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Authors note: sorry about the long time length between chapters I've been getting distracted with school work and anime. As I've said before this story contains themes some may not like such as young, incest, mind control and possibly bestiality down the road. Thank you and enjoy. P.S.I know the characters didn’t really show emotion in the last chapter but I did that on purpose because how else are you supposed to act in a room full of mind controlled women I mean its not like your gonna start hitting on them or something cause there already controlled.
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Chapter 9

I sat on the couch awaiting a response from Luca to whether she would live here or not.

“ yes I'll live here”

“really?! No thinking about it before hand or anything like that?” I said honestly surprised not expecting the answer so quickly.

“no I don’t need more time I already knew this would happen remember so I already had time to think about it.”

“yeah but what about your parents wont they worry about you?”

“no my parents are dead.” she said with such an emotionless tone that it honestly scared me.

“forgive me for asking but what happened to them and are you living with some one?”

Her eyes flashed to an obviously angry look, I swear if looks could kill. Her eyes flashed back to their normal emotionless look. “my father would constantly beat my mother, he would beat her until she passed out from the pain or she just look so pitiful that he didn't enjoy it anymore. One day m mother couldn't take it and she stabbed my father to death while he was sleeping, but afterwords my mother couldn't handle the stress of raising me on her own and took her own life. I don’t live with anybody I live all by myself.”

I stood there for a second listening to her story taking it in “you know you didn't have to tell me right?”

“ I know but I thought it might help you trust me.”

“I see, well anyways how are you making money to live by yourself?”

“oh that’s easy I always buy the winning lottery tickets”

“ you wha-?”

“i can see the future so I can see what ticket will win and which one will not so I always buy the ticket that wins”

“but your not 18 how do you buy a ticket”

“ originally I had a homeless man buy them for me and then I gave him part of my winnings so now he's not so homeless anymore but he still helps me buy them and in return I give him my winnings”

I was starting to become less and less surprised every time she opened her mouth because every time she did she would tell me these amazing things.

“so how much money have you made if you don’t mind me asking?”

“not at all I’ve made around 677 million dollars” she said with her never changing strait face”

“677 million!!” I shouted in surprise.

“yes that’s correct”

this conversation went on for a while we discussed her moving arrangements and what room she would be staying in but then we realized all the rooms in the house were already full.

“then we should just by a new house”

“Wha? A new house!”

“yes a new house, there will be even more people coming to live with you in the future so I recommend buying a new house”

“only you could say something like that. By the way are you ever going to tell me what you see for the future?”

“no. I can't do that telling anybody about the future could change it drastically, but I can show it to you”

“show it to me? How?”

“just like when you learn powers a simple kiss should do the trick”

“sweet does that mean I’m gonna get the ability to see the future?”

“no you can only see the future when your kissing me”

“oh I see.” I felt a little upset at this but I was still raring to go and see the future.

I scooted up close to Luca and we looked at each other she closed her eyes and I followed suit. Our lips pressed together lightly then I remembered that this was actually her first kiss. Suddenly there was a flash! Even though my eyes were closed I could see and it soon became obvious to me that I was seeing the future. I saw buildings collapse with the rubble raining down like meteorites onto unsuspecting citizens, I saw fire everywhere burning parks, schools, houses, shops, but last and not least I saw me standing there with the man who claimed to be my father surrounded by the bodies of my friends in a pile around us.

We pulled apart both gasping for air unable to move out of shock.

“What.. was t-that?” I gasped

“ I don't know I've never seen that before the future has somehow changed!” she said to me in a shocked expression.

“t-that was … me?!”

“we don't know what that was but you can't tell anybody what you saw you don't want the future getting even worse now do you?”

“no I don't but can it really get worse than that?”

“Trust me it can always can get worse”

just then my phone began to ring, when I checked who was calling it came up as Kara so of course I answered it right away.

“Hello Kara?”

“Hey Alex! How you been doing? Sorry I didn't show up at school today there was a family event going on, I miss anything?” she said with a cheerfully peppy tone. I could almost hear her bouncing with energy on the other end.

“Oh no your fine you didn't miss much only real big change is Mrs. Browns died and we got a sub in her place”

“wait seriously?! Thank god! I mean.. that sounded mean didn't it? Its just I was supposed to have her for 1st period and you knew what people said about her.”

“hey hey no need to explain to me trust me I kinda had the same reaction maybe even stronger because we got a pretty sweet sub”

“oh whats the sub like?”

“uh, well... she's hot”

“uh huh I see, perv” she tried staying quite to give off a tone of being upset but failed when she began to giggle.

“hey your not one to talk! You practically jumped me that time at the mall haha”

“hey! That was your fault I wouldn't have been that horny if you didn't spit on me by accident and besides how come y- you never called for a second go a round?” she said the last part almost inaudibly.

“ w-well I didn't really know what to say if I were to call you” I said shyly

“ a simply hi would have been nice” she said jokingly trying to change the mood.

“ hi” I said

“hi” she responded back

“... so I was wondering would you like to maybe go see a movie or something? W-with me of course.”

she lightly giggled and responded “I would love to”

“is Saturday all right with you?”

“of course”

“great! I'll text you with the times”

“Alright see ya soon” she said as she hung up the phone.

The week didn't go by fast enough during school me and Kara hung out with each other and our group of friends just hanging out like normal friends would nothing else really interesting happened though I continued messing with Mrs. Sharron. Oh! Kara’s reaction when she saw Mrs. Sharron was great I believe her exact words were.

“damn shes hot I swear if I had a dick of my own I would screw the hell out of her!”

Kara's the kind of person who doesn't care what people think of her she just acts how she wants shes crude, energetic, and these features just make me like her more and more. Anyways back to the weekend. We planned to meet up at 8:05 for the movie is was some sappy romantic movie that I knew I wouldn't really care about but probably something Kara would love.

It started snowing just the day before but even so it created a nice few feet of snow our town always began snowing in September. She showed up a few minutes late but I quickly excused it after seeing what she was wearing. Kara wore a white button up shirt with a pink and black striped tie on as well that was tucked into a plaid skirt with a jacket lightly tossed over her shoulders, I swear she could look good in a potato sack.

“Hey sorry I’m late I couldn't decide what to wear and I just ended up with this on”

“no no your fine and you look beautiful”

she blushed a shade of crimson grabbed my hand pulling me along towards the theater.

“come on lets go Casanova”

I paid for both of our tickets like any good gentleman should and I was right the movie was sappy but it was actually pretty interesting. There were a few sad scenes nothing to much though but when I looked over at Kara she was bawling her eyes out. I saw my chance and stretched my arm around her and rested it on her shoulder. She looked at me for a second and then smiled and said.

“Thanks for being such a great friend I hope we stay friends forever” all said with out breaking her smile.

My mind froze at that moment “did I just get friend zoned?” I thought to myself. The rest of the night went by in a dull slow movement but at the same time it flashed by as well. Her dad picked her up and we went our separate ways. I drove down the road for a few minutes only to pull over at a clearing to vent my frustrations.

I slammed my car door as I stepped out into the cold snow letting out a guttural almost primal growl from deep inside. With out me realizing it the snow around me began to melt. My power surged around me in my rage, I swung my fist at really nothing but I sent shock waves out from each swing carving paths all over the snow. I then smashed my fist into the ground or at least the snow about ankle high sending all the snow around me to burst away.


“she never saw me as nothing more than just a friend damn it. It was only me who wanted more I wanted to be so much more than friends I wanted to go on dates, snuggle up on the couch when at home, give each other light pecks at random moments, and hold on to each other as if we would float away if we let go.” all these thoughts rushed through my head and being a hormonal teenager definitely didn't help my mood.

“Aww look now he cries like little baby”

I quickly whipped my head towards the voice. To my surprise the voices owner is the white Russian!

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT!?!” I yelled not in the mood to deal with him.

“its not what I want its what you need and right now you need to fight me and you'll see what it is”

“Cant you see I’m busy so would you kindly go fuck yourself!” I said staring at him in deep anger.

“Aww is the little baby so upset cause he got his heart broke by some whore, that was funniest thing ever “i hope we stay friends forever” he said in mock imitation.

Simply enough to say him calling Kara a whore snapped something in my head, not to even mention the fact that he overheard the conversation itself. In an instant I had my hand wrapped tightly around his throat and continuing to tighten it was safe to say I was trying to break his spine by choking him.

His knee came up and hit me square in the jaw knocking me back causing me to let go. He took advantage of me trying to resettle my self and transformed himself strait away into his real shape. He lunged directly at me digging his fangs straight into the arm I used to block his lunge. In my enraged state I didn't really care to much about the pain and used my other arm to grab the fur from his head and pulled his fangs out I proceeded to beat him over and over while pulling his fur to make sure he didn't go running away.

“I’m different from the fight three months ago. one I've learned a shit ton more skills and two I'm extremely pissed off, and you know what I’m gonna use my new power for I'm gonna use it to rip your skull out of your ass and then beat you with it.”

“Haha just like I thought your perfect, definitely a fighter” he said in a weak raspy voice.

Suddenly I felt sick to my stomach and fell to my knees. It felt as though I was throw up from every orifice in my body. I fell to my knees the sickness pulsing through me. I looked at my arms barely holding me up in front of me and noticed little black spots growing out of my skin stretching and pulling turning into individual wires from every pore in my body I felt the wires full from my faces as well. I soon realized though that it wasn't wires that were growing it was hair I didn't understand why hair was growing from all over but before I could even put much thought into it I felt an intense burning in my hands as my fingernails elongated, stretching further and further from their original length until they resemble claws.

“W-whats happening to me what did you do!?”

“Nothing bad boy in fact in your case I say it very good situation”

“Good? how is this good? Whatever this is at least?

“You still haven't realized it yet boy? I've turned you into a werewolf of course one of the best fighters you could ask for”


“Ah where to begin” he morphed himself back to his human form and began scratching at his chin.

“we'll for starters I was kicked out of my organization for failing to kill you and now there chasing after me so that they may terminate their contract”

“B-but why would that cause you to do this to me?”

“Boy don't you get it terminating my contract means their going to kill me and Nikolai isn't ready to die just yet. But then it hit me The boy! You of course if I could teach you how to fight then maybe just maybe I could have a chance at living but I needed a sign of trust so I thought what would a creator be looking for and of course new powers, and so here we are my powers now source through your vains and it also comes with an added side affect to.”

“side affect?”

“Its called alpha wolf since I created you or should I say made you into a werewolf you are now unable to kill me hahaha”

“you son of a bitch what makes you think I want you to train me?”

“Trust me boy when the time comes you'll thank me for the training. Now then lets shut that off for now at least” he snapped his fingers and suddenly all the fur and my nails recede back into their original shape.

I get back on my feet and begin to walk away to my car.

“Boy where are you going?”

“fuck you! I'm going home that's where and by the way I don't need your damn training so fuck off”

“Boy three days from now at 5 I’ll be waiting here again I know by then you'll have some incentive to ask for my help”

“whatever” I walked away to my car placing his warning far from my thoughts. On the drive home my brain was a scramble of thoughts focusing on all the events around me but the main thought was my emotions how did they get so out of hand? I was never a person to get so angry so quickly I thought about this a lot on the drive home.

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