George 2

Thank you for the positive comments on the story about George coming over to invite me to the BBQ.
Negatives read on:

Here is the next story about George.

I went to the local swimming pool I noticed George and Peter sitting on the side of the pool talking to a couple of girls. I said hello to them. We passed the pleasantries of the day for a few minutes while I looked at the two girls, wet and almost naked in white one piece costumes, they were younger than the two boys. I asked them how long they had been there? George replied over 4 hours, Their skins were wrinkled so I guess they had spent most of the time in the water. They said that they often come to the pool during school holidays and meet their friends.
I swam about 30 lengths and the re joined the group who had not moved. After a few minutes I went to change. A couple of minutes later the boys came into the changing room.
There were half a dozen people changing in the room, mostly noisy kids running around naked flicking each other with their towels. I had removed my trunks and had finished drying off when George came over to my cubicle and told me he always shower at home (as did I ) and was it OK for him to changed here as his locker was right opposite this cubicle? I invited him into the box, George put his towel on the seat and pulled his trunks off, hopefully the adults present assumed we were father and son. I looked down at his crutch, his prick was small and floppy with his foreskin puckered up at the end, his balls had disappeared into his body his scrotum looked like a large walnut, his manhood looked just like the first day I had seen him at the top of the stairs 7 years ago, but now with a longer and thicker shaft. He dried him self off quickly and turned to his locker, I looked at him from behind, he had a perfect shape for his 5’6” body, I suppose it comes from all that swimming and good food, he could have been modelled on one of those statues in Rome or visa versa.
He slipped on a pair of pastel blue summer shorts and a T shirt with a picture of Meatloaf on the front. I had slipped on a pair of white cotton shorts and a polo shirt. Neither of us put on underwear. Peter had on a bright red tracksuit tight to his body, he looked like an pro athlete but just a younger version .
I asked them how they were getting home? George said it was only a mile and it was an easy walk.
I said I would give them a lift home if they wanted? Peter said that would be great as he was tired and didn’t want to walk.
When we got to the car there is a choice of who sat in the front. In the end it was decided that Peter sat in the back. I looked at George and smiled at him, he smiled back put his hand on my arm and said “Thank you for the lift” It only took a couple of minutes to get to my house, my prick at half mast all the way. When we got home George and Peter went over to their house only to return a minute later saying that mum had put a note on the door saying she had to go out for an hour and would be back at 6.30, and for them to play in the back garden till then.
George asked if they could use my shower? I nodded a yes and showed them into the house.
We went into the kitchen, I sat them down at the table and gave them a drink and cookies.
I then went up to the bathroom to get some clean towels. Peter followed me as George had told him to shower first, I gave him the only clean towel I had there and said I would get a towel for George from the bedroom. I went back to the kitchen to get myself a beer. George was sitting at the table and asked if Peter was OK. I said yes and we chatted about his afternoon at the pool.
I said I would put on the TV and they could watch it for an hour. After a short while Peter came down in shorts and a T shirt, I showed him in to the TV room and turned the box onto a cartoon channel.
I had forgotten to get the spare towel from the bedroom so I went upstairs to the bedroom to get the it, George followed me up and said “What a lovely bedroom“. I went to the cupboard to get a towel and by the time I turned round George had removed his shorts and T shirt and was standing naked in front of me. He asked me if I would wash his back in the shower? I asked about his brother, George replied that once he was in front of the TV he would not move till someone switched it off, he was a TV addict. I removed my clothes we were now both naked. I took his hand to lead him to the bathroom. By now I had a good hard on as did George, The shower was lovely and warm from Peter taking a hot shower. I turned on the shower checked the temperature then helped George in to the wet cabinet .
I put the towels over the heated towel rail to warm and climbed into the shower behind George.
He had soap all over his body. I took the sponge and worked the soap into his skin. First his back then down to his feet up his leg missing his erect penis up the front of his body to his neck and then down again, George turned around to face me, I washed his balls then his cock pulling the foreskin back to wash underneath it, spending time on his prick moving the foreskin over his bulbous head teasing him, his eyes closed enjoying my caresses and I am sure close to cumming.
After a short while he asked if me if he could wash me? I gave him the soap and sponge and told him to go ahead.
I turned and George washed my back, legs, arms then told me to turn around, he then washed my neck and front then down to my prick, he sponged my shaft then wrapping his hands around it as he pulled the foreskin back wiping around my sensitive prick head with the sponge, rubbing his hands up and down the shaft, he washed under my balls to my ass hole and butt cheeks.
He asked my why I did not have hair around my penis? I replied I like to shave it off it feels good to be hair free down there.
I now had a real hard on. George returned to my prick and the soft hands caressing me shortly took me over the edge and I spurted 3 days worth of cum out all over his hands and his belly running down to his prick.
He said I would need to wash him again. I put my hand on his belly and moved the rest of the white sticky liquid down to his prick and under to his balls which had now dropped down into the scrotum which was like a silk pouch with two large marbles installed, I returned to his prick and took him over the edge. He moaned and came over my hand. We washed each other down again, I got out of the shower first to get the warm towels to dry us off. George turned off the show I wrapped a towel around him and dried him off, he dried,
We got dressed and went down to the TV room,
Peter had not even miss us.
When they left George thanked me for the shower and hoped we can share some time together again
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