A continuation of part X. Parts X can be read as a stand-alone story. If you like the characters you can get to know them in the earlier chapters.
“Mom, we’re home!” were the words that broke through the clouds of her dream. She didn’t know where they came from and they didn’t make much sense to Jillian as she awoke in the arms of her friend Theresa. A soft fleece throw was covering most of their nakedness and keeping them warm.

Taking a quick assessment of things she realized that she was completely nude, as was Terry. They were on Terry’s family room sofa and she had a mild headache. Mixing margaritas with wine must be the cause of that, she surmised.

She looked up to find Terry’s daughter Missy meeting her gaze. “Oh, Hi Mrs. Campbell” Missy said very casually.

Upon noticing the condition of Mason’s mom and her mother, Missy’s eyes widened as she declared “you guys had SEX, didn’t you?”

“Oh, um, no dear, um . . . I was just tired and fell asleep.” Jill stammered and looked for any plausible explanation of their current state.

“Yes you did” Missy said with certainty “I can smell it on you guys.”

“Terry! Terry, get up!” Jill urged her friend for some escape from this predicament.

“Oh, hi Missy” Theresa said drowsily as she opened her eyes to look at her young daughter; home from school and standing in front of the site of their carnal pleasure. “I guess we dozed off dear. Did you get your homework done?”

“I just finished but Sam is still upstairs doing his math. I saw Mrs. Campbell’s car in the driveway and was wondering what was up, is everything ok?”

Jillian and Theresa had sat up at attention; Jill quickly clutched the fleece throw to herself to cover her exposed breasts. Theresa made no effort to hide herself from her daughter.

“You’ve got nice boobs, Mrs. Campbell” Missy continued. She quickly pulled off her top and popped open the front clasp of her bra. “Look at mine, Mrs. C! They’ve gotten a lot bigger since I’ve been having my period. Do you think they look good?”

Jillian’s initial shock of her friend’s daughter disrobing was quickly tempered by what Theresa had disclosed to her earlier. This pretty little pre-teen in front of her with outrageously perky A-cups had had sex on many occasions with her mom, and her sister, and perhaps her brothers!

“They look very nice, Missy” she responded as casually as she could. “You’re a very pretty young lady.”
“Can I see yours again? They look a lot different than my mom’s and sister’s, a bit more pointy.”

Theresa could only giggle at the questioning look Jill gave her and the voice in Jill’s head gave up and said ‘what the hell’. She eased the fleece throw down, a little slower than need be, and she felt her nipples harden as the edge ran across them.

“Cool!” Missy said as she reached out and grasped Jillian’s tits.

“Missy, where are your manners?” Terry teasingly scolded her daughter.

“I’m sorry” she said, but didn’t release her hold. “Is it ok if I play with your boobs, Mrs. C?”

It was a question Jillian never expected to hear from an 11-year old girl, whose touch was sending fresh thrills through her body. “Only if I get to play with yours” the awakening slut in her replied. She brought her hands up and began to fondle Missy’s adorable mounds of flesh, feeling her nipples turn into hard little marbles under her touch. Without thought she leaned forward and planted a light kiss on Missy’s lips, which Missy quickly turned into an open-mouthed attack on her senses.

Missy was wearing Capri pants with an elastic waistband, so she only had to remove her right hand to slip it inside them and push them down to her ankles; she had, of course, gone to school commando that day. When she wore her Capri’s she always pulled them up tight to produce an obvious camel-toe for any eyes that might care to look. She took Mrs. Campbell’s left hand from her right tit and slid it down her body, across her tuft of soft curly pubic hairs and into her waiting snatch, which was already moistened by the pleasures she was experiencing.

Jill found her fingers inside another vagina for the second time that day and the second time in her life. She continued to kiss Missy as she slipped her right hand behind her, down her back, and began kneading the firm flesh of her little ass. Missy responded by riding her left hand and pressing it further into herself.

“Well, I’m glad to see you guys are getting along so well” Theresa commented naughtily as she watched the erotic scene unfold. She put her right arm around Jill and began to roam over her body with her left hand. Squeezing her tits along with Missy and giving Jill a sensory experience like she’d never had, her fingers inside a young girl and two sets of hands fondling her. Jillian opened up her legs in invitation for one of them to take and they both accepted: Missy slipped two small fingers inside her and Terry began lightly tracing circles around her clit. “Oh holy fuck” she breathed in Missy’s ear, clutching her tighter. “I’m gonna cum Missy, how about you?”

“Um-hmm” Missy responded “then I’m gonna lick your pussy, Mrs. C.”

“Oh god, fuck, fuck, fuck”, the two hands on her pussy were just too much to take and she cried out as she was overcome with her orgasm. The spasms racked her body for a good 15 seconds and she could feel Missy doing the same on her fingers.

As she and Missy finally came down from their climax they broke their 3-way hug and Jillian slumped down on the sofa. Terry stood to give Missy space and the little girl picked up Jill’s left leg and put it up against the cushions and knelt down to put her face near her cunt.

“You weren’t kidding, were you Missy?”

“I would never kid about eating pussy Mrs. C, and yours looks fucking hot!” Jillian kept her bush a neatly-trimmed triangle for her boy Mason’s viewing pleasure. He even had watched her shaving it once, as she pretended not to notice. Her clit was a bit oversized and was fully erect from Terry’s manual stimulation and her inner lips had pushed open, glistening with her juice.

Missy leaned in and began her well-practiced art upon Jill, starting by licking and kissing the insides of her gorgeous thighs and working her way up to her vulva. Lightly and gently and teasingly and expertly. “Oh my god, you’re good at that Missy. God, that is so much better than that fuck of a husband ever did for me.” She lay back and fully gave in to the sexual ministrations of the 11-year old daughter of her good friend. This was an experience she couldn’t have foreseen, but now that she was in it, it enveloped her and she welcomed the embrace.

“She’s had lots of practice, Jill” Terry said softly to her as she knelt at her side and began caressing her breasts once more. “Are you ready to give it a try?”

“Fuck, yes” she breathed as she fell into a sexual dreamworld from the nether kisses of a child.

Terry put her right knee next to her head and leaned forward to support herself with her arms then began to lower herself onto her friend.

Another new sight for Jill further amplified her excitement. A gaping, very wet pussy inches from her face and coming down to her waiting mouth. She began by kissing it lightly and getting the taste of another woman for the first time ever. Her tongue then started to explore Terry’s lips as she tried to replicate what Missy was doing to her.

*** *** ***

This girl on girl on girl scene was what greeted Sam’s eyes as he came into the family room. His homework was done and he hoped to have a little playtime with Missy to relieve the afternoon boner which he got almost every day. He was a bit surprised to see Mason’s mom in the middle of his mom and sis but he had learned to take new sexual adventures in stride.

“That is sooooooo hot guys” he complimented.

“Let’s see that cock, big boy” Theresa commanded unnecessarily, as Sam was already working his pants off so that he could begin to stroke his fully hard erection.

“That’s my boy, stroke that cock” Terry the slut-mom urged him.

Jillian had fully surrendered, so the addition of Sam did not even faze her as she continued to learn her way around a pussy with her mouth and tongue. She pulled Theresa’s clit into her mouth and pressed her tongue against its base, eliciting a satisfied moan from her friend. Missy continued her master craft on her own cunt, bringing her close and then teasing her back down, riding waves of excitement without breaking the crest.

Sam didn’t last long watching this incredible show and leaned back in the chair he was sitting on while jism shot onto his chest and belly. “Fuck meeeeee” he beat his meat furiously to pump out the last of his load.

“You’re a natural at this Jill” Theresa complimented as she rode her face. “Fuck you make me feel so good, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuck. Suck my clit again, I’m gonna cum!”

Feeling Theresa approach and reach climax sent Jill into her own and she found herself holding Missy’s head against her crotch as she came with an intensity that made her earlier session with Terry look like child’s play. As she began to buck she pushed her face and tongue into Terry’s snatch as far as she could and wrapped her long, luscious legs around Missy to hold her tight.

Theresa collapsed forward and rolled off of her as she breathed in and out loudly. After 8 or 10 spasms Jill was forced to push Missy away from her cunt. “Oh my god. Fuck. Wow” were the only words she had to try to express her feelings. Missy was grinning at her, her angelic face shining with the coating of her pussy juice. ‘Wow’ she thought to herself, then spoke aloud “I didn’t expect anything like this when I woke up this morning!” The laughter was contagious and soon all four of them were enjoying the joke.

She sat up and kissed Missy affectionately on the lips, getting a taste and smell of her own sex now.

“That, young lady, was amazing, and I’ll have to return the favor later. Terry, did I bring my phone in?”

“Do you need to make a call? You can use mine.”

“I want to send a text to Mason and have him take the bus home with Jim, if that’s ok with you. I’m in no condition to drive right now. Would you mind if we stay for dinner?”

“Not at all, and . . . ?”

“Will Phil be here tonight or is he out of town?”

“He’ll be here, he’s been hoping that you’d join us for a movie night sometime soon.”

“So, you had planned on seducing me?”

“Guilty as charged. Are you upset?”

“Only that it didn’t happen sooner” she beamed a smile at Terry.

“So you’re ok?”

“OK? , , , I’m gonna fuck my boy tonight!”


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