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School Girl helps ladies with dog and finds herself bound in a basement
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Prior: The School Girl Pinata
Prior: The School Girl Pinata – STOP THIS CRAZINESS

Sweat was pouring from Jenna’s face.
Miguel took the fearsome cane and ran it up and down her body.
He laughed and dropped the stick and grabbed a beer. Hector took one too
and they both grabbed some food.

“You hungry.” He asked Jenna. “No No”. I think you are and he spit
some chewed food in her face. “Open your fucking mouth.”
Jenna opened her mouth and Miguel spit some more food out
of his mouth into hers. “Eat up Bitch.” He laughed.

Hector took a drink of beer and spit on Jenna’s face.
“I think you are just a pig.” “We are going to fuck you until
you fucking squeal.” He ran his hand over the welt on her ass.
“How does that feel?”
“It hurts terrible.” “Hector slapped the welted ass hard with his hand.”
“Does that feel better.” he laughed.
Hector picked up the caning rod and waved it n the air laughing.


Jenna screamed, sobbed, begged, her once sweet teen face was red and streaked with tears, contorted with pain and fear.

Hector and Miguel stood back and laughed.


Everywhere Jenna looked she saw gang members and their girlfriends. Miguel’s Mom had 12 of his best friends and their girl friendsover for his birthday.

Miguel grabbed her face. “Be good you little pig, I am gonna fuck you long and hard.”
Jenna hung helpless by her wrists.. She felt her legs raised over her head. Hector grabbed her ankles from behind, pulled them past her arms and roped them together behind the elbows.

Jenna hung like a pretzel exposed to the party. Miguel spun her around so everyone could see the bitch hanging wide open. Hector used two fingers and spread her pussy lips, running his fingers across her pussy lips. He pulled and twisted her pussy as Jenna screamed and the gang laughed.

One of the girls grabbed Jenna’s head. “Bitch, when the boys through with you it is our turn.”
She drooled in her mouth and then kissed her. “You like the girls too.” Jenna couldn’t answer.
she just cried.

The other gang members closed in. Hands grabbed her breasts.
“SMAAAACK.” Hand after hand smacked her tight teen ass. Hands smacked her exposed thighs.
Jenna’s thighs and ass rippled from the slaps. Finger and hand prints appeared.
Pink skin turned red.

Ramon, a big ugly bastard stuck his bearded face next to Jenna’s. He kissed her hard.
“After my man Miguel and Hector fuck you, I am next. HA Ha."
One after another they got in her face, laughing and taunting the teen.

Jenna the poor white teen was screaming, begging as tears ran down her red face.
“Cry all you want bitch, it is going to get worse when I take the cane to your thighs and
your pussy. "

Oh, please nooooo. Jenna looked out through her swollen eyes to see the gang circled around her.
They yelled as Miguel took the caning rod.
“Yea, Yea Yea” they yelled as Miguel swung the rod whistling through the air.

“AHHHHH” Jenna screamed and recoiled as the rod caught the back of the thighs just below the knees.
Miguel was going to work his way slowly down her thighs to her pussy Hector pulled her head back.
“I hope you like that, you have 9 more coming your way. “

The welt was just starting to redden as Miguel let loosed with another whack crisscrossing the
first. Jenna screamed and cried. “Take it easy bitch we are just getting started.”

WHAAAACK, another hit with the rod. Miguel was working his way down the back of the thigh
hanging exposed. Hector pushed the bitches head forward so she could see the rod coming.

AHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGG. She screamed again. Her thighs quivered violently as her whole body shook. Jenna babbled on, begging, screaming.

A girl grabbed her hair and looked into her face. “I want to see her face.” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Jenna yelled as the whistling cane crossed her thighs again. “That’s it, scream, cry.”
“You are only half way.” The gang bitch reached around and grabbed Jenna’s small teen titties.
“OH, so sweet, they are going to hurt so much.” Jenna moaned as her nipples were pinched.

Whistling through the air the cane hit Jenna for the sixth time, barely above her pussy which
protruded slightly passed her thighs which were pulled back.

Jenna’s whole body wretched back and forth. She was shaking, her legs quivered.

Miguel ran his hand over the welts on her thighs. Two gang bitches were playing with her breasts laughing as Jenna jerked ever more violently as the cane ripped across her thighs and pussy.

AHHHHH, Jenna shivered, convulsing. Miguel laughed. How many is that?
“BITCH, answer, how many is that, do you want me to start over.”
“Barely able to talk, Jenna answered. “Seven, please no more.”

Where the welts were the reddest little droplets of blood were appearing.
Miguel again teased her with the rod and then swung. Jenna jerked wildly
but the rod went below her butt. “Fuck Ya, look at her. Yeaa.”
"Everyone had a good laugh watching the teen recoil."

Miguel knelt down and instead of swinging the rod across her legs he brought it straight up
on her pussy. Jenna let out a blood curdling scream as her whole body jerked back
and forth.

“No No No. Stop now. No No NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Wait. Stop no.”
Miguel ran the rod over her reddened cunt lips.
“No No you don’t have to do it. Please, not there. No No. Fuck me Fuck me, just don’t hit me again.”
“OH OH, the little hottie is begging now.”
“Beg Bitch.” “Say please.”
“Please don’t hit me again. Please Please.”

The cane whistled through the air smacking her cunt again, taking her breath away.
“That’s ten Bitch.”

“More More More.” Everyone laughed. “MORE MORE”

“Whaaack”. The cane landed again and again with little time inbetween, another five times
across her legs. Miguel ran his hands across the welts watching Jenna’s face. He spit on her
pussy. Again he spit on it. He slapped her thighs over her welts. He felt her legs quiver
even to his touch. He knew he didn’t need to whip her. Every touch would be pain.

Miguel laughed talking to Hector. “This gonna be one screaming bitch when I fuck her.”
“No it will hurt No.” Cried the bitch. Miguel smiled. “What the fuck you think the idea is?”
He squeezed her reddened pussy lips. “Bitch you ready?”
“Fuck her. Fuck her.” Yelled the gang.

Miguel leaned against her rubbing his cock against her sore red teen cunt.
Jenna closed her eyes. She waited for what she knew was coming.
This was her first time. She knew the other men would follow.
How could she take it. Her eyes closed she tried to block it out.
Maybe it wouldn’t hurt any worse, maybe the other men wouldn’t fuck her.
What would they do when they were done.

Gripped with panic Jenna awaited her fate.

To Be Continued


2013-10-08 11:38:37
BTW- Following your stories in this series was a bit confusing - you should rename your future stories using the SAME main title (FIRST) then number of your chapters, followed by any secondary title, ie.:

Little Girl Pinata - Chapter 1
Little Girl Pinata - Chapter 2: STOP THIS CRAZINESS
Little Girl Pinata - Chapter 3: The Gangs All Here!

Like I said, Really good story... although not my usual story reading material...but your writing style was very deive and your story flowed very, VERY well. Oh, and very important... you did make the effort to proofread your stories very well - I didn't come across any mistakes like (REALLY Bad) misspellings that I've seen in voilent genre stories like yours. Keep it up!


2013-10-08 11:32:56
A bit short compared to the other sections.... I was really looking to see her gang-banged... but only 1 guy gets to have her in this section?

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2013-10-02 07:23:19
stick that cock in that teen cunt and make her scream

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