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Valentine’s Day, the event where love and sometimes lust is universally celebrated by the masses. Flowers, chocolate and dinner are the norms and nothing’s wrong with that but me, I like to go above and beyond
Valentine’s Day, the event where love and sometimes lust is universally celebrated by the masses. Flowers, chocolate and dinner are the norms and nothing’s wrong with that but me, I like to go above and beyond. This V-day was going to be epic! There was one woman who I wanted to spend this event with, Simone F or SF for short, blessed with hair down to her shoulder’s , a sun tanned caramel complexion that gave off the appearance of Indian heritage and a smile that while I never told her, made any rainy day instantly sunny. Mushy I know! So to change that let’s get to the body type, I could start with her amazing breast but I’ll go with those gorgeous legs. Oh how I couldn’t wait to caress them, lick and place kisses all over them. Those long and smooth beauties, I always envisioned her wrapping them around my waist while I plunged inside of her(Note to self, I had to make this happen). Now onto to those amazing breast! Simone was a slim woman so I was surprisingly caught off guard by the 36 C’s, man they were nice I found myself envying her bra at times, being able to constantly hold such greatness. Now I talked to a few females during this time but no matter which one of them I spent time with SF was always at the top of my list, so it was only right I made this evening special.  Now before I give you all the rundown of the festivities , I understand Simone isn’t my girl, but we dig each other and I like to leave great impressions, with that said drum roll please(No really drum roll guys)

    Our day started with a trip to our hotel, now I know what you’re thinking….story over, right? Nope, we checked in around 3 and dropped our bags off, freshening up and changing into our attire for the evening. I wore a nice blazer and slacks along with some loafers, no need to get into super detail about my outfit, we’re all here for SF. Incredible is how I would describe her look, wearing a black/grey shoulder-less, thigh length dress that hugged every curve left me speechless and to top it off she had on some black heels that screamed “Fuck me”. I wasn’t even trying to leave the room and before I knew it my arms were around her waist, kissing along her neck and shoulders, we were freshly dressed and ready to go but I didn’t care, we had time to kill and I couldn’t leave without getting at least a taste. I laid on the bed, not wanting to mess up to much ripped stockings and removed panties, took off my blazer and loosened up the tie, stuck my face between, super tongue arrived. I tore that pussy up, I heard her say I’m cumming so much I began thinking it was my name. One thing I enjoyed about SF was her competitive nature, her anything you can do I can do better mentality, so before long my pants were removed. After being sucked with such vigor and passion. It would be disrespect if I didn’t cum, for her, I had to give her my cum!  Now it was to re-freshen up before heading to take a 30 minute Helicopter tour of NYC. Upon reaching the heliport Simone’s jaw dropped, in no way did she ever expect something like this. After being briefed about rules & regulations, safety and emergency situations we were off! The view was amazing and even though SF was enjoying the tour the way my arm was being gripped I could tell she was a little uneasy about being so high up.

   It’s only so much you can say to calm a person’s nerves when you’re over a thousand feet in the air, luckily I didn’t plan to say anything. I had requested SF to pack about four pairs of stockings, she questioned the request but there was a reason behind it, especially with her being on her second pack .  My right arm draped around her shoulders as I placed my left hand unto her thigh, ripping into the stocking. Placing my hand inside I slowly began rubbing the inner area. Simone’s expression went from one of fear to intrigue as I continued rubbing, hand creeping up slowly, SF’s anticipation growing with every touch. Her body tensed up as I reached her start button, glancing over at me Simone bit her bottom lip and looked down, I followed her eyes and saw that her legs were spreading, granting me passage. Two fingers slid inside, exploring it’s new location, SF’s back slid up against the seat, my fingers tunneling upwards . The look on her face was priceless, whether it was the biting of her bottom lip to contain her moans or her eyes rolling every which way, I knew I had her right where I wanted her. Trying to gain some semblance of control SF began grinding on my two fingers, her hip control was amazing and I knew I had to replace those fingers and put something else inside of her immediately. With my free hand I pulled the condom out my pocket and placed it on Simone’s lap, she gazed down and a sly grin appeared across her face. With surprising speed, SF had my dick out of my pants, condom placed on. I don’t know if this would make me a member of the mile high club but shit I didn’t care, how many people can say they had helicopter sex? But enough about my inner thoughts, you guys want to hear about the adventurous x-rated stuff, don’t ya? Sf was in the reverse cowgirl position putting a working on me, those magical hips slowing moving with intricate purpose and that purpose was to make me explode. Now that takes me back to the whole competitive thing, she was behind score wise(in terms of cumming) and was looking to climb back into the race………To be continued


   Still with me? I know you are J!!! Now like I previously stated  SF was trying to make me explode,  I felt like a time bomb  ticking ..slowly the timer counted down to 0….I swear to you I tried my hardest  to resist….I thought  about gremlins….thought about zombies….anything weird to get my focus but guess what? This woman was a wizard, a witch a combination of Hermine(From Harry Potter) and  a porn star .  No amount of concentration was going to deter her from her goal. Finally the inevitable happened…think of all the disaster movies you’ve watched that had major explosions….think about Ryu from Street Fighter upper cutting an old woman and that’s what happened to me. It took every ounce of my soul not to make any type of sound…I had to channel the spirit of Hulk Hogan to remain silent but man was it worth it, that nut felt  like heaven and red velvet cake….yes that good. I wasn’t even focused on the helicopter ride…no no…I had my eyes focused on one thing…HER. 

      So I set my plan in motion, after a quick clean up dinner was next on the agenda and trust me, what I wanted wasn’t on the menu. Now I can’t tell you guys where we went but I will tell you that it was one of those places where if you bring someone there you’re definitely getting some that night…no questions asked. Dimly lit and not too crowded we proceeded to go through the motions of ordering food and drinks, making eye contact ever so often communicating  our wants and desires. Our seating wasn’t the traditional across the table fashion, we were seated directly next to each other which made my conquering even easier. My plan was to slowly remove her stockings and panties as the waiter brought out the food and drinks but what I didn’t expect was to feel nothing but leg when I slid my hand under the table!!! Seems like SF had plans of her own . Looking up at me with a mischievous grin, I already knew what time it was or did I(Dramatic Music)? She began kissing my neck, working her way up and then sensually whispering “Play with my pussy” My fingers did the cha cha slide with her kitten. Getting wet enough to drown Free Willy, oh but I wasn’t done…all the entrees had been brought out and I figured we’d have at least 25 minutes before our waiter came in and checked on  us and that’s when I “accidentally” dropped my fork.  Quickly I dropped down under the table to retrieve my fork and to taste some of the off the menu delights.

   I don’t know if she was shocked by anything I did anymore but I know she enjoyed every minute of it. You may ask how do I know if she did?  Well I’m not one to brag or boast but I don’t play when it comes to sex. Not one bit. I AIM TO PLEASE!! Had to place extra emphasis on that one. Plus when her legs are quivering uncontrollably that’s usually a sign that you’re doing something right.  Any type of sexual act in pubic takes an immense amount of strength not to express pleasure in the loudest way possible, it’s a natural human reaction to moan, scream, blurt out four letter words or even proclaim our love (Hides face) but what I heard was definitely unexpected. “Can someone pleassssseeee bring the check” is what SF screamed/yelled/shouted out. I popped up from under the table chin and lips still having traces of her wetness on it, SF licked all of her juices off and said we have to get back to the room now.  The waiter came back to our table bill in hand, he curiously stared at our untouched food and drinks but I don’t think he was able to put it all together

You would have thought SF robbed the place the way she bolted on the time I stepped foot out the restaurant she was already in a cab yelling at me to hurry up. My anticipation was building ...most likely due to the head in the cab...the way she brought me to near climax then stopped...the laugh she let out when she saw my anguish...I could not wait to get inside her. If we weren't worried about getting arrested  we'd have got it on in the hotel hallway but I love my freedom so I could wait a till I got in the room. Mannnnn once that door was pure raw savage lust at its finest...clothes were literally ripped off...fuck the cost of the outfit, it was all about pleasure at this point!!

There Sf was , naked...every curve accounted for...I wish you all could share this view..this was art...this was a masterpiece...this was....about to get nasty real quick .  I quickly bent her over and tasted the pussy from the back, there was a duffle bag on the side of me, it took a minute to feel around but I was able to find some interesting items...lets see..we have hand cuffs...bondage tape not to mention the ice on the dresser this was gonna be fun.
She was so enamored with what was happening to her she didn't even realize what was about to go down. It's amazing what tongue on a pussy will do to a female , the euphoric feeling...the lack of ones surrounding. Before she knew it Sf's arms were tied up to the bed post using the bondage tape...her legs wrapped around my waist ..ankles handcuffed, all I needed was enough room to use the bucket of ice and to please her till she squirted...yes squirted! I moved along her body with the ice...stopping and focusing on every spot the seemed to announce the slightest inkling of delight.  I don't think there's enough time to explain to you how many times Sf let loose but I will tell you all that the sheets needed to be changed due to being drenched....I guess ice will do that to you ;-).

Now you would think as much as she came Sf would be knocked out.... damn near was but she was like a boxer in the last round moving off of straight instinct and adrenaline. That combination would get the best of me ...pushed down onto a chair l, my arms and feet were restrained by the bondage tape, with my dick standing at attention Sf slipped on a condom and rode me like it was the last pipe she 'd be receiving . Control your breathing...control your breathing...that's what I kept telling myself but as we all know its easier said then done, plus watching her head cock back as she dug her nails in my shoulders almost made me say screw breathing all together lol. My breaking put is when she reversed positions and I had to watch that ass bounce up and's only so much a man can take...the view and her pussy was just impeccable ...and just like thought a shot a nut right into her (protected by the condom of course) heavy breathing was the only sound that was words were spoken for a few moments. I was untied and SF collapsed on the bed exhausted and satisfied, me..tired as I was went to eat my food that was previously neglected...if you saw the bill you'd be doing the same thing...I had the woman I wanted naked, and memories that last for a while...I'd say this was a good v-day

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