Just another morning in the house . . . I finally updated the themes so that you know there is some male/boy stuff in this chapter ... if that stuff bothers you, please stop reading right after Missy leaves.
“Morning, Daddy!” Missy said brightly as she padded barefoot into the kitchen where Phil was sipping his second cup of coffee, mentally preparing for his workday. His daughter also happened to be stark naked, which recently was her wont around the house. The dad in him still shouted occasional protest from his right shoulder, while the man in him could not help but recognize the recent roundness to his daughter’s hips; the lengthening of her still-skinny but becoming-more-shapely legs; the swelling of her bosom as she approached her 12th birthday.

“They’re getting bigger Daddy, I SWEAR!” she declared passionately as she walked up to him, her breasts being held up for inspection by the fine fingers of her nimble hands. “Here, feel ‘em!”

Phil knew that no argument of his would prevent the eventuality that his daughter sought so he reached out and gently felt her burgeoning mounds. “I think so, honey” he confirmed for her.

“They’ve been growing faster since I got my period” Missy informed him. She was very matter-of-fact when it came to sex and her body, and no topic was off-limits with her family members. “I hope they’ll be as sexy as Sue’s one day, but I doubt it; hers are fuckin’ gorgeous.”

“Missy, “Phil began. He was sometimes still amazed at the ease with which he had accepted vulgar language from his kids, since they had all become so sexually active with each other. He knew in his heart that he was headed straight to hell because of their incestuous relationships but he knew just as fervently that he was in heaven while experiencing this taboo lifestyle.

“You are beautiful” he said with total honesty. “Sue . . . and Mom, and your friends at school . . . they are all going to be different than you, but that does not mean that you aren’t just a beautiful.”

“Squeeze ‘em daddy” she asked quietly, closing her eyes as he complied.

“I get so horny every day, Dad. Is that normal for someone my age?”

“I honestly don’t know that much about young girls, sweetheart. When I was your age I used to wake up with a raging boner every day, and I’d end up jerking off looking at the lingerie section of the Sears catalog.” Phil surprised himself by disclosing this information to his young daughter, but she was opening up emotionally to him and it felt appropriate to reciprocate.

“What’s a Sears catalog?” was the immediate response from his little girl.

Phil could only chuckle. “Things were a lot different back then, Missy. There was no internet, no cell phones, smart phones, iPads. People actually looked up phone numbers in a book that weighed about 10 pounds and bought things out of catalogs that came to your house a couple times a year. The world has changed quite a bit.”

“No internet? Really?


“So you couldn’t watch porn when you were horny?”

“No honey, I had to use my imagination . . . or look at women modeling underwear in the Sears catalog” he laughed. “My dad didn’t buy dirty magazines or anything, not that I know of, at least; so I never saw any stuff like that ‘til I was like 16.”

Missy was very close to him and looking intently at his face as she planted a kiss on his lips that no 11-year-old should be capable of. “Put your finger inside me daddy . . .” she breathed into his ear.

Phil realized he had been cupping her sweet ass in his hands and it was a short trip for his right hand to be in position to slip his middle finger inside his little girl’s very moist snatch. The heel of his hand brushed up against the fine light-brown hairs which were growing from her pubis; like the spreading fronds of a palm leaf. He was once again astounded at how sexual a creature his little girl could be.

Missy planted herself firmly upon his hand and began to rock her hips, embracing her father’s shoulders and head in a surprisingly tight grasp. “I’m gonna want you to fuck me soon daddy” Missy whispered in his ear as she humped his hand with urgent thrusts.

‘“When we’re both ready for that, sweetheart” Phil breathed back against his daughter’s neck, pale as ivory and one of the most arousing things Phil had ever glimpsed. He could feel a sheen of sweet breaking out beneath his dress shirt and the erection in his pants was yearning for release. Missy luckily found something to do with her own right hand and began stroking him slowly and deliberately through his slacks.

Phil didn’t know what deviant urge came upon him but with his left hand, which had been rhythmically squeezing his baby girl’s ass, he slipped that middle finger into her ass-crack to gently probe at her nether opening. Missy hissed and then drew in a sharp breath as his finger entered her anus to the first knuckle.

“Oh, fuck!” Missy practically shouted in response. She slumped against him, pushing her pelvis even harder onto his hand, but he could tell that she was trying to relax her asshole to let him intrude further.

“Uhhhhhm” was all she could vocalize as Phil got his finger in almost to the second knuckle, stopping because he did not want to hurt his baby girl.

Missy’s torso was almost horizontal as she began to quake with her orgasm. Her father had his middle fingers in her twat and her asshole and the spasms that wracked her body were the strongest she had ever felt in her limited sexual experience.

Phil applied pressure with the heel of his hand to his daughter’s clit as he held her in the most intimate clutch he could imagine and felt her contract again and again in her glorious climax. As she began to finally relax he let his fingers slip out of her holes and paused to take in the beauty of her form. Her face showed both elation and confusion at what she had just experienced. She was at a loss for words, which was indeed a rarity for her as she stood erect and looked her father in the eyes.

“Wow” she mouthed, but no sound escaped her lips.

“Are you OK honey?” Phil was starting to feel like perhaps he’d crossed a boundary that even THIS family wouldn’t approve of.

Missy’s response was to clutch her dad and lay a tongue-kiss on his mouth like she had never done. Breaking free after a solid 15 seconds she turned and wordlessly walked from the kitchen to head upstairs for her morning shower.

*** *** ***

Phil’s erection was a living thing in his pants and he knew he needed release before he left for work or he would be useless and distracted. He pulled down his slacks, grabbed a few tissues to wrap the head of his dick, and proceeded to recreate a mental picture of his naked baby girl. Both of his middle fingers carried her particular scents and he alternated between sniffing and beating his meat with them. The arousal he got from smelling her asshole was something totally unexpected and exhilarating. He was pumping his cock with his right hand as his boys entered the kitchen for their breakfast.

“Hey Dad, everything OK?” Jim asked politely as he took in the scene.

“Fuck” he gasped, but didn’t change his rhythm, “. . . your sister got me worked up and I’ve got to take care of this before I go to work.”

“I’ll take care of you dad” Sam said with his normal enthusiasm. He knelt down and pulled his dad’s hand away so he could get his mouth fully onto his knob.

“Oh, god, Sam . . . how’d you get so good at that?” Phil asked rhetorically; sucking cock and licking pussy were two of Sam’s favorite activities.

Jimmy unzipped his pants so that he could release his cock from its restriction and began stroking it as he watched Sam give Dad a morning blowjob.

Within 30 seconds Phil was ready to blow and could tell that Jimmy was getting close to. He grabbed his son by the arm and pulled him over to him so that he could engulf his young cock while Sam continued to enrobe his own. Just as he was about to cum he took the opportunity to slip a finger into Jim’s ass while he gripped his backside. Jim bucked and moaned loudly as he came into his father’s mouth and Phil greedily gulped his semen, while pumping a massive load into little Sam’s mouth. Sam’s practice paid off as he managed to accommodate all of his dad’s spunk. He grinned up at Phil as he pumped dad’s dick for the final drops and leaned forward to clean off his shaft.

“Yep” thought Phil as he looked down at his smiling son cleaning off his dick, “I’m going to hell.”

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