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“Private Show ”

By Blueheatt

__I have a great boyfriend I’m with. I love to turn him on. I always wanted something new to surprise him with. My best friend (Jan) and I decided to put on a …..well you’ll see…

In high school we noticed when girls would feel each other up the guys all got aroused. We envied them for getting all that male attention.

I’m Dana and my girlfriend is Jan. We had never felt each other up, but we did become curious about it. My boyfriend Stan was gone for the night and Jan was over to hang out with me. We made a plan to get Stan all horny. We’d do a ‘feel up’ show on each other for him. We were all excited but now to rehearse it first.

We put on long night gowns and nothing else. Jan had the bigger tits and I had the more shapely figure. We both had long hair. We first slow danced close and practiced some sexy feels on each other.

What we didn’t expect…… was to get ourselves all horny doing this. We were both first timers at doing this and it was becoming a real turn on.

Feeling another girls body was new and our hands trembled a little. We just hoped it would get Stan all horny. Stan wasn’t here for me to get the benefits of getting him all horny. I had the urge to stop…. but we just continued to ‘practice‘.

When Jan started feeling my tits as we rubbed our bodies together, I found my hand feeling her tits. I said: “This ought to get Stan all turned on.” Jan said: “Yes…it sure is getting me wet.”

…I realized I was wet too. I was getting hot as I held Jan real close….I found my hand on her tits and my lips wanting to kiss her….when she felt my pussy….I started breathing hard. I had never had another girl feel my body like she did….I closed my eyes and let my hands go… I was dizzy with good feeling….I kissed her…she was just waiting for me….our tongues went for each other ….breathing hard. I turned out the light and off came our nighties….we laid on the bed feeling all we had….the last word she said was: (…”..this is the ultimate”..) and she wrapped herself around me with savage kissing….
She got on top and started rubbing pussy’s….my legs went wide…our clits were rubbing which was giving me euphoria…mmmmmm…we held each other tight and pushed our vagina’s firm till….

…. I reached a high I can’t describe…we both yelled … it took over our body’s and we shook for a long time…oh yes oh yes …we just lay there …


Saturday night I told Stan I and Jan had something special for him. That night we sat him on the couch….


I wondered what these two girl were up to now.

I was doing some work at the high school when they came up and ask me if I had a girl friend.. I said: “I do now, you and you, to two are hottest girls in this school.” They giggled and blushed. We set up a place to meet late that afternoon. I went for Jan at first and we were soon making out behind a convince store. Dana stood guard for us and then I switched to Dana. She had a hot little body and we started meeting.

Now Dana and Jan are with me and they keep me very happy and horny all the time.

The girls came out fully dressed in the living room and started dancing with each other real sexy like. They started undressing each other in front of me. I was delighted watching their little sex show. They stopped when they were in bra and panties and left down the hall. Next they came back in long night gowns with nothing on underneath. They started in again. Feeling tits, rubbing butts and now pussys. I got a big tent in my shorts as they noticed. They turned the lights down to just one small lamp. They slowly took their night gowns off and continued rubbing their bodies and feeling each other up.

I could see they both made themselves all hot. I applauded and said: “Keep going ladies”. They looked at each other and went at it some more.

Dana and Jan said they had never done anything like that before, *but was interrupted by Jan who said: “Let’s all try it one time.” I said: “Yes, like those people in the porn videos, a threesome. Get a blanket Dana, and we’ll do it right here on the floor. I’ll be your threesome instructor.”

They both make a dash for the blanket and we all got on the floor. We all got totally naked and I told the girls not to hold back, that I wanted to see some hot girl sex. The low light helped them to let go with whatever turned them on. I whispered and told them to picture a threesome video we had all seen. The guy fucked two girls all night long. The two very young girls were beginners and the guy led them to rub their pussy’s together and then turn and lick their pussy while he took turns fucking them both. I directed them to….


Jan and I were very excited about all of this. We just went along as Stan had us make out with each other. Feeling Jan’s body and now rubbing her pussy was a real turn on. Stan said we were stars in a porn film, and we had to make it real to get the scene right. I had never rubbed my pussy against another girls pussy before,* and Jan and I found where it felt best and now we were clit to clit and kissing, between gasping for air.

Jan whispered that we could have been doing this a long time ago. *All I knew now was her pussy felt so damn good rubbing on mine, plus feeling her big tits and us kissing each other.

This is when Stan joined in and felt us as we tribbed and got our pussy’s all hot. We both on the verge of having orgasms when he turned me around. Now we were pussy to face and he was pushing our faces into each others pussy.

Now I knew what the girls in the videos felt as they ate each others pussy.

Jan and I just went for it.

I drove my clit into her lips……ohhhhhh…. my clit was so sensitive I had a wonderful squirming orgasm as Jan licked me. Stan had licked me before, but this was new and different. I licked her the same as she moaned and rubbed her pussy on my tongue….I felt her orgasm on my tongue….

I felt Stan’s hand slowly turning us over with me on top of Jan.

Jan on bottom with her pussy facing us…..he got on my back and then I jacked his cock as Jan kept licking my clit. ….

The thrill was out of this world. He joined me in licking and now fingering Jan’s pussy. He took my finger and showed me her G spot and how to massage it. Jan was moaning with me and squirming as we all were headed for an ultimate cum.

We started in…… the excitement climbing to a peak….both our tongues deep in her pussy…she moved her head back to take all my dick…

…..Just about that time she pulled out my dick and push it in Dana’s pussy…her hips moved fast. I don’t think I couldn’t take any more….and…ooooooo…I shot & shot until I couldn’t move any more….and the cum begin to ooze out right into Jan‘s mouth and awaiting tongue…..ohhhhh……as she licked Dana’s vagina and my dick over & over……

We laid Jan down still licking her lips and I mounted her…putting my dick in her….I had to have some of this…..she locked on me and said: (…”I want you so bad.”) I pumped slowly let it build up…she moaned…we played with the body and the emotions came up slowly to a fever pitch….she held on to me working her vagina until….I heard sexual sounds, it was her….breathing in my ear….her tits were bouncing on my chest….“oooo….Stan….…make…me…Oooo Yes!!”…a final moan and …ohhhhhhh…“I want you“….ohhhhhhh….


-----* if you think having two girlfriends is easy….think again, and…. I knew they were lying,….for two pussy‘s…it works--------------
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