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Again I'm so grateful for your support. I've been smashing out these chapters for the last few days but I need to focus on school work so expect the others to come out in a few days. I'm thrilled with your support and comments, please leave your thoughts on the characters and what you think will happen next, I'm open to any ideas.
Again I found myself hectically racing through possibilities about my future. At any moment I was sure to receive a call from Kylie. Would she be angry? Would things be normal? I felt completely helpless as my former crush spent the next few hours with my girlfriend. I didn’t know what they were doing, I didn’t know what they were talking about and I didn’t know if they were even getting along. The entire situation made me anxious. I decided it was best if I didn’t know, I really didn’t need to involve myself any further into this love triangle. Hours passed and I sat nervously at my desk trying to kill time. My eyes were disinterestedly locked on my phone waiting for it to ring. Nothing happened for another hour before I started to relax. But of course I did receive that phone call, looking down at the screen I saw Kylie’s face staring back at me. I sighed and prepared for what was none other than the unknown. I placed the phone beside my head and spoke, “Hello?” I said with a nervous croak in my throat. “Hey there handsome” she responded back. She sounded cheery and carefree. I let out an inaudible sigh of relief and continued to talk. “How was your day? Have fun with Zoe” I asked in anticipation. Anything could have happened between those two, “Oh my god!” she emphatically yelled, “She is so sweet. I can’t believe we’re only just becoming friends”. I was relived, but still fairly suspicious of what was going on. “Oh really?” I exhorted wanting more information. I knew she would rant forever if I needed her to. “Totally, we talked about everything, I’ve only met her twice but we completely opened up to each other” she responded. My mind went into chaos, ‘everything’? What was everything? Surely Kylie didn’t talk about our sex life. I pressed further, “What do you mean everything?” I asked. Kylie laughed a little and tried to explain. I almost knew exactly what she was going to say, as if I had a in front of me. “Promise you won’t get mad?” she giggled. I agreed and waited for her continuation. “We talked about our sex lives and stuff like that” she added. I smacked my hand into my forehead and let out a grumble. Their encounter had not damaged the way Kylie saw me, but Zoe had her foot firmly in the front door of my relationship by now. Talking about my sex life, with this kind of trust there was no way I could hide my relationship details from her. “Don’t worry” she said positively, “it was all good stuff. I told her you were really good for your first time”. Her pleasant attitude didn’t sustain my grief. I felt a discomfort with Zoe knowing the nature of how I had sex. “I can’t believe you two didn’t work” she added, “she thinks so highly of you, you know?” I sprung back up into my chair and continued the conversation. “What makes you think that?” I asked. Kylie paused for a moment while I waited. She had put the phone down to pay for something. I waited in growing anticipation. The information I was getting was actually useful for how I would handle Zoe. Kylie returned to the phone, “She always talks about how nice you were to her and how in love you both were”. I felt the need to contest Zoe’s side of the story but yielded. I didn’t want to go down that path. “I see” I responded shortly. “But she kept saying how glad she is that I found you. She’s such a sweetheart”. “Yeah, she sure is” I said in an unobvious tone. I kept myself as quiet as possible. Kylie and I said goodbye and hung up the phone. I knew this would be trouble, Zoe had excess information about my sex life and now with this new friendship she could pretty much pry her way into anything. Kylie was a sweet girl and would probably just tell her anything without thinking of Zoe as a threat. My own silence was no longer enough.

The following morning I tried to keep my mind off of things. But that was easier said than done, Zoe and I had a class together at the end of the day. It started off normally, she and I were doing a research task and I soon gathered the courage to speak up. “How did you like spending yesterday with Kylie?” I asked innocently. I made careful consideration to not pose any innuendo in my question. She smiled at me, “I like her, she’s cute”. I certainly agreed with Zoe. Kylie was beautiful, majestic, sexy and gorgeous. But above all the was a cute girl, her height was shorter than average and she had a soft young face. I would certainly say that Zoe was more womanly, but Kylie was a girl I could only have wished for in my life. I nodded and continued my work however I still had a curiosity in me. But I didn’t need to push much further. “We spoke a lot about you” she added. I peered over to her and responded, “I know, Kylie told me all about that”. Zoe laughed to herself and appeared to have finished the conversation. But in a few seconds she continued, “I know all about how she sucked your dick before I met her” she said in a teasing voice. Part of me laughed a little, it was kind of funny to know I had been caught out for that incident. I was curious as to how much she really knew. “What else did she tell you?” I asked. Zoe turned her chair to me and raised her eyebrows as if I was asking for the obvious. “Name it, your visit to the gallery, when she teased you in the car, how you closed your eyes before you came inside her. I know it all, she was very open and honest”. I must say I wasn’t surprised, I had expected that Zoe would have extracted that kind of information. Kylie really did trust Zoe, and I suspected it was because of me. I had spoken nothing but the best of Zoe since my relationship started, Kylie’s trust for her was probably embedded in me. Zoe continued, “I must say. As much as I'm overridden with jealousy at the thought of her riding you, the thought of it turns me on”. I got a little bit excited by Zoe’s words but I was in no mood to open up the conversation further. But Zoe continued without my signal, “I rubbed myself over it last night” she said as she gave me a naughty wink. I looked away and placed my face into the desk. For the most part the time I spent with Zoe was as if she were any other friend. But our friendship was seeded in the reality that Zoe wanted me. I never knew when Zoe was going to rub my leg and crotch or say something to antagonize my hormones. She knew I still had feelings for her and exploited them well. A lot of people would have stopped seeing Zoe at this point, switch my situation with another guy, Zoe would have had nothing on them. But I was different, I knew letting Zoe behave this way was wrong and I knew things would get worse if I didn’t try and stop her. But part of who I was came from my experiences with Zoe. My stability of love came from her rejection and heartbreak. I don’t think I would have been with Kylie if not for the fallout with Zoe. The thought of leaving Zoe behind and moving on with my life made me feel alone. Whether I liked it or not, Zoe was still important to me, she was a friend I could rely on when I needed her and someone who cared about me. I didn’t have it in me to let her go. But maybe it was best if I did.

I decided to stay the weekend at Kylie’s house to surround myself with the thought of her. I had met her mother before and really got on well with her. Her father left when Kylie was 5 years old and she was raised by her mother and aunt for most of her life. Kylie’s mother had no problem with me staying the weekend, a luxury that most boyfriends don’t gain the privilege of. I had high hopes for the weekend, spending quality time with Kylie was exactly what I needed. Zoe would be nowhere in sight and I could focus on expressing my love to Kylie. I rode the bus from school straight to Kylie’s house. It didn’t take long, she lived only about 2 minutes from the park where we first met. Upon arriving Marley her dog was yelping in excitement. Kylie’s affection towards me had allowed Marley to build a strong trust for me. She paced behind the gate anxiously and as I walked in she jumped at me in excitement. Hearing Marley’s cries, Kylie came running down the driveway equally as excited. Kylie threw her arms on me and kissed me on the lips. Her smile was resonating into my eyes, I instantly felt a warm happiness. I have Kylie a bag of junk food for our movie and she took my hand and led me inside. I was eager to spend time close to Kylie to get my mind off of this entire scenario. We went into her room and I placed my things on her floor. For a few minutes I sorted out my things, my toothbrush and clothes. As I came back into Kylie’s room she was bent over searching her drawers. I couldn’t help myself, I stood behind her and pulled her waist into me. She let out a lustful moan and stood, turning her head to kiss me. I moved my right hand along her waist and raised my left to stroke her face as we kissed. I could feel Kylie get excited before she stopped herself. She gazed at me seductively and laughed while she turned and pulled away from my grasp. I smiled at her and she spoke “Not yet” she said provocatively, “Tonight I’ll make sure you’re satisfied”. I was extremely worked up and tried my best to look pleased at her promise. But truth be told, I wanted to tear Kylie’s clothes off and fuck her mercilessly. Her abstained approach made me want her more, she walked closer to me and placed her hand down my pants. “Already hard!” she remarked, “I’ll have to make good use of that later wont I?” she insisted. I quivered and in the short time she touched me I felt myself harden even more. I grew excited for when we watched our movie, but I knew I’d barely watch it at all.

After dinner we walked back to Kylie’s room and prepared to watch the movie. It was a boring action movie, something we knew we’d be paying lesser attention to. The entire time we were laying in bed my face to her back in a spooning position, I was overrun with lust for Kylie. She was wearing a nightgown with boxer shorts underneath. Her skin felt soft against my legs and I caressed her with my foot. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her, Kylie was watching the movie much more carefully than I was but returned the affection gracefully. My hand crept over her thighs and I rubbed sensually, she moaned in response. Her skin felt like silk as I moved my hand over her body. I took the opportunity to explore her boy further. I noticed at this point Kylie was looking up at me grinning. She moved her hips closer into me and grinded her behind against me. My hand travelled up her gown and rubbed her body. My target was her breasts, I eagerly lifted my hand on her right breast and groped. Kylie giggled and whispered “Found what you’re looking for?”I chuckled and told her I had. She twisted her body into me further permitting me to explore her further. My fingertips circled and caressed her nipples, in response Kylie let out an even louder moan. She responded well to her sensitive nipples and started to pant heavily. She waved her body against me and breathed heavily. I could tell Kylie was becoming turned on, the more I caressed her nipple she dug herself into me as if she wanted more. I kissed Kylie in motion with our grind and moved my hand lower towards her vagina. The second my hand touched her crotch I noticed something immediately. Kylie was absolutely soaking wet, the time I had spent playing with her nipple had caused an influx of natural lubricant to spread along her lips. I massaged the outside of her vagina and Kylie curled further into me. For several minutes I began stroking her wit every motion giving way to more and more fluids. She was completely drenched, I couldn’t believe how wet she was. I soon realized my erection was poking out of my briefs and without moving my hand from playing with her, I poked myself in between her legs and initiated. Kylie responded by manoeuvring her right leg upwards and pushing into me. I didn’t push myself inside her, instead reaching up to her stomach and holding myself above her kissing her softly. We were embarked in a moment of ecstasy as the end of my penis teased her vaginal entry. We kissed and I felt Kylie move her hips trying to place me inside her. With all my lust positioned myself and let her slide over the top of me. Kylie felt like a glove around my cock. She was so incredibly wet it felt like there was no friction whatsoever. My right hand anchored her leg and I began to push in and out of her. Kylie put her hand over her mouth to muffle her cries of pleasure. She panted wildly as I penetrated, as I was still inexperienced my movement was imprecise and Kylie guided me when I fell short. The feeling inside her was amazing; I slid perfectly in and out of her. I was moving at slow pace until Kylie cried out “Fuck me harder dammit!” I quickly picked up my pace and pounded harder. The quickness of my cock sliding inside her made me moan. Her body pulsated and jerked with the increase of speed. I could barely hold on, “I’ve got to slow down or else I’ll cum” I stated. As I attempted to slow my pace Kylie placed her arm around my back and slammed herself faster into me. She turned her head and smiled with an exhausted panting, “You’re not stopping until I say so” she replied. Kylie lifted her leg higher allowing deeper entry and bucked her hips causing me immense pleasure. I felt my balls rise into my groin and prepare for ejaculation. Simultaneously, an electrifying jolt of pleasure shot into my body and I released my load inside Kylie. She didn’t stop, seeming to get off on the inflammation of my orgasm she fucked me harder and extracted my load completely. During my refraction Kylie continued to hump me, my body shook and jerked at the overwhelmed pleasure and I took myself out of her. I was exhausted needless to say. Kylie cleaned herself off and rolled over on top of me. I was panting intensely on my back and Kylie crawled onto my chest and plated her head on me. She looked up at me and smiled “You don’t completely suck for a newbie” she said smiling as her green eyes looked heavy. I signed a kiss and she brought her hand up and imitated catching it. I was completely spent, I felt the need to fall straight to sleep but tried to stay awake. Kylie noticed this, “Go to sleep baby, you’ve earned your rest”. Her eyes closed and she kissed my chest with her hand rubbing my belly. I smiled and put my head on the pillow falling asleep almost instantly.

The weekend went quite well, Kylie and I experimented with different sexual positions and tried pleasuring each other in the ways we thought possible. At one point Kylie left the room and returned with a bottle of chocolate sauce. I need not elaborate as to how much delicious fun we had with that bottle. There was one disturbance in my weekend however. Zoe had not contacted me once, which I was glad to find. But she didn’t need to contact me for me to feel her presence. Every kiss, every lick and every sexual act I could think of was shadowed with the realization that anything I did with Kylie would probably be relayed to Zoe. It didn’t stop me from pursuing any sort of physical relations with Kylie, but there was an outline of discomfort as my thoughts soon realized that when this weekend was over I would probably await the moment for Kylie and Zoe to exchange words on my performance and what we had done. I wondered if Zoe seriously touched herself at the thought of me and Kylie having sex or if she was just teasing. But I concluded she was gathering information on my sex life for other purposes.

As I predicted, the following Monday Kylie and Zoe met up at the local shopping centre after school. Kylie messaged me asking if I wanted to come along, but the thought of my girlfriend and former love talking about the ins and outs of my sex life didn’t appeal to me. Later in the night I confirmed with Kylie that they had shared our activities on the weekend. I was fairly disappointed and annoyed that Kylie was so forward about talking to Zoe about our sex life, but I realised that causing an issue out of it would hurt me more. I didn’t want to make Kylie feel like I was imposing on her new friendship that would inevitably lead to a fight. I felt I had no choice but to allow this without contesting, Kylie had no reason the think twice about telling Zoe about our sex life and I wasn’t about to break the wall of ignorance between the two. If I did nothing, Zoe would learn more about my relationship, if I contested I could lose both Kylie and Zoe. During school time Zoe teased about what she knew. On Tuesday the day after she spoke to Kylie she brought a chocolate pudding for lunch and asked me if I needed it tonight. I actually laughed, this was the kind of relationship I wanted with Zoe. I wanted her to laugh with me and make jokes like we used to. Things actually seemed like they were going back to normal. Until of course Zoe would make an advance on me. Recently she had taken a new approach to making advances on me. She was being much more resourceful. She had recently sent me pictures of her in her underwear in seductive poses. I cannot lie, I didn’t find it easy to delete them. In my favourite one she was wearing just a pair of black and red lace panties. Her breasts were covered by her arm and hand with her other taking the photo. At first I was annoyed by her advances but I was incredibly turned on by the sight of her slender petite body. Her skin looked almost as soft as Kylies. Her messages always had a tag along with it, one said ‘You want more?’ and another ‘Just about to touch myself’. I couldn’t stop myself from becoming turned on by her photos. I had to force myself to delete them. But I did delete them, I couldn’t risk Kylie seeing them on my phone. Zoe had turned to other methods too, during school time she became more forward than she used to be.

One morning she and I were walking in the hallway and Zoe asked me to wait while she went to the restroom. I waited outside for her to finish patiently. As she came out she had a naughty grin on her face, “What now?” I thought. Zoe told me to hold out my hand, I reluctantly did. “Close your eyes” she said trying not to burst out laughing. Again I followed what she said, she wasn’t going to do anything to harm me, so I decided to go along with her game to keep her happy. She placed something in my hand, it was soft and light. I opened my eyes and saw a pair of purple panties in my hand. I quickly withdrew my hand making sure no one saw. “Were you wearing those?” I yelled. Zoe giggled and played with her hair acting innocently. “Sure was” she said winking at me. I gasped and breathed heavily trying to sum up words to show my disapproval. Before I could say anything Zoe spoke, “I want them back at the end of the day, they’re my favourite pair” she requested. My mind drifted at the thought of her wearing no panties. On the other side of her skirt was a bare vagina and I was now holding her panties. I was exhilarated all of a sudden. Part of me couldn’t contain my excitement, but I knew this was wrong. Zoe kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear “Bet they smell good handsome boy” she remarked as she walked away. My mind drifted to her nakedness as she walked away with her skirt flapping. Throughout the day my mind kept honing in on the pair of panties in my possession, I couldn’t keep them in my locker as the lock was broken. I felt it would be worse if someone were to discover I keep panties in my locker. So I remained in possession for the rest of the day. During the end of school I waited by Zoe’s locker and tried my best to look annoyed. Zoe came walking by and grinned at me. I swiftly handed her the panties not wanting to hold them any longer. “Thanks, are you sure you don’t want to keep them?” she asked. “No!” I deterred. My rejection made her laugh and she walked with me outside. I tried to look angry and displeased with her. But as my mind raced between the photos she had sent, the stunt she had just pulled and her sexual grin staring me in the eye I was rushed with a feeling of excitement. The thought of her not wearing any panties made me want to grab her and throw her against the lockers. I wanted to lift that girls dress up and play with her before shoving myself inside her. I knew Zoe would probably let me too, the thought of being able to have Zoe whenever I wanted made me shiver.

The following week was my 17th birthday. I was pleased with it being on a Saturday so I could have the celebration on the same day. I didn’t want anything big, no more than 20 friends and my family to have a good time with me. My family would arrive early and after my friends arrived I would spend time with them in the veranda for the rest of the night. As we were not 18 yet, my mother agreed to supply a limited amount of alcohol so we could drink safely without risk. My invitations went out during the week at school and I made as many preparations as I could. I knew I had to invite Zoe and Kylie together. It’s not that I didn’t want Zoe my close friend to see me off as a 17 year old, but this would be the first time since the two made friends that I would be with them both. The possibilities with those two in the same vicinity were unimaginable. Kylie of course was an automatic invite, my girlfriend had to be there no matter what. Inviting Kylie would mean she would want Zoe there. With or without my permission it seemed inevitable for Zoe to come. I tried not to worry, but I was on edge. During the week while Zoe and I were talking she told me she had a surprise for me on my birthday. I began to grow nervous, “What are you talking about?” I asked. She gave a smile and rubbed my arm, “You’ll see” she said happily. I could only imagine what she was planning. Was she going to try and undermine Kylie? Was she going to try and have sex with me? I had no idea. I couldn’t fathom anything to clue what she might have planned, but I was cautious in trying to find out. As well as asking her relentlessly, I tried to spot clues in her speech that might give me an idea as to what she had planned. But I uncovered nothing, but Saturday everything was ready.

The night started out well, my aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and parents all gathered to spend time with me. My dad organized a life-size guitar cake for the party which pleased me. I almost forgot about my so called ‘surprise’. Soon after my friends arrived, it was about 8 o’clock before everyone arrived. Kylie had arrived as a family member so she was already there, but Zoe in not a second under the requested time knocked at my door. She had messaged Kylie before she knocked and I saw my girlfriend jump in excitement. “Zoe’s here!” she yelled as a shadow stood behind my door. Kylie was wearing a white dress with black trim, it had a large bow tied at the front of it. She looked adorable in it and it showed her assets in an elegant way. Her shoes clicked against my floor as she paced to the door. It would be difficult for Zoe to outmatch Kylie, but I braced myself. As Kylie opened the door I saw a familiar sight. Initially I couldn’t understand what was so familiar, I had seen Zoe a hundred times before. But on closer inspection I realized Zoe was wearing something I knew all too well. It was the dress she wore on the night of the school ball. Red with black details, silky in texture and it pulled tightly onto her slender body. It was the same dress, but it looked different. Not the dress but her, Zoe wore the hell out of that dress. She was far more curvaceous and finely composed in her current form. Her hips linked perfectly into her stomach and her breasts formed a natural bump below her ribcage. I stopped myself from gasping at her beauty. “Hey sexy!” Kylie said as Zoe let herself in. The two exchanged affections and paced over to me. Zoe reached out and kissed me on the cheek, Kylie didn’t seem to mind. “Happy birthday” she said with a sincere and calm voice as she held my arm. I nodded and smiled, it was nice to see her above all else. “Your present will arrive later, I promise” she said. I wondered what it was, it was either unable to get to the party for some reason or worse, Zoe was waiting for the opportunity to present it to me. I tried to forget about it and walked into the veranda where we spoke and waited for the other guests.

During the night Kylie and Zoe were very talkative, I saw how they were together and it made me happy. Kylie didn’t really know anyone so while I spent time with my friends she and Zoe exchanged words. I continued to wonder what Zoe was planning, she didn’t at all seem distracted or nervous. I doubted she would do anything to ruin my night like try to make a physical move on me in front of Kylie. But I was still cautious nonetheless. When Zoe was alone I approached her for answers, “What’s going on?” I said calmly. Zoe placed her hand on my shoulder and looked over at me, “Nothing, just relax” she responded. I was still uneased by the thought of what might be going on so I pushed for more detail. “Just don’t do anything stupid Zoe” I insisted. Zoe smiled and moved her head to the side, “I won’t hurt you darling, I promise”. Her smile put me at ease, I trusted her. I knew Zoe wouldn’t ever hurt me, that much was clear. For the duration of the night I lost the feeling of anticipation for Zoe’s gift. Whatever it was I knew it wouldn’t be so bad. At about 10 o’clock a car pulled up in the front of my house and I saw its lights gleam through my house. I looked out and saw a light blue Toyota, two people came out and walked towards my door. I noticed Zoe had received a message and pacing to my front door. I eagerly waited for what would happen next. I watched but suddenly Kylie stepped in front of me and grabbed my head, “Kiss me right now” she said with a voice of passion. Before I could contest to see what was going on Kylie grabbed my head and kissed me sensually. He tongue explored my mouth and I gave in to her advances. We stood kissing for about 30 seconds before Kylie finally released me. I resumed my curiosity and looked over to where Zoe was.

I was stunned, she was standing next to her parents which I had met once before. There was a large black sheet over a rectangular item probably about 5 by 6 feet long. Everyone was staring at me, Kylie grabbed my hand. “Wh... what is this?” I asked. Zoe stepped forward, she didn’t look as bright and happy as she usually was. “It’s my gift” she said softly, “I had to sneak it in, thanks Kylie”. Kylie smiled and nodded. Both of Zoe’s parents were standing behind her. Why were they here? Her mother was a Chinese lady about Zoe’s height and her father was a regular build man with brown hair. Zoe approached the sheet and placed her hands on it, she grasped and pulled revealing a large square frame. It took me a while to realize what it was. I stared at massive framed canvas, there were 8 windows boarded into it. Each window contained a photo of my and Zoe, smiling or making a goofy face. It was stunning, the dark blue background gave way to a gold paint boarder. There was a gothic pattern on the background filled with white. Every photo reminded me of how close I was to Zoe, we had so much history. I looked at photos from over a year ago, when Zoe and I were just friends. I smiled, trying not to cry I spoke “Thank you Zoe, this is incredible”. Expecting to see a cheerful smile on her face as I thanked her I realized Zoe was now crying. I was confused, I felt as if something else was going on. Her parents tried to comfort her, I then wondered why they were here, I hardly knew them. She raised her head and smiled with a tear in her eye. “There’s something I need to tell you” she said. Kylie grasped my hand tighter and caressed my fingers with her thumb. I prepared for the worst. She looked at me with a dead silence and spoke with a single tear on her cheek. “I’m leaving...” she said with a soft croaky voice.

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Please make a final part 4

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Whaaaaat?? Once again, awesome story, great job all around! I hope just because she's leaving the story doesn't end! I like having both girls in the story. It really mixes things up. Hope you can get to part 4 soon! School work is more important than sex stories lol

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I can hardly wait for what happens next. That Zoe is a kinky bitch

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