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I frequently visit this site and had a different account that i wrote under. the fan fiction for pokémon always had the same degradation of Ash, who is the main character and one of my favorite childhood TV characters. I figured i'd try and set things right for fans who really enjoy the fiction and know the show.
Ash slammed the door of the room shut and threw himself down on the bed. Another long day of training, this time with the added bonus of Misty and Brock going on and on, calling him an idiot and every other name a teenaged girl and a young adult could manage. Ash hated those names. He wasn’t good with words; he needed things explained more than once, and needed them to be put in the right words. But that always got him called stupid. He was the best trainer around, for crying out loud! But that never seemed to matter. He sat up on the sheets and the blanket and threw open the window, looking out across the forest. He was hallway through the gyms of the region, had seen so much, done so many things! Ash sighed, looked up at the stars. The cool wind blew across his face and through his hair, like the breath of revelation. But nothing came to him.
“Man!” Ash fell back on the bed again, covering his face with his hands. Then he got up and started removing his clothes. He could shower in the morning, and he was tired anyway. He pulled off his vest and his blue jeans and hat, leaving him in his boxers and his black t. he ran a hand through his hair and grumbled when he realized he had forgotten his gloves. He threw them on the pile and dropped back to the mattress with another sigh. The only thing that had been nice today was the weather, and Misty’s…
No! I can’t think of her like that, I’ll never get to sleep! But it was too late. He began to get stiff under his boxers and the fabric tented. Dammit!

Misty sniffed happily at the scent of the flowers outside. Her room was right above the Pokécenter’s gardens and the flowers were in full bloom. She sighed in content and looked out across the night sky, thinking of all the nights she had enjoyed this view from a different place.
I wonder if Ash is looking up at the sky… Misty’s brow furrowed and her smile faded. The boy she had set out on this journey with had grown up a lot. She remembered the first, fleeting glance she had of him; right as he stole her bike and ran off. She smiled a little at that memory. But then the frown returned. She was so mean to him. Brock too, but she treated him awfully.
I HAVE to! If you don’t realize how much of a little idiot he is… But Misty already knew in every fiber of her being that Ash was smarter than all of them. A little slow at first, maybe. And he never showed it. But Misty knew. She had seen him those few times when he was alone, the times that the spark of intelligence glistened in his eyes, a fierce spark of genius. And then she had heard him talk to himself, had seen him in action like most people had never seen. She remembered battling him, one on one when Brock wasn’t with them. And she had lost miserably. She smiled at that memory too. Then she felt her stomach begin to flutter.
Ooooh! Now look what you did, you idiot! Now you’ve gone and gotten yourself all hot and bothered over that shrimpy fool! Misty sighed and grabbed her robe, opening the door and heading for the showers. She looked at Ash’s door, jut across the hall from hers. Everyone thought he was stupid. They only saw him battle, assumed it was just enough that he understood battling and Pokémon. But Misty knew. She sighed again and walked down the steps toward the baths.
The Pokécenter’s bathroom was tiled and nice, with shower stalls and fresh towels ready for any trainer that came along. Misty set her clothes on the bench and walked carefully to the shower stall. The tile was cool under her feet, so she hopped more than anything. She stepped into the shower and threw the hot water on. When she felt in run over her skin she smiled. She loved the water and everything in it, everything except Psyduck. It always made her feel good, clean. As she rubbed and lathered her body she hummed a song that she wasn’t sure of, savoring the feel of her hands and the water on her body. On accident her hand drifted between her legs, where her pale, red tufted crotch still buzzed with arousal. She moaned and shuddered under the touch.
It’s been so long since I was able to… Growing up with three older sisters, Misty had learned everything pretty quickly. Including how to relieve the tension and heat between her legs when it started coming around. The last time had been a week ago, maybe more.
I don’t have any privacy to actually do it… But her fingers danced just above her belly button, clasped and trembling. She was losing the battle faster than she realized. She drew her hands up to her mouth and shook, hoping that the feeling of butterflies and pleasure would pass. On the way up she brushed her petite breasts and her wrist brushed one, causing another quick burst of pleasure. She sighed and gave in, placing one hand against the shower wall and wincing at the cold tile. She leaned her shoulders against it and whimpered as her fingers caressed her breast. The hand she had placed against the wall she began to rub around her belly button, still nervous about relieving herself in the restrooms. But all the same she let her hand slide down and rub and her moist lips. She bit back a loud moan and whimpered again. Unconsciously an image of Ash, wet and nude in the shower next to her floated into her mind. She didn’t stop to worry about it; it wasn’t exactly the first time she had thought of his hands doing this to her, causing her this spectacularly blissful agony. She let the moan escape her lips, rolling out over her tongue and echoing through the empty bathrooms.

The cold night air helped Ash with his problem, but he still tossed and turned as he tried to ignore the erection that troubled him. The stiffness didn’t bother him. H certainly enjoyed beating off and getting an orgasm. It was the thoughts of Misty, his best friend. She was attractive, and she was always there. But Brock was barely ever with them due to his fascination with hot girls. So it was Ash and Misty, the two youngest, who hung around one another. They entertained each other, confided in each other. Ash wanted to think they were friends, but then he wasn’t sure. Every once in a while Misty shot him a glance that seemed filled with longing, or with admiration. Ash wasn’t sure, but he knew he wanted more out of it. He couldn’t get her out of his head at times, and he found more and more that he didn’t want her to be. She was pretty, smart, and maybe a little mean at times but even then he knew she wasn’t a mean person. He thought of all the times he had gotten a glimpse of her eyes when she wasn’t paying attention, or her belly underneath her shirt. She never showed anything else but Ash didn’t need to ask for more.
He wrapped his hand around his member and stroked up and down slowly. It didn’t feel incredible, but Ash knew it would get better. He beat off enough. As he stroked his cock he imagined walking into the wrong shower by accident, seeing her under the water, where he knew she looked best…

Ungh… Ohhh! This is going to be… Misty bit her lip hard as she pressed on her clit and pulled on a nipple. She was so close, so very, very close. She took her finger off of her nub and pushed into her slick lips, moaning quietly and shivering. Suddenly she saw Ash, in her dream, pushing inside of her. The idea was too much. Misty came and cried out. Juice dripped down her fingers and onto the wet tile. Her muscles clenched and her fingers dug deeper inside of her, making her moan louder. Her breathing was shallow, quick breaths. Her eyes clenched shut and she shivered as pleasure rolled over her. She finally released as it faded and she stood up painfully, as her muscles weren’t used to the movement.
That was the best I’ve had in a while. But… Ash… she sighed and walked out of the shower, grabbing her robe and her clothes. She trudged up the steps slowly and opened the door to her room. Placing her clothes on a chair she stopped and looked through the open door at Ash’s room.
He pushed himself really hard today. And he hasn’t showered yet or I’d know. What is he doing in there? Maybe we pushed a little too hard. I should apologize. She was already knocking on door as she thought it. No answer came from inside.

Ash heard the knocking. He heard Misty call his name quietly. He could only imagine what she would say if she saw him doing what he was doing, seeing his underwear on the floor by the foot of the bed and his hand moving under the sheets. He rolled over as the door opened and Misty stepped into the room.
“Ash? Are you awake?” Ash stayed quiet. He was on his side, facing the wall. His cock tented the sheets enough to be obvious, and he knew if she got closer their friendship might be in jeopardy. But he lied still, making sure to breath normally, heavily. He heard her get closer and behind closed eyes prayed that she wouldn’t get too close. Then he felt her hand on his shoulder. “Ash? Are you… oh!”
Her gasp was quiet but Ash heard it loud and clear, loud as anything he had ever heard before. Her hand pulled back and Ash remained motionless. Then he felt her wrist press against the sheets, sliding down. He opened his eyes enough to see where her hand was going and nearly fainted. She was going for his cock. He felt her hand close around him, the cool of the sheet the only thing separating her hand from his erection. She gasped once more and moved her hand along its length.
“I never knew you were so big…” Ash had never thought of size. This was his first sexual encounter; size didn’t seem a big deal, seeing as he couldn’t do anything about it. Still her touch made him shudder. She removed her hand and grabbed his shoulder, trying to roll him over. Ash let her do it and feigned sleep. It took all his willpower.
“I can’t believe it… It’s so much bigger than I thought…” Ash groaned and Misty pulled her hand off of his cock. He felt her lean over him and plant a kiss on his lips before quietly walking out and shutting the door. Ash opened his eyes for a second before he let them shut quietly. His face creased in a smile and he passed into pleasant dreams.

Misty leaned back against the door to her room. She had just touched Ash Ketchum’s cock. it had been so much bigger than she had expected, big enough to make her scream she hoped. He didn’t know that she was in his room, that she had felt him up. She had the advantage, being the girl. Now that she knew, she had to have him. Before she had just thought of it. Now she needed it. She grinned and sat down, her back still leaned against the door as she thought of just how she and Ash could be alone together, away from Brock long enough for her to get what she needed.
What happens when I get it? She stood and crossed to her bed, shutting the window and tossing the robe on the floor. What happens when he and I… I mean, we’re just kids! What… Misty didn’t finish the thought. Dreams and sleep caught her in their embrace and kept her there til morning, allowing pleasant dreams of Ash and a picnic on a hillside.
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