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Chapter 7

“So it’s agreed,” Fred said, trying to concentrate on his driving while Daphne stroked his cock through his open zipper, “we all go to Daphne’s house and then call our parents and ask them to meet us there. Once we’re all together we tell our parents about the pregnancies and see what happens from there.”

“With any luck our parents won’t overreact if we’re all there together and cooler heads will prevail,” Velma said while she and Shaggy ran their hands across her swollen belly where she’d lifted her sweater and blouse to reveal the bare skin.

“Do I really have to be there?” Scooby asked.

“Sure, old buddy,” Shaggy said without taking his eyes off Velma’s belly bulge. “After all, no matter how angry our parents are with us, no one has any reason to be upset with you.”

“RI ron’t row about rhat,” Scooby said, “Ri’ve been ritty rusy rith some rot rithces.”

“Just how busy have you been, Scooby?” Daphne asked, turning her whole body so she could see him.”

“Three ritches, three litters of pups on the way,” Scooby answered sheepishly.

“I don’t know if I should scold or congratulate you, Scooby,” Fred said with a shake of his head. “But even so, our parents can’t hold you responsible for our pregnancies so you should have a cooling affect on our meeting.”

“There’s the gate to my house now,” Daphne said, pulling her hand out of Fred’s pants and zipping him up before he turned into the drive.

The gang was silent as Fred drove up to the mansion until Velma pointed to several cars already parked in front of the house and asked, “Is it my imagination, or is that my parents car?”

“If you’re imagining it than so am I,” Shaggy said, “because that’s my parents car.”

“And that one belongs to my parents,” Fred said, pointing to the last car.

“I know we were planed to call them all together,” Daphne said, looking over all the cars before turning to look at the front door of her family mansion. “But the fact that there all here waiting for us has me worried.”

“It has us all worried,” Velma said, “but I say we go ahead just like we planed.”

“And we do it now before we lose our nerve,” Fred added, parking the van and climbing out along with the rest of the gang.

“Mom, dad?” Daphne called as she and the rest of the gang walked into the front entry.

“We’re in the living room, dear,” Daphne’s mother called back. “Are your friends with you?”

“Yes,” Daphne said as she lead the rest of the gang through the mansion. “Where are the servants?” She asked as she and her friends entered the living room and found their parents already sitting and waiting for them.”

“We gave them the day off so we could have some privacy,” Daphne’s father said.

“Why don’t you kids get something to eat before we start talking,” Mr. Blake said, gesturing to the laden banquet table and it’s impressive spread.

“You don’t have to ask us twice,” Shaggy said as he and Scooby rushed to the food. The rest of the gang looked at each other and shrugged before they made their own way through the food table and then found their own seats, Velma next to Shaggy and Daphne next to Fred with Scooby on the floor between both couples.

“Mom, dad,” Velma said after a nervous swallow, “we have something to tell you.”

It was only when she paused that Velma realized her mother had spoken at the same time as her, “Kid’s, we have something to tell you.”
There was an uncomfortable pause after Velma and her mother spoke, then after several seconds Daphne’s mother said, “Why don’t you kids go first?”

“Everyone,” Daphne said when her friend continued to hesitate, “Velma and I are pregnant.”

“Shaggy is the father of my child, and Fred is the father of Daphne’s baby,” Velma added when Daphne stopped, then they both waited for their parents response.

“Who had today in the pool?” Velma’s father asked after several seconds of silence.

“That would be me,” Fred’s father said with a raised hand.

“You knew,” Velma said as she watched Shaggy’s father hand cash to Fred’s father. “You knew we were pregnant and you didn’t say anything about it?”

“Yes we knew,” Velma’s mother said. “Your bulky sweaters may do a good job hiding your figure. But I saw you every day and I noticed when your figure started to shift a couple months ago. Then there’s the fact that you stopped using sanitary napkins, and let’s not forget the time you almost ran me over in the hall in your rush to get to the bathroom because of your morning sickness. I knew you were pregnant for quite a while, dear.”

“And you’re not going to force us to get an abortion or give our babies up for adoption?” Daphne asked, looking from one partnets face to the next.

“Certainly not,” Daphne’s mother said. “We’re not hypocrites after all.”

“What do you mean?” Shaggy asked, wrapping his arms around Velma to give her support as she sagged against his chest.

“I guess it’s time for our news now,” Shaggy’s mother said. “Kids, we’re pregnant.”

“What?” Fred said from where he hugged Daphne. For the first time in weeks he took a close look at his mother and realized that she had a baby bulge as big as Velma’s.

“It’s true,” Velma’s mother said. “You kids were so concerned with hiding your own pregnancies that you avoided us and never noticed that our bellies were growing even bigger than yours.”

“But mom, why didn’t you tell us?” Velma asked.

“About our pregnancies, or that we knew about yours?” Velma’s mother asked.

“Both, I guess,” Velma said after a second.

“Well, we figured you’d tell us about your pregnancies when you were ready,” Velma’s mother replied. “And for our pregnancies, well, the father of my child is Fred’s father.”

“And the father of my baby is Daphne’s father,” Mrs. Jones told her son.

“Let me guess,” Shaggy said to his mother, “your baby is Mr. Dinkly’s, and Mrs. Dinkly’s baby is dad’s.”

“That’s right,” Shaggy’s mother said, rubbing her belly while the others nodded in agreement.

“How did this happen,” Fred asked, looking from parent to parent.

“A few months back the eight of us were all invited to a party,” Fred’s father started.

“It wasn’t until after we arrived,” Shaggy’s father continued, “that we discovered it was a swingers party and everyone was swapping partners for the evening.”

“The eight of us weren’t interested in swapping,” Fred’s mother chimed in, “but we were too embarrassed to just take off after we learned the truth. So the eight of us went off in a corner together and ended up talking about you kids for the night.”

“After that first night we realized that we actually liked each other’s company so every Wednesday we went out together for our own party,” Velma’s mother added, petting her own stomach bulge as she spoke.

“And even though we didn’t plan it,” Shaggy’s mother said with a sigh while she stroked her belly, “after a few weeks the eight of us started pairing off.”

“And the next thing we knew,” Velma’s father finished for all of them, “your four mothers were all testing positive on their pregnancy tests and we were trying to figure out what to tell the four of you.”

“Of course once we realized that the two of you were pregnant,” Daphne’s mother said with a grin, “we knew you’d understand the situation better than we’d hoped.”

“Mother,” Daphne said nervously,” does this mean that you and daddy . . ..”

“No, dear, your father and I are staying together,” Daphne’s mother said, taking her husbands head with a smile. “We’re all staying with our current partners, we’re just having more fun with our other parrtners.”

“I can see that,” Shaggy chuckled, looking at all the swollen bellies around the room. “So, now that we have everything out in the open, what are we going to do?”

“Well, nothings going to change for us,” Mr. Blake said as the other parents nodded in agreement. “As far as everyone knows, all of us are just having another baby. As for you four, I’m pretty sure everyone already knows how the four of you were going to end up so I don’t see anything changing there; except this. Starting tonight, Fred is going to spend every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday night here in Daphne’s bed and she’s going to sped every Monday and Wednesday in Fred’s bed. And every weekend when the four of you are solving your little mysteries I’m sure they’ll be sharing their bed there too.”

“And Shaggy,” Mr. Rogers told his son, “you’ll be in Velma’s bed every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday and she’ll be in yours every Monday and Wednesday.”

“Really,” the whole gang asked together.

“Really,” their parents replied.

“And we’re not forgetting about you, Scooby,” Shaggy’s mother said, turning to her son’s dog. “We’ve been getting some calls about you and a some pregnant dogs from the places you and the gang have been staying at.”

“Roh oh,” Scooby said, trying to hide behind Shaggy’s chair and hang his head in shame as he chuckled nervously.

“Don’t worry, Scoob, no one’s angry with you. In fact it turns out that all the owners were planning to breed their dogs so they’re happy with the results. They were just calling to thank us for letting you breed them.”

“Scooby, why didn’t you tell us that you were going to have puppies?” Shaggy asked his best friend.

“Actually I think he did,” Velma said, “at least he told us on several occasions that he was going out to find a bitch in heat – or a hot bitch as he put it.”

“Yeah, I guess he did,” Shaggy chuckled.

“Well,” Fred said, grinning madly at Daphne, “if I’m going to spend the night here I guess I should go home and get a few things for tomorrow. And I’m guessing that you’ll want a few things from your house too, Shaggy.”

“Yeah, that would be a good idea,” Shaggy agreed. “So why don’t we drop Velma off at her house, then you and I can get our things and then I’ll drop you off at Velma’s before I come back here.”

“Hurry back, Freddy,” Daphne told her lover, “I feel an all night celebration coming up as soon as you get back. I’ll be waiting in my room.”

“You heard her gang,” Fred said, already running through the front door of the mansion with Shaggy, Velma, and Scooby rushing to keep up with him.

“Thank you, mother,” Daphne said to her mother as all the parents watched her with knowing smiles.

“You’re welcome, dear,” Mrs. Blake told her daughter. “Now get to your bedroom, I’m sure Freddy will be back before you know it.”

* * * * * * * * * *

As Fred hurried down the hall to Daphne’s bedroom he could hear screams of pleasure as well as the sound of springs squeaking in protest coming from two spare rooms in the family wing. When he reached Daphne’s door he opened the door and just managed to keep his feet when Daphne ran to hug him like a naked red huricane.

“Oh Freddie, you’re finally back,” Daphne said pulling at his clothes to get them off as fast as she could. “When our parents started fucking each other I thought I’d go crazy waiting to get your cock in my pussy.”

“Calm down, Daph, I’m here now and we don’t have to rush things,” Fred pointed out, tossing his bag of clothes off to the side and then helping the horny redhead with his belt, buttons, and zipper until he was as naked as her.

“I’m not in a rush,” Daphne said, grabbing Fred by his erect cock and leading him to her bed. “I’m horny, so horny that I had to try some of toys mom gave me while I was waiting for you to get back.”

As she spoke Daphne grabbed the box full of dildos and vibrators on her bed and pulled it off the covers and on to the floor with a crash. “But everything I tried just made me want your cock in my pussy instead. And now you’re back, and obviously ready to fuck.”

“I’m always ready to fuck you, Daph,” Fred said looking down at the cascade of red hair while Daphne ran her tongue around his cock and then swallowed it deep in her throat. Fred reached past Daphne’s sucking mouth to play with her breasts, they were large enough now that they rubbed together on their own. When he squeezed Daphne’s tits he could feel something shift and he wondered how long it would be before Daphne started producing milk just like Velma.

“Like I said, Daphne,” Fred groaned as his lover continued to suck his shaft, “I’m always ready to fuck you, but if you keep this up I’ll need time to recover before I can fuck you.”

“Well we can’t have that,” Daphne said, pulling her lips away from Fred’s cock and sliding back on the bed with her legs wide open in invitation.

“Fuck me Fred,” Daphne purred, stroking her swollen belly and opening her legs as Fred crawled between her thighs. “Fuck me now, fuck me when we go to bed, fuck me when you wake up in the middle of the night, fuck me before we leave for school in the morning so I’ll have a pussy full of cum when I go to class, fuck me between classes, hell, fuck me during class if you think we can get away with it. Whatever you do, don’t stop fucking me because I always want to have your cum in my cunt.”

“Just try and stop me,” Fred grinned, watching his cock slide slowly between Daphne’s pussy lips and into her pregnant belly. “The only thing I like better than shoving my cock into your wet hot cunt is shooting my cum in your belly and watching it swell up with our baby.”

“You do know what I like, Freddy,” Daphne groaned, pulling his blond head down and kissing him full on the lips before she let him move his mouth down to her swollen nipples so he could suck her tits while he gave her a slow loving fuck. “Oh, God, I can’t believe our parents did this for us. No more waiting for the weekend, no more masturbating myself to sleep every school night, just fucking each other to sleep like I’ve been dreaming about for months.”

“I like the way you dream,” Fred said, “and I’ll do my best to make them come true.”

“That’s all I can ask,” Daphne said, wrapping her legs behind Fred’s ass and bouncing her ass off the bed to meet his every stroke as both their bodies started to quiver with their approaching orgasms. With one last thrust Fred buried his cock as deep as it could go in Daphne’s swollen belly and both of them screamed with their shared pleasure as he filled her pussy with a full load of cum.

“If this is a dream,” Daphne sighed as they lay side by side on her bed, “promise me you’ll never wake me up.”

“If I did, then the dream would have to end for me too,” Fred said, stroking Daphne’s pregnant belly. “And I never want it to end.”

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