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I'm orally bi and love sucking cock and cunt alike, so it stands to reason I don't care who wraps their lips around my dick and sucks on it.
There's an adult video store in Scottsdale I like, has a nice arcade and there's always several cocksuckers hanging out. Thought I'd fill my eyeballs with some hot porn to use as inspiration for my long lonesome highway drive west. Jerking my meat while cruising is fun... not very smart but fun. I've been jerking my cock while freeway driving for years, even have a special pair of jeans with the crotch cut low so my balls hang out unencumbered and unpinched... but wanking and driving at the same time means I don't do either very well. I rounded the block and parked next door. The lot was full of cars at 1:30 on a Saturday afternoon, a good sign there was a lot of cocksucking going on... and sure enough there was.

There must have been 15-20 guys milling around the tiny hallways of the arcade, young guys in big shorts, guys in tennis shoes and quack hats, clean-dressed older guys, working guys with stubbled faces... a potpourri of Phoenix horndogs. I scanned the dvd's on rotation eyeing the dick-suckers silently eyeing me, then checked-out the hallways either side.

Black painted hallways, close, red lights over little entrances into little black boxes... a partition hiding a chair and video screen, cramped but private... a crowd rope to keep the riffraff out. An older guy stood staring out as I passed, a yearning in his eyes that I remember well even now. It occurred to me that someday soon that could be me, staring out longing for dick or someone who likes to suck on old guy cocks.

There was an empty booth at the end of one hallway that suited me. I latched the rope, fed $5 into the machine and stood half-in half-out with my fly down and my jean flaps open... my cock was dangling out heavy and swollen like a ripe piece of fruit. On the screen there were tattooed tits and big drool-covered cocks and moaning cunts getting eaten and fucked, lips drawing off load-spurting cocks, men bent into their humping like dogs pounding at other men's asses, pounding cunts, assholes getting tongued and deep-eaten, slow stroking big-dicked trannies staring straight back impassive, hard-fucked faces slimed with thick viscous drool and runny black eyeliner, on and on... factory porn mostly, fetishes delivered on cue. A blond bitch was throwing her mouth down some guys pole driving the knob into her throat again and again... face-fucking as it ought to be, full and eager throat service, so rare from a bitch. I stared transfixed pulling on my meat lure.

"God, I'd sure like to suck that cock.." I glanced up. In the hallway dim he looked a little like Philip Seymour Hoffman... round-faced with wispy blond hair, heavy in striped lycra workout pants, tennis shoes... a faggot, a video arcade creeper.

"Let yourself in.." I said, spreading my balls, lifting my dick and bouncing it up and down. Mascara black tears were streaming down the blond bitches face now as she gasped and sputtered throwing her throat at the cock repeatedly. I stepped back between seat and screen as he rounded the edge of the partition... backlit he seemed to fill the entry, not tall but wide, just standing there hulk-like. I glanced at the screen and in a blink the faggot was planted in my seat, happy as a clam.

"Fair enough... he's a big guy and needs to sit.." He was already bent over feeding my cock into his mouth... lips so wet and spongy, like a young spit-lubed chubettes cunt. I stood awhile staring down watching his rabid suck-fest, gripping his head and hunch-fucking his mouth before taking over completely... making his mouth my dick fuckhole, ratcheting my hips pounding my meat into his mouth deeper and harder... smooth synchrony with the blond bitch on the screens gags and whines.

"Get it in your throat... c'mon, open it.." I twisted his head and held him on it looking for that sweet angle, then suddenly pop!.. my knob wedged in his throat sliding in nice and tight, no gagging or bouncing back off it, just smooth tight cock penetration... his nose was pressed into my pubes as I hunch-fucked his throat giving it a good reaming before jerking his head back off it. He stared up at me like he'd just breeched water... mouth open, wet swollen lips, eyes wild and round...

"Oh my god.."

"Again.." I said and stuffed his mouth pulling his drool-wet lips back and forth... burying his nose in my pubes holding it there twisting, feeling my knob in his throat again, sliding in easy this time, an open fuckhole now, grasping his head and chin hunching my dick down his gullet till his eyes scrunched tight. I hunched it deep a couple more times then jerked him off it slapping it wet across his lips and cheeks while he gasped in air rolling his head against the wall.

"Oh my god.."
"You like my dick in your mouth?"
"Oh god.." he groaned looking up at me eyes wide and wild... he threw his mouth back down it speed sucking it like a vacuum cleaner. My dick was ripening, swelling as my cumload bulged like a spring bulb deep in my groin. The gasps and groans of the bitch on the screen were frantic.

"Open your mouth!.. Open it!"

His face rolled back, his mouth yawned open, lips glistening with drool, eyes staring up into mine... I braced one knee on the wall and gripped his head almost climbing in his lap and fucked his mouth furiously, then pulled my cock out and pointing the knob at his drooling mouth hammered it hard and fast... rhapsody of gasps and guttural moans from the screen behind, my eyes closed blocking-out the faggots face, replacing it with another... some young big titted brown slut was kneeling before me in her school dress with her cumdump mouth agape... "You want to squirt it on my tongue Mister? Gosh, I'd like that a lot.." licking her lips all around staring up in wanton supplication... cum barreled up my cock like it was cutting a new hole, my first spurt catching the faggots lip curling onto his chin, another disappearing into his open mouth, my fist hammering my cock furiously milking the last of my semen, little squirts and drops of my delicious milky cream on his outstretched tongue.

He stared up at me placidly the whole time, then swallowed slowly as though my jizz was some fine aged wine... wiped my first shot off his chin into his mouth and licked his finger clean without a word.

My legs were trembling. I crumpled backwards, my ass plopping against the screen... slurps and moans and whimpers from the blonde bitch behind me, white light flickering between my legs. I reached down and pulled up my jeans, zipped carefully over my swollen meat and buckled my belt. My hands were shaking... I hadn't cum that hard in weeks.

"I'd really like it if you fucked my ass.." I heard him say.
"You've got to be kidding.." I laughed. He chuckled and started to say something. "I'm spent. And I'm not interested in fucking your ass, just your mouth."

He rose with a pout and I hustled him out, patting his butt as he passed. I stared at the screen awhile watching the blond bitch getting fucked hard from behind... ass low and legs splayed wide, her face turned over her shoulder mouth open and gasping, tight shots of her smooth hairless oh-so-pink cunt getting stuffed with dick, reamed hard and fast. I sauntered down the hallway past booths flickering white and cocksuckers waiting in the anteroom and out into the cool Phoenix night air to my car. The faggot was gone, nowhere to be seen.

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