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I'm a 21 year old queer woman who loves being dominated by men, women and anybody in between. This is just a glimpse into a fantasy I have.
I’ve been yours for a few months now. I’ve been yours since I lost funding for school, and had to come to you, an old high school friend, to help me with the money. My days are pretty much the same. I’m studying English at a local college, and you told me I had to arrange my classes so that you could have me for days at a time. Now, all of my classes are Mondays and Tuesdays so you have me for 5 days in a row every week.

I haven’t been allowed to wear panties for weeks, ever since I forgot to get on my knees one night when you came home. That rule is simple: when you walk through the door of any room I am in, I must get down on my knees and open my mouth to you. Sometimes you use my mouth, and sometimes you don’t. Either way, you don’t care my mouth desires you or not, you take what you want.

It’s Tuesday today, so I come home from class expecting you to have a five day week planned for me and my holes. Instead, I come home with a note on the counter telling me to cook something for dinner, and that you’ll be home when you can.

When I cook or clean, I have to wear my maid uniform. Really, it’s just a bra and skirt. The bra is a bit too small, so my 36DDs spill out and the skirt barely fits over my big, full ass. You usually ask that my hair be in pigtails, so they’re easier to grab, but you haven’t made any specific instructions in the note, so I don’t do anything special with my hair.

As I’m finishing dinner, I hear the front door open and more than just your voice. You’ve never brought company over while I’ve been yours, so I’m not sure what to expect. We’ve never talked about bringing other people into this.

"Alright, gentlemen and lady, take a seat in the living room, and I’ll be right out with the special treat I have for you,” you say, me eavesdropping from the kitchen, curious and scared as to what you have planned.

You walk into the kitchen, I set down the potatoes on the counter, and get on my knees quickly.

"Good, pet," you say as you squeeze one of my tits, "I have a surprise for you."

I stay on my knees, knowing that you haven’t invited me up yet.

"Go ahead," you tell me, "you can speak."

"Sir, having people here was never part of the agreement when you offered to pay for this semester," I reply.

"I didn’t offer, slut. You begged me to help you, and I agreed. If you have the $7,000 that I’ve already paid, you can pay me back and I will ask our fine audience to leave, if not, stand up, go in the living room, and bend over the couch."

"… Sir, is it right that I heard you say lady?”

"Yes, pet. You only fucked women until this agreement, did you not? This will be a nice refreshing experience for you then, hey?" you laugh, "You better make her come. She’s my new boss and I promised her a good time."

"And the men?"

"Ah, those are just some friends from the office. They’ve heard me talk about you, pet, and they couldn’t wait to try you out themselves."

"Yes, Sir. I’ll do it," I say as I walk towards the living room.

"Of course you will, slut," you reply as you follow me to our audience, "you have to."

I walk into the living room, and I see two men: one who is large, bearded and has a smile on his face, the other who is heavy, short and already unzipping his pants. I also see a woman, but she is dressed in men’s dress clothing, different than the type of woman I’m used to being with. She has a short buzzcut and is looking at me, hungrily.

"Alright guys, what are you men gonna do while I fuck her?" she says.

"What do you mean? I figured you could sit on her face while we fucked her holes," one of the men say.

“Oh gentlemen, why do you always assume that I want to sit on a woman's face? Oh no. I’m going to make her come over, and over, and over again until she can’t handle it anymore. Then, you can have her,” she replies.

You come over to me, take my head in your hands and spit on me. “Now fucktoy,” you say, “I guess I had it wrong. She’s gonna fuck you. Take all of it. It’s not just over when you make the dick come, I guess. She’ll have as much fun as she wants.”

She interrupts you, “Damn right I will. I don’t have no dick to tire me out. I can go as long as I want.” She turns to you and says, “I appreciate this, man. It’s been a while since the wife left. Haven’t been able to give a woman a good fucking in a while. I miss it.”

You show her the guest bedroom, and invite her to bring me in alone. It seems apparent that you’ve already worked out that she wants her privacy so you and the other gentlemen walk into the kitchen and, presumably sit down to dinner.

When we get into the bedroom, she pushes me down on the bed and tells me to stay still. Using the cuffs attached to the bed posts, she ties my wrists and ankles down.

"Now, fuckslut. This is how this is going to go, alright? That cunt? It’s mine now. I’m your cunt-owner, alright? That’s what you call me. And guess what, my employee down there, your "sir", he promised me every Wednesday. So you better get used to this. Say "yes cunt-owner" if you understand," she demands.

"Yes, cunt-owner," I say, horrified at what’s going to happen next.

She unzips her pants, and a black strap-on dildo pops out from the crotch of her dress pants. “Suck it.”

"What… why?" I say. I’ve never been asked to suck a dildo, and I can’t possibly see where she gets pleasure in it.

"Because it’s gonna go in your cunt, and right now, it looks pretty dry, so you might wanna get the dick as wet as you can." She climbs up my body, groping my tits as she inches closer to my face with her dick and pushes it into my mouth. "And no more fucking questions, whore. Do what I say."

I try and cover as much of the dick with my saliva as possible. I know I’m dry and I’m not sure if I’ll get any wetter. I’m really too anxious to get aroused like I usually do with Sir.

"That’s it, slut. Suck it hard."

I try and take the dildo deep, but it’s too long and wide and I end up choking as she buries it in my throat.
“Fuck, you can’t really take anything deep in your mouth, can you? Let’s see if we can have some more fun, then.”

She gets off of my face and moves closer down to my cunt. I feel her rubbing her dick against my clit, and I start to squirm. “You like it when I flick your clit, hey fucktoy?”

I try and resist the arousal, and stay silent. I don’t want her thinking that I’m enjoying any of this.

"Say ‘yes cunt-owner’, slut. Thank me for treating you right, slut."

"Yes, cunt-owner. I like it when you flick my clit."

"That’s what I thought."

She laughs and suddenly slips the dildo into my cunt. I can feel how tight I am against the dildo, and although you can feel when my cunt has had enough, she can’t because she doesn’t have any feeling in her dick. She thrusts hard and deep, without any breaks in rhythm.

I realize that she is doing this entirely to torture me. It has nothing to do with her pleasure, other than the pleasure she receives from seeing me orgasm, and so I try and talk myself into coming.

I feel her fuck me harder and harder, without any sign of stopping. I begin to let out short, little moans, in hopes that they will make her happy enough to slow down a little.

"Fuck yeah, whore. You like it when I fuck you hard with my dick."

"Yes, cunt-owner," I say in between moans, "I love it when you fuck me."

She moves one hand down to my clit, and doesn’t waste anytime with rubbing my clit. She presses a finger to it and rubs fast, up and down. With her dick inside of me, and this woman who must know how to rub a clit because she possesses her own, I can’t help but start reaching orgasm.

"I’m going to come, cunt-owner. Can I come, cunt-owner? Please?" I scream out in hopes of being given permission.

"I’m glad you asked, fucktoy. Come hard against my dick. Come hard for me."

She continues to pump hard, and just as she takes out the entire cock and puts it back in, I come. Hard. All over the dildo.

I let out a sigh of relief.

She laughs.

"You fucking thought that was it, didn’t you, fucktoy?"

"Yes, cunt-owner," I say exhausted.

"Oh," she replies, "I’m just getting started, whore."

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