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Everybody Loves A Good Massage
The Masseuse

You decided to use your
b-day gift,
With a massage to de-stress,
To make your muscles melt,
So excited you had to confess.

You lied face down on the table,
Not knowing who would walk in,
A man or a woman,
Would they be fat or would they be thin?

You covered up with a towel,
Not for you, but for them.
You preferred to be naked,
Feeling That would be a real gem.

You heard the door open,
& a man's relaxing voice said hi.
My name is Sven, and You felt tingles all over,
As his hand touched the back of your thigh.

He lowered your towel,
To just cover your ass,
As he rubbed in the oil,
You realized his hands were first class!

You got lost in a wave,
As he stroked your body that way & this,
You were getting way to excited,
You were beginning to feel bliss.

He moved the towel again,
This time to penetrate your butt,
With his hands he went deeper,
And your eyes remained shut.

But it felt so good,
You began to get wet,
You wanted his hands to touch you there,
Because this you would let.

He teased you with his fingers,
Like he touched you there by mistake,
You began to feel so horny,
This is one orgasm you wouldn't have to fake.

He asked you to roll over,
And keep your eyes closed.
It was so amazing,
You could tell how good he smelled,
With only your nose.

Your hand leaned against him, and you could tell he was so hard,
Yes, He wanted you, as much as you wanted him, you prayed that towel that covered
That he would discard.

His fingers played a symphony,
All over your your nipples & your breast,
Those feelings you felt,
Were simply the best.

You accidentally touched him again,
Realizing his naked erection was in your hand,
His tongue did the salsa all over your clit,
You got lost in the music as you imagined having erotic
sex on the beach on the hot sand.


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