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This is a pilot story which I hope so expand on if readers like it. It contains a lot less sex scenes in it compared to other stories and I'm very aware it might not be what people want. Should I include more or keep this the way it is? I'd love to hear some feedback on the story.
When I was a kid I never thought about girls, and I suspect those who openly spoke about it did so for the attention. I never hung out with any girls, I had no girls as close friends or anything like that. This was a trend that followed me into high school where as I matured and discovered sexuality caused me quite a bit of grief. I was a medium height solid build kid, long thick brown hair and dark blue eyes. To most I was just an average kid, and I don’t blame them for thinking of me that way. But there was more to me than what met the eye. I’ve always considered myself very compassionate and kind, most people who know me agree. This however was not an asset that served me well in finding someone to share my compassion with. Confidence, charisma, charm, whatever you want to call it. In teenage years that’s all that counts when you want a girlfriend. Although I was quite composed and lesser known in high school, this didn’t mean I was by any means a pushover. Behind my shy nature was an attitude of integrity and honesty, those who crossed me knew that.

There were plenty of girls I had an eye for. I’ve never been overly fussy about a girl’s appearance, but there was one girl I had a particular liking to. Call it what you want, infatuation or creepiness, Zoe Becker was someone I’ve never been able to take my eyes off of. She was half Chinese and quite slim, but she was nonetheless gifted with quite large breasts and a composed body. She didn’t flaunt herself like other girls and was very well liked. I was unable to talk to her for years, until I was 16 and we had a class together. Much to my liking my teacher had a mandatory seating plan and I managed to score a seat next to her. Zoe was a very mature girl and quite able to spot someone who was trying to get in her pants, but she was very friendly to me. He dark black hair and pale skin released her beautiful smile whenever we spoke. We got on quite well, every lesson Zoe and I would make casual conversation and share the stories of our lives. One could say she and I were starting to like each other, but I knew the feeling was one sided. Zoe was careful not to lead me on, she never complimented me and made me feel like I had no chance. I on the other hand was very open with compliments and although I never sucked up to her, I was quick to tell her how good she looked if it crossed my mind.

But none of this exactly stopped me from asking her out, and my asking her out was met with a heartbreaking rejection. I recall it so clear, as we left class I threw the question. “Zoe ughhh, do you mind if I ask you something before you go?” I mumbled without showing my nervousness. She turned and smiled, “sure what’s up?”. Her eyes met my own and my heart pulsated into my ribcage. I scanned the room quickly and made sure we were alone. “I really want to get to know you outside of school” I said calmly. She made an awkward nod and failed to maintain eye contact. I continued, “I’d like to take you out to a movie or something”. I paused and pondered whether or not to ass any other propositions. She stood from me in an unusually shy manner and looked across at me. “I really like you too” she said, “but just not in that kind of way... you’re just not really my type”. My head sank and I quickly composed myself. I began to walk to the doorway with her. “That’s okay” I said in disappointment, “I understand”. She looked sad to have rejected me. To be honest I hated her for not giving me the chance. But I quickly forgot it and moved on with my day. Later Zoe tried to make me feel better by being extra talkative and bubbly to me, but I saw through it. Zoe and I continued to be good friend’s, she even got a boyfriend shortly after I asked her out. During this time she was unusually cautious about talking to me about her personal life with this guy. I knew Zoe could tell I was upset by her recent relationship, so I tried my best to just act normal.

Things took a change when Zoe broke up with her boyfriend after 3 months. That night she called me talking about how it had ended. Her voice was high pitched as she cried. “You’ll be okay” I said calmly trying to cheer her up. “You’re an amazing girl don’t let one bad breakup hurt you”. “It hurts so much” she cried into the phone, “I just wish I could find someone who appreciated me more”. I paused and made an attempt to answer but failed. Part of me wanted to shout out to her and tell her that I appreciated her and loved her for who she was. But I just sat in silence. I had a feeling Zoe knew what the meaning of my silence was, she started to change the subject. “I’m really glad I have you to talk to, I'm sorry if I'm talking too much” she said softly starting to cheer up. I replied, “No problem, I'm happy to talk to you, it makes my day”. There was another pause and we both chuckled. “I have to go, I’ll talk to you later” I said. “Okay I’ll see you tomorrow, love you” she said. Those words echoed in my head. Love you? Just what the hell did she mean by that? I paused for a second and replied, “Sure, see you later”. I hung up and rested back onto my bed, angrily I smashed my head into the pillow and grunted. I was not so love struck to be pulled into this sort of thing. I knew very well Zoe didn’t love me, and when she said it I was struck with anger. I expected Zoe to text me or something, but she didn’t. In no mood to continue the night I turned off my computer and slept.

I woke to a rattling at my window taking me a few seconds to realise that something was being thrown repeatedly at my room. I was upstairs so someone was clearly trying to get my attention. I crept over to my window and peered outside. At first I saw nothing, just the trees blowing in darkness and the moon glowing onto the landscape. Then as I looked closer I saw a figure standing below my windowsill staring back at me. It took me a moment to realize, but it was certainly Zoe. Without hesitation I rushed downstairs trying not to wake anyone and opened the front door. She stood right before me appearing to know I was attempting to let her in. I tried to speak but I felt nothing come out. In my confusion Zoe jumped at me and planted her mouth on my own forcing her tongue into my mouth. I was shocked, but quickly subdued to her forwardness and held her in my arms. She pushed her way inside as I reached for the door and flung it shut. Zoe pulled away from me and grasped my hand leading me upstairs. As we approached my bedroom door we ventured inside. Once inside Zoe turned and locked my door, as she turned back around she placed her hands on my chest and pushed me onto the bed. I was overcome with excitement as Zoe climbed on top of me and began kissing my neck. I moaned passively and held her hips towards me and as I did this Zoe began grinding on top of me aggressively. As Zoe rubbed against me I grew an extremely large erection. Zoe suddenly pulled away from me and began to fiddle with my belt. As she managed to undo it, she tore my pants off followed by my briefs exposing my erection. I felt a sudden feeling of embarrassment, no one had seen my naked since I was a kid. However my worries soothed as Zoe grasped me tightly and jerked me with an intensity in her eyes. She gazed at me lustfully and slowly climbed back on top of me. Her skirt subsided and exposed her white panties. She rubbed me against her allowing me to come into contact with her warmth. Pulling her panties aside, Zoe pulled my cock into the outside of her vagina. She held me there for a few seconds allowing me to feel her moist skin against the end of my cock. Only seconds later she began to sink down on top of me and I felt myself slip into ecstasy. I gave out a loud moan and pulled myself further inside of her. In the second that she took me inside of her, Zoe began riding me quickly as she held my arms down beside my head. Her vaginal walls felt amazing, like a soft silk against my shaft. She moved in perfect motion as I reached the initial stages of my pleasure. I tried to remain quiet, but Zoe continued to ride me aggressively as I remained submissive to her. Her hips pounded on top of me for several minutes before I felt a sensation of immense pleasure. I was sure I was about to orgasm inside her any second. My body felt ravished with pleasure as Zoe made her final thrusts on top of me. In the instant I felt myself ready to ejaculate, a strange feeling emerged in me as I opened my eyes to see nothing but the morning sun beaming into my room. I sat up wide eyed and studied my surroundings, there was nothing. Zoe had not been with me last night, it was a figure of my imagination in a dream. It felt so real, but looking back I can’t believe I didn’t realize I was dreaming. It was an experience I longed for nonetheless and as the reality hit me that Zoe still had no feelings for me I became discomforted. The day had already started as a disappointment.

The following morning as I walked to school, I saw Zoe standing at the gate entrance where she knew I would pass. She was looking especially beautiful today. Her legs stood out a mile and her black hair swayed as if she was some sort of goddess. Her bust was particularly obvious, for her slender build they appeared to almost pop out of her blouse. I wanted to dive into her chest and caress her body, but of course I did no such thing. She was smiling awkwardly at me as I approached. “Hey” I said cheerfully as I got closer. She smiled too “Hey, I need to talk to you”. I nodded and made myself attentive for her. She continued, “When I said ‘I love you’ last night, I meant it in a friend sort of way”. I looked at her with agreement and didn’t push the topic any further. She moved closer to me and pushed my head into her chest as she hugged me, “I do love you, you’ll always be my mine”. I was again infuriated but my anger was suppressed by the feeling of her breasts on the side of my face. She released me and pecked me on the cheek, “C’mon lets go to class”. As she walked away I instantly followed.

Towards the end of the year the school was hosting an undergraduate ball. This sort of thing didn’t exactly appeal to me, for weeks I didn’t even take much notice of it. But I noticed quite a few of my friend were asking girls to go with them, and I soon realized I would be quite the fool without a date. My friends pestered me daily, “ask Zoe, you two are perfect for each other”. I ignored them for days, but after a while I realized Zoe was my best chance for a date, I wasn’t remotely close with anyone else. The following week I caught Zoe in the main locker room and approached her. As she reached to the back of her locker I could see the underlining of her panties peering under her skirt. I imagined walking up to her and taking her right there. I had it in me to just grasp her from behind and make her mine. My fantasies ran wild when I saw Zoe, I would let her do anything to me. But I simple called her name and smiled aware that I had just fantasized about fucking one of my friends from behind. She greeted me with a smile and turned towards me. I made no hesitation, “Zoe, would you go to the ball with me? I understand if you don’t want to” I said assured she would say no. “ughhh... yeah I guess I will” she said smiling while also contemplating the answer. I sprung up in surprise and my eyes lit up. She saw this and giggled slightly, “Thanks” I said softly as I walked away. There was probably nothing to it, I simply asked her to come with me to a social. But I couldn’t release the thought that Zoe was somehow growing to like me. I knew it was probably a long shot, but I was incredibly relieved in the next 2 weeks that Zoe and I would be going to a ball with each other. My infatuations with her fantasized about her falling in love with me and that I would take her home that night and make love to her. As I knew this was simply fantasy, part of me grew attached to the possibility. A couple of days later however I was once again heartbroken. I was walking through the locker rooms heading to my next class when I heard Zoe talking to a guy at our school. They were speaking loudly but I was out of sight, Zoe’s voice was echoing beautifully around the room. I recognized her immediately. “So I was wondering if you’re free for the ball? I’d love to take you” he said confidently. He was much taller than me, leaner however what is probably considered a greater level of handsomeness than to someone like me. He stood above her and rested his hand over her smiling. Zoe blushed and played with her hair, she barely made eye contact as she replied. “I can’t I'm sorry, I'm going with a friend...” she said hesitantly. “Oh really? You sure you can’t blow him off for me?” he tempted. Who the fuck did this guy think he was? My heart sank as I realized how pathetically outmatched I was. “I'm really sorry” she replied, “I kind of have to go with him.” My heart felt like it had collapsed. ‘Had’ to go? As if I was forcing her she made it sound like. I walked away with a tear in my eye, how pathetic I was to think Zoe could like me I thought to myself. I made the decision not to go to the ball right there as I slammed my books into my locker and walked home. I had had enough for the day. As I missed class Zoe texted me asking where I was, I didn’t reply. She sent several other messages throughout the day until I finally told her my phone was out of battery. As she once again asked where I was I dismissed her and told her I was going to bed.

The next day once again Zoe was waiting for me as I walked to school. She looked concerned and her emotions grew more obvious as she saw how depressed I looked. I wasn’t even angry anymore, I had just given up. “Are you okay?” she said to me softly grabbing me by the arm. I looked up and smiled, “I’m fine, just tired” I said holding in my emotions. She said nothing and started to look less worried. I had not forgotten about her encounter the day before, I had to break my emotional ties with her. I felt like nothing would even happen. “About the ball...” I said calmly making little eye contact. She looked over at me as we walked and looked nervous. “You don’t have to go with me; after all I'm just a friend. You should let someone else take you if you want” I said softly. She nervously began to speak, nothing really came out, just a lot of mumbling. “I want you to enjoy yourself, not look out for me the entire night” I asserted. She stopped for a moment and smiled. She took my hand and pulled me towards her, our bodies pressed against one another as she cuddled me intently. “Thank you” she said, “You’re so amazing, I love you”. I sighed to myself and held her hesitantly. It felt so right to hold her, I imagined leaning in to kiss her and telling her I loved her back. Her body was perfect, I longed for it. I felt her nipples press on my chest and soften into my warmth. Everything about her was euphoric when she touched me. But instead I just held her for the duration and walked her to class. The whole week felt like a countdown to a night that was supposed to be mine. I was supposed to take Zoe to the ball and make her feel special, like a woman. But instead I had nothing, was I really going to go and be one of the few people without a date? I contemplated whether or not I would go for the rest of the week, my friends were all going with dates, I felt humiliated. Zoe asked me earlier in the week if I was going to ask someone else, I told her I was working on it to make her feel better. But I had no intention of asking anyone. I had made my decision about 3 days before the ball that I was not going, although I told no one.

The night of the ball I was on my computer casually searching the web. As I came across my Facebook newsfeed I saw pictures of people dressed up in suits and dresses. Couples and non-couples were holding each other in the photo smiling with a sincere happiness. I became overridden with jealousy until I came across a picture of Zoe in her dress. I never saw such a beautiful sight. She was wearing a red silk dress with black trimmings, her legs looked sensual as the dress revealed her beauty. Her breasts were shaped by the dress immaculately as they held together with tightness. I was infatuated by her beauty, I gazed at her in my computer screen for ages. Scanning her body, I found myself even more in love with her. Her slender body was only half the sight to see. Her beautiful smile gazed back at me with her usually straight hair styled nicely. Of course the other side of the photo had that motherfucker holding her by the hips. This infuriated me, but in my overwhelming feeling of anger I just placed my head on my desk and cried. It was over, I had completely given up on Zoe and let her go. Letting her off with this ball was the last chance I had given myself. It hurt too much to love Zoe, I felt that lately I was becoming less happy to be around Zoe. As I cried pathetically to myself my phone rang. I angrily peeled it out of my pocket and looked at the screen. Who else but Zoe, I picked up and spoke. “Hey, what’s up?” I said confidently. “Hey sweetheart it’s me, are you here yet?” she said, I could hear voices in the background as well as music. “No not yet...” I said pausing, “you go on inside and I’ll meet you in” I lied. She cheerfully agreed and hung up. I was ashamed of lying to her, but I was in no mood to involve myself with Zoe or the ball for the night. I slept early and turned my phone off, as I fell asleep I forgot everything for a second and dozed off.

My slumber lasted only a few hours, I rose to my feet and stretched. It was only 10 O’clock, I dared to turn my phone back on. Hesitantly I did, much to my expectations I received a number of texts and phone calls, 99% of which were from Zoe. It appeared however that Zoe had given up on messaging me within the last hour. Part of me felt guilty, but I refused to let myself get dragged into a one way love relationship. To cool my head I walked out to my front yard, in the darkness I just sat and thought about everything. I was completely shattered, I just wanted this entire escapade to end. Sitting in darkness I watched the cars pass, emptying my thoughts I simply cried in some sort of attempt to release my emotions. Suddenly a car stopped in front of my house, it was a taxi. Its light glared at me disabling my ability to see. I saw a figure emerge from the side and close the door. As the car drove away, I saw Zoe emerge from the blinding light. Her dress sparkled in the beam and she walked slowly towards me holding her shoes in her left hand. I expected her to be extremely pissed off, probably slap me in the face or something. But as she moved closer her sat next to me and just remained silent. I initiated conversation, “How was your night?” I asked. She looked at me plainly and replied, “boring, my date wasn’t exactly a gentleman”. I nodded and remained silent for a while. She was fairly close to me, in the darkness I could still make out her skin tone from her legs. Even in darkness her beauty radiated. “I’m sorry for lying, I had no intention of going” I said suddenly. “No don’t be silly, I was a bad friend. I jumped at any opportunity to get out of going with you”. I nodded slowly as Zoe put her head on my shoulder and wrapped her arm around mine. You look beautiful tonight, just so you know” I said casually. I felt her smile on my shoulder and she clenched me tighter letting out a sigh. “Do you want to come inside?” I asked. Zoe agreed and I guided her into my house before taking her jacket. Up close Zoe was even more beautiful in her dress, I stopped myself from making a visual spectacle of her. She linked back onto my arm and we sat on the couch just holding one another.

Dishonouring my vow to not involve myself with Zoe, I snuggled closely with her as she fell asleep on me. I looked at her breathing softly and could not break my stare. Her face was peacefully placid as she slept. I wanted to do this forever, but in my sudden movement for more comfort I woke Zoe accidentally. She fluttered her eyes at me awakening from her sleep. I again became infatuated with her in such an innocent state. I didn’t know what came over me, as our eyes met I locked lips with Zoe and pulled her towards me. Hesitating at first Zoe settled against me kissing me back. I ran my hands along her silk dress along her lower back and stomach. She moaned slightly as I moved my kiss down to her neck and pulled her further into my chest with my arms. Her breasts pushed against me as her back arched, quivering as I kissed along her neck. I kept this cycle going for a few minutes, kissing her neck, caressing her body and passionately kissing her sweet lips. But suddenly Zoe moved away from me pushing me away. I looked up at her as she rose to her knees on the couch and pulled away from me. “What are you doing?” she exclaimed with a look of confusion. I stuttered for an answer and failed to produce. “You can’t do this with me, you’re my friend!” she again shrieked. I couldn’t take it anymore, my eyes glared in a fiery rage in Zoe’s direction. I could see she had gotten scared by my obvious anger. “FUCK THIS!” I yelled as I rose to my feet. I walked over to my kitchen and angrily continued. “I love you okay! And I'm sorry if you don’t feel the same, I really am. But don’t come into my house and cuddle up to me and then get angry when I fall for you”. She looked shocked, I was usually quite placid. I wasn’t done yet, “I’m sorry Zoe, I'm done. I can’t be this close to you, I can’t be this asexual friend that you want. It’s killing me”. Zoe stood up trying to defend herself in the moment, “Don’t make me feel like this is my fault, you’ve never said anything!” she protested. I said nothing, pouring myself a glass of water I picked up my phone and walked upstairs. “I’m calling you a cab” I said angrily as I walked away. I caught a glimpse of Zoe as I left and realized she was crying, in a matter of seconds so was I.

I stood upstairs looking out my window waiting for the taxi to come. Zoe’s crying was loud, part of me felt bad for yelling at her, but I was defiant in not allowing myself to be hurt. I had loved Zoe for so long, ever since I first saw her. But I decided it was time for me to let go and accept that Zoe would never truly love me. I thought back to holding her in my arms and kissing her, a short but sweet experience. Surely she felt something too, did she not feel the love as she kissed me back? I thought. Shortly after our fight the taxi arrived outside my house. I rushed downstairs to escort Zoe outside grabbing her coat on the way down. She walked over to me and allowed me to cover her with the coat sobbing silently. As she turned around she hugged me and I followed her outside. As she walked over to the cab we stopped a few meters away and gazed in each other’s eyes. “I'm sorry” she said crying more. I hugged her and led her further to the taxi with her close to me. As she reached for the door handle I spoke, “Is it so hard to love me?” I asked rhetorically. She looked over at me and hung her head. “I do love you, it’s just...” she paused and struggled to find the words. I had heard enough though. “Goodnight Zoe” I said sternly. I watched as she sat in the cab and was driven away. For me, the rest of the night consisted of me crying myself to sleep.

The following day was a school day, as I walked to school I didn’t see Zoe waiting for me like she sometimes did. I tried to forget it and went on to class where I expected to see Zoe. I did, but our encounter was pathetic. We barely spoke as we sat in class, I thought people would probably notice but I wasn’t sure. For the remainder of the semester things didn’t really change, Zoe and I grew apart. Over the end of year break I didn’t speak to her once, not even by message. Zoe felt like a stranger to me now, as if there was nothing to talk about. I sometimes hoped she would appear in public, if she did I think I would run to her like a fool. But I never did unfortunately. During the first month of my break I was walking casually in the park minding my own business. The day was fairly warm and placid, perfect for me to settle my thoughts about possibly losing my best friend. As I was walking I heard the screams of a girl in the distance. I looked over and peered to see a girl yelling loudly. As I approached closer I noticed she was yelling a name, “Marley!” she said as her yelling echoed through the park. Moving closer, she spotted me and ran over to where I was. She was a small girl with dyed bright red hair. She had an innocent looking face which was filled with worry as she approached. She ran over to me huffing as she tried to compose herself. “Have you seen my dog?” she said in distress. I paused and thought about my response while she waited in anticipation. “No I haven’t” I said calmly, her face dropped into disappointment before I could elaborate. “I’d be more than happy to help you find her though” I said with enthusiasm. Her face lit up immediately and she thanked me. As we walked she was distracted, so much so that it was difficult to strike a conversation. Eventually we did find her dog, a young Labrador. As it ran towards us she released a sigh of relief, and then hugged me. “My name’s Kylie by the way” she said as she released me. We both smiled and continued our walk, this time with her dog on a leash. Kylie was beautiful, her body was composed nicely and she had a pair of sparkling green eyes. The mixture of her red hair and green eyes reminded me of Christmas, her cheerfulness was a delight. Towards the end of our walk I summoned the courage to ask for her number. Nervously I asked “I’d love to keep in touch with you, do you mind if I have your number?” Kylie could see I was nervous, I could barely keep eye contact. She giggled at my nervousness and grabbed my hand, pulling me close to her. I was in a state of shock not quite sure what to do. Kylie kissed me on the cheek and scribbled a number on the back of my right hand. Smiling, Kylie remarked one of the most relieving and beautiful lines I had never heard up till this point of my life, “Call me soon okay?” I was in a state of shock, but nevertheless happier than I’d ever been. For the rest of my break, Kylie and I spent a lot of time together. She soon became my girlfriend and we made a lot of effort to see one another. She didn’t go to my school, but I was happy to have someone who appreciated me nonetheless.

Two whole months passed and it was time for school once again. I had grown since I was last at school, I was now obviously taller and my solid build had developed into a composed muscle. My face had also restructured itself into a more mature figure. I had confidence as I walked to school hoping to see Zoe again for the first time in what seemed like years. I walked to the school entrance and peered closely to see if she was there waiting for me. She was not, but I had not expected her to be. I carried on and walked over to my new locker. I could have sworn some of the girls were checking me out, but I made no commitment to knowing for sure. I opened my locked and put my things inside, sighing as I had not yet seen Zoe. As I gazed into nothingness thinking of Zoe I felt a tap on my shoulder. I quickly turned around and saw a familiar face, Zoe was smiling up at me. I was now a lot taller than Zoe and slightly different looking. She threw her arms around my neck and squealed in excitement. “I missed you so much!” she yelled as I held her against me. I squeezed her tightly relishing in the feeling of her close to me once again. Her eyes lit up and gazed at me extensively. I struggled to find words, but responded “I missed you too”. We smiled and felt simultaneously comforted with each other.

During lunch break we finally caught up properly. She told me about how she was too afraid to message me and I agreed I felt the same way. She was much more womanly from when I had last seen her, her breasts were full and her face looked much more mature. She also seemed a lot more mature in personality, it was almost as if she were a different person. “So did anything interesting happen during break?” she asked passively. I paused and pondered on whether or not to tell Zoe about Kylie. I thought clearly about my answer and replied, “Well kind of, I met someone”. Zoe didn’t immediately understand what I was trying to say and remained cheerful as she questioned me. “Met someone? Like a new friend?” she asked not yet breaking her pleasant smile. I paused and stuttered my answer before answering, “No not exactly, I have a girlfriend now...” There was a long silence as we continued to walk. Zoe seemed emotionless as she stared up at me. I could tell part of her was hurt. “Oh... congratulations...” she said softly. Her eyes sank as she and I made eye contact. We continued to talk, trying to avoid talking about Kylie. As class was about to begin once again Zoe hugged me and as she released me she stared up at me. “Can I meet her?” she asked. For a second I had forgotten what she was talking about, then instantly thought of Kylie. “You mean Kylie?” I asked in response. She smiled and nodded seeming to be more comfortable with me seeing another girl. “I want to meet the girl who’s dating my baby” she joked. Zoe was standing unusually close to my face. “Sure” I said confirming her wish, “I’ll arrange something”. Zoe smiled and walked away, as she left I took the opportunity to check her out. Her but was incredibly firm looking, as she walked away it bounced in motion. I could barely take my eyes off. I loved Kylie, but there was no doubt Zoe drove me crazy.

The following Saturday Kylie and I prepared to go and meet Zoe for lunch. Kylie was nervous, I could tell immediately. She was shaking as she walked down the stairs looking beautiful as usual. She was wearing jean shorts which showed her body perfectly. She also wore a dark green tank top showing the shape of her breasts. For a small girl she had great assets. She nervously approached me, I had told her before about Zoe in great detail. It meant a lot for me for the two to get along and I had high hopes for Zoe and Kylie to become good friends. As I drove to meet Zoe, I became increasingly nervous. This became obvious to Kylie, “Are you okay sweetheart?” Kylie asked concerned. “Yeah I’m just a little bit nervous, I’ll be fine” I replied. I looked over at Kylie and saw her concerned fact turn to a cheeky grin. “Maybe I can help” she said laughing slightly as she moved closer. I struggled to find an answer before Kylie began to undo my belt and slide her hands under my jeans. I flinched and panted while she grasped me tight and then rubbing softly. “What are you doing?” I asked with a smile on my face. “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m going to help you relax” she said with a naughty smile on her face. Instantly she pulled my cock out of my pants and jerked me softly as I slouched into my seat. Kylie wriggled closer and placed her mouth over the end of my cock and moved her lips back and forth. This was a side I hadn’t seen from her before, we had not yet come this far in the relationship. She swirled her tongue around my shaft and moved deeper so that I could feel the back of her throat. “Jesus Christ!” I cried as she went deeper, in response she let out a laugh and grinned up at me. She continued blowing me softly as I became closer to climax. She noticed straight away that I was unable to hold on for much longer as I panted and moaned with her moving up and down along my shaft. “Be careful or I’ll cum” I said in a gasp of breath. This did not deter Kylie, I felt her move faster and faster with her hand simultaneously jerking me. An eruption in my nerve endings was starting to emerge. My legs felt weak and I struggled to focus. As she took a final few thrusts down my cock I clenched the steering wheel and ejaculated immensely into her mouth. She wasn’t unhappy with this as she continued to blow me slowing her pace as my climax finished. I sat in my seat panting away as I recovered from my first oral orgasm. Kylie looked over as I smiled in pleasure, she was rather pleased with herself. “Relaxed enough yet?” she asked. I chuckled to myself and looked over at her innocent face which had just driven me to ecstasy. “Yeah” I said, “I’m as relaxed as I’ve ever been”.

As we arrived, we held hands and sat down waiting for Zoe. Kylie and I playfully teased one another as we sat. It wasn’t long before Zoe spotted us and yelled my name from across the food court. As we looked up we both saw her strutting over. Zoe looked amazing, her white tank top revealed her swollen breasts and her black skirt fluttered above her knees. She looked pleased to see us both, but I sensed an uncomforted feeling from her as she hugged me. She immediately engaged Kylie, “Hi I’m Zoe” she said pleasantly. Kylie returned the greeting and the two sat to speak. They both got on so well, I was immensely surprised. They spoke about pretty much everything and to my delight the topic of my past or present with either girl didn’t come into conversation. As they spoke I couldn’t help but notice how my attraction to Zoe was far from destroyed. In their conversation I couldn’t move my eyes away from Zoe’s body, as usual she was looking fine. Her skin looked so soft I wanted to rub my face all over her body. As she sat her skirt rode higher into her thighs and I wondered how far it was from exposing her. Don’t get me wrong, Kylie was an amazing girl and I had longed to explore her body further during our short time together. But having her next to Zoe had put things into perspective for me. My infatuations favoured Zoe to say the least, it wasn’t that Zoe was more beautiful to any respect. But my feelings for Zoe were far beyond physical perception. I had an emotional infatuation with her and had longed for her for about 4 years now. This was something Kylie, as beautiful as she was couldn’t interrupt. I excused myself “I’m just heading to the restrooms” I said politely as the two girls swung their heads up at me. “I think I need to go too” Zoe replied, “I won’t leave you for too long” she said as her and Kylie laughed. We both headed to the restrooms and walked into a central hallway before entering the restroom. As I came out I noticed Zoe was standing adjacent to me with her arms crossed. I sprung up in surprise as she stood before me. “Oh hey” I said softly. She said nothing, she just stood there grinning at me with her arms crossed. I remarked how I was glad her and Kylie were getting on so well but was again met with no response, just a stare. This was unusual and I became uncomfortable. As I attempted to walk away Zoe grasped my arm and placed her head next to mine with her lips touching my ear. As she breathed I quivered with her breasts pushed up against my chest. “You’re mine remember?” Zoe said sensually into my ear. I sprung up and breathed heavily. Zoe had placed her hand on my crotch and was rubbing softly. I said nothing and hesitantly tried to pull away but was overridden with lust. “She might have you now, but soon you’ll be mine” she remarked as she released me and strutted away. I struggled to understand what was going on, Zoe was acting completely obsessive all of a sudden. Suddenly I remembered those words from once before. ‘You’re mine’, those words were all so familiar. She had said it to me the night she told me she loved me, but that was just as a friend. “What on earth was going on?” I thought to myself. I sensed there was something going on I wasn’t aware of. I walked back to Kylie and Zoe quietly and sat. I remained silent in a state of shock until we finished lunch.

Later that night I returned home and contemplated what was going on. Zoe had never taken any real interest in me before, so why was she suddenly taking such obsession with me? I couldn’t think of why this was suddenly happening. But I suspected it had something to do with my new relationship. How could I balance my long history with Zoe with my stable relationship with Kylie? For someone who had no hope with girls until 2 months ago, I was beginning to find myself in a severe love triangle.

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