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Continues the Amy series. I've skipped the years of high school as being not very particularly engrossing.
My years between ages 14 and 18 were fairly unremarkable, sexually. Well, unremarkable isn’t really the right word, but if you’ve read prior chapters, you can write that chapter for yourself. Mark and I were solid soulmates. Neither of us had mentioned marriage, but I know that we both understood that after college that was where we were headed. Sex was regular and wonderful, and as college approached, it was obvious that we would be separated for long periods. Neither of us had had any partners except for Amy and Bobby, but when Mark was accepted to Princeton, we both recognized that something would have to change. Sex had been such an integral part of both of our lives that we knew it would be almost impossible for either of us to abstain for the long periods between seeing each other.

It may seem strange to others, but neither of felt any ownership of the body of the other. Perhaps because we had begun our sex lives integrating Amy and then Bobby, we both felt natural discussing having other partners during our long separations. Love was love, and sex was sex. We weren’t going to give up sex while we were not together. However, during my senior year in highschool, I only had three other partners for a few encounters. I didn’t feel it was right to fuck people who knew Mark, so my escapades were all away from my home town, and those opportunities did not come often. Perhaps sometime later I’ll write about a couple of them.

My first year at college, we had to live in the dorm, and my roommate was named Carrie. She was from North Carolina and had a strong accent. She was about five feet six inches tall, slim, with quite thin hips and an ass that could only have developed from rigorous athletics. Her breasts were rather larger than mine, but still firm and pointed. When she lounged around the room with just a tee-shirt and no bra, I could see that there was no hang to them. Her hair was red, and she was really cute – even more so because of the accent. She was also very sweet, and seemed like she would do anything for you.

I had never had or even considered sex with a female other than Amy, and never expected to. I was really a cock girl, I thought that only my closer-than-sister-like relationship with Amy caused me to have those feelings for her.

One night during my second week at school, I had gone to bed early, while Carrie was still up studying. I woke to a familiar sound in the next bed. Carrie was breathing quickly, and I could hear the unmistakable hushed sound of a hand vigorously rubbing a pussy. I hadn’t had any sexual release for almost two weeks, and I quickly became excited. I knew instantly what to do. I began to do to my pussy, what I could hear she was doing to hers. I made sure I was loud enough that she could hear. At the first sound, she abruptly stopped, but after a few seconds, she began anew. With my hand that wasn’t busy, I reached over and turned on the bedside lamp.

I continued as I smiled at her. She smiled back an embarrassed smile at first, but it soon turned into a confident one. “Do you mind if I watch?” I asked. She was getting into it pretty well, and she just shook her head, as she continued to flick he hand. I moved to her bed and sat down so that I had a good view of her pussy between her spread and well-bent legs. I could get my face within about a foot of the action, and what I saw, floored me. Carrie had a clit the size of my index finger. Not as long, of course, but as large and at least an inch and a half long.

I let out an audible gasp. Either she was too far into it to hear me, or she ignored it, because her rhythm did not change. Wow I was already turned on, but now, I really wanted to touch that thing. I began to stroke her calf, and strangely, she slowed her rhythm. It didn’t feel like a cautious move, and I put my hand on her knee. She spread her legs farther apart, and drew her feet up closer to her body. I could get closer. So I did. I slid my butt up touching her toes, and ran my hand down the front side of her thigh. Her hand slowed more and she emitted a soft whimper.

Now I was in it for the whole thing, and I moved my hand to her inner thigh and stroked down to just a couple of inches above her hand. She widened her legs even more, and straightened one out beside me. I reached out and placed my hand on hers. Slowly, she withdrew her hand, leaving my hand touching that beautiful, luscious clit. She was still wearing some loose fitting pajama’s and had been reaching in one of the ample leg holes which was pushed to the side. My hand now occupied that hole, but that wasn’t going to do it for me. I wanted full access. I grabbed the sides of the shorts, and easily pulled them down off of her feet and tossed them aside. While I was at it, I pulled her top over her head and was able to see for the first time exactly how beautiful her body was. Her breasts stood straight up even as she lay on her back, and came to pointed nipples like little mountains.

Now that she was completely vulnerable, I looked at her face. Her eyes were lightly closed, and she smiled in complete contentment. I replaced my hand, palm on her clit, and felt its firmness. I moved it around and she mmmmm’ed. I brought my thumb up to what looked almost like the head of a penis, and she jumped slightly as I touched it. I began to slowly move my thumb slowly in little circles around the head, and she began to push into me. I couldn’t stand it anymore, and my mouth found this clit/penis.

I took it into my mouth and sucked it just like I would a cock. She squirmed and pushed and then pulled back and pushed again. I had my hand on my own clit and was working it, as I sucked on her. In only a few more seconds, she lurched and whined and lurched again. “Oh God, suck it. Suck it.” She said. “Faster, faster, faster, Ohhhhhhhhh.” The Ohhhh lasted at least a full minute as she lunged again and again into my mouth. Finally, she collapsed and lay motionless. “OH....MY....GOD.” She uttered. She raised her head to look at me and could see that I was still rubbing my own clit. “Oh, you poor thing,” she said in her deep drawl.

Carrie immediately turned me around so that she was between my legs and put her mouth on my pussy. Her lips were soft and full, and she wrapped them around my clit which must have seemed so small to her.

“Wait,” I told her. “Turn around so that I can put that gorgeous clit back in my mouth.” She was only too happy to accommodate me. I had always preferred the feeling when Amy was lying between my legs to that of the 69 position, but that beautiful clit trumped everything. It only took a couple of minutes of her sucking before I reached down and held her head hard into me, as I came with one of the strongest orgasms I have ever had with a woman. She came again shortly later, and we rolled off side by side.

“I’m not a lesbian,” she told me.

“I’m not either,” I replied.

“Is this your first time with a woman?” she asked. I told her about Amy. “That’s so nice,” she said. “This is my first.” I’ve thought about it before, but never had the opportunity with anyone that interested me.”

I finally broached the subject that interested me the most. “That’s some clitoris you have there, little lady,” I said in my best Texas accent. “She laughed, and said, “Yeah. There’s a medical name for it: Clitoromegally. It’s pretty rare. Of course, I’ve never had a different one, but I like this one pretty well. “How do men feel about it?” I asked. “Well, there haven’t been that many who have seen it, but no one has complained. You’re really my first sex partner who has mentioned it”

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