My Room, Daddy’s Room

By Alice Greggs 1-9-12

I was young (not going to say how young, but using one's imagination really gets you gushingly horny - hehehe).... and coming home from school I’d seen that Daddy's car was parked in the driveway. Mmm, I’m always happy to see Daddy of course. Anyway, after walking into the house I noticed that I didn’t see Daddy anywhere. So I went up to my room to got out of my school cloths, the most wonderful feeling any schoolgirl can dream of getting out of those awful, awful cloths. I slowly unzipped my plaid skirt exposing my tanned, bronze skin and extremely sheer pink (warn at school all day) panties.

Wanting to slightly tease myself, I slowly began unbuttoning my pure white, long sleeved school dress shirt. You know the kind, right? I do believe the man in charge of issuing out the school uniforms for all the girls makes sure those young busty girls like myself always get the uniforms one size too small. My boobs were jetting out hard and very visible to everyone looking. My young tits were already bigger, with very pronounced pink nipples that just seem to grow harder and pointer the tighter my shirt gets.

My Teachers, (all the male teachers) always paid far more attention to me then any other girls in middle school, only Heaven knows why, hehehe. So, with my shirt peeled off and falling to the floor I tugging at my shoes to let my feet breath, I also pulled the scrunchy from my long highlighted hair and let it hair fall down over my shoulders. It draped all the way down to my waist, just resting atop my firm butt-cheeks. When my hair is down, it’s layered in such a way that it appears my hair is actually pointing at my butt, hehehe just ask some of the boys in my class at school, they’ll definitely tell you the same thing.

Lastly, I curled my thumbs on either side of my soft hips hooking beneath the waistband of my sheer panties. I drew them down over my butt as I bent over slightly; OMG the feeling was absolutely wonderful. Being stuck dressed in a school uniform all day really sucks. Anyway, standing in my room, now half naked, I was feeling naughty with no panties on, standing in my room all alone, staring at myself in the mirror.

Daddy was still in the house somewhere, I didn’t know where he was, all I knew at this point was that his car was parked where it usually is, so I knew he was home. Thinking of that, I felt an even greater naughtiness. Maybe Daddy would barge in my room like he does all the time or maybe he would suddenly catch me sliding my own hands up and down the wet honey folds of my young pink pussy? Or better yet Daddy might discover why my bed posts are always loose and rickety with me fuck riding my bed post like any other young girl that has four bed posts that look exactly like Big Men Cocks?

In either case, getting caught by Daddy was sending shivers up and down my spine and I was just aching to slide and diddle my fingertips between my sweet tasting pussy lips. Mmm, these ideas flooded my young mind caused my very young girl cream to seep and dribble down my inner thighs. Yummy, what a fantasy I always seem to get myself into.

I exhaled greatly as my own imagination started to run away with me just as I was about to unhook my bra and give my erect nipples a gentle pull. I learned this from my Mom, but that’s another story for another time. Again, my young tits were far bigger than any of the other girls my age.

My cleavage was spilling out the top of my bra, areolas very clear to anyone who might be watching, but right then I heard a very loud scuffling coming from inside my closet. I stopped everything I was doing and began to strain my ears, listening harder and harder to what might be making that strange noise.

The closet door was open slightly; so I walked up to it and then gently slid the door all the way open. There wasn't anyone or anything inside; it was empty with the exception of all my girlie cloths, underwear and schoolgirl uniforms, etc. Seeking further proof, I stepped into the closet and grabbed my hanging cloths over my head and shoved them aside.

To my ultimate surprise I saw for the first time ever...a hole in the closet wall. The hole in my wall large enough for my wrist, but not my hand and I couldn’t help but wonder, why on earth would there be a big hole cut out of my closet wall?

I stared at it for what seemed like minutes upon minutes when in reality it was only a few seconds. I was not at all understanding of what I was looking at. The closet itself was dark and the angle of this strange hole appeared to me pointing directly at my big fluffy bed. If anyone were to look through this hole from the other side, they would be able to see absolutely everything I would be involved in, especially at night above my covers. Any young girl knows what I'm talking about and what young girls do when all alone at night with mischievous nimble and probing fingers.

Again I suddenly heard the same scuffling, but it was clear to me now that the noise was coming from the other side of the wall, and the other side of my wall was my Daddy's room, well his closet to be exact. I got scared for a moment because I saw a slight motion through the hole, I knew who it was, but what I didn't know was why Daddy would be standing deep inside his closet in the first place.

With Daddy's suites and shirts hanging in the way, He would have to stoop slightly or even bend over fully to peer through this mystery hole connecting both our closets, it all seemed so very strange to me. I was still standing half naked; my upper body was hidden beneath my own hanging cloths, as I stood halfway in and halfway out of my closet.

My soft round butt was sticking out, bronze skinned butt cheeks pointing out towards my bed, (just visibly inviting anyone to take advantage, violate and impregnate my hot, young butt and hot young treasure love tunnel). I leaned in as far into my closet as I could and I found myself peering through my side of the hole into my Dad's room through his closet.

The tables had turned, and now I was spying on him and I'm sure He knew it.

There he was, I heard him through the wall, Daddy's nice office shoes striking the hard wood flooring that was laid throughout the whole house. Daddy took another step or two away from his closet wall and he was in full view through this hole.

I watched as he very quickly fumbled at his belt and, taking it off his pants completely. Then I watched in what seemed like slow motion, Daddy reached deep into his trousers and pulled out his private member. In what seemed like forever, Daddy pulled his zipper hole open even further and then completely exposed himself, holding his slick cock in his hand, stroking it firmly back and forth, back and forth.

It was immediately clear to me that Dad was not only spying on me, but also jerking off to visions of me, his daughter. My next thought to myself was, how long has Daddy been watching me through this hole in the closet, days, weeks, month’s maybe?

I suddenly felt my own body shudder at the sight of my own Father hard dick. I’d seen Daddy’s cock before, but never in this way before. Why was he doing this to himself? Was Daddy playing with himself, stroking himself, Fucking Himself at the sheer sight of his own Daughter through this nasty perverted closet peephole?

My mouth went dry, as I couldn't stop from watching Daddy slide his grip up and down his glistening cock. His dick was amazing and oh so very big. I licked my lips as my body jerked again with my young pink pussy quivering violently. I felt my girl cream sheen over and down my legs in what seemed like a waterfall of an orgasmic pleasuring GUSH.

Down both of my inner thighs, I was cumming. Still with my eye almost poking through the closet hole, I could hear Daddy breathing harder and harder as his hand began to blur up and down his long, deliciously looking cock shaft. Daddy's pre-cum splashed around his fingers edge and then globed to the floor in a long stretchy white string. I didn't realize it before, but my own hand had found my inner pink treasure and I was diddling myself as I was still bent over inside my side of the closet.

I was doing just as Daddy was; we were both giving ourselves sexual pleasure with our own hands. The only difference was, I was watching Daddy do this to himself, as he wasn’t watching anyone, his gaze was at the wall, simply staring in the direction of my room. This immediately made me shove my fingers deeply inside myself. I could hear my fingers squishing and sloshing in and out, in and out as I watched my Daddy fuck his palm like he would an extremely tight young pussy.

My own juices started to pour out of my pussy and splash onto the closet floor, mostly down my legs that were completely drenched at this point. Mmm, and I knew right then that my own father was thinking of me!

For a moment Daddy stopped stroking himself, my mind was going wild not knowing what Daddy was doing, but then it all came clear a moment later.

Daddy had stopped to reach into the right pocket of his nicely creased slacks. He then pulled out a pair of my soiled panties. I knew they were mine because they were a bright, hot pink color and I'm the only one in the whole house that wears them. Daddy then took one step closer to his closet door, his groin and extremely hard Daddy dick pointed directly at the hole, only this time Daddy had wrapped my pussy soiled panties around his hot, throbbing rod and began stroking himself once again.

I witnessed for the first time my own Father spunking his pre-cum into the soiled crotch of my panties. This was so turning me on, I had never seen Daddy’s cock so hard and also never in this way, to be so aroused thinking of me.

Faster and faster my small fingers diddled deeply between my young quivering legs, occasionally my thumb would swipe across my sore, pink adolescent clit, which made my body urge to orgasm. I couldn’t control myself, my body started twisting as I stood and my feet were shaking as I was standing on my tippy toes watching Daddy stroke his gorgeous, delicious cock right in front of me. I wondered just how much cum was pooling on the floor in front of him as he stroked and jerked off his hard as rock cock.

Watching him before my very own eyes,...., I wanted to know what Daddy's cock tasted like. I wanted to know what daddy's cock felt like, I wanted, I wanted…. my Daddy to Fuck Me!

And with that I felt my body arch in orgasmic ecstasy, I could no longer stand or breath, all I could possibly do was gasp ever so loudly, and I knew at that moment that Daddy heard me through the hole in the wall of our closets.

I listened as hard as I could and found that the sounds of Daddy’s sloshing fingers grew quieter and quieter. I also noticed that the view through the hole in the closet wall began to grow darker. I didn’t understand what was happening until I’d seen what was blocking the light through the hole in the closet.

Daddy had stepped into his closet, his chest pressing up against all of his hanging cloths and his face seemingly pressed high up into the top shelf. I’d imagine Daddy’s chin was resting up against the shiny wood shelf of his closet and I was right.

I heard Daddy’s body try and stand tall inside this small space, all the while keeping his hand wrapped tightly around his rather large Daddy dick. My panties had vanished from view and was no longer wrapped, sperm soaked around his dick, I just assumed it had fallen to the floor, soaking of the pools of his own dripping cum that riddled the hardwood of his bedroom.

Muffled moans escaped my lips as I pulled away from the hole in the closet. I had to drop to my knees inside the closet the cloths above my head began to get heavy upon my shoulder. I then quickly hooked my thumbs under the straps of my bra and I pulled them off my shoulders. My very young, larger then most tits stayed at attention as my nipples thusly pressed into the inner closet wall.

There I was faced with the most magnificent cock I had ever seen. Daddy had pushed his hard throbbing cock through the hole in between both of or closets. I then hear Daddy tell me…

“Open you mouth honey and suck on Daddy’s hard cock!” He said, as he seemed unable to make another sound.

Without waiting another moment, I opened my young lips and engulfed my own father’s cock right then and there. The huge head of his dick filled my mouth and the instant squirt of Daddy’s hot nasty sperm began pouring down my throat. I then heard my own cum squirting out from between my legs in a long, hard stream.

I was squirting for the first time ever. With my eyes closed, I could feel ever inch of Daddy’s veiny cock sliding in and out of my mouth as I sucked and swallowed every ounce of my Father’s thick, hot SPERM!

Daddy’s cum was so delicious that I didn’t want to let his cock go from my mouth; all I did was reach up with my small left hand and hold his cock through the closet hole. With my other hand, I started to finger fuck myself much harder then before, feeling the second knuckles of three fingers jab and twist deeply inside of myself. I was cumming again violently and the streams and splashes of my own juices flooded the entire inside of my closet.

This was actually happening, I was sucking my own Father’s cock through the closet hole. My own cum gushed everywhere. It was all over my shoes, my own legs and also the hardwood flooring of my room. The feeling was so intense that I didn’t want it to stop.

Daddy was moaning and screaming so loudly that he didn’t even notice that I had released his tasty cum filled cock from my mouth. I could only guess that Daddy was doing his best to reach and anything he could for support as he tried his best to remain standing inside his closet with his hard cock sticking through to my side of this wonderful glory hole. A hole that Daddy and I will ultimately share when we’re both feeling the naughty taboos of Father Daughter fucking.

Again I head Daddy fill the air with his screams as his cock was surrounded by a tight hot grip. A grip so tight that one would have to guess it could only be someone’s suckling mouth, but it wasn’t. The grip that I had enveloped Daddy’s cock with was far more violating, far more inviting and far more lustful.

The closet cabinet started to pound as if Daddy was slamming harder and harder through the hole. Daddy was hollering as loud as he could now and felt yet another hard cum about to erupt from deep within his balls.

Daddy forced his huge cock further into the closet hole and harshly slammed himself into this warm surrounding vise grip engulfing his cock. The feeling different, the feeling was amazing and I was able to feel every single vein, ridge and hot blood pulse with what I had wantonly impaled over his big fuck stick.

Daddy screamed at the top of his lungs standing inside the closet,

“Daddy’s Cumming honey, OMFG Daddy’s cumming….!”

Grunt after grunt, Daddy spurted his nasty thick Sperm deeply inside something hot and tight. Daddy’s body stopped moving and seemingly held him as far against the inner wall of the closet as he could. This forced Daddy’s cock to protrude all the way out and as his balls began to empty out their “Baby making cream” I felt my own body share in the mind-blowing sensation of an earth shattering orgasm. Like a huge water hose on a fire truck, Daddy’s cock sprayed his white-hot liquid deeply into a small pocket of love and a welcomed cradle of hot deliciousness.

Once again I could feel my young teeny body tighten up and my pussy started to gush my own cum. Squirt after squirt I could feel gripping upon my Father’s cock. I also screamed as loud as I could and I knew Daddy heard his own Daughter explode in ultimate pleasure.

“I’m cumming Daddy, Oh Daddy, ….Yes Daddy!!” I yelled.

Daddy began to feel the closet wall move violently as if something was still pounding against it at the sides. Something was slamming up hard against it with new noises of sloshing, squishing and suckling around Daddy’s girth with a sort of rhythm, the hole on the other side of course was still circled tightly around Daddy’s dick like a cock ring, not letting go for anything.

Daddy was puzzled to hear my voice; all the while he thought it was my mouth and pouty pink girly lips that gripped around his cock during this in-home Father Daughter Glory hole. He thought to himself for a mere moment as his cock was being fucked from the other side. He then was given a moment of clarity and understood exactly what was happening and the wonderful sexual fucking his cock was getting all became exceptionally clear.

Then Daddy smiled.

It was a half a second later that Daddy then let loose and started to pound harder and even more forceful through the small little hole with his cock. He knew now what had surrounded his thrusting cock and did everything he could to thrust harder.

My ultimate cum explosion of Father and Daughter pleasure over and over again came quickly, almost without warning. My screams in the purest of ecstasy echoed throughout the entire house and beyond. I had never felt anything so amazing. As loud as I or we were, surly the neighbors could hear the loud banging, slamming and squirts of pure lust. My own screams of pleasure and being fucked hard were all melding together into one huge orgasm welling deep inside of my aching pussy.

Daddy grunted one last time and fell prey to the last possible spurt of his Daddy seed harshly inside this cave of lust that still held his dick, pulsating around it. He let out a huge sigh of fantastic satisfaction as he felt his own cock slowly return and gently being freed from this cum soaked glory hole of our connected bedrooms. The sexual body liquids dripped down either side of the inner wall and started to pool at the bottom floor. There was cum everywhere.

Still with tiny droplets of his seed stringing down to the floor from the tip of his shrinking dick, he bent over and peered through the closet hole, looking through Daddy saw me laying half on my bed and half on the floor.

I was sexually exhausted, licking my own lips, tasting Daddy’s first explosive gallon of hot delicious cum upon my tongue. My breathing stammered as I felt my legs weaken as I tried to stand. My bare feet were covered in both of our forever shared sexual liquids mixing together atop my very soft and delicate skin, you couldn’t even see the color of my pretty toe nails as thick, stretchy cum seeped between each one of my toes.

I smiled directly at the closet wall and focused my stare at the hole Daddy was looking through. Super thick white cum was dripping from my side of the closet hole and his sperm on his, what an amazing sight to see.

I could clearly see Daddy’s eye looking right at me, and it was then that so very carefully stood up giving Daddy a hot little show of my young “Daddy’s Girl” body, swaying, moving and also showing Him his young Daughters tight, hot cum drenched legs.

My face was dripping globs and globs of Daddy’s cum as it nastily slimed and gathered at my adolescent cleavage. My big heaving tits were still standing at attention with my nipples covered in Daddy’s sweet creamy candy. Daddy’s eye seemed to widen a bit and I swear I could almost sense him smiling at me through that tiny little closet hole. I looked harder into the small hole and then raised one cum covered leg and flat footed it to the comforter on my bed.

I very purposely opened my legs slowly so Daddy could see my nakedness. Daddy’s sperm was deep within my young, swollen pussy and with each push from my muscles, more of it gushed and pulsed out onto my bedspread like a package of sour cream being squeezed out and slowly spilled out onto a huge paper.

As I sat more comfortably, I looked in Daddy’s direction and then reached down with my fingers and opened up my pussy. I scooped as much of Daddy’s cum as I could and then raised my fingers high in the air and allowed it to goop down from my fingertips into my open, swallowing mouth. I was snowballing myself, it was so delicious.

I say up a little more directly atop my bed and then I began speaking to my Dad through the wall. I wanted to confess to him what I did because I knew that he wasn’t aware of what I’d done and also why I wanted to do it.

In the moment of our passion I stopped sucking your cock and as quickly as I could, I turned my body around and stuck my virgin pussy up against the wall inside the closet where the hole was and your huge throbbing cockhead found my tight, hot vice grip pussy and instantly broke my sex Daddy. I came instantly all over your long hard strokes; I came all over your cock!

Then after the huge intense orgasm I experienced over and over again, I bent over further and waited for the moment your huge “Daddy Cock” would erupt deeply inside of me. With my young tits in hand, I fondled them and began twisting my erect nipples bringing myself off again all over your thrusting cock. My Virgin pussy was yours Daddy; I backed myself up doggy style inside and against the closet hole and started FUCKING you back through the wall.

With each thrust from you Daddy, I pushed back harder and FUCKED that cock of yours like I’ve always, always wanted to Daddy, for as long as I could remember. I’ve wanted your dick inside of me so badly I couldn’t resist the chance to have you. And now Daddy I’m going to be yours forever and ever. And I’d felt for the very first time in my entire life, a Man cumming deeply, lustfully and lovingly inside of me. And that Man was you Daddy. I just fucked you hard and nastily and I did it so willingly. I wanted to be Fucked by You, and I loved it so.

My treasure for this moment is your hot nasty “Daddy Cum” that’s swirling deep inside of me. And Daddy, I can’t wait until we fuck again with your huge dick buried deeply inside of my “No longer a virgin” Pussy.

The End

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My daddy was home when I came in from riding lessons. I was sweaty and my pussy was pulsing from the workout on the horse. What I wanted was daddy's cock in my pussy but what I got was his cum all over my face. Which I love, too. He had been reading some of these stories and watching facial tubes so he was all worked up. I sucked him deep into my throat and held him for as long as I could. He grabbed my head and face fucked me, not too hard, until he was ready to shoot his jism all over my face. He came in several spurts and I sucked all of into my mouth and swallowed. I love his cum! He promised me a slow fuck as soon as his cock was firm again. And he promised me some new clothes for when I start ninth grade this fall. I think I'll get some fancy stuff just for us too. Love you, daddy!

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Clearly wrote by a man.

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