She pushes even further with her son.
This is part 2 of my story, Mommy's New Tits. Go back to part one to get the context. This is the story of Amy, who has a sexual awakening after a cancer scare.

There I was, leaning back on my knees, topless, scooping my son Tim's fresh cum off of my chin and licking it off of each finger, sucking them clean, moaning with pleasure at each taste. I had swallowed as much of it as I could, and could feel the warmth of his massive load in my stomach. When I opened my eyes again, I saw him sitting there in his chair, naked, with a dazed look on his face, big teen cock still half hard, starting to droop. I smiled at him and said "You OK honey?"
He looked at me and slowly nodded, saying, "That was....awesome, Mom"
I grinned, "I agree, thank you so much"
He laughed, saying "I'm the one who should thank you!"
I stood up, in a bit of a cum daze and felt the dampness between my legs. I looked down, seeing a big wet stain on the crotch of my leggings. "Looks like I made quite the mess here!" I said, tugging up on the front of my tights, digging the fabric in deeper, accentuating my pussy lips. I watched Tim for his reaction. He looked down at my crotch and I saw his cock jump. I had intended to go masturbate in the shower, but this made me think that we might not be done yet. Smiling my wicked smile, I said, "Well, I guess I better get these off!" I turned away from him, bending over at the waist, slowly stripping my tights down over my firm round ass, exposing my bright magenta thong which was much darker where the thin fabric dug into my pussy. When I reached my ankles, I stepped out of the tights, and turned around to see Tim fully erect and stroking again.
"Those look dirty too, Mom, better take them off," he grinned, motioning to my thong.
"Oh my, are you hard again? and now you want to see me naked?" I said coyly. He just nodded, stroking his long shaft in his fist. Keeping eye contact with him i bent over again, sliding my soaked thong down my shapely legs. Stepping out of them I tossed him the thong, it landing on his bare shoulder. I struck a pose, my legs slightly parted for his viewing pleasure. "What do you think?" I said, turning slowly around, feeling his eyes rake over my naked body. He started beating faster looking at my naked cunt. "Looks great mom" he grunted.
I grinned, agreeing with him. I was quite confident naked, and thought my pussy was lovely too. As I mentioned, I had recently gotten a rather erotic wax, embracing the bare look that men seemed to prefer these days. Nothing was hiding my puffy outer mons that were shiny and slick with my juices. I spread my legs wider a slipped a finger between them, running it up from my aching hole across my hard little clit.
"MMMmmm," I moaned, "you like watching Mommy touch herself?"
"Uhuh" He agreed, eyes glued to me.
"It's not the first time you watched me do this, is it?"
"Wh-what?" He exclaimed, letting go of his dick.
I continued toying with myself, confronting him; "I looked at your computer, you filthy boy, I saw all of your nasty porn sites, and I saw that you watched me strip and finger online."
He gulped, then slowly started stroking again, not sure what to say, but figuring I probably wasn't mad, considering what just happened.
"You know what I did when I found out you watched me behave like a nasty slut?"
"Uh, no..."
"I came harder than I ever had in my life, right in that chair you're sitting in."
He grinned in response.
"So, now you have me naked, behaving like a slut again, in your room. Now, the question is," I said, walking towards him, taking his free hand and running his fingers along my pussy lips, "how far do you want this to go?"
"Um, I guess as far as you do..." he said, lost in freely caressing my sopping wet cunt. I shivered in anticipation, feeling him touch me for the first time.
"That's a dangerous answer Tim, I'm very very horny, and considering doing some very un-motherly things with you right now." I said, bending over, placing my face close to his.
"Li-like what?" he stammered.
"Get on your bed and let me fuck your brains out with that beautiful big cock of yours," I whispered.
His eyes just about popped out of his head, "You-are you-, seriously?!"
With my lips less than an inch from his is whispered, "Don't make me ask twice..."
He jumped out of his chair and bounded over to his bed, cock bouncing along the way. I admired his cute white butt before he flopped onto the bed laying on his back. I sauntered over and slowly straddled his legs, his cock sticking straight up like an iron rod in front of me. I ran my hands over his tight abs, caressing him saying, "You have a beautiful body Tim." I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock, cupping his sack with my other hand.
"Thanks mom, you too" he said, running his fingers up my thigh.
"You think so?" I asked, stroking his long shaft while fondling his tight sack. It already felt full again. I grabbed his sack and gently tugged it gently.
"Yeah Mom, you are soo fucking sexy" he groaned.
"Really?" I said, laying his cock flat against his stomach. It extended up several inches up past his belly button. I moved forward and lowered my hips until I sat on him, straddling his hips with shaft between my slick pussy lips. We both moaned as our privates touched for the first time. I began sliding back and forth on his shaft like a rail, coating it in incestuous pussy juices. I threw my head back, grinding my clit up his cock, rubbing it in his coarse hair.
"Oh god, Mom, that feels amazing!"
"Yeah, baby? Did you ever fantasize about me before?"
"Uhm, I guess."
"Mmmm, what did think about?"
"Uh, your body and stuff..."
Leaning forward over him, letting my nipples graze his chest, I looked him deep in the eyes and said "Now is not the time to be shy, what did you think about doing with Mommy?"
"Well, seeing you naked, and uh, squeezing your tits, and uh, fucking you..."
I smiled, my lips in front of his, my tits squashed against his athletic chest, grinding my cunt on his shaft. I played with his hair a moment, then kissed him, his lower lip between mine, running my tongue over his lips. I broke the kiss, biting his lip gently and straightened up, and said, "time for that dream to come true."
I took his shaft in one hand and raised up on my knees, guiding his head in between my lips towards my hole. I ran it around my pussy entrance, breathing hard, then placed it right at the entrance, thinking to myself "ohmygodohmygod I'm really doing this..." I lowered myself, taking his cock head inside me, then back up, then halfway down his shaft, then back up, and then sat down hard, impaling myself with the full length of his hard teen cock.
We moaned in unison at each stage, first "Oh!" then "UOHHH!", then, practically howling as he fully entered me we both squeezed our eyes shut tight and cried out "UUHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
The feeling was like I had injected some fantastic drug, rising up from my pussy, up my torso and making my head swim. Eyes shut and mouth open in bliss, I started grinding my hips in little circles, moving his cock around inside me. He was the biggest I had ever had, deeper in me than anyone before. I raised my hips up a little, taking one thick inch out and pushing it back in slowly, feeling my stretched pussy lips grabbing his cock in both directions.
"OHHhhh GOD Tim! You are so big and feel sooooo good inside me" I somehow got the breath to say. I opened my eyes and looked down at him, and saw him squirming in ecstasy, head thrown back.
"You like Mommy's pussy, huh?" I teased, bouncing more on his cock, working it in and out. I sat on him again, grinding my clit into his pubes, squeezing the base of his shaft with my inner muscles. He reached behind me and grabbed my ass cheeks with his big strong hands, lifting me, signaling me to fuck him more. I obliged, leaning forward and starting to thrust back against him in a steady rhythm. That made him groan anew. I loved watching his face twist in pleasure as I ran my fingers over his hard muscles, then caressed his face. My handsome son, my fucking stud. I placed my index finger in his mouth and he sucked greedily. He began thrusting his hips up, meeting my rhythm, bouncing me up with each thrust, my tits bouncing wildly. Tim reached up and grabbed them roughly sending new sensations through my body. He mashed them together with a thumb on each nipple. I gasped and collapsed on top of him and he kept pounding me. He wrapped his arms tight around me and tried to roll over on top of me, but was too forceful, sending us tumbling over the side of the bed. He landed hard on top of me on the carpet, still inside me, but didn't lose a beat. He continued moving his thick long shaft in and out of my wet hole.
Then, Tim paused and grabbed my legs, pushing them back towards my head. I grinned at his experimentation with positions, but then he slid almost out of my cunt, till his fat cock head was between my lips, and slammed back in, all the way. This new position allowed him to go deeper than before, and he slammed right into my cervix, bottoming out. "aahhHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed in pain/pleasure, but he took no notice, fucking me with long deep strokes and grunting like an animal.
"Ti-ti-tim, my god, you are soo deep inside me" I whimpered, my pussy taking a beating and pushing me towards orgasm. His long strong pounding continued, his hips slamming into mine, probably bruising both of us. The force of his fucking was scooting me back on the carpet, scraping my back, until my head bumped into the wall. He continued plowing me, but reached around my legs, grabbing each nipple and pinching hard. This was the breaking point and I stammered out "Oh-god-Tim, I'm going to cum, you are going to make Mommy cum SO HARD-"
His thrusts grew more frantic and I was up over the edge. I was cumming, soundlessly at first, my face screwed up and biting my fist, but then I felt it. I felt my son's huge cock expand inside me, heard him cry out, and felt a hot thick stream of his cum shooting into the recesses of my body. It pushed me from a massive orgasm into a mind-shattering one, and I just screamed.
Tim, feeling my body convulsing beneath him, pulled back after his first massive shot, then plunged forward again for a second blast, and a third. I could feel him coating my insides, filling me up. I though he had cum a lot earlier, but now he was shooting thicker, longer streams of cum up inside me. Tim continued grunting as he literally filled my pussy, with excess cum coating his shaft and his sack while it ran down my lips to my anus.
I just lay there in orgasmic bliss as he finished unloading inside me. I felt his cock pump a few more times, then, panting, he withdrew. I chuckled and winced as he pulled out of me. I immediately felt some of his spunk start to leak out and I clamped my had tight over my pussy. "Timmy!" I moaned "You weren't supposed to cum IN me!"
"No?" he said, eyes closed, laying on his back about to enter post coital coma.
"No dummy, you could get me pregnant. You are supposed to cum in my mouth!" I said, standing up on wobbly legs, hands collecting his sperm leaking out of me. As my hands cupped beneath my pussy filled up with leaky sperm, the intoxicating scent hit me. I brought my full hands up to my mouth, eyes shut in cum-loving bliss, guiding it all into my mouth, moaning in pleasure all the way. As I gulped down his second load of the day, I opened my eyes and saw Tim staring at me. Taking a last gulp I said, "Well, no sense in wasting it." Then I glanced down at his cum covered crotch and said "I won't waste a drop!"
I knelt down next to him and sucked his semi hard cock into my mouth, tasting his sperm mixed with my pussy juice. I moaned savoring the heavenly mixture as Tim squirmed, his flesh now extremely sensitive. "Jeez Mom, you really like my cum, huh?"
I nodded, then I licked up the errant jizz around the base of his cock, and sucked his deflated sack into my mouth, getting every last bit. Savoring the last taste for a bit, I got up, gathered my clothes and walked to the door naked saying "Your father will be home soon and I've got to get dinner on the table." Before I left the room, I looked back at his stunned face and simply said, "Thanks."
Walking back to my room, I giggled in disbelief. The image of the depraved acts I had just committed still thrilled me. I leaned against the shower door fingering my cunt, collecting the remainder of Tim's cum and licking it off my fingers. That boy tasted amazing!
I got cleaned up and dressed conservatively (for me!) in a clingy top and tight jeans and set about making dinner. My husband, Michael, came home, distracted as always. As I put dinner on the table, I heard Tim come clomping down the stairs. I stiffened, wondering how we would react being in the same room with his dad, not having spoken to him after our fuck session. He quickly put me at ease, however, coming into the kitchen saying "Hi Dad, hi Mom" and giving me a big hug from behind.
We ate dinner mostly in silence, Tim and I grinning a lot and looking down at our plates. Michael saw me smiling and asked "Good day?"
"Yeah" I responded "I got a really good workout, but I'm pretty sore now"
Tim choked on his food. Staring at him, I continued, "I had a pretty big snack afterwards though". I smirked at Tim while he turned bright red, but Michael was oblivious.
I let us finish dinner with out any further teasing, and we settled about our evening routines. Tim went upstairs to do homework, and Michael and I settled in to watch TV. I had changed into my silk robe and was rubbing lotion on my legs, thinking about Tim, his gorgeous body, his amazing cock, and the things we had done today. My hip and thighs were sore, not to mention my lady parts, but I felt a tingling again. I wondered if I could sneak of for a little more 'quality time' with Tim. I looked at Michael and thought better of it because of how much I screamed earlier when Tim made me cum. I decided to make the best of the situation and let my husband quench my thirst.
I stood in front of him blocking the TV and he looked at me quizzically. I dropped my silk robe to my waist, showing him my tits. His expression changed to a naughty grin. Then I knelt down and tugged down his shorts. "What, here?" He said. Without responding, I took his flaccid cock into my mouth.
Now, there is nothing wrong with my husband's dick. It's average size, but attractive, and still gets nice and hard. He almost instantly started swelling in my mouth as I swished his soft cock around my tongue. I love the feeling of a man getting hard in my mouth, and before long, Michael was.
I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed, however, when Michael became fully erect and he just managed to fill my mouth. His son fit deep into my throat and stretched my lips tight. Michael was unaware of my disappointment however, as he moaned, "Fuck yes, Amy," placing his hands on the back of my head, motioning me to bob it up and down. I started moving him in and out of my mouth. I stuck my tongue out flat, allowing me to easily take his whole shaft into my mouth and tongue his sack at the same time, my specialty. With a free hand, I grabbed his sack, tugging lightly. I experimented a little, extending my middle finger back along his taint, applying a little pressure to his prostate...and that was enough to do it. He grunted, and I felt a shot of jizz hit the back of my throat. I continued these motions, milking out was was left. He shot another similar sized stream, then dribbled out a few more globs.
Now, I have always loved my husbands cock, and his cum too. But it was so hard to not be disappointed, after witnessing his son's massive cock shooting off like a horse. I had thought that this play with Michael would get Tim off my mind, but now I ached to see him more than ever. I swallowed his load (still happy to drink some yummy cum!), fixed my robe, and looked down at Michael. He was glazed over, watching TV again. He murmured "wow, thanks honey".
I said to Michael "I'm going to go check on Tim, see how he's doing on his homework." Michael said "ok" without looking away from the TV screen.
I headed upstairs, removing my panties and tossing them in the hamper on the way. I opened Tim's door, not bothering to knock. He jumped as he saw me, silk robe open to the waist. "Hi baby" I said seductively, hugging his door frame.
"Uhm, hey Mom, what's up?" he said nervously, glancing behind me.
"Oh nothing" I said, sauntering into his room "I was just thinking about you, up here, studying hard, and thought that maybe there was a special lesson I could teach you..."
"Yeah? About what?" he said, standing up, cock already hard in his shorts.
"Well, about kissing" I said, opening my robe and dropping it. Then i laid on my back across his bed, legs spread wide and said "Kissing me here!" as I began rubbing my already wet pussy.
"You want me to eat you out mom?" He said, grinning as he stripped bare and knelt in front of me.
"Oh god yes, Tim, more than anything in the world!" I murmured in anticipation.
I felt his hot breath on my pussy and shivered. He seemed to be taking his time, taking in the sight. He must have been, because after what felt like years he whispered "You have a beautiful pussy mom". Then he leaned forward, pushed the tip of his tongue against my hole, then ran it up between my lips, tasting me, until his tongue flick across my clit. After this preliminary tasting, he kissed me right on top of my clit, licked his lips and said "mmmm, you taste good too!"
The moment his tongue hit my pussy an electric shock went up my spine and I had to clamp both hands over my mouth to keep quiet. My eyes flew wide as Tim went back in licked between my inner folds, keeping his tongue stiff and using it to open me up. He licked across my clit a few times, then ran up and down again before circling in around my hole. Then I let out a gasp as he pushed his tongue inside my well fucked hole. I arched my back and moaned as quietly as possible as he slowly fucked me with his tongue, curling it inside of me. He pulled back and said "Am I doing a good job Mommy?" I whimpered and nodded yes, unable to respond more. "Good" he said, diving back in licking up my pussy roughly with the flat of his tongue. Then he went right after my stiff little clit, flicking it over and over again with his tongue. He ran his hands up my stomach then grab my tits at the same time, pressing my hard nipples with his thumbs.
Oh, he was pushing all the right buttons and I knew it wouldn't be long before I was cumming again. His hands left my tits and he began stroking his cock fast with one hand. I felt the other on my pussy, spreading my puffy lips wide, giving him better access to my clit and inner lips.
"Ohgodtimyou're driving me crazy" I whispered. He took his time, exploring around and playing with my pussy, learning exactly what I liked best. I felt him place the tip of his middle finger at the entrance to my pussy, and he slowly slid it in, assaulting my clit with his tongue. "UHHHHHHHH" I moaned into my hands. He slid his finger in and out, rubbing against my g-spot. Then, to my surprise, I felt another finger graze my asshole. At first I thought it was by accident, but then i felt him running the tip of his finger around my rosebud, already slick from the combined juices of my pussy and his saliva dripping down from above. I felt a new thrill go through me, feeling him rubbing my sensitive anus, wondering what he would do next. I didn't have to wait long to find out as he pushed the tip of that finger directly in the center, trying to open me up. He pressed lightly, then paused for my reaction, still lapping at my clit.
"Mmm?" I moaned letting him know he could continue exploring, coaxing him on. He went back again, gathering more pussy juices, then pressing in harder. I did my best to relax, and the tip of his finger slid past my tight ring. "UHhh god Tim..." I whispered, and he started moving in and out with just the first joint of his finger. As he did this, I felt the inside of my tight anus lubricate and relax more and more. This allowed him to go a bit deeper, and I felt his big knuckle pass up into my ass. Once he got past that tight ring of muscles, he found it much easier to get in. Still licking my pussy, he worked his finger in and out of my ass, going a bit deeper each time.
"Tim, you are going to make me cum so hard!" I whispered urgently. He took this as a cue and slid his whole thick middle finger deep into my ass. I felt each knuckle go in and let out a muffled guttural groan. He began licking my clit with renewed vigor and put his index finger back inside my pussy. For the first time, I felt the pleasure of having something in my pussy and my ass simultaneously. I felt his fingers rubbing against each other inside of me. He finger fucked my pussy and ass, lapping at my clit with all his might. "oh god, OH god, OH GOD" i moaned as I felt my orgasm approaching like a freight train. I grabbed his pillow and jammed it over my face, worried that I wouldn't be able to hold back a scream and alert his father downstairs. He jammed his fingers all the way in and the dam broke. My back arched, I stuck my legs straight up in the air, and my whole body convulsed. I screamed through gritted teeth into the pillow and saw stars as the massive orgasm rocked my body. Tim continued his three pronged attack, lapping up my orgasmic juices, prolonging the sensation. It felt like I came for hours, with wave after wave hitting me.
When my orgasm finally started to subside, I felt Tim remove his fingers and tongue and stand up. I just laid there, pillow still over my face, when I felt him start to press his fat cock head against my slick anus.
Like a bucket of cold water had been dumped on me, I jumped away from his cock and shut my legs saying "no no no!" Tim stared at me with a frightened expression, cock still in his hand. "Sorry honey, but I've never done that before, and I don't think I could fit that big ole thing back there. Not without screaming and waking up your father downstairs, at least." "Oh, ok, sorry". Tim said. His expression broke my heart; the sad puppy dog face. "Oh, don't be sad baby!l I said, lovingly stroking his cock with my finger tips, " I want to give you my whole body, my everything, including fucking my ass. And you will! But I need a little...prep time first, ok?" "Ok" he said, brightening up a little.
I stood up and kissed him, tasting my pussy on his lips. "Besides," I said, stroking his long cock "I wasn't going to make you go to bed like this!" I knelt in front of him "That wouldn't wouldn't be very motherly of me, now would it?"
"No, I guess not." he said smiling. I loved making my boy happy! I opened my mouth and slid his head into my mouth, flicking my tongue over it. He bucked his hips forward a little, so I followed his cue and took him in deeper. Keeping my tongue flat, I rubbed his shaft along it while keeping my lips tight around him, humming to vibrate his cock. I could tell he was close already from stroking himself while he ate me out. I pulled his cock out of my mouth, stroking it with both hands, and said "Will you cum for mommy again? Fill me up for the third time today, I need more of your cum baby!" I went back to rapidly sucking his cock as deep as I could without him going into my throat. I wanted all his cum to shoot into my mouth this time. With one hand I stroked the base of his cock, and gently tugged on his sack with the other. I looked up at him, pleading for his cum. He looked down and made eye contact, and that did it. I felt him tense up, his cock flare, and then tasted a thick salty stream shooting back into my mouth. I pulled his cock head back to my lips and stroked him with both hands, keeping my mouth open so he could see his cum filling up my mouth. And it was. Despite making him cum twice already today, his heavy sack was emptying another huge load into my mouth. His thick shots covered my tongue and I had to tilt my head back to keep from loosing any of the precious liquid. Keeping eye contact, I milked every last drop of his teen jizz into my mouth. As before, I let his see my full mouth, savored the taste, then close my lips and gulped it down in delight.
After licking my lips I stood up, patted him lightly on his tight naked butt and said "thank you Tim, I'm such a lucky mom!" I gathered my robe and stumbled off to bed where I slept soundly, with 4 loads of cum swimming around in my stomach.


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