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Who ever thought Post Divorce Would Be Like This
Online Dating

I hope I get to see you later,
My hard cock will be waiting,
I am much more into loving,
Then I am into hating.

I can imagine what it will be like later
Massaging your silky smooth skin,
And what it will actually feel like,
When I finally get to put my cock in.

I will pull you to the edge of the bed,
And make that hotel room rock,
Your screams will have to be muffled,
As I pound you with my cock!

We will both be so excited,
That we both will mutually cum,
We'll lay there in a state of exhaustion,
When our fucking is finally done.

Who would ever figure?
That a first online date would go like this.
I'm glad I turned you on with my words,
Or this ecstasy we would have missed.



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