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I am about to write on how I was losing my virginity to someone close to my family.......
My parents were always working....... At the age of 8 I learnt to be very independent. I love my grandpa. Grandpa dotes on me so much..Hence, dad would always bring me over to stay for a couple of weeks there. In Grandpa's house lived my grandma and a tenant. He a 40yrs old uncle. This uncle of mine is really a handsome man. I would always see him bringing back different gals and would singnal me not to mention other jie jie's names. Always left alone in the house by my parents, I've alway got nothing to do. From that time, finally there is something which I could really find pleasure from, masturbating myself........ I loved it! I would touch my pussy and stuff my soft toy in between my small legs and rub it, while doing this I would imagine myself sucking Uncle's cock and him raping and fucking me hard and I would feel very good after each masturbating. When I turned 17. Grandpa and grandma had a foodstall, however, it were near to their place, so still they would leave me at home with uncle.... One rainy day, while I was having an afternoon nap after school, half asleep I heard uncle having a quarrel in his room with one of his gal friend, that leaves that girl walking out from the house. Uncle then buried himself with beer. After some time, I think he was drunk, and being innocent, I told him not to drink beer as mum says its not good for the body.. after saying I went back to sleep........... As usual, I would always never fail to playing with my soft toy before I sleeps. But this time, purposely, I pulled up my dress showing my g- string harbouring some evil thoughts hoping that uncle would be arouse and makes my dreams come true! Half asleep, I got a burning sensation in my pussy, a husky pair of hand and really manly fingers touching my private part........... My God! Has my dream come true! I was scare and excited! Excited on the process, I feel really good..... I don't dare to open my eyes, scare uncle might stop when he knows I'm awake.. I continue faking asleep..... And he continue to explore my body......... He gently touches my pussy......... playing around with my clit........ I know he kneel down as he open my legs wide, he buried his head in between my legs and finally his warm tougue touches the surface of my wet pussy............ I really felt like heaven! Till when he tries to insert his last finger in my virgin pussy! This time I got worried! All these times playing with myself, I have never expand my pussy at all and I've tried doing that on one time by inserting my last little finger and it causes so much pain....... While uncle tries to insert his finger I let out a groan........... Oops, I was thinking! I slowly open my eyes, and looks straight in uncle's eye..... A this time, I saw his gulity look and I heard him saying sorry........ This time, I can't let it stop! Finally I open my mouth and tell him its okay and I feel good when you do this to me........ But, I feel painful when you put your finger, I told him. He smile to me... And we kiss....... I know he s drunk and I was just lucky I thought. He ask me to relax this time and told me its normal but he would guide me and helps me to feel even good. He puts his saliva on my pussy and starts to rub and play his finger around in and out of my pussy....... he s damn good in finger fucking me! This time I could feel that my pussy had been stretch a little...... He told me he had a request and ask me if I could help..... without much thought, I agrees. Never to think this far, he unzipped his pants and took out his cock! I was just hoping to let him play with my body! I don't even know that theres something like that from a man's body! I 'm getting more curious......... "Put this in your mouth baby" He said. "can you help uncle to kiss it just like uncle kiss your lips and your pussy just now?" "But I dun know how" I replied. He stuffed his erects cock in my mouth without thinking if my small mouth could handle his size! I followed his speed of pushing his cock in and out of my mouth..... I heard him letting out moans and sounds like he s enjoying himself..... "Ah..... clever girl, Mmmm.....Mmmm Ah....... baby is so clever", "Baby, suck me harder, eat it like your favourite ice cream.... Mmmm....." "You like ice cream don't you baby?" "Eat this ice cream then uncle will take you to buy your favourite strawberry ice cream" I suck hard....... "Ah.... Mmm...... Oh........... baby, uncle teach you more" This time my mouth was so numb..... I could taste his pre cum, and I just really enjoy it........ He striped away my dress and g-string, "Baby, you 've got the nicest breast I've ever see!" He place me on top of him with my face facing his fully errects cock. I knew what to do imed without needing him to tell me further... I open my mouth and suck his cock, licking it like ice cream, till he ask me to face him and I did as I was told. We kissed, and while kissing, he lick me all over my neck, my face like he s so much in hunger! While all the kissing and licking..... My pussy was still wet with all his saliva and my juices...... I felt a push.. I felt uncle had pushed his cock in my pussy!!! I groan loud this time! I moan and tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrolled....... "Baby, you did so well.." Breathlessly he said to me..... "BABY, YOU SUCK UNCLE'S COCK SO WELL........AND NOW UNCLE CAN'T STOP HALFWAY!" "BABY, LET UNCLE FUCK YOU, YOU WON'T FEEL PAIN AFTER THIS...." "Ah....... Mmmm........ Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...". He being pushing me down harder to his cock....... I was shaking......... being push hard down......... Uncle has such a big cock! He s hurting me.......... After some riding on top of him, he flip me over, "You are such a good rocker, baby" He said! "Come let me fuck you deeper from behind" My pussy was dripping this time when I gets up and turn back for him to penetrate me from behind.....
"Ah........... Mmmmmmmmmmm" I scream....... I feel so good now........ I seems to enjoy all these even more........ I'm in heaven........... Suddenly he began to fasten his speed in banging his cock deeper and harder into my pussy......... I could feel his cock was growing in me.......... "Oh! Ah..........Mmmmmmmmm Baby! I'm cuming!" He shout while he pulled out his hard cock and shoved it straight into my mouth......."Ah.......... Mmm... Mmmmmm" Sounds from him... I could feel his body shaking while he shoot his cum into my mouth..... I love this taste of cum.... I really do.... I swallow every bit of it and lick his whole cock like a hungry little girl..... He must had not tried having sex with a girl so much younger and whom is a virgin still..... He lie down grasping for breath..... Hugging me with his warm arms..... kissing and touching my body all over............
After that time..... Uncle never bring home any ladies. He would gets regular blowjobs and regular fucking sessions from me......... We'll fuck the hell out of each other whenever there were no one in the house...... And each time we would both enjoy the fucking and I would bathe him and wash his cock for him.......While he would do the same to me.... Till Grandpa moves their house and I have never gets to have his contact number when he left..... I'm 25 now.....

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2012-12-22 02:43:52
Good story. My wife sucked her first cock when she was 9 years old. It was her dad. She sucked her uncle when she was 10. When she was 13, she sucked me an 2 other guys at a drivein movie. she just lovexs to suck cock.


2007-11-15 01:47:24
I tasted my granddaughter in the same way as her uncle. It was good then and it;s just as good now and she is now 20.Love your storeyl


2007-10-28 17:59:28
very interesting.sounds like it could be true


2007-07-18 16:35:29
luv a "stream" of consciouness, sweets...I think most of us got off.


2005-09-28 01:34:55

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