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Escapades of a submissive lesbian slut
This is a work fiction, and should not be considered to be real life events.

Chapter 1

On all fours, shorts and panties laid discarded on the floor with her tank top, her heavy, 42dd breasts hanging loose over the cups of her bra... Her ass was pushed upwards, legs spread as an eager tongue lapped at her hairless engorged cunt.

She barked and whimpered encouragingly for the canine that was feasting on her. The young woman's skin was flushed with excitement and a bit of shame.

Finally she shifted her balance to one hand, pinching each of her nipples roughly before sliding her hand down between her legs. Her fingers found her clit, and she began rubbing with veracity, letting out breathy moans.

The tongue behind her stopped at the new movement, and the canine paused to sniff her fingers and gave a few more licks. But it didn't matter. She was seconds away from cumming, and the tongue would come back greedily to clean up her mess. Her rhythm changed, now humping her hand instead of the licking tongue. And she couldn't help the words that fell from her mouth as she gave her pussy a few hard smacks.

"Yesss... Fuck! I'm a filthy bitch! I love being a doggy slut! I'm a submissive pussy whore-"

She came hard, almost collapsing face first on the bathroom floor.

The woman rolled over, legs opened and let the animal finish with her swollen cunt.

Finally she moved to clean herself off. Her free time was almost up.

She had no idea how she had ended up in this position...



The woman, who will be referred to as Alexa, was 25 years old, and had an independent streak miles wide. No one would even consider that she would engage in such depraved behavior - much less that she did this willingly.

Never mind her other tendencies.

Alexa was 5'5, with blue-green eyes, and long hair that was naturally colored an amber gold shade. She had pale skin and a pretty face, and her large breasts were something she was quite proud of. They were heavy, and her nipples and aeroelas were a pale pink, but not saggy because of her youth. Her ass was round, but toned, like her thighs. Her legs were slightly muscled, but she was not without imperfections.

The woman had struggled with her weight her whole life, and was currently 177 pounds. And for unexplainable reason, her excess weight mostly found its way too her rounded belly, upper arms... and of course her breasts.

Her negative body image plagued her for years.

Until she had met several dominant women who had thoroughly enjoyed using her body.

As a young teen, and even earlier, she had found curious ways to masturbate or just make herself feel good. It didn't take much. Alexa was slowly coaxed to accept her role as a submissive slut.

And her current job as a full time nanny had a few... perks. Like the fact that she had two and a half hours of free time every afternoon when both children were at school, and a sixty pound dog that thoroughly enjoyed when Alexa had her legs opened.


Back in the living room of the house that was not her own, she retrieved her phone from the arm of the chaise lounge.

She had several text messages for the same sender, and they only spiked her excitement again.

'Hello my slut cow.'

'I bet you're letting yourself being used like a good bitch right now, aren't you?'

She texted back quickly, giving the appropriate answer.

'Mmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooooooooooooo! Yes, Mommy. I was being a good bitch.'

The response was immediate.

'Such a naughty girl. Take out your udders for Mommy. Show me those milkless cow tits.'

The woman lifted her shirt and pulled her breasts free from her bra once again and took a picture, sending it quickly.

'Mommy' was her mistress, and she liked when her pet was obedient.

'Such a good fat whore', Mommy texted back. 'I'm going to use those udders tonight.'

Alex whimpered, rocking in her chair. Her too-tight panties rubbing her horny pussy. 'Yes, please! Abuse my useless fat sacs, Mommy.'

'Good slut. Now take that bra off and don't put it back on.'

She groaned. The woman was going to soak through her panties before her day was done. Mommy knew letting her big tits bounce around under her shirt all day made her horny.

Alexa removed her bra, putting it in her bag, before sending a picture for confirmation.

Her phone rang.

"Feels better, doesn't it?" Mommy teased her. "Now pull those hard nipples and moo for Mommy."

The younger woman did as she asked, even though the windows were open in the living room, and she had a good view of the neighborhood from her seat.

Mommy moaned. "Good cow. Now, no more cumming today. That fat pussy is mine. Take your shorts off and show me those little girl panties you're wearing for Mommy. And then show me that wet cunt before you get dressed." Then she hung up.

Alexa stood up quickly, shirt still around her neck, and pulled her shorts off, and sat in the chair with her legs spread. She took several photos before removing her white panties, bending over to take a view from the back before sitting back down and spreading her lower lips open to show her soaking cunt. She sent her pictures as she redressed.

'Mmmm such a wet bitch. Good girl. I'll see you tonight.'

Alexa whimpered in excitement. She was ecstatic that she didn't work the next day. 'Thank you, Mommy.'

She glanced at the clock. Eight more hours.

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