me in the ass. I said yes only if he promised to be gentle, since I had never been fucked before, but was horny enough then to try it.

He got me on my knees, dropped his pants and told me suck him to get his cock hard again. He was semi hard already and within a few moments of my sucking him, he got hard.

He bent me over the toilet seat, applied some more gel on my ass and his cock and then slowly started pushing his cock in my asshole.

All the fingering and the gel had loosened me up and after a few moments of pleasurable pushing, the head of his cock was in me. He pushed a few more times and he was completely inside me. I could feel his pubic hair grazing against my butt cheeks. I could feel the heat and pleasure in my ass at the same time.

I was already hard and the first cock to ever penetrate my ass was feeling amazingly full and very pleasurable. I had just cum twice and I was still horny. He started fucking me very gently with long and full strokes. Moans of pleasure were escaping my mouth. I had to bite down on my arm from making too much noise.

While fucking me, he reached around and started playing with my cock, my balls and my nipples. His touching got me really turned on. I whispered to him that I wanted to cum again.

So he started jacking me off and in a few moments I shot my cum again very intensely, as his cock still plowed away at my ass. My cum sprayed everywhere over the toilet seat. It’s hard to describe how good I felt.

Just as he was about to cum, he pulled out and came all over my ass and back. Once he had finished cumming, he picked up some of the cum off my back with his two fingers and put it in my mouth and told me to lick his fingers and swallow the cum. So I completely licked his fingers and swallowed his cum. That was the first time I had actually tasted anyone’s cum. It didn't taste bad, just different. We then got cleaned up. He told me to get on the bus, and he will buy some hamburgers and sodas and meet me on the bus.

He was the last person to get on the bus, as everyone else was already on. He told me later that because he had traveled this route by bus so many times, the bus drivers knew him and so he had asked the driver, whom he had met at the restaurant to wait for him while he bought the hamburgers.

We ate on the bus and chatted for a while. I realized that quite a few people had gotten off at the last stop. The seat across from us, previously occupied by the old man, was now empty. Also the seats immediately in front of us on either side of the aisle were also completely empty. I was happy since that gave us some more privacy.

I wanted to know more about SS, so I asked him if he had done what he did with me, with many other men and boys. He told me that he had, but that he was mostly into hand jobs, blow jobs and ass fingering and not into ass fucking as much. But after fingering and licking my ass he felt he had to fuck me. He asked me if I had liked it and if he had been gentle? I told him that I had enjoyed it a lot. I also told him that I had cum very hard with his cock in my ass. I couldn't believe that I had so openly discussed that with someone who had been a complete stranger just a few hours earlier

He told me that he enjoyed butt play as well and usually carried toys with him when he traveled.

He asked me if I wanted to cum one more time before we arrived at our destination. I was a bit tired so I told him I needed to rest for a little while. He gave me his neck pillow and told me to enjoy my nap. I dosed off immediately.

When I woke up a short while later, I realized SS was not in his seat next to me. He came back a few minutes later from the bathroom.

I also got up to pee as I had drunk a lot of soda. The entrance to the short alley leading to the bathroom was covered by a thick curtain, matching the curtains on the windows that gave the interior of the bus a cozy look and feel. This Curtain was right next to our seat, in between our seat and the seat across the aisle. Past the curtain, once in the alley way, the bathroom was on the right. The good thing was that not very many people were using the bathroom that evening.

When I came back, SS had spread out the blanket again. Once I was under the blanket he whispered to me to take off my shorts. So once again I was completely naked from my waist down. I was a little bit hard already from the adventure of it all, of being naked in a public and everything surrounding it in addition to being sexually involved with a stranger.

SS told me that he loved touching and playing with my body since it responded so well to his touch. He told me that I had a very sexy and sensitive body.

He started jacking me off for a little bit and then stopped and pulled out something from his bag. It was small cock dildo. It was one of his toys. He asked me if I wanted to cum again like I had at the stopover bathroom with a dildo fucking my ass. I couldn't refuse.

He had me face him again and lay back like before, with my back to the window and with the neck pillow now instead of the jacket. He put some more gel on my asshole and then gently started inserting the cock dildo in my butt-hole. With a few pushes, it was inside my ass all the way. I could feel the heat and pleasure in my ass like before. The horny feeling had returned. He fucked me with the dildo for a little bit, with long strokes, filling me up completely and then pulling it out all the way and then pushing it all the way in. It felt very good and I was moaning into the blanket.

He continued playing with my dick and jacked me off, using a little bit of gel in his hand. Within a few moments I shot my hot boy juice for the fourth time that evening. He continued jacking me until I had stopped cumming. Like before he milked my cock for every last drop of cum. This time my legs were shaking when I was done cumming. He pulled the dildo out of my ass after I had recovered. I had an empty feeling in my ass then.

As I regained my composure, I could not believe that I had been fucked by my first cock and first dildo in the same evening. It took me a while to compose myself.

He asked me to continue to stay naked. I wondered if I would be able to cum again that evening. But I figured he wanted to play with my body some more. So I complied with his request and stayed naked.

As I sat up, I realized that he was talking to his colleague who was now sitting across the aisle from us. I guess his colleague had switched seats while I was napping. I had not realized that in the dim light. I was a bit embarrassed and wondered if his friend knew what was going on. I got a bit scared and worried.

SS then leaned to me and whispered that his colleague and he were very good and intimate friends and they had often had fun together.

He told me that his friend was aware that we have been having fun together.

He asked me if his friend could join in the fun. I was a bit uneasy with that. SS promised me that his friend was a gentleman and will not hurt me and that I may enjoy it even more. Without thinking too much about it, I agreed for his friend to join us.

SS got up and his friend, we will call him FP, took his seat next to me and covered himself with the blanket as well. He was as old as SS but had a clean shaved head and also had a well-trimmed goatee. He reached for my cock and start playing with it. His hands were a bit more rough and hard then SS’s. He knew how to handle a cock. I liked the way he was gripping my dick and balls.

He also reached over and started kissing me. Pretty soon I was sucking his tongue. His hand playing with my cock had gotten me hard once again. He also complimented me on the size of my cock.

He then led my hand to his cock which was already out of his pants. His cock was about the same length as SS but was a bit thicker. I started playing with his cock.

SS was standing up adjacent to our seat and watching us. He leaned over and kissed me too.

SS then whispered to me if FP could fuck me? Although by now, I was horny and willing but was concerned about how that would be managed without being discovered. SS assured me that It will be ok.

SS told me to switch seats with FP. So FP now moved to the end of the seat by the window and I moved over him towards the aisle.

FP sat down and stripped out of his pants completely under the blanket. He then applied some Vaseline to his dick and then asked me to come over to him and sit on his lap. He then reached under the blanket and applied some more gel to my butt-hole.

Still naked under the blanket, I moved over towards him, standing between his legs with my back to him. I slowly lowered my butt-hole towards his cock. Once I made contact with his cock, he held his cock in his hand and slowly slide it into my butt as I lowered my ass over his dick. My ass had loosened up from the dildo and SS cock fuck earlier, however because of the thickness of FP’s cock, it took a few extra strokes to penetrate my ass completely.

Once he was inside me, the pleasure was amazing. The fullness of his fat cock felt unreal. There I was naked in a public bus riding the cock of an older men, I had just met. I felt the high of the situation.

FP then had me lean back on him, my head resting on his right shoulder, my legs now spread on either side of him. I pulled my legs up, holding them at the knees, bent towards my chest, as I leaned back. His cock was sliding in and out of my ass with the rhythm of the bus and he was licking and kissing my neck and ear.

My cock was hard again. I couldn't believe that after cumming 4 times earlier, I was still hard. Oh the youth :)). FP’s hand played with my cock, my balls, my thighs, my nipples, caressing my whole body as he fucked me. My whole body was on fire.

All this time, SS was back to his original seat next to us and kept a look out for anyone getting up to use the bathroom. But luckily everyone on the bus was pretty much sleeping.

SS then slide his hand under the blanket and his hand joined FP’s two hands in caressing and tormenting my body. SS’s hand played with my cock and balls and then I felt it move down to touch the ring of my butthole as FP’s cock fucked in and out of it. He then played with FP’s balls and asshole as well.

I told SS that I was very horny and needed to cum again really badly as I could not stand the touching anymore. So SS applied some gel to his hand and started jacking me off. FP continued to play with my balls and my nipples while fucking my ass. And very soon I spurted my load again, for the 5th time. I was leaning against FP gasping for air and sweating this time.

By then FP was getting a bit tired of supporting me on this lap. He wanted to change positions. So he asked me to get on all fours on the seat with my face towards SS. He half stood behind me with his back to the window, one foot on the ground and the other bent on the seat. I was afraid that we would get caught. But he made sure that my back and butt was still covered with the blanket and SS was still looking out. He pushed my head down into SS lap and then reentered my ass and started fucking me with long, hard strokes.

As soon as my face was in SS’s lap, he unzipped his pants and fed me his cock. It was not fully hard so I started sucking it. I was soon moaning into SS’s cock due to the hard fucking I was getting from FP. He Had been fucking me now for quite a while.

Suddenly FP slammed his cock deep and deposited his juice in my ass. It was a weird warm feeling as he emptied his hot cum. It was the first time someone had cum inside me. I was amazed as to how long he continued to spurt deep in my bowels.

By now my asshole was really tired. When FP pulled out his softening cock , I felt his cum running down my ass and balls. SS gave me a handkerchief to wipe my asshole to keep FP’s cum was spilling everywhere.

SS then asked me if he could fuck my ass one more time and I told him no as my asshole was feeling raw and sore by then. His cock was now really hard from my sucking and he asked me I could blow him and make him cum.

Once FP had pulled up his pants, he slide out of his seat to the aisle area.

With the cum still leaking out of my ass, I was not yet ready to sit down on the seat. So SS suggested that I crouch or squat down on the floor between the seats while sucking his cock.

SS took off his pants, but did not cover up with the blanket this time as FP was keeping a watch standing adjacent to the seat and blocking anyone’s view.

I started sucking SS’s cock. As I was squatting, the cum was leaking out of my ass onto the floor of the bus.

I must have sucked him for over 10 minutes. I was getting a bit tired in that position, so SS asked me to help him to cum faster by licking his asshole.

I was not too keen on that but I agreed. He raised his legs up to give me access to his asshole.

I licked it for a few minutes, while FP jacked off his cock.

Licking his ass was another first for me. But it was not as bad I had expected. It gave me a very kinky feeling, and I realized that my well spurted cock was stirring once again.

Soon SS was ready to cum, so he lowered his legs and put his cock back in my mouth and held my head in his hands and a few seconds later; he filled my mouth with his hot cum. He shot quite a load. I swallowed all of it and then sucked his cock until there was no more cum. I tried to make it as good for him as he had done for me.

By then I was exhausted and in a bit of a daze. But I was still semi hard from swallowing SS’s cum and licking his butt.

As I got up from my squatting position still half naked, FP saw my semi hard cock. He pulled me by the hand and whisked me behind the curtain towards the restroom and started giving me a blow job.

There I was half naked, uncovered, standing in a public bus, getting my cock sucked.

I have to admit that FP and SS were very adventurous and took a good amount of risk. But I guess they knew what they were doing.

I rested my back against the bathroom door as FP’s warm mouth sucked my cock expertly getting me completely hard once again, while SS kept watch at the curtain.

FP knew how to suck a cock .He softly touched my balls, as he sucked me. I could feel the cum rising in my balls and before long I spurted my cum into FP’s warm and soft mouth. He continued sucking me until my balls were completely empty. I could not stand it anymore and pushed him back. By now my balls also were really sore. I had just cum for the sixth time that evening.

He opened the door to the bathroom and watched me as I wiped off the remaining cum that had leaked out of my ass. He had deposited quite a load in me.

I quickly slipped back into my seat, and looked for my shorts. SS gave me my underwear back and I slipped my underwear and shorts on. I was so tired that I fell asleep again for the rest of the journey.

I was awoken by SS a few minutes before arriving at our destination. He and FP thanked me for the fun company. SS gave me his business card to call him when I was in the mood next time to have some fun. He told me he could arrange a meeting when he was in my home town next time.

As we walked off the bus, my ass felt funny, with the some of the cum still leaking and from all the hard fucking . Also my balls felt a dull ache and soreness.

SS and FP said good bye and left.

While I waited for my Aunt to pick me up, I reflected back to all that had happened in the last few hours. I had gone from never been fucked to well fucked by 2 cocks and a dildo. Tasted and swallowed cum and licked an asshole. As I had sat there reflecting, I had felt my cock stirring again, just like it does now so many years later, every time I think back to that experience.

In my subsequent meetings with SS (and yes I did meet him and FP again), he told me that I was sexually the most willing teenager to experiment and experience he had ever met. I guess that was a compliment :))

As I think back to it, the experience of having two strangers playing with me at the same time and me being a over willing participant at that age, makes me wonder about my mindset at the time. If anyone that knew me had seen me like that in that bus, how humiliating that would have been?. My parents, my siblings, my friends...I never would have been able to look them in the face ever again. That's a side of me, no one close to me, has ever known. Even today, I am amazed at how horny and daring I used to be :))

Hope you enjoyed this story as much as I have enjoyed remembering and writing it. Please leave me your feedback.


2018-04-10 09:27:01
Hmmmm reminds me of when I worked in a mobile ice cream van,when my boss 68yo accused me of stealing ,and put me over his knee pulled my trousers and pants off then spanked me,then pulled his thick cock out ordering me to suck it,while speakin filthy to me,telling me ,his older brother is on his way and he is gonna fuck my 11 year old ass


2018-04-10 09:26:57
Hmmmm reminds me of when I worked in a mobile ice cream van,when my boss 68yo accused me of stealing ,and put me over his knee pulled my trousers and pants off then spanked me,then pulled his thick cock out ordering me to suck it,while speakin filthy to me,telling me ,his older brother is on his way and he is gonna fuck my 11 year old ass

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2017-02-01 14:30:12
Ilke it bus journey 1of2 and 2of2 Please write more stories about the bus journey
Thanks you

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2016-12-28 05:21:50
A good remembrance and it rekindled of a trip on Trailways Bus from Barstow, CA to Los Angeles. I was coming home from Fort Irwin for the weekend when a married couple sat in the back of the besides me. Maggie introduced herself to me along with husband James, and asked if she could sit next to me...I was amazed and eagerly agreed as James remained across the other row of seats. Very soon Maggie was touching me all over my body, I was so excited even though her man watched us. She whispered in my ear, if she could go down on me. My dick was like a steel rod, that was agreed before she asked.
That on the way to Los Angeles, I gave them both two loads of cum. And still the best bus ride ever and he gave head better than Maggie.
Over the past 48 years, I've had about 30 guys suck me off. I'm not gay, but enjoy m2m bj's. Seems like men gave more passion into giving head, because they want to and enjoy the reward.
Good Cum


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mmmm, hot story, i jacked off twice to it. do u have any other horny adventures u would like to share?

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