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It is long bear with me
The Ticket II
The day of Revelation

I was sitting at my Grandfathers desk when Raymond Shari entered Followed by an older version of him self. Who he introduced as Raymond Shari Senior. The Senior partner at the firm and my Grandfathers personal lawyer for the past thirty years.

Sue served coffee to us and I told her to leave the tray and to close the door on her way out. When the door was closed I stood and allowed Raymond Sr. to sit at the desk. He opened his briefcase and began removing file folders. All the time talking of my Grandfather and his wishes. Before he got started I told them about the incident. They looked at each other and Jr said, “It has started already.”

Sr. began to read the will, It was long and drawn out. I will try to condense it a little. 1)The ranch was mine and the ladies I owned 51%. the ladies 48% the lead ladies received an extra share..2) the list of things Grandpa was into was very extensive and not all of them were legal. Most of the road contracts in the surrounding counties had his brand on them. Same thing with building contracts.. There was a list of politicians and other people he had dirt on. I asked where that list was. He didn't know
Grand pa had left a note for me which said the list is being protected by our ancestors actually it said protected by my(meaning me) ancestors. 3) My parents house was mine. I had to ask where it was located, They looked at me quizzically it was the same house I helped build and had grown up in but I hadn't been there in twenty years.

Now it was my turn. I want every one to know I have no intentions of pursuing Grandfathers activities. I want you to wean and divorce me from any connection with illegal projects. I will be searching for the list and when I find it I will contact every one on the list and destroy the evidence.

I will be here for about three weeks then I have to return to CA. To settle my affairs. I also want the word passed around. I am an ex army scout One more attempt on my life I will come after them with fire in my eyes and I will rip their throats out for starters.

After another hour of discussion about the transfer papers that I would need to sign for the ranch. They left leaving me with a lot to think about..

I called for Amber, I looked around the room seeking any clue of what Grand Pa was referring too. I looked at the pictures they seemed to follow a theme There was a picture of Saint Patrick. One of Druids and one of Fairy’s or pixies or maybe sprites. There were two of Leprechauns and rainbows with the pot of gold.. On the Fire place mantle was a Flintlock rifle a real one not a replica. I took down the rifle and checked the serial number 387194 for the pictures I used a substitution code a phone code. I worked with the picture position till I had it...I hoped

Rifle, druid, St. Patrick,Fairy, Leprechauns, Leprechauns. 194, 376, 355, Amber walked in and I turned the paper over. “Ah Amber do you know how to open the safe?

”No, when Moon took sick he said to tell you help is a phone call away and don't shoot yourself in the foot trying.”

Just to touch all bases I checked all desk drawers for secret compartments and the bottoms for any thing taped or written on them. I checked the desk pad, address book etc etc. I checked behind all the pictures and every where else. I looked at Amber and we both shrugged our shoulders.

Amber left to check the house.. I closed the office door. I looked over the safe and began to punch in the combination. I entered the last number and I heard a click, I grabbed the wheel and spun it and pulled the door and it opened. There were numerous files, stacks of money bearer bonds and a few gold bars. But what caught my attention was an envelope addressed to Night walker. When I was a kid that was what he called me. He said I had a combo name Samuel for my mother Night for my father and Walker for Tribal. I took the letter in hand and sat down at the desk And opened the letter...

“Night I am sorry I did not contact you sooner but the cancer came on so quick I kept thinking I could beat it until it was to late. 1st thing take care of my ladies they are true and faithful. I have told them so many stories about you they think they know you. Amber and Rose are Jewels and very smart. If you need help outside the Big House contact Rhonda she is the Vet. She has a large sum of money on hand if you need it.”
And now the serious stuff... In the left wall of the safe near the back wall is a small panel that sets out more than the rest of the wall. Lift the panel and press the button. Oh it doesn't work if the safe is open. Don't worry the safe door opens easily from the inside there is a plunger that opens the door.. Also there is a viewer on the door you can see the whole office.. Okay close the safe and open the panel.”

I follow his directions when I pushed the button under the panel a section of floor opened and there were stairs going down I followed the stairs to a tunnel which was well lighted, When I reached the end of the tunnel I saw a button on the wall I pushed it and a door opened above me. I climbed the ladder I looked through what I assumed was a see through mirror. I could see the two milk maids raking the straw in the barn. That told me where I was.

I made my way back to the safe I looked through the viewer all was clear I pushed the Plunger and the safe door opened with ease. I sat back down at the desk and went back to reading the letter.
“ All the things they say about are true I did push some Hwy contracts but if I hadn't our roads would still be in bad shape.. The other things were for the same reason all for the benefit of the Cities and counties around here. We needed improvements. The list you will be asked about are of some very bad men. Be Careful be very Careful. Until you can prove you have the list in hand you are not safe. Now go to your parents house and take this letter with you.”

I spoke in to the intercom, “Amber I need you to get Rose and her best shot and come to the office.” A few minutes later there was a knock on the door I called out for them to enter. I noted when they entered there was a difference in their dress. Amber still had her form fitting dress but around her waist she had added a touch of James Bond in the form of a Walther PPK .25, Rose was sporting a .44 in a low slung holster. Barbara had a .38 in a shoulder holster and was carrying a 30 30 with a scope.

Noticing my surprise Amber said, “ When the lawyers left they didn't seem happy so I suspected a bit of protection might be in order so I armed the ladies including Josie (Josie is the laundry maid just turned 18, every body protects her).”

“I could use one of those my self.” Amber walked over to a section of the bookcase pressed an indention and a section of books opened up. Amber reached in and pulled out a Nine Mil.

“Shoulder or Belt?”

“Amber I need you to contact Rhonda and her assts. Have them here for supper to night. Rose I want you to start a fence patrol but keep at least 1 in the barn armed of course. It has become obvious some of Grand Father's enemies are out to get me. And that puts all of us under the gun.. Barbara I want you to get the pickup and meet me at the front. We are going to my parents home.”


Law Office Of Fox Fox and Shari

“Well Dad at least he hasn't found the list as yet, So we are still safe. But what are we going to do?”
Raymond Sr was sitting at his desk his elbows resting on the desk , his head resting in his hands while they rubbed his temple. “ Moon's harem seems to have already accepted him so we can't seek favor with them. We have to get rid of him some how.”
Jr looked horrified, “You mean kill him?”
“No not kill him, we might miss and he would come gunning for us. No we need to find a something that at least appears legal. We need to talk to Jamerson at Sinclair maybe we could claim eminent domain for a Pipeline. Or we could contest that he is really Moon's Grandson. We could ask for that new DNA test. That would take at least 3 months and we could keep him out of the main house and away from the safe. That would probably be the best bet, It might get out about the pipeline idea and we would have the EPA down on us.”
Jr said, “ I will have one of the law clerks get the forms together and then we can have Judge Abernathy sign off on it. It will take about a week to get it done.”


By the time I walked out the front door Barbara pulled up in the pickup, A 4 wheel drive Crew-cab Dodge with a Cummings Diesel . It had a reenforced front bumper with a Warren winch. It had a Camper shell on the 8' bed. The rear bumper was extended one side had Oxygen/Acetylene bottles the other a 3'' Pipe with a 18'' arm to hook up a come along and it swiveled. The paint was a rough dusty red. It was very obvious it was a work truck. The rear extension was in two pieces that allowed the bottles and the lift arm to swing out so the tail gate could be lowered.

I climbed, and I do mean climbed the chassis was raised there was a U shaped step to assist in climbing up. Mom and Dads place wasn't all that far as the crow flies but by the road it was at least 2 miles. It was on the NW corner on a 5 acre tract it was bisected by a year round spring fed creek. Dad had always worried about storms wiping out power and had two wind mills, this country was never without wind. He had put in 24 large storage batteries and a generator(Army Surplus which ran on diesel There was a 5 thousand gallon tank on a raised platform about 50 yards from the house. The spring that fed the creek also fed the water storage tank also on a raised platform just out side the kitchen window. Before the water entered the tank it passed through a reverse osmosis filter system. The water pump was float controlled when the water in the tank got low the float would turn on the pump and fill the tank.

I had helped my dad to build this 4 bedroom ranch 1 story. I knew all the secrets this house held. I had had two brothers. They were killed in the same wreck that took Mom and Dad . That is my only bitterness toward the Army... I wasn't informed of their death until 3 days after they were buried. Barbara seemed to realize I wasn't in the mood for talking for she said not one word. She pulled the truck in the drive and stopped. We sat there a few minutes while I looked around and took it all in and let the memories flow.

There was a large tree Dad had planted when he was a kid. He had already picked this spot even then. Under the tree was the Family Cemetery There were 9 headstones. I clambered down out of the truck and walked to the Head stones. I opened the gate to the cyclone fence around the plots. Mom and Dad shared a large stone Dad's full name Tawny Buffalo Walker, Born 11 September 1919 Died 10 December 1970, Mom, Coleen Rae Murphy Walker, Born 1 January 1926 Died 11 December1970. That stunned me I hadn't known she had lived an extra day.

There were hearts over Dads side In Cages with strings held by Leprechauns, indicating she had stolen his heart On her side were larger hearts with sprites peeking over the hearts Indicating she shared her love with him. This put me to thinking the letter from Grandpa said something about my ancestors and the way I read it mothers side.

I headed for the front door which Barbara had opened. She had also put on a coffee pot and removed her pants. She sashayed toward me, I can tell you Barbara didn't shave. She stood in front of me and smiled. I reached and ran my fingers thru her pussy. She leaned forward and there was a crash the front window burst out. Barbara went one way and I went the other. She grabbed her rifle and started searching thru her scope. I pulled my pistol and scanned the back.

I looked around, I spotted where the bullet hit the wall. I could trace it back enough to get the angle. I peeked out the curtains and told Barbara, “ Look in the bar ditch or on the other side. He has to be wearing dessert cammo. Watch for the slightest movement.”

We scanned the area I knew he had not had time to have moved and there was nothing to hide behind. I glanced at Barbara she was stroking her rifle and talking to it. Then I heard her indrawn breath … she exhaled and the rifle went off I looked back towards the bar ditch in time to see a man rise up then fall forward. He did not move again.

I went to the desk area in the kitchen and pulled down the towel hook and a panel dropped. Behind the panel was a radio I turned it on and dialed the frequency and spoke. I was answered almost immediately by Cook's assistant Melody. I told her to get Amber and Rose and on second thought get Lei Sing also. Barbara went out the front door to check on the assassin. I waited...

“Samuel,” I heard Amber's voice, “I have the others, what is the problem?”
“ They tried again...Barbara took him down. We need to decide what to do. Barbara and I will load the body in the truck. Lei sing we need a landscaping project and we need a window replaced..”

I signed off and went out to Barbara. She said. “ I think we have problems... he is a deputy Sheriff.”
I nodded, “Let's get him loaded in the Truck.” We loaded him in the back and closed the tailgate and the extension. I hoped the old tarp we had found in the garage and wrapped the body in would contain the blood. As for the area he had lain in wait for us there was already a dump truck with loads of dirt for the lot across the way which I also owned. There was also a concrete culvert going in also. I had decided on a guest house. By the time any body got out there to check they wouldn't know where to look.
Barbara leaned forward on the extension. With her legs spread and her ass in the air. She looked over her shoulder and said, “Don't we have time.” I smiled dropped my pans and slid my raging hard on into her already wet hole. My breath was drawn from my body she was so tight and had such control of the muscles inside her pussy. Combined with the heat...ooh she was fabulous. She whispered back to me, “ Gun play makes me hot.” She twisted her hips side to side I grabbed them and rammed it home and Orgasmed flooding her womb. She threw back her head and howled and released her on orgasm. I reached around and stroked her tits and we stood there coupled as a truck passed by on the farm road.

The farm boys waved and shouted and gave me a thumbs up as they went past. We both laughed and went in to clean up and Barbara put her pants back on. I pulled out the letter from Grandpa. The room I was in was very generic. Pictures on the wall were all family. “Night, look around you and remember ...each room reflected the different personalities of the person who used the room. The den and office was your Father and you can tell that when you enter it. It reflects his culture. Your brothers rooms one was into superheros the other into reading. Your room all over the walls poster of sports figures and shelf's containing your sports trophy's”
“Then there is the kitchen and sewing room, They were your mother's. There is maps of Ireland and Pictures of St. Patrick and of Jesus and of the Virgin Mary. There is the Alcove That holds the Statuette of Jesus and the candles. Remember she was not just of Irish decent she was from Donegal in Ireland. In the Master Bed room on one side of the bed there are dream catchers on the other cherubs and Leprechauns and rainbows to pots of gold. I went into my old room I took down a large Team Trophy 1st place In State track meet. I had used it to hide things while still in high school.. I removed the lower arm and rotated the base. I rolled up the letter and hid it inside then put the trophy back together.

I stepped back in the living room and heard Barbara talking on the radio. She signed off and turned to me and smiled, “They are ready for us.”


Rhonda the vet Had received an emergency call from Amber she grabbed her two assistants and left her partner in charge explaining she had an emergency . She was worried about a mysterious death of an otherwise healthy cow. Carol and Kate were excited they were going to me their new Master. (Master is not used here as in the context of domination but more as a protector)

They arrived at the ranch along side the entrance drive The landscaping crew was planting shrubbery. They headed deep into the ranch land. They were met by girls on horse back who guided them thru the brush where they found Rose standing next to an old dried up milk cow with a drooping head. They were next to a very deep hole in excess of 8 feet deep the backhoe was setting off to the side. Rose explained what had happened and that Barbara and I was on the way. All three of them went back to their vehicle and removed their panties and tossed them inside. Rhonda was over 6' tall and weighed about 150 she was a big girl big boobs and big ass. It was well shaped and there was not an ounce of fat on her body. Her assistants Kate and Carol were her younger sisters, Where Rhonda was large they were both small. Kate was only about 4' 10” and 80 pounds she had beautifully sculpted buttocks that complimented her A cup tits. Carol had a boyish build every where until you reached her 32 C cup tits . She was 5' 4'' and tipped the scales at about 110 lbs. They both were with in a year of graduating and receiving their Vets License.


We climbed back in the truck and to my surprise instead of pulling out the drive. Barbara pulled around the back of the house and headed East until the fence was in front of us. I opened my door and climbed down to open the gate. After she pulled through and I closed the gate we were on the way again following a faint long unused road. A few minutes later the CB radio made a noise identified as some one keying their mic. Barbara answered by keying hers twice. They knew we were on the way.

We pulled up near the hole and got out of the truck This Amazon stuck out her hand and said, “ I am Rhonda,” and she turned around and backed up to me. I ran my hand over her finely shaped ass then sunk two fingers into her pussy. She moved away and her place was quickly filled by her sisters. Each introduced themselves since I had two hands I felt of them at the same time. There was quite a contrast. Kate pussy was devoid of hair utterly smooth, while Carols had a well defined black bush. I stuck my fingers in my mouth and decided they were both very tasty.

The girls helped me pull the body out of the truck and placed it in the hole which they had squared off.. After the body was in the hole They placed half sheet of plywood that had been split lengthwise over the squared off area. The back hoe/ front end loader began to fill the hole with about two to three feet of dirt. Rhonda drew blood from the cow and took swabs of the nose and mouth. When she finished Barbara shot the cow in the head. It dropped and toppled part way into the hole. It was shoved in the rest of the way. Lime was tossed in and finally the hole was covered .

Rhonda pulled out a clipboard from her vehicle and began writing. “Everybody, there is only three letters you have to remember IBR which stands for Infectious Bovine Rhinotrachities. The other thing.. is that it is viral and contagious to the other cattle that is why it was necessary to kill the cow and bury it . That way we take no chances with the rest of the cattle.”

Barbara and I went back to my parents house or the little house which it was affectionately called. The assassins death place was already covered with piles of dirt. I checked the out building I had no idea I was looking for but but I knew it had to be here. I ran my hands over walls and floors and found nothing. The one sentence in the first letter to look in my ancestors, not ours but mine.

Barbara said, “We have to leave if we were going to make it for supper.”

I was missing something

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