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Cousins needing each other
I was struggling to find a job some years ago and was still living with my parents at the time, I was 25 and I really wanted to get out of there.
Life was hard at home and I was getting to a place where life didn't matter anymore, still a virgin at 25 is hard to cope with and I didn't even had a girlfriend at the time.

One day my parents asked me if I wanted to go with them to my cousin's place, he is way older than I am and he had a daughter that just turned eighteen two weeks before.

I used to hang out with her back in the day but I haven't seen her in about ten years.

So I decided to go, since I had nothing better to do on a Saturday night.
Yeah, I was that pathetic.

So, we arrived at my cousin's place a little bit past seven PM.
They all went upstairs and I was about to do the same when my cousin peeked out of her bedroom.

"Hey Jason"
She almost screamed with enthusiasm.

I turned around and saw her standing there, in a tight blue shirt and tight jeans, her long brown hair caressing her lean back.

She couldn't be more then five foot three inches tall and must've weighted a hundred and fifteen pounds soaking wet, a tiny little thing she was, with big brown eyes.

My heart started to pound in my chest as I never saw such a beautiful young woman in my life.

"Hey Myriam, long time no see."
I smiled, a bit shyly.

She came to me and gave me a huge hug and looked up at me with those beautiful eyes.

"I haven't seen you in ages, how've you been?"

"I've been OK I guess, still stuck in my parents house."

I laughed.

She then asked me if I still played video games and I answered that I did, so we went in her bedroom, sat on her bed and played some games for a while.

After about twenty minutes of playing she paused the game and looked at me, I could tell she had something on her mind and it was serious.

"Can I tell you something Jason?"

"Of course, you can tell me anything, I mean, that's what we used to do back in the day, right?"

I gave her a heart warming smile, it seemed to help with her nerves and she calmed down a bit.

"I..... I never kissed a guy before."

I looked at her in shock for two reasons, one, why in the hell would she tell me this in the first place, and two, I had a hard time to believe it, I mean, I know she's my cousin and all, well, my cousin's daughter but, she's pretty freaking hot.

"OK, why are you telling me this?"


She paused then, looking at her feet on the bed.

"Could I.... like... kiss you?"

I thought I was in shock before, yeah well, it was nothing compared to what I felt then.

I got an immediate erection to the thought of kissing her, I knew it was wrong when I first saw her, but the thought of incest completely went out of my logical part of my brain and I said...

"Well, I don't have much experience myself to be honest Myriam"

"I don't believe that, you have long brown hair, beautiful green eyes, you're tall and strong, come on, any women would be lucky to have you."

"You like the rocker type huh?"

I started to laugh and she joined me heartily.

She again tried to hide a smile but I saw it fast, like if I was on the hunt for them, like I desperately wanted to see signs.

"Well, what do you say?"

"OK, but don't tell anyone, or we'll be in major trouble."


She leaned in and kissed me on the mouth, for what seemed to be an eternity but short at the same time, just too damn short.
She leaned back and then she asked me...

"How was it?"

"It was OK but I was looking for something a little bit more like that..."

I put my right hand on her left cheek and leaned in, closing my eyes and passionately kissed her on the mouth, for what seems now minutes on end, when it was over, my little friend down south was dancing on its own, making my underwear wet.

"So, was that better Myriam?"

She just sat there, eyes closed for a second, then she finally opened her eyes slowly.

"God yes, that was the best thing ever Jason."

"I know, you're a great kisser, actually, you're the best I ever had."

She blushed at that and then went on to ask me something else.

"Do you want to... do more?"

"Like what?"

"I don't know... French kissing?"

Again with the being shocked, but it was going too far.

"I don't know Myriam..."

"Oh please.
I mean, we're cousins, it's not the end of the world"

I wanted to tell her that incest was illegal and that it was seen as something disgustingly wrong, but I was just too damn horny to say so.

"Well, I guess it can't hurt to try."

The truth was, I never French kissed anyone before, and I was just too excited to say no to her.

So we leaned in a third time and kissed again, this time, I introduced my tongue inside her mouth, rolling it around hers in a passionate frenzy, there was just a little problem though, my penis started to hurt in my pants, it was rock hard and needed some fresh air to breathe a little.
After rolling my tongue inside her warm, inviting mouth, I tried to pull away from her but she just followed me, until I almost fell off the bed.
I put a leg on the floor and got up, her getting up as well on the bed and I finally pulled away from her.

"Was I... was I not good?"

"No it's the opposite Mimi"

I used to call her Mimi way back then.

"What do you..."

She looked at my crotch and saw the bulge in my jeans, it was obvious for anyone to see.

"Did I do that?"

I was waiting for some kind of giggle, but it never came, she was genuinely asking.
For an eighteen years old she sure didn't know much about men.

"Well, yeah."

I laughed, a little bit at her to be honest, not knowing that French kissing will bring a twenty five year old virgin man to an erection was funny to me.
That's when she said the thing that almost made me faint.

"Can I see?"

Holy crap in a hat.
She wanted to see my dick.
I just stood there, next to her bed while she was still standing on it and I just froze, like hysterical deafness slapped me in the face or something.


"Well, does it hurts?"

"Yeah, it really does, that's why I pulled away from you, I wanted to sneak in the bathroom upstairs and you know..."

"Jack off?"

"Yeah, exactly."

The whole time she was talking to me she just couldn't stop looking at my crotch, I even caught her biting her lower lip at one point.

"Well, what if someone comes downstairs?"

"Don't worry, I locked the door behind us when we got in my room."

"OK, but you better shut up about that, that means you don't tell my parents, or yours, or even friends OK?"


I undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and lowered the zipper, pulled down my pants and took them off.
I took off my socks and I was left in my "Megadeth" t-shirt and my black underwear.

"It... it looks big."

"Nah, just six inches and a half."

"Well shit, that's fucking big to me."

It was the first time I ever heard my cousin curse, and to think it was about my dick, just turned me on enough to sum up all the courage in me and to take off my shirt and underwear.
Being naked for the first time in my life in front of a woman, who was my cousin no less, well the excitement of doing something wrong, of the fact that I was naked for a girl for the first time and that girl was my own flesh and blood cousin just sent me to another place, a place I never went to again with just your run-of-the-mill woman.

She just stared at it for a long period of time and then asked...

"Do you want to see my pussy?"

Again with the shock, but I shook out of it pretty fast let me tell you my brothers and sisters and came with the obvious answer."

"Yeah, I want to see everything, you're so sexy."

She smiled at me and took her clothes off fast, messing her hair up in the process but placing every bit of it in its place once she was done.
Oh my God she was fucking sexy as hell, tight little body, good little c-cups on her, which looked huge on a tiny little body like hers, and a tight little ass that went with it.
She sat down and spread her legs for me, showing me her tight little shaved pussy.

"Oh my fucking God"
I exclaimed.
I caught myself slightly masturbating looking at her, and she was doing the same.
My first thought was to ask her if she wanted to masturbate with me, watching each other play with our own selves until we'd reach orgasm, but I said to myself that I might have a shot with her and I didn't want to pass on that opportunity.

"Want to try other things Myriam?"


She leaned in and put a hand on my penis, which was already soaking wet from pre-cum.
She licked the tip of it tasting it.

"What does it tastes like?"

"I don"t know, it"s salty."

"Can you take it deeper?"

Like that?"

She shoved half of my thick dick in her mouth, sucking it slowly, and thank God for that, while playing with her little clit.

"Mmmm fuck Myriam."

"Am I doing good Jason?"

"Fuck yeah, it feels so fucking good."

She kept sucking my dick like it was the first and last time she'd get to suck one.
Going back and forth slowly on it, making me want to cum with every back and forth motions.

After about 5 minutes of the first blow job of our lives, I slowly pulled out of her and grabbed her underneath her arms and raised her up, and slowly laid her on her bed.
I started kissing her again while rubbing her little virgin pussy, it was so wet and warm down there, and I was not even in her.
I went on kissing her neck, then sucking on her earlobe, I have found her weak spot as she came all over my hand.
I raised my hand to lick the "cum" off my hand but she grabbed it, smiling at me, and reached up licking it herself.
I joined her and we both started licking my hand, which turned into a big French kissing afterwards, her jacking me off and me rubbing on her clit at the same time.

Again I was about to cum when I pushed her down on her back and resumed exploring her body.
I then started to play with her breasts, squeezing them at first, then went on and sucked on them hard.

"Oh God."
She whispered.

"don't stop Jason, that feels so good."

I started to run my tongue on her nipples while I had them in my mouth, sucking as hard as I could.

"God I'm gonna cum again."

I haven't even noticed she was playing with herself while I was sucking on her plump, soft titties and she came again, but before she did, she grabbed me by my long hair and pulled me up to kiss her, so she could hide the scream that she was about to let out.
Immediately after, I went down and shoved my tongue in her little tight pussy, juices still flowing down and onto my tongue, enough to go down my throat and making me gag a little.

"Aaaaaah, Oh my GOD!"
She said, almost screaming.

I looked up at her making her understand that screaming right now was the worst thing she could do.

"Shove your fingers in me."



"No, the first thing that's gonna get in you is this..."

I got on my knees and slapped her clit with my cock, she immediately grabbed her sheets and held them tight as I introduced my wet hard snake in her tight wet cave.
I almost came right there, and I could tell that she almost did as well, but we just stood there for a while, not moving, trying to relax a bit before going any further.

"Fuck me Jason, please, I want you to be my first, I always wanted you to be my first."

"Fuck yeah Myriam."

I started then the good ol' back and forth motions, but that shit felt a whole lot better than I thought it would and had to stop again.

"Please, fuck me, fuck me now."

I said to myself
"fuck it, if it lasts 2 seconds it lasts 2 seconds"
and started pounding her.
Her pussy was so tight that the lips moved in and out with each thrust.
That's when I grabbed her legs tight and started pounding her, thinking about hockey, naming players, their numbers and positions in my head trying not to cum.
Little trick I picked up when I wanted to jack off for long periods of time at home, and yeah it worked, but jacking off and fucking for the first time were like apples and oranges.
That's when she came all over my cock.

I pulled out and grabbed her by the hair carefully and made her blow me, she almost didn't had any energy left and blew me slowly.

"Mmmm you taste so good Myriam, don't you agree?"

"Mmm the taste of my cum and your cock and pre-cum is the fucking best."

I kissed her, shoving my tongue in her mouth to see what she was talking about, and she was right, it tasted like a piece of Heaven.

I pushed her down on her back and I started fingering her with two fingers, making her cum yet again, but I didn't stop then.

I had read in a book how to get to a woman's G-Spot and decided it was the best time to try it out.

With my right hand I pushed down, where her bladder is, and with my fingers inside her, I went up and touched something in her that felt like a little bean, I couldn't believe I found it, and it was easy, what is it about the mystery of the G-Spot?
I've found it in like 10 seconds...

I started rubbing against it hard and fast, that's when she just grabbed her pillow and shoved it on her face, screaming at the top of her lungs and came yet again, but this time, exploding everywhere.

I didn't know back then that some women can ejaculate multiple times while having sex and I just couldn't believe my eyes at all the "cum" she let out thus far.

I went down and drank the best I could greedily.

"OK, get on your hands and knees baby."

I stopped and realized I just called my cousin "baby".
So preoccupied by it that I didn't even noticed that the only movement she was doing was some labored breathing, her chest going up and down.

Still alive?"
I laughed.

"I can't... I can't go on."

"I haven't came yet.
You have to make me cum.
God please!"

"OK, I'll try.
What do you want me to do?"

"Get on your hand and knees."

She did but facing me, blowing me a bit once more.

I let her do that for about a minute and then I stopped her, pulling out.

"Turn around."

"No... Please Jason I'm sore."

"Just a little bit OK?
I'll let myself go, the second I get inside you I almost came right away, it won"t take long OK?"

"Mmmm I think I can go for a little while longer."

She smiled at me and gave me a little kiss on the mouth and turned around.
She put her hands next to her pussy and spread that little hole of hers, mixed with a little bit of girly juices and a tiny little bit of blood.
I reached forward and grabbed her tight, then let go with my left hand and grabbed my wanting tool and slowly placed it where it belonged, in her.

I went all the way in and then grabbed her tight.

"you're ready?
I'll go as hard and as fast as I can so I can cum quick OK?"

"OK, just, make it fast, your parents usually don't stay very long and I'm exhausted."

"OK baby."

Again with the baby, but this time I couldn't had cared less as I started to pound her as fast and as hard as I could, listening to the sound of my body smacking against her ass, which gave me an idea.
I spanked her hard on her ass which made her yelp.

"Spank me again... Spank me again!"
She screamed, and I did, hard, on both cheeks of her naked young perfect round bubbly ass.

I then heard my parents laughing upstairs, good thing the walls were thick in this house.

I kept fucking the shit out of her for a good three minutes and then I couldn't keep it inside anymore.

"Myriam turn around, quick!"

She mustered all the strength left in her and turned around, blowing me again, but only ten seconds later I grabbed my cock and started jacking off.

"Cum on my face, no, in my mouth, I want to taste it."

And so I did, and I came like a horse, well, maybe not, but still came like I never came before.
It felt like my cock would explode, and I came all over her face and in her mouth, so much so that she gagged and coughed but still stood there waiting for more cum.

"Mmmmmmmmm fuck Myriam!"

She swallowed all of it, and she even grabbed my cock, rubbed it against the part of her face with cum on it and sucked it off my cock.

"do you like the taste?"

"Not really, but it turns me on."

We then fell on our back, laying next to each other, breathing rapidly, and we turned our heads and kissed passionately.
She looked at me and said...

"You know, when I heard you were coming over, the first thing I thought was "I need to get a taste of his cock" Never thought we would've went that far tho."

"I never thought I'd be fucking my own cousin period."

"do you... do you regret it?"

I just smiled at her and said...

"Not one bit, and um, if you want to do it again, well, hey, I don't have a job and I'm home most of the time so..."

She snuggled with me and put her head on my chest.

"If you weren't my cousin I'd date you, you know?"

"Well, we don't have to tell anyone you know, if you want to of course."

After that she took an old shirt that she didn't use anymore and we cleaned ourselves the best we could with it, got dressed, went to the bathroom one after another and went back in her bedroom and snuggled for the rest of the night.
Ever since that night, Myriam and I have been dating and having sex almost on a daily basis, as she lives with us during Summer, and no one knows anything about it.

It's our little secret.

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2013-11-21 10:38:47
Hot....liked everything but him pulling out and cumming in her face. That's sooo overdone in videos. Much prefer a cream pie!
I rate a 6 out of 10. Could be better but a fun read....

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2013-10-26 17:26:42
lmrhOv This is one awesome article.Thanks Again. Really Great.

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Too much pushing/bossing her around, 'grabbed her hair and made her blow me' just spoiled it

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2013-10-13 12:55:18
Even i lost my virginity to my cousin at 17...:-P

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I'm a virgin so who cares if you're a virgin. Nothing to be ashamed of. But seriously if I wanted to chuck someone I'd prefer if it's not a relative.

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