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The house next door had a For Sale sign on it for a few weeks, finally it came down and the removal truck arrived along with a very pretty woman. After a couple of days I went over to welcome her to the neighbourhood. It was then found out she had two boys.
The first time I saw them, George and his younger brother Peter had just got out of the bath and were both standing naked at the top of the stairs. They both had little penises that were uncut and ball sacks were a shrivelled pouch of skin. Georges brother was the same as his but a little smaller As I exchanged greetings George started to come down the stairs till his penis was level wit my head, his little penis was 2 inches long with his foreskin another half inch heading it. The head of his penis hidden by skin, it looked the size of a large grape, his mother told him to go and put some clothes on and apologised to me. The thought came in to my mind that I could get all of the appendage into my mouth and I would hardly know it was there. George was 8 years old. and his brother two years younger.
Moving on a few years, the family had become good friends, I often saw them playing in their back garden with their mother who was shaped like a super model, we often chatted over the fence. The boys were growing up to be very handsome boys.
It was a mid summer weekend and I was watching some porn on the TV late in the afternoon when there was a knock at the door. I just had a bath robe which was undone as I had been playing with my cock enjoying the porn. I closed my robe and went to the door It was George he had been sent over by his mother to ask me to a BBQ that night.
I invited him in and asked him what time and did he want a drink on this hot day? He said “Yes“. As I moved around the kitchen to get him a drink I noticed that George was sporting an erection in his thin shorts he was obviously not wearing underwear. We sat in the kitchen and chatted about him, his brother and mother. George ask me if I thought he was pretty. I thought this was an unusual thing for a young boy to say rather than nice or good looking. I told him he was a very attractive boy, tall for his age with long blonde hair. George said that he thought I was attractive too and was pleased he lived next door to me as he could talk to me easily. He asked me if I was gay as he had not seen me with a lady. I told him that I enjoyed the company of ladies but also liked men. George came right out with “Can I see your penis?”
My prick was already hard with the company of this young boy in my kitchen with an erection but it jumped at the thought of this young boy wanting to see my prick. I told him about the first time I had seen him naked on the stairs when he was only 8 years old, then he only had a little penis I said I wondered what it looked like now. He told me if he could see my penis he would show me his now he was bigger.
He said he often dreamed about me, watching me sunbath in my garden, he said he had a good pair of binoculars and could see the outline of my penis inside my briefs and wondered what my penis looked like naked?
He said “Please let me see your penis, then I will show you mine” I finally agreed, stood up and undid my bath robe. After hearing I had a voyeur in this young boy, my prick was so hard it pushed its way through the front of the robe, I pulled the robe to the side and put my hands on both hips exposing my prick to him. George gasped saying it was bigger than his mothers boyfriends. I asked him how often he had seen his mothers boyfriends, he replied only a couple of times when he had gone in to the bathroom to pee and he was in the shower.
George cooed as he examined my prick but did not make any attempt to touch it. I said that now he had seen my penis it was time to keep his promise and show me his. He hesitated for a short while then tucked his fingers in the waist band of his shorts and slowly slid them down till he got to the point where I could see the base of his penis. He only had a wisp of blonde pubic hair. He then pulled his shorts down to release his boyhood, For young boy he was quite large. He smiled and said that he was worried that it was too big. I replied that it was the most gorgeous penis I had ever seen. He asked me if I wanted to feel it. Did I ever? I moved forward and took the boys prick into my hand a pretended to weigh it. It was hard and yet soft at the same time. The foreskin still covered the head, so I slid the skin back to expose the swollen top, it was a beautiful mushroom shape with pre cum seeping out of the slit at the end. My prick was so hard I nearly came there and then playing with George rubbing his pre cum around the head with my thumb. I remember seeing him at the top of the stairs and the though of easily taking him all in my mouth was now a different matter.
I asked him why he wanted to see my cock? He said that he had seen penises at school and when he saw his mothers boyfriends large erect penis it always made him hard and he had to masturbate after. He said he would not be able to approach his mothers boy friend to see if he was gay and he did not want to try the boys at school and hoped I was willing to help him?
I asked if anyone else had played with him like this? George said “No, that I was the first one but had been thinking about it for a couple of years now“
I asked him if he was enjoying me playing with him?
George said that it made him feel really good when I slid the skin up and down. I asked if he did the same to himself. He said yes often when watching me in the back garden, but it was so much better when I did it.
God it felt so good and I wondered if he would let me suck on it?
Just then George said It was time he went home as she had told his mum he would only be a few minutes but could he come over another day?
I released him, he pulled his shorts up and left. I immediately unloaded the biggest cum I had had for ages without even having to resort to the porn movie.


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