9 year old Millie has some difficult questions for her parents to answer
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If you had asked me how I felt my life was doing right now, I would tell you I was on top of the world. At 35 I had a high paying work-from-home job, a gorgeous wife and a beautiful nine year old daughter. I worked for three hours each day, and spent the rest of my time with my family. Even though my wife Rebecca and I had been married for 13 years, we still carried on like newlyweds both in and out of the bedroom and I felt our love for each other had never been stronger. The three of us lived in an upper-class suburb, and tall fences kept peeping toms from looking into our backyard and swimming pool, much to our satisfaction. Both Rebecca and I had met at a nude beach, and while we wore clothes around the house like normal people do, we just could not give up swimming naked like we always have, not even when our little girl Millie came along.

Millie is my pride and joy. Beautiful like her mother, she's slightly tall for her age and while she isn't chubby, she isn't skinny like a rake either, and every time we hugged I always marvel at how wonderfully soft and cuddly her body is. She eyes are a light shade of blue, and they shine like the sky when light catches them. She has a round face and plump cherry lips, and all of her features radiate happiness when she smiles at me. Which is a lot. We have always been cuddly and close, Millie picking up on mine and Rebecca's attitudes towards love and affection. Millie always did well at school and was easily the most popular kid in the class. Even at ten she tells us that boys are always asking her to be their girlfriend, and when I asked her which boy she would have dated she threw her pillow at me, jumping up and wrestling my upper torso down onto her bed.
"I'm never going out with any of the boys from my school, boys are lame!"

When Millie turned 9 her mother and I decided to have the sex talk with her. Some might say we were a little early in teaching her but to them I offer this simple warning: Get to your children before the internet does! My case in point being that she came to me about this creep online only 3 weeks after we had the talk. Apparently he had just started sending sex videos and images to her blog on Tumblr, and was trying to have cyber-sex with her. I thought it would simply be a matter of blocking and reporting the user, but later that night while Rebecca and I were reading, Millie knocked on our door and slowly entered, ready for bed in her purple pyjamas, her hair still wet from her shower. "Umm, sorry to bother you guys, but I was wondering if we could talk for a bit?"
Bec and I put our books away and watched her as she got on her knees at the end of the bed. "I wasn't going to tell you guys this, but I actually clicked on a couple of the links and videos that that guy was sending me... aaaand uuuh, I saw some things that didn't look right.... I was wondering if you guys could explain them to me?" Bec and I looked at each other nervously before I answered.
"Of course sweetheart! Thank you for telling us that you clicked on those links, that was very brave. Now, let's see..... Umm, what did you actually see?"

"Well, you told me about how guys "masturbate" by rubbing their penis when it's hard, and that's what this old man was doing, until this young girl about my age appeared on-screen and put the head of his penis into her mouth. Why would she do that? Doesn't his pee and sperm come out of there? Yuck! Then he started grunting and pulled it out of her mouth and pointed it at her face, and his sperm came out all over her. It looked disgusting! Why would someone do that? I thought you said that kids don't start doing sex stuff until they're a lot older than I am?" She looked at us, confused and blushing a little, obviously from talking about this stuff in such graphic detail. Her mother and I just looked at each other, shocked. "I can't believe that bastard showed her child pornography! If I ever meet the prick in real life I'll smash his teeth in!"

"Daniel honey, calm down." My wife beckoned Millie to come up closer, and our little girl complied, lying on the other side of Bec and resting her head on her mothers shoulder while Bec stroked her cheek. "Millie darling, there's no other way to explain this, so I'll just be blunt. That girl you saw, either she was being forced to do it or she had been introduced to sex too early and now she found it normal. Unfortunately there are a lot of evil people out there who take advantage of young kids, seducing them or taking them by force, and then subjecting them to indecent sexual acts."

"Hmmmmm...... But mum, the girl in the video didn't look like she was being forced. She was moaning and smiling up at the man, kissing his penis like she was in love with it. When he came on her face she squealed happily and grinned at the camera. I know kids at school who have it rough but pretend to be happy, and that girl was not pretending, she was genuinely happy. He was making lots of noises too, groaning and gasping a lot. Why would a guy like having his penis sucked on by a young girl?" Millie was looking at me, and I knew she could see how red my face was getting. I didn't really want to have this conversation with my daughter, frankly I never thought I'd ever hear a 9 year old talk about hardcore stuff like this! but we have always been honest and open to her and I didn't want her to think that she couldn't talk to us about anything. "Umm, maybe you should explain it to her Bec?" My wife took the hint and turned on her side facing our daughter. "Well darling, it feels really good to boys when their penis is being touched by something wet and warm. It's kind of like when someone else is rubbing suntan lotion into your skin, because it's wet and slimy it slides across the skin more easily. I don't think you'll find a single boy out there who doesn't like having his knob polished!" They both giggled a bit to each other while I sat there immobile like a statue, hoping that my instincts weren't correct and Millie wasn't about to ask me- "Wait, does that mean you like to have your penis sucked on Dad?"

I splutter and sit up, my voice actually breaking as I struggle to reply. "Umm, w-well, yes I do honey." She climbed over her mum and sat cross-legged in front of me, her head tilting slightly to the side as she looked at me curiously. I've always adored Millie's beautiful features and her long, jet-black hair, but in this current setting, with the way that both me and my daughter were both blushing and the way my heart was beating, my brain was interpreting the suspense in the air as sexual tension. Soon I was rock-hard under the blanket and my loins ached from this sudden rush of horniness. I cursed my wild libido and focused on what my daughter was asking me. "What does it feel like? Do you prefer to have sex or get your penis sucked?"
"W-well, personally I would say sex feels better because you are both getting physical pleasure, but having a ...mouth on your penis can really feel amazing. I don't really know how to describe it."

"I think I can help dear" Rebecca interrupts. Millie turns around to face her mother. "Do you remember when I talked to you about your kitty and how it has a little button at the top called a clit? Have you played with it at all since we talked about it?" Millie's face grew crimson red and she turned her head away from me, and slowly nodded. "Did it feel good?" More nods. "Let me show you something." Bec positioned Millie so that she was in the centre of the bed facing us, and slowly pushed her back until she was lying down. Then, she quickly pulled down her daughters pyjama pants and knickers before either of us could react. "Whoa, Bec what are you doing?!"
"Calm down Daniel, everything's fine." I sat there, watching my wife spread our daughters legs, causing her cute pussy lips to spread ever so slightly. "Now Millie, I want you to touch yourself. Don't worry about us, we're your parents, we just want you to get as much enjoyment out of sex as possible." I was completely lost at this stage, incapable of comprehending what Bec was trying to do here. I could see that Millie looked just as lost as I was, but even though she was glowing with embarrassment, her right hand slowly trailed down her body until it rested lightly on her mound. She slowly dipped a finger in and rubbed where her clit was hiding, causing her to slowly arch and moan. Her eyes caught mine and her face flushed a deeper crimson, but she didn't stop looking at me, staring into my eyes and whimpering. Her mother starts to talk and Millie's head whips around to face her, looking guilty like she was doing something wrong.

"It feels good, doesn't it sweetheart? But here, let me show you how much different it is when someone else is doing it." Rebecca pulled her daughters hand away from her slit and slowly traced a finger around her daughters puffy lips. Millie started to pant heavily as she stirred restlessly, unable to stand the teasingly light contact. Then Millie wailed lightly as her mother's finger dipped into her glistening crevice and found her love button. "Aaaah, oh, aaah, oh mum, ah, wooooow." Her moans took on a throatier edge as Bec's dextrous fingers started to stimulate every surface of her daughters pussy. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, feeling so conflicted and wrong for allowing this to continue, but also being incredibly and desperately aroused and just being so grateful that I was able to witness such a magnificent sight. Then my wife said something that caused the last stores of my resolve to crumble like dirt. "I can tell that this feels really good Millie, but this is still nothing compared to how you could feel. If you want, your father could show you first-hand why people like to have their privates sucked and licked. But daddy won't want to do it unless he knows that you really want him to, so you have to show him how much you want him to lick your kitty."

Before I have a chance to yell at my wife or run out of the room, Millie looks at me and I can see a powerful glimmer of lust in her beautiful eyes. "Please daddy, show me what it feels like. I.... i want to feel your mouth on my kitty! I love you daddy, please just do it right now!" She was arching her back and raising her hips, crying out from the feeling of Becca rubbing her clit, and looking into my eyes with a desperate need and longing. I no longer have the strength to hold myself back, and I dove between her legs, Bec's hand rubbing against my face as she quickly pulled away. Millie gasped and held her breath as I began my assault, my tongue making fast swipes along her small vulva. Even though her pussy was so small, her clit was prominent enough to stand out, and I sucked and rubbed it with my mouth and tongue, causing her to thrash around on the bed as her orgasm was ripped out of her. I found her vaginal hole and speared it with my tongue, the tip smacking into her intact hymen, and her legs clenched around my face as her hands found my hair and pulled at it hard. Bec started to suck on one of Millie's nipples as my tongue pistoned in and out of her incredibly tight passage, and Millie screamed even harder as a second orgasm swells up and joins the first. She floods my mouth with her delicious juices as she humps and grinds my face.

Bec quickly pulled me away before it became too sensitive, and I sat there panting, absorbing the beautiful sight of my daughter clenching and unclenching her thighs as she slowly came down from her euphoric high. Bec and I crawled up on either side of her and we just cuddled, two parents basking in the beauty and glory of their angelic nine year old daughter, as she recovered from an intense double-orgasm. She pushed us away and sat up, taking her top off and getting under the covers in the middle. We came up on either side of her and she nestled her front into my chest as her mother spooned her from behind, and sighed contentedly. "Mum, dad, thank you so much for that. Especially you daddy" She slowly snaked her arms around my neck and moved her head in to kiss me on the lips. "I absolutely LOVED the way your tongue was going in and out of my vagina. Will you promise to kiss my kitty every day?" My heart swelled with emotion and I pressed her into me, cradling her head in my hands and planting a kiss on her forehead. "Darling, I think I'll be grabbing every chance I can get to play with your delicious kitty!" She squealed with happiness and locked her lips with mine, her inexperienced tongue roughly prodding against mine. I spent the next half hour teaching her how to kiss, while her mother explored her body, making Millie shiver with pleasure.

I was disappointed when Millie pulled away from me but that feeling quickly disappeared when I saw the lust and desire in her eyes. "Dad, I want to suck on your penis and make you cum" and just started to slide down my stomach until her face was inches from my rapidly hardening organ. Bec started to touch herself as she looked at our daughter lying there facing my rod. "Did you want any instructions or advice Millie dear?"
"No thanks mum, I just want to explore him by myself." Millie started to breathe all over my cock as she lifted it and turned it around, inspecting it from all ages. She gingerly kissed the head, and when I moaned with pleasure she grew bolder and began to plant little kisses all over my cock. Then she opened her mouth slightly and poked the tip of her tongue out, and started running her mouth over every inch, the tip of her tongue sending arcs of pleasure shooting throughout my body. More and more of her tongue poked out of her mouth, until she was licking my entire dick like it was a lollipop. I couldn't believe how good it felt. I could tell Millie hadn't had any previous experience, but she seemed to instinctively know what to do. When she slipped her mouth over the tip and I felt her hot tongue swipe against my sensitive skin I moaned loudly, and she looked up at me, her beautiful plump lips stretched by my girth, her eyes sparkling with happiness and pride as she revelled in the pleasure that she was making me feel. "Honey, I-I-I don't think I'm g-going to last.. Ugh, God! Yes, keep bobbing like that, fuck you are amazing! Oh! oh geez, Millie, Millie I'm going to cum!"
Millie pulled my cock out of her mouth for a second and looked at me with unsure eyes. "Is it safe to swallow?"
"Would you like it if I swallow?"
"Oh my God yes, yes I would baby!"
That was all the encouragement she needed, she grinned at me then went back down, managing to get a third of my cock past her lips as a long, guttural moan escaped mine. She swirled her tongue lovingly around the head then started to bob in earnest, her beautiful long hair bouncing up and down on my groin. Rebecca started grunting and yelping in orgasm as I felt mine building up. I looked down at Millie and she was staring up at me with eyes half-lidded with pleasure as she watched the expression on my face. "OH FUCK! THAT'S IT, THAT'S IT MILLIE. AAAAAAAAH OH MY GOD" I was hollering as I finally erupted into her mouth. "Open your mouth a bit honey if you can't swallow all of it." Rebecca breathlessly pointed out. Millie was able to swallow at least two gulps of my sperm before she gave up and opened her mouth, letting half of thecum cascade out of her mouth and around my shaft as she swallowed the rest of it. When I she had drained me of all of my seed she released the softening head from her mouth, and enthusiastically sucked up the remaining cum in my pubes. Finally she slipped my soft prick inside her mouth and gave it a once over, before poking it out of her mouth slowly with the flat of her tongue. She wriggled her way up to me and I clasped my arms around tightly and rolled her away on my side, away from her mother. She giggled and wrapped her arms around me. "I hope that was good, I wanted to show you how much I love kissing your willy!" She flushed red and hid her face away from me, and I cupped her cheek in my hand as I turned her head to face mine. "Millie, that was absolutely mind-blowing! I'm sorry Bec, but I have never cum so hard in my life!" I moved my face closer to Millie's and we shared an exhausted but completely satisfied kiss. My wife came up and spooned my back while I held our daughter, and we peacefully drifted off to sleep.

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