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Hi I did not like the way I wrote it it did not sound proper so I re wrote it I hope you all like this better Thanks much.
My Hot Niece

Chapter Three

she undressed and tossed her cloths into the back seat of the car .
I looked at her as she pulled from her purse a tiny vibrator ,
she turned it on and began to use it .

She knew I was watching but I knew I still had to keep my eyes on the road .
Uncle Jack yes thank you dinner it was wonderful so romantic your welcome sweetheart .

I can't wait till we get home why honey , my girlfriends will be coming over . It's going to be a free for all sex party on you , she giggles then goes back to concentrating on pleasuring herself .

A little time went by as she reached her first orgasm , she began to moan loudly her bottom lifted up off the seat . She began going in and out a bit faster each time with her pink toy .

she " screamed I'm Gonna cum " ! "oh God I'm Coming" "Oh yeah I'm coming ",
She collapsed onto the seat exhausted . She looked over at me as her eyes widened she noticed the bulge in my pants . " Hey ! you got hard on " Oh well I said .

down so it would be easy access for her , I pulled off the road .
She Reached inside and pulled out my hard dick ah that's much better .

She placed he head in my lap and started sucking my dick , I put my hand on the back of her head I heald the steering wheel with the other . We took off on the road again and headed for home .

"ooh ahh baby that feels awesome!!" "ooh suck it baby ! oh yeah " .
She kept right sucking harder and I explodes it all right into her hot mouth just as we were pulling up into the driveway.

where home honey so soon ? yes , I see you have company waiting .
hey there Jackie rushed right over to the car she blushed. Hey Amanda put
some cloths on will ya she laughed .

I see you got a mouth full I was not much better my pants were still undone and my dick was out in the open .

Where is Susie she can't come tonight shes out with her parents , I wanted a free for all on uncle this evening . Remember it's sat and we may not have to much time to have our fun oh I forgot .

Amanda's cell rang yes its dad we will be home after lunch sometime tomorrow ,
alright see you then . We love you to sweetie I love you too .

Amanda are we going to fuck your uncle or not ? ,
I was surprised I hoped I could still get it up , I just got done sucking him off yeah I can see that .

You want to fuck my uncle go ahead, you may l have to get him hard again.
Girls we have to go inside then we can't do sex out here in the open It is better in bed not on the ground oh alright uncle jack they agreed .

Amanda picked her cloths up off the back seat and walked into the house in the nude . We all went into the guest house, where I stay .

Jackie followed me into the bedroom she sat on the bed , Jackie and I removed our cloths . Now what ? Jackie said well do what ever you girls wish I said to me.

Jackie started giving me a blowjob uncle yes Jackie I been so horny thinking about making it with you . " Oh really? " . like me to lick your slit " oh yes please " .

we got into the sixty nine position and began with in a few minutes I had her squeezing with pleasure . My niece came running it what happened nothing I just had the most amazing orgasm ever that's all .

My uncle is the best at giving them yeah so I found out ,You should have at it with him. I have three weeks with him ooh now that sounds awesome ,Yes it will be .

Jackie straddled my dick she took it in one hand and guided it into her hot wet pussy. She let out a scream as it penetrated past her hymen , ooh this feels so good .

Amanda straddled my face , her pussy was still wet from when she masturbated inside the car . They started making out Amanda I'm glad I waited yes I am glad you did also. I told you the first time would feel amazing didn't I Yeah I'm glad you did .

I'm still can't believe it Amanda your uncle is my very first , it feels so awesome inside me . Thank you for telling me to wait .

Amanda kept on kissing Jackie neck and nibbling on her ear.
Common go faster come on Jackie cum and let uncle cum inside you .

It will be the best ting ever , I know your on the pill like me there's no way you can get pregnant .

At his age how much sperm can he produce ? , oh thanks I tried to say with a mouth full of my nieces pussy .

Jackie continued rocking her hips back and forth making sure my my dick was buried deep with in her.

A little while later ten maybe fifteen minutes Jackie's vagina mussels started contracting and released . Oh my God I think I'm going to Cum I feel it yeah Oh ah I'm I'm going to cum .

It hit Jackie's body like a ton of bricks , her body started to shake and quiver . Her vagina was like a vise tightening around my dick .

" I'm cumming ! " "Oh yes yes Oh god " oh fuck " I'm cumming" I'm Cumming . her vagina squeezed my cock, I too was going to explode deep with in her
hot pussy .

"Oh god I'm cumming " ! Ah Jackie!! " ." I'm cumming " Oh God I feel it jack Oh yes it's filling me up ah .

then Jackie collapsed on top of me , I just could not help myself I wanted to sucked on her nice breasts . They seemed to me a 34c cup oh uncle jack lick my tits ooh ah feels so good .

She layed on top of me with my cock still with in her,
Amanda went behind Jackie pulled my dick out of her . She began to wipe us clean using a warm facecloth.

There was still hit of blood that was there from Jackie freshly busted cherry .
Amanda started sucking on my dick trying to make it hard so she could have a turn. Oh Honey I hope I can still get hard Oh well take a cold shower then we all can start all over again . I have to rest first uncles exhausted you girls are younger than I .

Great idea Jackie said they went into the shower not even closing the bathroom door . I listened as I dozed off to sleep for little bit.

I heard kissing and assumed they feeling each other all over the place .
I am sure they were fingering each other from time to time causing each one to orgasm again and again a first second time even .

I heard the moans of joy as they showered , I knew now my hot little eighteen year old niece was into girls .

It was alright with me as long as she did not try anything with me or her girlfriend while her parents were around .

I was exhausted I must have fell asleep for at least two hours. When I awoke I looked at the time it was after eleven pm . Where's Jackie I said oh she will see us tomorrow for my party she's so sore inside .

Uncle you gave her pussy a real work out , she was exhausted .
luckily Jackie only lived a mile down the road I wanted you to rest for tomorrow alright . Remember uncle jack mom and daddy will be home tomorrow afternoon .

I totally forgot about that I bet you did you were having way to much fun ,
with Jackie's vagina . Well if you think I am going to let you go to bed with out a good night fuck your wrong .

I ordered pizza it should be here shortly , sure enough the bell rang
it was the pizza delivery guy . Honey here's twenty tell him keep the change alright .

Hi Greg when did you start last week oh, it was a guy Jackie knew from high school .
This where you live Jackie he asked no I live over there pointing to the much larger house this is my uncles place his wife passed a few years back .

Wow ! Amanda whats under that robe ? nothing at all You mean your nude yes , Why do you ask that . I don't know. I had to come down here to use the shower mom and dad are having my bathroom remodeled .

She just gave Greg an excuse because she didn't want to let him know I was here.

Maybe if I get off work early we maybe we could now I kinda thinking .
Oh you wanted to fuck me too well yea , Greg your just like every guy in school looking to get his cock sucked and dipped .

I hate to disappoint you But Greg I am so sorry I am not into guys .
Oh You like the other yea well that's OK tell your uncle I said hello .

How did you know he was here ? your car is in the shop .
My uncle owns the dealer ship remember oh I forgot .

What was that all about ? just one of the jocks looking to fuck me oh is that all .
There always looking to fuck us knock us up and leave us uncle . Yeah I bet
well lets eat then fuck OK if you say so darling .

To Be Continued
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