Fantasies meet Reality and become One
(The students at my daughter’s primary school offered more than smiles for their ‘Happy Daddy Project’. With my daughter included, I was the ‘Project’….if it helps you: they have been the dominating group in this Fantasy….
I had begun fantasizing as a substitute for real sex; no names, no faces, but they were all young - well, girls….just fantasies….

The Opening
[From Ch. 1 - “Daddy, stop it; stop pretending with us!” The strength in her voice stopped me abruptly and I faced her, my own daughter about to launch into a speech, I could see.
“You confessed to me we all turn you on, because we are all young right? You told Lindy and April you don’t have sex, but do like sex; I know you don’t have any, don’t ever go out with another woman to have any sex, don’t really have a wife, and me not really a mother. You have spent almost every minute since we came from school with a hard prick in your shorts, we have all felt it – and do you know how many times you have changed shorts just in a few hours Daddy? You need something in your life, Daddy, and we all agreed we would try and give you a special night and day with us. We know what we are doing – we have some DVDs which have shown us all what a Man likes; so just give in and let us get on with our project ‘Happy Daddy’, ok?”]

[From Ch. 2 - Now, this following morning, I have lived some of those fantasies with very young women, girls, who now had faces and names and bodies spread out around me….including my very own daughter….

“Sam, before you go, there is one more thing; you are my daughter and I love you, and now you are my lover and I love you like that – understand?” She nodded, “But, you and your friends are so young…. I do not want to be playing with your emotions, with anyone’s hearts, Lindy’s in particular and Lisa’s next...."

Part 1

“Can we go back upstairs now” she asked huskily; I nodded, tightening my grip on her breasts, my mouth and tongue gouging into hers and my cock pulsing non-stop in its fight to get out and do what it does best again: fuck a female who wanted me to….
But this female was Ting, 13y.o. living in an apartment across and down the hall from my own. Perhaps I had seen her for years past; I would have smiled as I am a friendly person, but I couldn’t recall actually seeing her until 2 days ago, during the weekend when my fantasies with younger women/girls had become my real new life.
Ting was now out of my newest fantasy, of her and 2 other 10-11y.o who also lived in apartments on the same floor, and here in the swimming pool she was a new Reality.
It was Monday when her teachers were at meetings and she was home alone, bored, and I was alone also and the pool was deserted, and she had become a must-have drug to me in just a short time.
Her large breasts were encased in my hands; her groin was pushing against mine, against the straining cock threatening to break free of my costumes, and our mouths joined until she asked to return upstairs.

I climbed out and pulled her up beside me, the water cascading from her long black hair, down over her protruding nipples, flat abdomen and coalescing in the ‘V’ of her thighs where my eyes found a few wisps of hair escaping from the sides of her costumes; then her legs began and they needed a panoramic pair of eyes to capture their magnificence within a single frame: they seemed that long!

In the elevator, she pushed close into my side; I had a momentary flash of “Oh, Ming will be there….” Until I remembered our housekeeper had asked for today off to visit her sick sister somewhere.
Actually that was good; now I could wash the sheets from my bed and Sam’s – they had been well-used and well wetted over the weekend by multiple bodies using them!
At our floor, Ting said she would go home for a quick shower and change and – “can I come back then, Mr Steve?” I hugged her and said “anytime Ting”.

I didn’t shower yet; I did put on the first load of sheets to wash, stripped my costumes off and put on house shorts and glanced at my laptop as I passed back on the way through the kitchen to make sure the washing water level was set sufficiently high.
There was a Skype invitation to view the caller; since only Ting had set herself up on it earlier that morning – I personally never using it - it had to be her.
I refreshed the screen and found her perfect smile beaming at me from her perfect face; “Hi Mr Steve, are you busy?” I was about to press keys to answer, never having used voice-to-voice, and she laughed “Just talk normally - our speakers will do the rest, Mr Steve.”
“I was just putting washing on; our housekeeper is away today and I wanted to change all the sheets.” There: my first-ever voice message on computer; I was rather chuffed about myself! Yes, right – without Ting setting it up, I would remain a dinosaur….

“Can you help me Mr Steve, please?”
“Sure Ting, what’s up?”
“I can’t decide which to wear and need your opinion” her voice faded a little in volume as I watched her image changing; she was standing and stepping away from her screen: she was naked and holding a bra and panty set in each hand up to her shoulder height. “Do you like the right one…” she slightly turned her body to the right, giving her left breast prominence, “…or the left one?” She reversed her turn to put her right breast into HD centre screen, and my hand went to my shorts to uncurl a painfully erecting cock and allow it to straighten.

I hadn’t even noticed the bras – the supposed point of her display; “I love them both, young Miss Ting; they are a beautiful set on you.”
“I can’t decide which looks better…. oh bother, I won’t wear any! Thanks for your help, Mr Steve; you made me decide; see you later, or soon….”
She clicked something and her image disappeared from the screen, but not from my brain: she was now indelibly imprinted there, naked, magnificent – and not needing to wear a bra or panties in my opinion.

I was becoming a mess; I took a beer and sat out on the balcony to take stock of how my life had changed in a mere 3 days….not only had I played around with my daughter and her 4 friends from Friday afternoon through Sunday, but I had fucked all of them to orgasms, 4 of them to my own ejaculating climax, with only Lindy yet to feel that final essential ingredient; I had finally allowed myself to cum inside April’s 10y.o. cunt yesterday, sitting in the shallow water at the beach with her sitting on my groin and earlier in the morning had broken through my daughter’s hymen and had the most sensuous fuck of the whole weekend.
I had also given my repentant wife a first fuck for a very long time, pounding her thanks to the renewed working cock the young girls had endowed me with, bringing her off to exhaustion and letting her know this was the last time.
Now I was having video chats with a 13y.o. naked beauty asking me for advice on which bra and panties to wear, while I could only think of having sex with her sometime today!
My cock told me: ‘this is how it is, accept it stupid: you are a perverted, incestuous old man, making it with kids almost 40 years younger. But no-one is forced, no-one is hurt – yet – and everyone says it has been great! So get on with Life as you now know it and stop moaning as if you aren’t enjoying it too!’

My cock was an independent, straight-talking prick – but in this instance it’s waving and pulsing around as if talking to me seemed to bring sense to my senses; I shrugged my shoulders and thought again of Ting.

Beer finished as the washing played its musical ending, so I hung out that load and put on the big duvet from my bed, realising of course that now I had stripped the sheets off, I would also have to make the beds again – a flash vision came to mind: Sam helping me make the beds after she came home from school and making love with her, probably before the sheet was even tucked in….god, get your mind off sex!

My cock hadn’t wilted when a knock came at the door and I walked over slowly, willing my cock to stop oozing pre-cum and to droop down in my shorts.
“Can I come over for lunch, Mr Steve, if that’s ok?” I held the door open for Ting, partially hiding myself behind it – what was that about getting my mind off sex: it had just walked in the door, covered by a short skirt barely covering her bum and a midriff top barely covering her breasts: I could only groan when wondering which bra and panties she had chosen….

She went to the sofa and when I turned around I had half my answer there was definitely no bra containing those breasts with nipples protruding through her top’s material as if it had turned freezing cold. Oh my, were there panties under her skirt?
My cock strained, wanting to seek the answer immediately and I knew I had to get a pair of steel underpants if I was to appear an innocent, unexcited old man in front of my sexually beguiling, absolutely gorgeous young guest. I tried to sidle past her vision, mumbled ‘back in a second’ and went to my bedroom for briefs and a change of shorts.

When I returned she was lounging on the sofa, one leg tucked up under her, her skirt seeming to have shrunk in the minute I was absent and now barely covering – well, anything and everything there might be under it. I felt faint again and sat in the sofa chair at angles to her and took several deep breaths to get the blood back to my brain.
Recovered, I asked what she would like to eat.
She languidly uncurled herself and stood, walking over to me and sitting down on the floor, opening my knees and kneeling up between my legs, perilously close….she put her hands on the waistband of my shorts and motioned with a tug to make it easier for her to get at “just a snack for now would be lovely, Mr Steve” and my hips rose of their own accord and my newly dressed body became naked within moments, my cock almost whooshing up into the freedom finally allowed it.

It was soon recaptured by her small hands and with her black piercing eyes looking up at my widened brown ones, she tongued the head and slowly fed herself with her ‘snack’.
Agonizingly slowly, she swallowed me centimetre by centimetre, never taking her eyes off mine; my cock was pulsing in her fingers, now inside her mouth, now inside her throat as she never paused for a second; I could not be her first cock to be swallowed, it wasn’t possible; another Lolita living by me, and I wasn’t complaining: if she enjoyed sex, oral or more, who was I to judge – desire is desire, hers and mine.

In her position, her breasts were rubbing my legs and knees; I dearly wanted them in my hands, in my mouth, but I couldn’t really reach without interfering with her snacking on my cock, so I chose to let her have most of the enjoyment for now, sure there would be my time eventually.
Her mouth was wonderfully shaped around the girth of my cock, her cheeks puffing out as she stuffed me right in; it was another erotic experience for me – just being a bystander while a young woman sucked my body like (sorry Sam and girls) no other had done.
“Ah, did you want a drink with that snack, something creamy perhaps, nong Ting?”

She didn’t remove my cock to speak; her eyes sparkled and she bobbed her mouth up and down once, and sucked on the head more while her tongue could lick the underside; but she brought her hands to my balls and fondled one in each hand, feeling their engorged state as if calculating how many seconds or minutes she had….
In fact, it was only seconds as the now newly-familiar burning and churning began in earnest in those same balls and her hand followed the semen as it began pumping up my cock and her mouth was waiting as the head expanded and exploded the first gulp of that ‘drink’ into her throat, then a second; she quickly pulled my cock’s shaft back some and received the next globs in her mouth, on her tongue and the final dribbles she wiped around her lips; she clearly enjoyed the taste of this new man’s offered snack and drink.

My cock was spent and began retracting itself; Ting sucked it as it withdrew, cleaning it spotlessly, then let it slowly dangle down while she looked into me and sensuously used her tongue to clean her lips and make a show of swallowing all that was in her mouth.
Just as she smacked her lips together, smiled those white teeth hugely at me, and rose from her knees, I had the answer to the part 2 of my earlier question: her skirt was so bunched up her thighs the wispy golden hairs around her cunt’s puffed up red lips were all exposed to my eyes; my cock lurched itself, ready to rejuvenate itself quickly somehow.

In the middle of fantasising the next part of lunch, an electronic beep sounded somewhere; I started, guiltily looked around at the door; Ting laughed softly and laid her hands on my bare thighs, idly playing with my groin’s bush of hairs, “That is a Skype beep; someone is inviting you on.”
Huh – “Who could it be, only you are on there, Ting?”
“Oh, I left messages for my friends – you know the other 2 girls you met at the pool with me – that if I didn’t answer at home if they got out of their school early, I would probably be in here with you, so I gave them your address, so that will be one or both of them; let’s see, come on Mr Steve – oh, my snack was perfect by the way, bigger than any I have had before, you should know that.”

Ting pulled me up by my hands and over to the computer; just as she was reaching for the keys I jumped “Wait Ting, my shorts….” A face appeared on the screen and I jumped behind Ting as she said “Hi Maw, say hello Mr Steve.” I poked my head from behind Ting and smiled a greeting and a smile split Maw’s face as she greeted us in return.
“Don’t mind Mr Steve, Maw; he is a little shy with no clothes on – look….” And Ting moved quickly to the side, exposing me in my embarrassed glory for Maw to inspect – at least for the 3 seconds it took me to react and run for the lounge room to find my shorts, not realising Ting had picked up the laptop and followed my antics with the camera for Maw to continue watching.
“Hi Mr Steve, hi Ting; it’s Mon here with Maw; don’t worry Mr Steve, we have wanted to see you naked since the pool on Saturday – thanks!”
“What” and it was then I turned, one leg in my shorts, no time for underwear, and found the camera pointing at my dangling, throbbing, almost waving cock!

“Ting, take it away, you’ll give me a heart attack!”
She moved it back to the table; “Calm down, Mr Steve; you heard Mon: they want to see you, so they would have very soon in any case. Now…meet Maw and Mon, in the apartments on your other side; they are 12 – Maw is just younger than me – and Mon is nearly 12, right Mon?” She giggled, “They and their mothers are from Burma, Myanmar, but both have new Dads who are Thai; my mum is Thai but my Dad is originally from Myanmar also, so we are all good friends and bought these condos all at the same time, just a while after you bought yours. There, now you have it: you know us.”

I managed to say “Hi Mon, nice to meet you girls – but I am a little red-faced at the moment, sorry.”
3 girls laughed and Ting called me back over to her side, now ok as I at least had shorts on; she was full of surprises and abrupt control actions as she took my face in her hands and plunged her tongue into my mouth before I saw it coming; I might have struggled, but she held me there, her tongue tasted like, well: me, as she swirled it around my mouth and down towards my throat, just as my cock had done to hers shortly earlier.

She took one hand away and fondled my cock, sure she would find it aroused and beating in my shorts and I sensed she was angling me to face the camera while she tugged my shorts over my cock; she dominated me with her forcefulness and I had no resistance now to allowing her to display me for the camera to her friends, my cock was in fact waving to them as it stretched up and out and my balls seemed heedless of their empty status and felt like bursting again already.

I whimpered against her mouth, so under her spell I hadn’t even used my hands to do anything in return – I could easily have stripped her top off and had her breasts in my hands, or felt her cunt, bare and glistening under that tiny skirt – but I did nothing but let her do as she pleased, as she wanted, displayed myself as directed and seemed to beg for more.

Withdrawing her tongue and mouth, she kept hold of my cock to say “See you down at the pool in 10 minutes girls, ok?” But I had enough sense to quickly interject and hold her hand from ending the call, “Ting, girls, wait just a minute; ah, listen girls, having this conversation and video on a laptop might be ok, but I could get in serious trouble with your parents, the police, if anyone knew about this!”
The girls just smiled, Ting beside me and Maw and Mon on screen; I was perplexed: why would they smile?
Ting answered me “No-one will tell anyone, Mr Steve; there will be no trouble – or all our Dads would be in the same trouble, and some of our Mums and other people too, so don’t worry at all, this is just fun for you to enjoy with us and us with you. Though you should know, I will tell you what I want – and I expect you to do that for me when I want.” It wasn’t a question, but I nodded anyway, my head moving of my brain’s accord just at her voice’s commanding essence.

Their Dads, my brain also thought; “Is that how you learned to suck cock so well, Ting – your Dad?”
She shrugged her shoulders, “Our Dads share us, some of their friends now and again – but, you ready Maw and Mon: Mr Steve, you must be almost twice their size and easily the biggest I have ever had in my mouth! So you will be extra special to us, Mr Steve; our secret and our sex toy, my sex toy.”
My brain was now truly overloaded, my cock was gushing pre-cum in my shorts in Ting’s never-let-go grasp; then Maw said “Let him go Ting and get costumes on; no-one’s in the pool at the moment and I want to meet Mr Steve, in the flesh!”

Ting laughed, clicked off the call this time and let my aching prick go, the blood rushing to its head and pulsing there. “I will go and get my costumes back on and you put yours on; I will be back in 5 minutes, be ready.” She took my face again and thrust her tongue one more time through my lips and down my throat, cutting off my air and my willpower.

I stayed where I was for a minute, until the musical chimes reminded me of the duvet in the washing machine; another minute and I could move into the kitchen; I needed a calming beer and took one from the fridge and drank a long draught; 2 more minutes perhaps and I was at the machine, lifting out the duvet, fitting the second line from one side of the balcony to the other and hanging it over, the after-noon sun beginning to appear, blinding in its brilliance, as I hung the duvet up, and pulled off the dried first load of sheets.
Ting re-appeared at my side; she said nothing, just pulled my shorts off, here on the balcony, standing naked in view of other condos, other people if they happened to be looking; she found my costumes hanging and handed them to me and I obliged her, putting them on myself, awkwardly tucking the sheets under my arm to do so.
She took my hand and we went inside; she locked the balcony door, pulled me through the kitchen and I dumped the sheets on the sofa. She had on her costume and a loose sun dress; she went to my bedroom – no hesitation, just into my bedroom as if it was hers – and returned with my t-shirt, no shorts.
I was putting on the t-shirt when she began fondling my cock; “I want it hard when we get to the pool.”

Part 2

My cock responded immediately, from her actions and her words, but she wasn’t finished; “Can we order hamburgers from the pool bar, Mr Steve, is that ok? My snack filled me for a little while, but now I am hungry again for some food.”
Actually, I felt hungry too, and the condo restaurant did make very good hamburgers; “Sure” I said. She continued with my cock’s arousal – unnecessary now – leading me to the door, grabbing my keys and phone off the table as we passed; “Did you know the 2 guys at the pool bar are gay? I am sure they will love your cock like this, and your hair, like this….” She reached up and pulled my hair band from my hair and let my long locks fall down, using her fingers to comb it until she was satisfied.

We left and rang for the elevator, Ting all the while keeping my cock erect, wet and straining in my costumes all the way down and only distancing herself a half metre as we walked out to the pool surroundings.
She motioned me over to the pool bar and I did as ordered: ordered 2 hamburgers, but just then Maw and Mon ran up to us and asked if they could have the same; I looked at the young man, I knew his name was Dang and changed the order to 4; he didn’t hear me; he had come around the side of the bar and was standing with us, writing the order down on his pad, but his eyes were glued elsewhere, and my cock throbbed in front of his stare, though I had never had bisexual feelings before, now seemed the time ordained by Ting to feel aroused from another man.

“Pi Dang, did you hear Mr Steve? 4 hamburgers please” Ting’s voice was rather loud but it took Dang’s attention away from my groin and I hurriedly turned away, before remembering for myself: “Oh, nong Dang, a beer and ice for me, Ting will tell you what the girls would like; thanks.”
His smile was beaming at me as I spoke directly to him and he nodded “Of course, Mr Steve, anything you want…. Just call me ok” but Ting began ordering 3 Sprites and took him away from looking at me again.

Then his partner at the bar, a new staff member whose name I didn’t know, came around behind me as I turned again; I walked into him and felt my cock rub and push against his groin – I even felt his own erection against mine, I could swear!
He stepped back and gave me a respectful bow and wai; “Sorry, sir, I am Tare; if Dang is busy, just call me, I am happy to be of service to our condo owners, whatever they may need.” He then took my hand in both his – an unusual action for Thais, but I felt a piece of rumpled paper pushed into mine as he released me and bowed, stepping back with his eyes on my crotch, smiling I could see.

Hell, everyone seems on a sexual high today, I thought as Ting now took command again and headed to lounge chairs and a table.
Towels thrown down, sun dresses off all 3 girls and my t-shirt off my poor specimen of a bony body; but that wasn’t where everyone’s eyes seemed glued now. I blushed and Maw it was who took my hand and led me to the side of the pool, whispering to me “Ting is a bit domineering isn’t she; don’t worry, Mon and I aren’t the same; best thing now is to have a swim, your cock will go down – but I must say, Mr Steve, it is a beautiful cock!”

Well, that sure didn’t help matters, so I dived in and swam away, hoping the combination of aloneness and cool water would make me more ‘normal’ – 5 minutes please, give me a break!

The girls had been correct: there was no-one else yet in the pool, so I outdistanced the girls every time they seemed to be stalking closer and did my best to keep myself calm – and my cock down.
Dang called out “Hamburgers in 1 minute people!” and I followed the beautiful 3 bottoms of the girls as they headed for the side: Ting’s pink costume, Maw and Mon both in black, same Speedo-style, younger versions of Ting almost, in terms of their bodies, but without her breasts yet, but no less breathtakingly beautiful in their darker olive skin and lithe, silky bodies.

They all leaped up the side of the pool in unison – what a sight before my eyes and I knew all the benefit of a cool swim had already been overtaken by the lust which now came easily to me and my cock was as strained in my costumes as before.
We all wiped ourselves somewhat dry and sat at the table; I deliberately sat between the two younger girls, feeling slightly more empowered away from Ting’s dominance a little.
Dang came to the table, holding a tray with the hamburgers and fries; Tare followed with the drinks. They served me first – well, I was paying after all, and I was the oldest, respected elder I also realised – then Ting and the youngsters were given theirs.

Dang came back to my side and held out the bill for me to sign; he bent over doing so and smiled widely at me before turning his gaze downwards to my crotch; meanwhile Tare came to my other side to refill my glass with beer and ice. He had done so but then dropped the ice tongs which bounced on my leg and down to the floor; he quickly bent and with a towel from over his arm, wiped my leg, apologising profusely; while down ‘there’, however, retrieving the tongs, his towelled hand moved up and down my leg and before he had the tongs, he had reached my cock and was wiping that furiously and breathing heavily against the skin of my abdomen.
“Got it” he exclaimed, jumping up, his flushed face smiling as he held the tongs up in the air; “sorry, sir, I couldn’t find them for a minute” – his look seemed to say ‘wish I had taken 5 minutes’ and I blushed as I thanked him, my cock helpless before everybody now it seemed.

Maw offered her thanks to me for buying them lunch; I smiled as Mon proffered the same, but Ting seemed to feel she deserved it; I was worried somewhat – she was overpowering in her own desires and needs and I felt inadequate to face her.
We all ate, but I drank more beer than ate hamburger – I never ate hamburgers normally, considering them junk food and never had bought them for Sam….Sam, what’s the time I wondered and, as if on cue, my phone beeped a message, then 2.

Sam was first: “Lindy’s mum invited us to go to the Mall after school, then dinner – McDonalds, just once Daddy please!” I smiled and replied “Ok, Sam – next time when you are 21 years old!!!”
Second was from my wife; “Business dinner – promise! – but home late; love u.” I replied “ok, understand”.
“All ok Mr Steve?” Ting enquired sweetly; I nodded and before thinking of any ramifications, said “Sam out for shopping and dinner with her friend’s Mum, and my wife out for business.”
“Ah girls, the house and Mr Steve are ours for a while.”

The beer went quickly through my body and bloated my bladder; I excused myself to the toilet, the girls still munching on fries and their hamburgers nodded at me.
I passed 2 smiling faces at the bar as I headed behind that area to the toilets/change rooms; standing over a urinal, my hardened cock pulled outside my costumes needing to relax, but I knew my bladder needed emptying, so I just waited.
Then a voice over my shoulder startled me, only soothing me, not actually talking words; a hand to my shoulder patting me and another one came around and took hold of my finally-drooping cock: it stopped drooping and sprang back up at the touch.
I didn’t know who it was – a man, certainly, Dang or Tare I didn’t know and they didn’t talk for me to recognise them, but whoever it was had a beautiful soft hand and slowly pulled on my dick from tip to roots and tickled my hairs while there; it was a strange, different and actually quite delightful feel: another of the erotic experiences I seemed to be having these past 4 days everywhere and with everyone.

I moaned and lay my head back on a shoulder, surrendering my cock to another’s hand and letting my own dangle at my side; his hand felt beautiful and then he gently lifted my head away and I felt him slide down my body and turn mine around to face him.
I didn’t open my eyes; I didn’t want to know who it was who now replaced his hand with his mouth on my cock.
“I sent him in, Mr Steve; I want him to suck you off and get rid of that excess juice, so me and my girls can play with you for a long time – no, don’t push him away, you just enjoy it and get ready for more after this.” Ting was behind my back, her breasts in her costumes rubbing up and down my bare skin, her fingers sliding inside my costumes and tickling my arse crack, under to my balls and her long nails scraping at my groin and twining in my hairs; so, she controlled others besides me: that was clear.

I don’t know if it was ‘him’ sucking me, or Ting provoking me, or just the past hour or two’ s heightened arousal, but I came for him and he sucked and swallowed as I groaned and pumped all of my built-up semen into his willing mouth.
Ting spun me around before I had finished and quickly dropped her mouth down to finish me off, sucking the last offerings from my balls and my cock; “Let’s go” she said peremptorily and tugged up my costumes, leaving my cock hanging out and taking my hand to pull me out of the room.

I struggled to cover myself properly as we went - not back to the table – to the elevator and upstairs to my apartment; she pushed open the unlocked door, tugged my costumes down and made me step out of them and led me by that ‘hand’ into the lounge room, pushing me down on the sofa, between Maw and Mon, naked and smiling, the sheets I had thrown there now moved somewhere.

Ting put my phone on the table, next to the keys there, and turned, watching me as she pulled her shoulder straps down and stripped her costumes off, her growing womanly hips wriggling seductively as she pared them down her legs; god, she was so beautiful, I had turn away for a moment, but that exposed me to Maw’s waiting mouth which she clamped on my own, a protégé of Ting’s or an expert in her own right – I didn’t know, but her tongue knew what to do to start my cock’s recovery.

Mon also did her bit, wasting no time in grabbing my pole and trying to wrap one hand around it – she couldn’t, but her fingers were soft and lovely to feel on my skin.
I hadn’t even had time to look at them, so had to use my hands to explore Maw first; no need to feel her hair, still dripping, but all 3 girls had the same long black hair – which is what made April’s brown hair so special and such a unique turn-on for me – so I felt her satiny skin down to her chest and, quite amazingly for a 12y.o. I thought, mounded tits there were.

But they weren’t child-like, not at all, but rather flattened pancake mounds; it isn’t an insult to her to compare them to small versions of a much older woman whose breasts fall to the sides when without a supporting bra. What a discovery as my hand gathered the mound firmly and it could be moulded like play dough into any shape and when rounded it became the size of a golf ball – a very soft, pliable golf ball.
I had seen Maw twice, both times in costumes, and hadn’t noticed these breasts; she must have been happy to let them seem sagged and they would be lying at the sides of her chest, perhaps accentuating her pectorals. I was fascinated and wanted my mouth on them, so I gently tugged my tongue back from her and snuggled down lower on the sofa to reach them.

She made it even easier by swivelling across and down on the sofa and I lay my torso between her legs, on top of a hairless cunt which I could explore later, and lowered my tongue down to find the nipple in the middle of that pancake, and it perked up like a cherry on a cake at my tongue’s salivation and while I licked and sucked on that, my hand was moulding her other breast into a shape my mouth would swallow in just a minute.

Maw had been silent until her nipple became aroused, and now she began a keening wail and started rubbing her cunt hard up and down under my chest; I could feel her lips wet and she was causing them to spread open; the bones of my chest and ribcage were like ridges for her to bump over and she did so, slowly, and then she somehow hit her clit – that was all I could think of at that moment – and she bucked hard up, almost winding me, as if I, or a ghost lover, was fucking her to a climax, and that’s indeed what happened to her when I now swallowed that one prepared mounded breast: she came with a proverbial bang!

I couldn’t recall bringing any woman or girl to orgasm with my bony ribs mostly; I could add that to my CV for future references rather proudly, I thought (smug prick!)

Her nipple ground along the top of my mouth as I sucked and stroked her, wanting to prolong her pleasure if I could; I used my hands to now prepare her other pancake for the same experience with my mouth but found the nipple jutting and waiting for my fingers at least and I tugged and twisted it lightly while my hand played with her mound in all sorts of shapes and contortions. Her noises were highly pitched and constant, rather grating on my ears to be honest and perhaps she felt this and turned her mouth to biting my neck and pulling at my hair in her frenzied continuing orgasm which began producing her juices wetting between our bodies as she slip-slap-slopped her cunt up and down.

Mon must have been feeling left out and as to Ting: I had no idea where she was and heard not a word from her.
Mon’s stroking of my cock had been interfered with when I became so engrossed with Maw’s breasts, so now she pushed at my buttocks and legs and I finally got the message: she wanted me on my knees to allow her to slide upside down between Maw’s legs and get my cock with her hands into my mouth that way; rather awkward, all of us on the sofa, but she made it work and pulled my cock rather painfully downwards until she finally had her head supported on Maw’s thigh and was at a higher, less painful position for my cock to play with her mouth.

She was only 11, nearly 12, and her petite figure and mouth were more like April’s at her 10 years of age, but she did her best to get my cock’s head inside her mouth and her sucking of this ‘popsicle’ was extremely pleasant as my pre-cum flowed into her mouth to be swallowed.
It was easy to remain hard yet reserved; I had been emptied only a short time earlier and my attention was mostly focused on Maw’s tits and their dough-like shaping abilities, while my cock knew its job automatically and could pleasure Mon in the same way.

Maw’s cunt was quickly squirting again when I swapped to her other breast and repeated my engulfment of her entire mound with my mouth; she was an easy young woman to bring to orgasm and there might have been more from and for both girls had Ting’s loud voice not called us to attention and to attend on her – in the bedroom it seemed.

She was naked, sprawled on my bed – and she had re-made it; she must have found new sheets and duvet in the hall closet: what a surprisingly thoughtful young girl she was, and I felt guilty for a few moments that I would never have thought she could do something like make a bed.
However, when she spoke, I realised she had made it for her own purposes; “I want to fuck you now Mr Steve” and she patted the bed between her thighs. Maw exclaimed from behind me “Ting!” Then Mon blurted “But you can’t Ting, we are all to stay virgins!”
What did that mean?
“I decide for myself and ever since I found Mr Steve’s cock to be so much better than our Dads or those other guys, I can’t stop wanting it, and I want it inside me and fucking me – or me fucking him actually. That’s what I decided and what I want, so come here Mr Steve.”

She was back to being the dominant one amongst us, and I returned to my submissive non-understanding self in the face of her personality; I went to the bed, my cock waving at her as I looked down on her magnificently displayed offerings; god, I couldn’t have denied her anything of myself, she was the most desirable woman I had ever been lucky enough to be with.

I climbed on the bed, straddling her on my knees, but then moved to her side, pulling her on top of me; she was hesitant when her groin hovered over my wagging cock – then Mon’s words made sense: “Ting, are you, all you girls, virgins?”
She paused, even a little flush to her cheeks, and it was actually Maw who answered “Yes, we are, Mr Steve; we know everything, can do everything, but not that final step; our Dads are all agreed to keep us virgins for some ‘special man’, but we believe they want to sell us as virgins for sex one day.”

I knew of that practice, of course, but never thought I would encounter it so close to home, so to speak; it was a freakish thing to contemplate and I couldn’t agree with it, but it wasn’t my concern.
It didn’t seem to be Ting’s concern now, either, having demanded I fuck her, but that was of concern to me. “Ting, this is a really big step for a young girl to take; you have to be certain. In your case, you really also need to consider how your Dad might react if he finds out you are not a virgin one day….we don’t have to do this Ting, there is much else we could do if you want to be excited.”

“I said ‘I decide’, Mr Steve and meant it; it is my body, not his, not anybody’s, not even yours” she smiled down at me, “but your body is now going to be mine.”

With that decision, she did what all my virgins had chosen to do these past 3 days: rolled again to be atop me, grabbed my cock in her hand and thrust it through her hymen and to the depths of her cunt. She squealed a little; Maw and Mon both gasped and climbed on either side of us for them to watch their best friend, I guessed, their leader of their group certainly, giving her body a fucking on my cock.

Ting stopped and smiled, looking down where her cunt hairs were entangled in mine, my prick not fully within her but it must be stuffing her cunt full for sure. “Oh god, that is so big, I am so fucked now, that’s for sure, and it hurt as much as a pinprick – by a very large prick!” She laughed at her own joke for a few moments, and then resumed the serious business of what she wanted.

Maw said “That is so fucking hot” and Mon said “I want some of that”; she couldn’t put my cock in her mouth again, but she decided to take one of my hands and start fingering her cunt with me; I didn’t really need the tuition so I pushed her flat on her back on the bed, her head close to my hip and able to look across and up to Ting as she jumped up and down on me, as I then inserted one finger, then 2 back into Mon’s cunt, wet and slippery to make it easy.
Maw wanted another orgasm and she came behind my head and proffered her cunt to my mouth; I obliged, probing and licking and sucking, nibbling her protruding clit and, as expected, she was making her own unique sounds once again as she shuddered through another climax: what a fast young girl she was to make happy!

But what I wanted I now showed her by reaching slightly forward for her downward hanging globes, gravity pulling them into a shape which looked amazing from my position – once Maw had lifted her groin from my face and I could look downwards….what a sight: between Maw’s hanging breasts was framed Ting on my cock. It was like a photo taken vertically framed, Ting from head to groin atop my body with Maw’s hanging tits either side – I wished I had my camera here!

One hand was engaged in Mon’s cunt; she seemed to be enjoying it but she was a quiet lover: no screams, squeals or overt moaning, yet she was spewing juice over my hand freely, so I shifted part of my attention to varying my fingers and thumb’s manipulation to keep her excited; Ting was doing fine and I knew my cock would remain at ‘full salute’ for her no matter how long – I truly wasn’t that much interested in fucking right now, as beautiful and desirable as she was; there was just a ‘something’ about her which kept my emotions rather cool.
Whatever, my cock worked automatically and independently and I knew it would satisfy her.

What I truly wanted was Maw’s wonderful breasts, so most of my attention was on getting them back in my mouth and bringing her to more orgasms through my love-making of those. I found them incredible, different to any others, but breasts were my favourite part of the female anatomy, and hers were just so special in the way it appeared she had none, but they could then be transformed by my hand, or gravity as now, into beautiful edible fruit like baby melons, as they appeared like now.
It took 4 nibbles on her nipple, a lick all around and a moment’s swallow and Maw was back at her low-threshold orgasmic peak yet again; the same on her other side produced the same result and my elation was as unbridled as her body’s joy each time I helped her reach that peak.

But Ting interrupted, stopping on my cock and shaking my body with her spasms; “Oh god, here I come” she said breathlessly and she seemed stone-like as she waited for her body to begin gathering the energy below, to feel it building within and then she unloaded her own style of massive orgasm, noisily.

“Daddy, is this how it is going to be every day? Can’t I leave you alone without finding you molesting more young girls?”
My cock was occupied, Ting now slumped down to my abdomen; my one hand was in Mon’s cunt; my mouth was swallowing one of Maw’s breasts while my other hand readied her other one: how was I supposed to answer my daughter’s questions?

Mon was a little startled it seemed, and she rolled off my hand to the side and said sheepishly “Hullo Sam; your Dad is fucking amazing”, and Ting mumbled without moving and Maw croaked through a climax “oh fuck, hi Sam eeeowww!”
I used my free hand to give Sam a wave but I wasn’t about to let Maw’s breasts go – ever if it could be helped; god, I was transfixed on them and was already fantasising about getting my cock free and fucking her between those tits, again and again; my cock surged in Ting and she whimpered “no, not again, no more Mr Steve….”

I felt Ting roll off, but in the few moments before I could get to change positions with Maw, I felt a new cunt descend on my very wet negotiable cock, my thighs tickled by material and my hand found it must be Sam’s school uniform flowered over my legs and abdomen and groin.
I gagged through Maw’s bulb “Sam” and she said “You said we can’t fuck on nights before school, Daddy; it is only now the afternoon before school.”

I heard Mon say “You and your Daddy actually fuck, Sam?”
“As often as he will let me, Mon; and sometimes even when he won’t!” Sam had a smug tone to her words and I filed a vague mental note to talk with her later.
“He fucked me Sam” Ting said rather dreamily, but then with strength in her voice “and now I am not going to be only what my Daddy wants: a whore for his pocket! I will decide for myself who I will suck, who can play with me, who can fuck me.”
“Me too” Maw added in a squeak; “But my Daddy is very strict, I don’t know if I can disobey him” said Mon sadly.

Gosh, what a can of worms I have opened, I said to myself; but then I thought, no, they should decide for themselves, same as my daughter and her friends – there was no coercion from me, even if I was a deviate for my age with all these young girls, I hoped I was being a nice deviate!

“Oh Daddy, I have rubbed myself all day at school waiting for this! The girls and I skipped lunch and hid in the gymnasium and we all came while we talked about the weekend! I told you, Daddy: it was you who turned on the girls, now here you are with more! How are you going to turn us off again Daddy?”

I didn’t answer with words; I lifted my hips and let my cock reach up inside my daughter; she moaned and began plunging down to meet me and thereafter she was silent except for her own moans.
‘Good’ – I went back to another breast, even as I felt Maw lean up from my mouth, taking her breast, sliding forward, and then Sam’s body shift forward meeting Maw and I knew they were kissing; this put Maw’s cunt above my mouth, so I pulled her buttocks slightly back until she was sitting on my face and I plunged my tongue up inside her dripping cunt; she screamed, but it was muffled and I knew she was emitting her noises down Sam’s throat.

But soon I was tired and I just let the girls do what they wanted to me, with me; Ting and Mon seemed too quiet to still be there and finally the shower spraying registered in my brain.
Sam kept going until she climaxed and then just sat down on me, resting; Maw pulled herself away and ended up curled in my arm beside me, kissing my neck and face and locking mouths and tongues; my hands went for her breasts, needing to mould them into any shape I could, just to keep feeling their magical qualities. She took her mouth away to whisper “I never let anyone know I had breasts before you, Mr Steve – I tried to hide them; I never knew they could make me cum – or that you could make me cum with my breasts, Mr Steve; you like them, right?”

I pulled her to me, my arm around her slim body and chuckled lightly; “Oh Maw; I could play with and suck and swallow your breasts all day! I have never felt breasts like yours, you are so lucky, and I am so lucky you have them and the reason you cum so much is they are the sexiest breasts any 12y.o. young woman could ever wish to have! Thank you for letting me share and enjoy them.”

Ting and Mon came out of the bathroom just then, dressed; Ting said to Sam, “You are lucky Sam, having your Dad around to play with” and she and Mon laughed as Sam finally rolled off and lay spread-eagled on the bed. Ting said “Maw, we better get home, it is after normal school hours, so get your body away from Mr Steve and let him have a rest….he probably needs one” Maw kissed me, longingly, whispered “I will be back” and clambered over me to deeply kiss Sam, an act which Sam was immediately immersed in.
So it was I who rolled off the bed and went to my bathroom for a shower, cleaned my teeth and washed my hair.
Out in my room, all was quiet, though I could hear Sam’s shower enough to place her; Maw must have just gone with the others quickly; the bed was tidied, but I checked for wet patches on my new clean sheets: no problems, a silent thank you to Ting for making it, as I lay down and went to sleep.

Part 3

I woke to early darkness; through my open bedroom door I could hear my wife talking, to Sam I assumed. I rose, straightened the sheet of 2 wrinkles, washed my face, brushed my now dry hair and went to the kitchen.
“Well, you must have been tired, dear; 2 hours I have been home and you’ve slept all that time.”
‘And I came home early to prepare dinner for us, too; but good timing, 10 minutes it will be ready, with Sam’s help.”

Well, she was in a good mood: came home early: not for a very long time; conversing and smiling with Sam: also a very long time; making dinner: like never!
I took a beer from Sam’s hand, smiled quizzically at her and received a slight shrug of her shoulders, neither of us knowing what was happening. To the balcony with a cigarette and a few minutes’ reflection: Sam had tricked me, Maw had transfixed me, Ting had changed her life – and I hoped she was ok with it, now after a few hours, and Mon was such a cutie; to the list, I now had to add my wife’s strange behaviour: what a day, what a life I now had!

Dinner was a strange affair; light-hearted conversation from my wife about her office, some of the people, innocent gossip-type talk, with Sam and I perplexed and mostly quiet, looking at each other with the same question: ‘what’s going on with mum?’
When we had finished, she stood and picked up plates, but both Sam and I said “We’ll do that; you cooked, you relax.” She smiled, put down the plate and came around behind me, bending to kiss me lightly, followed by the same to Sam; when she stood, I swear there was a glisten to her eyes as she said “I really enjoyed this, my family.” She went into the lounge room and turned on the TV, while Sam and I cleaned up.

Sam washed, I rinsed and stacked them on the drying rack; “What’s happening, Daddy – do you think Mum feels guilty about us and is trying to make up for things, just in one night?”
I ruffled her hair and smiled “Maybe my baby; let’s see how tomorrow goes, but for tonight let’s be nice to her; for whatever reason she is trying very hard, so we should try somewhat too, ok?” She looked up at me – I wanted to kiss her mouth – and nodded.
My tricky daughter then squirmed, “Oh Daddy, my hands are wet, can you scratch my butt please, it is so itchy – no, just put your hand under my nightie, quick Daddy please!”

I did as requested as she squirmed some more – until she had my hand fiddling around for the itchy spot and realising she had no panties on and the itch was right at her groin; I obliged and gave her a good scratch until she said “ouch Daddy” giving me my chance; “That is twice today you have conned me, my young lady; now I am awake to you!”

“But Daddy, I really was itchy – and I am washing the dishes aren’t I? And this afternoon wasn’t ‘the night before school’ was it? I didn’t lie to you Daddy, how could you think that of me? Boo hoo, look what you’ve done now!”
I laughed at her antics and she couldn’t refrain from joining in and we finished the kitchen cleaning in companionable fun – until I told her to go and do her homework; she pouted and flounced out.

Sam and I always did this together – because normally her mother wasn’t home, but she continued to watch a serial usually denied her and I offered assistance if Sam asked for it.
If she was stuck, we worked it out together; if she was fine, I left her alone without interference and often read the paper or my book, or went to the balcony for a while.
Soon, her mother’s series was over and she said she would take advantage of her early night and have a long soak in the tub and off she went.
Sam finished her homework for some subjects and then began drafting an essay for English due in 2 weeks’ time; she spent half an hour on this, another 30 minutes asking me to comment on her outline plan and then did some research on my laptop.

While she was doing that, a beep came from Skype; “Daddy, you are on Skype now – how did you do that for yourself?”
“Well, I didn’t actually Sam – Ting set it up for herself and gave Maw and Mon my add also; they are the only ones I have on there, so it must be one of them.”
“Here, Daddy, you answer” and she rose from the chair and pulled me in her place, standing at my side.
I answered the call and predictably Ting came into view, naked; “You never did answer me, Mr Steve, so: for tomorrow, which bra and panties would you suggest?”

Sam shuffled beside me, unable to see clearly, then coughed and came around to sit in my lap, ogling Ting’s body with a flush on her skin I could feel against me.
“Your body is beautiful, Ting” she said wistfully “I hope mine is half that sexy when I am 13, you are so – well, I could lick you!”
“Oh Sam, sorry, didn’t know you were there – what, lick me? Well, any time, Sam…any time; Maw told me your kiss was even better than a man’s!”
Sam flushed again “Well, I have had Dad, and my girlfriends, to practice on a bit and I do love it with girls – just different, and our mouths are so soft, and our skin, and our cunts when I kiss and suck them.”
“Oh Sam, you are turning me on and I was already turned on when I called your Dad, knowing he would make me feel special just looking at me; now you are doing the same…oh, my mum, I better go, bye.”
She turned off.

“Sam you didn’t let me answer her question.” She laughed, but she was hot and she said “Daddy, a quickie please, I am so horny now – isn’t Ting adorable, Daddy.”
“Yes, she is, and no, no ‘quickie’ with Mum home; now will you please close that Skype somehow so it doesn’t beep with your mother home. Horny or not, my daughter: remember your Dad had to learn to live without sex for years – you might have to wait 1 or 2 days!”
“Maybe Daddy – but just look at you now” and she laughingly ran around the table away from me; I went outside with a new beer and Sam came back and exited Skype and went back to her research.

10 minutes later, I left her to it and went to my room to get my book, just as my wife came out of the bathroom, fluffing her hair which was still wet; she was naked and walked towards me, smiling.
“Wasn’t it nice to have ‘family’ time again, honey – I mean, with me home too?”
I nodded “yes, it was, but very unusual….”
“Can’t a mother, a wife, change; try again?”

I nodded, accepting this rationale, looking at her breasts as she knew I would, wondering if she was exciting me; she piled her wet hair on top of her head, her arms up high accentuating those already firm, uplifted breasts with nipples taut from the tub
Just as Sam walked in, looking at her notes as she said “Daddy, can you help….” She looked up and stood still, looking at her naked mother; “Wow Mum, I never knew you had such beautiful breasts!”
She moved a few steps further in the room, closer, and I could see the flush suffusing her skin, olive as it was; in only 4 days of playing with and intimately loving my daughter, I knew the signs: she was metaphorically drooling at the sight of her mother’s body, perhaps more so because Dad had denied her a quickie fix to her horniness.
She wanted her mother.

Sam moved a few paces closer, now only a step away from her mother who laughed a little and said “Why, thank you Samantha – though I am not sure I should be standing here totally naked in front of you.” But she clearly was sure she was enjoying Sam’s scrutiny as she pushed her arms up higher and her breasts jiggled just a tiny bit.
“Oh yes, you should Mummy – Daddy, aren’t they beautiful, and you get to look at them all the time don’t you? You should get your camera, Dad, and capture this in pictures!”

My wife sighed “he used to like them, Sam, used to love them I am sure, but I am not so sure anymore…but you used to love them when you were a baby too, and now I am not so sure of that as well.”
She was fading into melancholia, but Sam’s next words snapped her out of that; “Can I touch them like when I was a baby, Mummy, please, just for a minute – to remember, and to know how I might grow up one day with such beautiful tits?”
“Samantha” her mother began in an admonishment at her language, then paused “yes, Sam, if that’s what you want.” (‘You have no idea, my wife, what you are in for’ I thought bemusedly).

Sam stepped up to her and placed her small hand over her mother’s nipple, whistling in a breath; she closed her fingers and I could see her staring at the size of her mother’s ‘tit’ overflowing the small part her hand could hold; ‘wait for it’ I thought as I saw Sam’s tongue come out of her opened mouth and move, almost of its own accord, to replace her hand on that nipple; she and my wife groaned at the same time, “Oh Sam, your mouth was much smaller back then.”

Sam suckled like a baby and her mother wrapped an arm around her back, rubbing her through her nightie, hair forgotten as it fell down her back, some forward and draping over Sam like a black veil.
I stayed where I was, rather more excited by Sam’s display than anything – she truly did seem to have quickly developed bisexual cravings once her person-to-person sex life had begun.
Then again, her mother didn’t seem averse to a 10 year old mouth on her breast either; her mouth was agape, her 2 arms now caressing Sam and her eyes seemed unseeing, but then I realised she was staring at me, enraptured and wanting.
Has she really changed so much in 2 days, I wondered again?

“Oh, Mummy, I can almost imagine your milk coming out; can we lie down please? Daddy, come with us, cuddle us please, like we all must have done when I was a baby, come on Daddy.”
I didn’t hesitate, not when it was my daughter requesting something and joined them after Sam forced her mother to lie on her back on the bed and virtually lay down along her, her nightie riding high (and with no panties on as I knew) capturing her other nipple and breast to recall her babyhood.

I lay down, next to, but not cuddling my wife; only putting a hand on to Sam’s back and rubbing her up and down, mindful of the bare skin just a little below. But her mother seemed to have other memories also and she said “When we all cuddled, Sam, your Daddy used to be as naked as me….”
She only had to wait a tiny moment before Sam said “Come on Daddy, you’re my Dad, take your shorts off and cuddle us like before; this might be the last time we can ever recapture my babyhood – I am getting to be a woman now, you know!”

Sam was goading me, I knew this as ‘plain as day’ but it was hardly the time to remind her of other matters, so I stripped my shorts and moved that extra little bit to close the distance to my wife’s skin. “Here Daddy, you have to taste this – I am sure you have before – you take this breast and I will move over to this one, ok Mummy?”
Mummy answered dreamily “Oh Sam, you have such good ideas – where do they come from?” Sam’s eye smirked at me as she crossed over and held the breast she had just yielded out towards me; I put my mouth on it and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy us doing this, me doing this – after all, I really was a breast man and while these were not Maw’s magical ones, my wife did have gorgeous tits and I had loved – and sucked and nibbled and tried to swallow them – for many years with love and excitement.

My cock throbbed and probed towards my wife’s thigh. She moved one hand to it, held it, sighed, and rubbed it gently up and down; the cock in question didn’t recoil, didn’t shrink from her touch, but rather grew – perhaps because I pushed her breast with my mouth over to the middle and stuck my tongue out and across to lick Sam’s mouth on the other breast: my attention was divided, between yes, the charms my wife had, but more to the newly-discovered charms of her daughter, my daughter.
My wife grasped my cock harder – very hard in fact, and, rather amazingly - like Maw - seemed to be having a climax just from her breasts; I had never seen this with her before, so it must be Sam’s ministrations causing this new sexuality within her – or perhaps she had latent bisexual urges also and was enjoying this just because it was woman/girl-to woman contact.

Sam chewed on her nipple, I could see her, while I sucked and swallowed, and my cock pounded out its pulses in her hand; she pulled on me: she wanted it, but instead of me she got Sam who let go her tit and scurried down the bed to her mother’s jumping cunt and she buried her mouth against it, her tongue heading inside it I imagined as I concentrated on helping Sam and now held one breast and chewed on another for her pleasure.

I became fearful of my cock’s survival, so tight was my wife squeezing it as now she had far more of a climax than a minute before; but after she brushed my mouth and hand off her breasts and used both hands – thankfully – to knead them herself while moaning and grunting.
Freed from all actions, I sat up and watched; Sam lifted her head for a moment – it was glistening with juices and she licked her mouth and smiled at me. Before she dived down again, she whispered to me “Come back in 30 minutes for a fuck Daddy; we will be ready then.” I wagged my finger at her and mouthed “school tomorrow” and wagged my finger again; she mouthed back “then I will just keep fucking Mum until she fucks me – and she will, Daddy, she will.”

“I only want to fuck you, Sammy.” Then I rose from the bed, wagged my cock at her and went out to the kitchen for a beer and companion cigarette, out on the balcony in the dark, naked.

My computer beeped, and again, and I couldn’t ignore it a 3rd time; how did Skype come back on, I wondered, sitting down and refreshing the screen and accepting the call. “You like these, Mr Steve?”

A pair of breasts were plastered on the screen, flat like pancakes, then pushed up into globe shapes….”Maw, what are you doing – but yes, you know I love those, no ‘like’ about them.”
“Why aren’t you asleep young lady; school tomorrow, right?”
“I don’t know, Mr Steve; I told my Mum I have a headache and feel like the flu is coming…maybe I should stay home tomorrow…what do you think, Mr Steve?”
I chuckled with her but said seriously “School comes first, my young lady – pleasure comes second; you should go to sleep and go to school.”
“Where is Sam, Mr Steve; is she asleep already?”

Hmm, well, I don’t like lying: “She is busy fucking her Mum’s cunt with her tongue and mouth on my bed, which is why I am out here. There, I told you the truth, Maw; now go to sleep…we have other times. Good night.” I clicked ‘offline’ before she could get over her surprise and begin talking and asking questions.
Then I shut down the computer, locked up, turned off lights and went quietly back to my room, to the bathroom, urinated, cleaned my teeth and turned off that light and snuck across to my own bed, not having looked to see what was going on now.

In the morning, when I woke into daylight, I wondered how I could have slept through all the grunts, groans, moans, hisses, squeaks and squeals and talking as my wife and my daughter fucked each other into delirium and exhaustion – well, guess I was tired!
I rose, did the usual and went into Sam’s room, again finding her up, showered, dressed and brushing her hair; “I guessed you weren’t going to give me a fuck before school, Daddy, so I got up myself.”
I gave her a cuddle and kiss “Good morning to you, too Sam; didn’t make your bed I see; did you see your mother this morning?”

She gave me a sly chuckle, “I was only here for 30 minutes sleep, Daddy, so no, I didn’t make it, please ask Ming if she could do it for me this time please, please. Mum, well she looked worn out, but she smiled and kissed me – with her tongue, so I guess she was ok. I had no idea how sexy Mum is, Daddy – and maybe it is a girlfriend she has had hidden from us, not a man – trust me, she knows how to make another girl feel really, really good!”

Wow, Life is full of surprises!

We went to the kitchen together, Sam ate some toast and juice while I had my café, then she gave me a kiss ‘bye and left for school, just as Ming, our housekeeper arrived, with a young girl in tow.

Part 4

“I am sorry not to ask, Mr Steve; this is my niece and I brought her back to Bangkok with me while her mother is not yet fully well. I hope it is ok if I bring her to work – she won’t bother you, I promise, say ‘Sawasdee ka, Luong Steve’ please Yoni.”
Yoni did as told and I welcomed her, looking at the cute 10-11-12y.o. – hard to tell with many young Thai children just what age to expect. She was in a t-shirt and shorts, carrying a small shoulder bag. I told her to feel at home and hoped her mother was well very soon. She gave a shy smile, bowed and gave me another respectful wai.

I made a new café and went out to the balcony with the paper Ming had collected at the door. I was soon joined by Yoni who pulled up another chair beside me and peered at the newspaper; “Do you speak English, read English, nong Yoni?”
She shook her head “Speak a little”; I turned to the page of cartoon strips “Do you know these?” Shake of her head, “But I can do Sudoku” she offered pointing at the game on the page; I tore it off and directed her to the dining table and my pens or Sam’s pencils on the sideboard. She took it excitedly and went inside settling at the table and chewing a pencil – non-toxic at least – as she worked on the problems.
I looked at her and a very fast fantasy began forming….stop it, I berated myself; she is an innocent country girl, not like Sam and her friends or Ting and hers, all now experienced to some degree with old degenerates like myself; get your mind back on World News.

Still reading, I heard a ‘ding’ from my computer and, by now recognizing the distinctive Skype bell, rushed inside before Yoni might open up who-knows-what! I turned the screen away from where she was facing and answered; predictably, it was Maw, and thankfully she was dressed in a nightie – sexy to be sure, but at least covered, so I turned the screen back and stooped over Yoni’s shoulder wishing Maw “Good morning nong Maw; this is nong Yoni, my housekeeper’s niece, here while her aunty works because her Mum is sick; nong Yoni, pi Maw.”
Yoni gave a wai to Maw who returned the greeting.

“So, you have the flu young Maw? I am sorry for you….” She interrupted me with a laugh “No, Mr Steve, but I felt like the day off so my mother thinks I have the flu and told me to stay home for the day – I promise I didn’t tell her lies, she just thought for herself – promise! You want a swim?”
Visions of her breasts easily swam in my head as I pictured swimming with her in the pool….”Can I come too please?” Yoni quite naturally asked the obvious; “Sure, if you ask Aunty Ming; see you down there Can I borrow a costume of Sam’s, Mr Steve, an old one maybe; Aunty Ming said I can go if I am with you and stay with you, ok?”
I smiled at her enthusiasm, fairly sure she wouldn’t normally have a pool like the apartment’s available to her; “Sure, Yoni, I’ll take care of you; come on, Sam has lots of costumes too small for her, but you aren’t much smaller than her anyway. How old are you nong Yoni?”
“12, but I know I look like about 7 or 8; it is embarrassing” and she pouted for a moment, before smiling at me, “but I know a lot more than a 7y.o. that’s for sure.”

She trailed me into Sam’s room where we found the folded up costumes her friends had borrowed over the weekend and Yoni quickly chose a bright pink one which had been on April, so the size should be just right. She began stripping her t-shirt off in front of me; I hesitated, unsure – well, sure I should go, but wanting to stay, and then Yoni mumbled, dragging my averted gaze back to her body just as she bared herself free of the shirt.

“You don’t have to leave, you have a daughter like me, so it all must look the same to you doesn’t it, Mr Steve?” She put her hands on her hips and swivelled slightly to the side, affecting a model’s pose; she gave me a hard cock just with that move as I studied her button nipples on a flat chest, ribs poking out – just like my own.
She put her hands inside the waistband of her shorts, but she was holding my eyes with hers and I didn’t turn away as I knew I should; I stared as she wriggled her hips, provoking me and my cock into reactions of lust which couldn’t be hidden from this new young temptress I had only known for 5 minutes.

But when her shorts cleared her slightly wide hips, they quickly fell to the floor; she had no panties on but what gave me an immediate large wet pool of jetted pre-cum on the front of my shorts was the bush surrounding her cunt! It was almost as thick as my own and was an incredible turn-on after all the bare and/or shaven young slits I had seen these past days – and only 12, heavens she must have been growing pubic hair since a very young age to have this much.

I was staring, fascinated, for long moments until Yoni coughed politely; my eyes reluctantly left the spot of my desire, and my cock’s undoubted target this day, and studied her body up to her face finally.
She was smiling sweetly, not smugly, but waiting for something from me; she reached out a hand towards me and I felt I could have fallen over to her then and begged and pleaded to sink my mouth into that puffed up muff.

Ming came into the room, carrying sheets and a duvet to make Sam’s bed; she paused and said “Yoni, you shouldn’t do that; we are in the city now, not at home and Mr Steve isn’t used to people changing clothes in front of him.”
I said “I am sorry, Ming, I should have left, but Yoni said she is just a daughter like Sam and I was stuck here for a moment…but I should have turned away, it isn’t Yoni’s fault.” I was blabbing, didn’t make any sense to myself even.
“Mr Steve was going, aunty, but he was holding the costumes I am borrowing and started walking out with them, so I am just waiting for him to give them to me - that’s all.”
I finally realised why she had her hand out – the costumes were balled up in my clenched hands and I handed them to her now, red-faced and feeling like a little boy caught spying and stealing a girl’s clothes to sniff maybe.

Ming laughed “Don’t mind her, Mr Steve; she has 3 brothers, 2 sisters – all older – in her house; add uncles and aunts and cousins and it is difficult to have any private space, so mostly the kids change right where they are. But be a little bit discreet here, Yoni, ok, Mr Steve is being nice to let you come here – but, if you don’t mind me saying Mr Steve, it rather looks like you are quite happy Yoni is here….” Her eyes made an exaggerated movement downwards and mine followed; I didn’t think it was my toes she was looking at, so could be fairly certain the large tented, wet shorts at my groin were the object of her gaze and the subject of her look, perhaps Yoni’s too I was hoping.

I blurted something and darted out, expecting derisory laughter to follow me, but there was none of that. Instead Ming followed me to say “It’s ok, Mr Steve, no harm; I was just surprised because I have never seen you ah, excited like that in all my years working for you – and I am rather happy if my niece could do that to you, quite proud actually! Have a nice swim, but she can’t swim well, Mr Steve, and will need taking care of ok? You will also need these, I imagine” and she held out my costumes to me.
I could only nod, absorbing her comments and her calmness – wow, isn’t Life just full of surprises!

5 minutes later, armed with towels and a beer and bottle of water, we went down in the elevator, young Yoni – actually she wasn’t was she, rather she was older then Sam and the same as Maw – twining her fingers in mine and holding on; her simple, innocent acts seemed able to charge my cock and, even though I had put a new pair of shorts on also, it was strained against both them and my costumes underneath.

Only Tare was at the poolside bar; he gave me a huge smile and nod, and I guessed I blushed smiling back, thinking of him sucking me off – it had been different and nice too!
Maw was already in the pool and she pointed at her chair, so we put our towels down; I reluctantly removed my shorts, felt eyes everywhere seemingly on me, but it was mostly imagination: only Yoni was in my view but she was looking at Maw, so only when I straightened and turned did Tare’s stare catch my eye; I took Yoni’s hand and down to the shallowest end, Maw swimming alongside, chatting with Yoni easily and making friends quickly.

Yoni was ok there, the water up to her nipple-height my depraved mind measured it, and Maw was right alongside her, so I dangled my legs over the edge for a minute and watched them; Maw’s tits were just amazing – within her costume they were the same hidden pancakes and only because I knew them intimately could I know how their shape could be and how delectable and sexy they were. She knew where I was looking and crooked a finger at me, beckoning.

I slid in to the water and over close to them, the level at my waist; Yoni held on to one of my arms and swung on it like a monkey, and gave freedom to Maw to take my other hand and place it under the water on the side of her chest.
My fingers and hand worked of their own accord, playing with one breast until her nipple popped out of the middle of all that flesh and I tweaked it until she moaned; I let go when Yoni almost fell off my arm and had to grab her to stop her falling under, and the hand which had just played with a nipple now had a small rounded bottom in its clasp as I supported her, fingers itching to wriggle and find even the merest wisp of hair to touch at her cunt. My cock ached and I knew I was playing a dangerous game here in the water when I looked around and found several other children nearby and some adults not far beyond them.

I put Yoni on her feet, my hand sliding up the crack of her bottom and up her backbone, almost counting the vertebrae as they were so prominent.
“If you girls are ok, I will move our things over here and I will watch you while I have my beer.” Both girls said they were fine, so I did one lap of the pool, climbed out and quickly dried my face and wrapped the towel around my waist, hiding the cock which didn’t want to co-operate and hide itself flaccidly.

I was hot with the towel around me in the sun, so I removed it and angled my chair a little, trying to at least appear as a non-sexual being to the girls (one of whom at least who certainly knew better, the other probably fairly sure).
They were splashing away, chatting, now and again heads close together as if secrets were being exchanged and, when glances began happening my way, I became more concerned at what Maw might be telling her new friend.

I could just imagine their stories: Maw telling Yoni Mr Steve really loves playing with her breasts, said he could do it all day long as he loves them so much! Yoni telling Maw how his shorts poked out a kilometre this morning when she changed into costumes and he saw her bushy cunt for the first time, and what her aunty Ming had said about him….

My face became flushed though this did nothing to detract from the blood flowing to my cock as well – I was no more composed with these 2 than I had been on that fateful first day with Sam and 4 friends when they kept me wet and stiff virtually all day, a la this day so far.
I finished my beer, afraid to go in the water, though the girls were calling to me to join them, I called Tare over and ordered a beer from him; he hovered for a few moments while I tried to hide myself, but I am sure he guessed and he asked if that was all he could do for me. I endeavoured to smile nonchalantly as I shook my head, but I knew I was found out and my face was glowing with embarrassment for sure.

The beer emptied quickly and I had to do something, so my bladder rescued me and I told the girls to stay in the shallow end while I went to the toilet.
“Then come for a swim” Yoni called and I waved an ‘ok’.
Tare was at the side of the bar as I passed, pointedly looking at my crotch, but I forestalled him by asking him to keep an eye on the girls, Yoni especially, until I returned; he was a little crestfallen but accepted his responsibilities included pool safety and said he would of course.

I stood at the urinal fully 3 minutes until I could get my cock to wilt enough to piss, emptied and hands washed I almost ran back and jumped in the water while I could show myself as a ‘normal, costume-clad male’ without a cock poking around for a female to fuck.

The girls quickly came to my side; Yoni clambered on my back, wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist and I waded around, twirled around, tried to throw her off and we had much fun with Maw chasing Yoni’s legs as I twisted and turned.
Before I choked, I had to keep stopping and ask Yoni to relax her arms from around my windpipe; this allowed Maw’s hands to catch her feet and legs, clasped around my front as they were, but it also put Maw in contact with my close-below groin and no man could refrain from reacting – well, his cock anyway.
Mine did each time until Yoni’s feet were actually resting on it as it strained in the material; it almost gave her a perch to dive off me, it felt so strong and rigid, but she didn’t dive away, she just twiddled her toes and feet on it, not helping the situation at all by continually squirming her cunt all over my back as she tried to keep us away from Maw.

Tired, I had to stop, but Maw dived in and came up against the front of my body, her body so firm against my cock and her hands holding Yoni’s feet and my cock at the same time, all together at that one point of desire.
I noticed 2 girls just across from us, only 2-3 metres, treading water and staring; hoping they couldn’t see well into the water, I swivelled away and swam for the side, claiming weakness and tiredness to ‘my’ girls; Yoni said “You don’t seem very tired to me, Mr Steve, do you get tired just like this a lot?”
Maw asked “How are you when not weak, Mr Steve?” I threw Yoni in for a dunking, ready with my hands to help her up if she needed, and this splashed Maw. When Yoni came up to the surface and stood, I jumped up over the side and quickly hopped to my towel and some degree of safe covering.

“Ready for some lunch girls – oh, ok 10 minutes right?”
Another can of beer from Tare, paid the bill and a generous tip for him and I sat contentedly with a cigarette, trying not to watch the girls too much. I did notice the 2 girls who had been swimming near us, come over and the 4 of them were all talking for about 8 of my allotted 10 minutes.

The 2 couples said ‘bye’; the girls I didn’t know looking back and up at me and my couple of girls climbed out without complaint, ‘hungry’ the repeated word; I invited Maw to eat with us, fairly certain Ming would have made something and it would be too much anyway for 3 and well enough for 4. I kept my towel wrapped around me as the girls dried themselves, Maw waiting for me to be looking at her, then pushed her breasts together with the towel – just the right move to keep me on edge for even longer!

Upstairs, Ming said “lunch is ready – yes, plenty for an extra” as Maw greeted her respectfully; she knew Ming from seeing her around and vice-versa; I told the girls they could shower in Sam’s room and went to my own bathroom, quickly rinsing and putting on shorts and a t-shirt – I did wear a shirt at the dinner table when we had guests or I was joining Ming to eat.
The girls took longer and Ming got me a glass and ice and a bottle of beer; I smiled thanks and told her Yoni was well-behaved and competent enough in the pool, and between Maw and I we had looked after her; Ming was grateful Yoni had the activity and said she and Maw seemed like friends already; I agreed.

The girls finally appeared, both red-faced – hot water or other activities? My mind quickly conjured up images in the shower together and the bodily reaction reminded me I really should have remembered to put on a pair of underpants.

Ming served lunch, taking my concentration off sex for a while and occupying the girls even more so, given their stated ‘hungry’ of earlier.
Yoni was opposite on the kitchen-side, next to Ming, Maw beside me. When Ming took her plate into the kitchen for more rice, Maw immediately grabbed my closest hand and, in full and open view of Yoni, pushed my hand to fondle her breast wildly until her nipple popped up into erect excitement.
It only lasted perhaps 10-15 seconds, but Yoni was looking open-mouthed yet licking her lips and I was mortified Ming would return and - well, call the Police for one thing!

“Maw, stop that, you mustn’t do that here; I shouldn’t do that anywhere, but you shouldn’t make me do it knowing I can’t help doing it!” I was whispering, words tumbling out to get the message across, all the while facing a grinning, Cheshire cat-like Maw.
“Oh sorry, Mr Steve; I have been missing you and thought you might have been missing me too….was I wrong?”

I had taken my hand away, of course, and picked up my beer with it; I sighed and whispered to her, my mouth right at her ear, “Maw, your breasts were in my mind when Sam wanted me to suck my wife’s tits last night – it was your breasts I wanted in my mouth, not hers, so yes, I miss you. But Yoni is here and she doesn’t know anything about all this, so you shouldn’t frighten her, and Ming is also just…well, right here again now, so eat, my young lady.”
“Oh, really, Mr Steve – you wanted my breasts, not your wife’s – wow, I am all tingly! You know Mr Steve, I could be in love with you; you are nice. But anyway: Yoni knows, Mr Steve – I told her.” My mouth gaped – I was getting myself into hole after hole, and they were getting bigger all the time and harder each time to try and climb out of.

My appetite had suddenly vanished; I excused myself, thanked Ming for a beautiful lunch, took my plate to the kitchen, added ice and took my beer outside to have a cigarette – before going to my room soon and locking myself away I decided.
My plan didn’t require such drastic measures when Maw’s phone buzzed; “Hi Mum, I am having lunch in Khun Steve’s, Aunty Ming his housekeeper made it. Oh, I am fine, I think, yes Mum; and Na Ming has her niece here and she is going to come to my house and stay with me for the afternoon, so I won’t be bored or anything. Oh, she’s 12, her Mum is sick so she has come to Bangkok with Na Ming for a while; don’t worry, Mum, I feel much better, your medicine must have cured me fast! Love you, Mum, I am hungry for lunch now, Mum, ‘bye.”

Ok, I relaxed audibly and bodily, and suddenly felt very tired and sleepy with the tension flowing away; I packed up, told Maw I had heard and said to come back if any problems, but I was going for a sleep – ‘weak and tired and old’ sorry girls.

They both laughed and even Ming joined in; “Maw guffawed, “you need sleep more at night Mr Steve – what do you do to make you’ tired and weak’ at lunch-time – and you are sure not old to me, Mr Steve?”

I glared at her a little, “You’re right, young Maw, just didn’t sleep well enough last night, well about 3 nights actually, can’t tell you why, not sure – old people have these problems; see you later girls, Ming.”
I left them laughing again, closed my door, cleaned my teeth, waited only moments for my tired-of-standing-up-straight cock to empty my bladder, stripped and lay on the sheets, immediately rising to turn on the fan, not liking air conditioning much at all.
5 minutes reading and I put it down, rolled over and fell….

Part 5

….I was in a dream surely….
My fantasies didn’t include adult women, and this was a naked body as tall as my own, female toe nails twiddling with my feet, and small breasts pressing into my back while a bushy cunt was tickling my bottom as it pressed against me to reach a small hand over my hip and begin fondling an ever-ready cock to life.
Lips were pressed against my ear, murmuring…something, but I was asleep I knew it and knew my body was tired and needed this sleep; let my cock feel as if being played with – it did what it wanted anyway…
But when my body was pulled over flat on my back, the physical actions became too much for my brain not to notice and slip into gear, albeit 1st gear if nothing more perceptive than that.
The fantasy wasn’t that: this was indeed real and it was Ming’s face close to mine when I reluctantly let the dream go and opened my eyes to this new ‘new world’ I had dropped into these past days. She parted her lips in a smile and whispered hoarsely “When I saw you aroused this morning with Yoni, for the very first time I knew you were still a man and had a cock I never imagined! I always felt sad that your wife had her life and you had Sam of course, but nothing as a man. Well, I saw you today and I wanted it and have waited for it all day and now, Mr Steve, I am going to take it; call it rape if you will, but I want to be fucked silly or I am going to fuck you silly anyway.”

With the spoken word out of the way of her mouth, she dropped it to mine and tongue-fucked me as a starter; hell’s bells, I was awake now!
Her body was atop mine, my cock pressed horizontally down between us; she smelled beautifully and must have showered, she was excited and trailing juices every time she moved her cunt.

And it was that cunt – well, technically not, it was the tickling bush of hair – had I ever had an unshaven woman/girl, I wasn’t sure I had – waving around my groin and cock and I found it incredibly erotic and exciting and new and aroused with a woman, rather than the young hairless or wispy-haired young ladies I was now so enamoured with.

And her niece had the same! My cock surged and I fell into that fantasy of feeling Yoni’s bushed cunt lying atop me, while Ming directed this reality as she so basically had put it, a rape by her to be fucked silly.
She lifted her hips and groin up, my cock sprang up following its desired location and she took one hand from my cheek and reached down to stuff herself with it; unlike the girls, she had no hymen to break or first cock to become used to; she wanted at least a little romance with it and after pushing just the head inside her slick hole, she paused, seeming to savour it for a short while….

I knew nothing of a husband, even whether she had one, but she did have experience at having sex, that was clear; she brushed her small breasts and tightened nipples across my chest hairs and my own nipples, creating sensations there; her mouth and tongue worked my face and neck and mouth in between, and her body began descending as her cunt’s muscles began sucking my shaft in and up once she had decided to progress beyond the head of my cock.
A buck of her hips down, her hands pulling up on my buttocks and she began to sink, clutching me by her walls tiny hands of ridges pulling me on to deeper levels, her breathing harsh and noisy as my length kept penetrating her.

For me, it was the magnificence of the hairs surrounding her groin which had me turned on to ‘full’. It was just such an incredible feeling for me, like a tangled vine trying to wrap around and capture my cock as it kept sliding away and up into the cavern beyond its tendrils grasp.

My mouth was drooling, anticipating the moment when we had finished fucking, she would need to roll away and recover, and I would be twisting down to get my teeth and mouth enmeshed in those tendrils.
But for now, she was on top and she was doing it her way; actually, it was fortunate she was on top as I was far from ‘buried to the hilt’ when she had to halt at the barrier of her cervix, or ram against it of course as an alternative.
Ming had another alternative and she pulled off me, sat up and turned herself around, then sat down on me again, facing away, laying down towards my feet; she slid back and forth on me, to her hilt, not mine, but enough to quickly cause an orgasm and I felt wetness bubbling from her – into that bush and I wanted so much for it to be bubbling into my mouth buried in the same place as my cock, her hairs all over my face like a beard; I groaned and she asked “you want to cum, Steve, you can; I know I can’t get pregnant…”

“Not yet, Ming; I just love your cunt and am happy right here, but I so much want to drink you soon, feel you on my face, your hair is just magnificent and it made me groan as much as your wonderful fucking”. (I added the last bit in case she thought I only wanted her with my mouth which was mostly true of course.)

Either my words, or the new position, or her own metabolism now began another climax for her and she pushed back hard against me – surely it must hurt a woman if a cock is longer than her tunnel and keeps bashing against the insides of her body – and my cock head was hitting her – perhaps this is what she wanted; I wasn’t of enormous size, but it seemed larger than Ting and her friends, perhaps Ming also, had encountered before, and seemed to excite them to orgasms and frenzied attempts to have me become stuck in their cervix or womb…whatever, Ming was exploding and I was even more wanting the increasingly wet succulent bush I could see and feel in front of me.

Ming reached her saturation point and slowed and stopped and fell off my pole to the side, rolling on to her back, her legs spread out in an invitational pose, consciously or not, which I couldn’t refrain from accepting and, like a lion stalking and now ready to spring, I was up and turned around and my face was immediately inside that dark jungle of vines and creepers and hairy tendrils, dripping like water down the canopy of a rainforest in an afternoon storm, and I burrowed in, my tongue acting as the guide for my mouth, nose, entire face to follow.

This was a new Heaven I hadn’t encountered before; I gnawed with my teeth, I sucked with my lips, I swallowed with my mouth, my fingers parted avenues through it like tributaries into a delta, my face burrowed through it, feeling it in my eyes and nostrils and grazing my cheeks.
It was crinkly but soft, tickled me everywhere it touched; it was a woman’s aroma, a woman’s taste, a woman’s sap to scoop up on my tongue; it was the feel of a woman never before imagined, never before expected or felt or tasted or eaten and drunk from….

And there was a niece to fantasise doing the same with….

What became truly amazing was when I reached far enough forward for my tongue to probe into the main river of her cunt, she immediately sent a gushing torrent over her edges like a dam bursting; too much for my unprepared mouth, it flowed out the sides and down into that almost impenetrable jungle of dense undergrowth and a myriad of streams and I had to pull my mouth back and chase the escaping juices through the maze of hair, trying impossibly to lap up every drop.

This all became too much for Ming and she rolled right off the bed to escape, leaving my mouth open and my tongue lolling out for more.
She heaved in breaths and looked across the bed to me, finally able to pull herself weakly up to sit on the bed, lean over and kiss me passionately and lovingly before drawing in deep breaths to say “7 years I have worked for you; 4 of those years you have been home most of the time and I am sure most of that time you haven’t had sex. How could I have wasted all those days not doing this with you – for me and for you! I haven’t known many men, but there couldn’t be one who loves to eat me like you, who can make me climax like you, fuck like you.”

“I see only one problem, Mr Steve; if we are home together, raping you will be on my mind so much – well, I am not sure when my work will get done.”
“Ming, that was glorious; I have never had a woman like you before either; I could eat you all day, or until my mouth was frozen and couldn’t work!”
(Of course this would be somewhat difficult when I had told Maw I could eat her breasts all day too!)

She giggled gently, rose to her feet; “And I didn’t have time to eat your tits yet either” I added, watching them standing up, small and pert, turned up with nipples erect on their points.
“It is getting late, Mr Steve; can I shower in Sam’s room, then I will clean her bathroom before collecting Yoni and going home?”
“Just shower Ming, Sam’s bathroom can wait until tomorrow – I can take Yoni to the pool while you do your work so, ah, you aren’t distracted, ok?”
She leaned back down for another very nice kiss; I felt something – no, not my cock stirring – from her in her kisses just before and now again; she wasn’t trying to arouse me, deep throat me or arouse herself: they were kisses of tenderness and feelings I decided.

The hole I have been digging for myself suddenly loomed larger than before.

When I had showered and re-dressed myself, shorts only as I didn’t expect any cock problems from Sam this evening, Ming had also finished and was putting away last minute dried kitchen towels she had washed earlier. Before she had finished that, Sam bounded in, Maw and Yoni in tow.

I better go and put on underpants was my second thought, my first had been ‘sex has just walked in-again”.
Sam quickly said “Hi Daddy, Sawasdee ka Khun Ming; Daddy, Khun Ming, I met Yoni and Maw out in the hall a while ago and we’ve been talking. Daddy, can Yoni stay here tonight, if that’s ok with Khun Ming?”
She gave me that look which says already “Thanks Daddy, you’re the best Dad”; I looked at Ming and she was smiling and nodding, but waiting for my answer.
Feeling guilty, my answer was dictated by the thought of Maw being around and even more of Yoni being in my apartment all night; “If Khun Ming says ‘ok’ then ok Sam – BUT, homework gets done, dishes get done, no boys, no loud music, no Police at my door about neighbours complaining: agreed?”
They were all guffawing at me until eventually Sam said “Agreed, and I will even cook dinner Daddy.”
Sam knew that was a non-event: her culinary skills stretched no further than making my café or a sandwich, and packaged snacks. Ming interposed “I will prepare some dishes, Mr Steve; no-one will starve, and yes, it will be good for Yoni, thank you Mr Steve and Sam.”

Part 6

My wife came home as we were finishing the dinner Ming had prepared; Maw hadn’t stayed – she was ‘recovering from her illness’ and thought she should be at home tonight; the girls laughed and ate, and spilled, their way through dinner, while I just enjoyed it – when I wasn’t off in my brain with fantasies….
Sam’s mother was quickly told about Yoni and went off for a shower, saying she had eaten already; I didn’t know what might be in her mind for tonight, but, ‘sorry my wife, you are not in my mind’.

The girls washed the dishes – tick; so next was ‘homework Sam’; she laughed uproariously and it was a full 2 minutes before she could say “I don’t have any tonight, Daddy; promise!” I reluctantly added a mental tick to that requirement, and I knew the other items were sheer nonsense, so I caved and agreed they had both done as I requested; Sam opted for ice-cream as a reward and doled it out for them both from the varieties in our freezer.

I sat out on the balcony with a beer brought to me by Yoni at Sam’s request; she stood close beside me, in her nightie as they had both showered before dinner. I so wanted to slide my hand up underneath and, for the first time, feel her young bush…but I knew if I started something, Sam would know and Sam would decide she could now insist on a ‘fuck on school nights’.
I had to keep some rules and I consoled myself (my cock) that tomorrow I had already arranged with Ming to have Yoni come to the pool with me…the possibilities, ah, and my fantasies were alive and jumping in my mind when Yoni returned inside to Sam.

My wife came out and gave Sam and Yoni a kiss good night; she was wearing a satin short camisole and panties/shorts – I don’t know clothes - and I came inside to allow her to kiss me good night the same.
I could see Sam’s mouth almost watering; I looked at the clock and told Sam “Do something for 30 minutes, Sam, then clean teeth – oh, get Yoni a new toothbrush now please - and I will give you another 30 minutes to settle down before I come in with the whip!”

Yoni looked at Sam with fear; “Oh, Yoni, don’t mind him – not only doesn’t he have a whip, he would probably ask us to use it on him – he is just trying to make a joke, but his jokes mostly aren’t very good!”
“Really Sam” asked my wife, “Do you think Dad would like a whip used on him? Mmm, I can see if my friends have a spare one, what do you think Sam?”
Sam giggled but shook her head: thank you Sam I thought! Yoni was looking flabbergasted and I went across to her and hugged her shoulders, “Just family joking, Yoni, don’t worry; we don’t do it very often; off you go and sleep well.”
I kissed the top of her head but she turned her body and gave me a hug – she knew, she had to know, her cunt was pressing against my front, but she looked up at me and articulated very slowly, prolonging the contact below I was sure “Thank you, Mr Steve, it is wonderful to be here with you and Sam, and Sam’s beautiful mother, I can’t thank you enough…thank you, thank you.”

I put my hand over her mouth, making shushing noises at her, then laughing with her and Sam at the ‘Miss Hollywood’ acting she had put on. She and Sam headed off to Sam’s room, Yoni with a new toothbrush in her hand.

My wife looked at me with a smile, though a rather sad one; “Perhaps I should not have insisted on you getting a vasectomy and trying for a 2nd child; they seem wonderful together, don’t they.”
I went to her and held her; “Hey, we made a joint decision a long time ago: one child, try and give that one all we could for their future. I think we have done pretty well, dear, and Sam has a lot of friends and makes friends easily; I don’t get any feelings from Sam that she is lonely being the only child, none at all, and you know she and I are very close and do everything [gulp] together: she isn’t lonely, trust me.”

My wife hugged me and asked if I was coming to bed soon; in a moment of tenderness I said “Just want to watch BBC News – would you like to watch with me, then go to bed, to sleep?” She nodded and I sent her to the sofa, got her a glass of water and a can of beer for myself and came to join her as the opening music began.
She snuggled under my arm, leaving me no choice but to put my arm around her; her breast, unfettered in the camisole, pressed against my ribs and she draped an arm across my stomach, twiddling my bare skin with her fingers as her head faced the TV and we watched the news.

Did we see or hear the news, I can’t say. We were comfortable together in a way we hadn’t been for years; did it mean anything?

“If you don’t want to make love to me, or me to you my husband, can we just go to bed and cuddle each other to sleep – would that be ok, I miss that, and you could read your book like always, make it like we used to have, ok?”
She was trying; I squeezed her body to show I was listening to her pleas and excused myself to turnoff, lock up and hold her hand, stopping at Sam’s room to listen through the closed door – all quiet, good or bad! So I didn’t go in as I had said– and we went into our bedroom, honestly not knowing what I was thinking or what my wife was thinking not truly, truly honestly.
She climbed on the bed, in the middle, ensuring she would be close to me when I came back from the bathroom, teeth cleaned and fresh and cock admonished to show nothing of arousal – as if it would listen if it chose differently!

She had turned my bedside light on, the main one off and re-settled herself on her back, her strong large breasts without any sag to gravity’s pull to the sides and down; they were beautiful breasts – just as they had been when they first entranced me.

I removed my shorts and slid on beside her, picking up my book and then she lifted her head and my arm went under and around her shoulder as she snuggled against me, one breast and nipple against my ribs at the rear side of my body, the other breast lying on top of my chest, as she draped her arm across my abdomen, seemingly content as she sighed and lightly kissed my chest.
I shifted so I could use 2 hands to open my book and turn pages as required, but my mind wasn’t concentrating on it and I closed it for a moment to ask her “You seemed to enjoy Sam’s attentions last night….”

Stiffening for a moment, she relaxed again and seemed to decide to tell me something; “Yes, I did; you have always thought, Sam too, I had a boyfriend. I never have, but a girlfriend, girlfriends, yes; it started by accident, a work function, a little tipsy and I found I loved the different things 2 women could share and feel and do together; I am sorry, but it just grew from there and it seemed I couldn’t stop, but I was ashamed and hid it from you.”

“But last night, Sam suckling my tit felt just so right and I realised she is becoming a woman and she seems to like women too [and a man: me, also I said to myself] and it was beautiful with her; I think she enjoyed it also.”
“But when you made love to me the other night, that brought back why I loved you in the beginning, and somehow you seemed to have developed new skills without me and your cock just blew me away, so now I am confused again, not sure which way to turn. Do you understand any of this, my husband?”

I squeezed her to me as a positive response, not sure myself which way to turn – away from her or towards her, metaphorically speaking.
“Perhaps we should be satisfied with this, my wife; Sam and I can be, I know.”
She sniffled and held me tighter; I put my book aside, turned off the light and we slept as we hadn’t done for years: comfortably cuddling.

Morning came and I woke when she rose for her shower, too early to get up but I was awake, so I only waited until she was in the shower and I went in to wash and clean my teeth and went out to the kitchen; too early for the paper, but a café beckoned and the habitual cigarette with it, so I sat on the balcony with my book, thoughtfully brought out with me.

Minutes later Sam came out, still in her short nightie; “Morning Daddy, I thought I heard you; all ok?”
She was perceptive my Samantha; she wasn’t sure what might have happened between her Mum and Dad and this was her way of asking; “Yes, Sam, fine; we had a talk and decided we all, I said you would be, comfortable with our life as it is; how’s that? How did you sleep, you girls ok?””
Sam nodded and gave me a kiss, a fatherly one, “That’s just fine with me, Daddy, time for my shower, and I slept like a dead log, Daddy tired!” She then gave me a different style of kiss and whispered, “Getting closer to Friday night…no school Saturdays is there.”

Barely 5 more minutes and Yoni came to join me; I put my bookmark in and closed it up, far less interesting than my companion drawing up her chair and pointing a panty clad bottom at me, topped by another short nightie of Sam’s.
Her panties pulled up the slit of her bottom but, unlike Sam’s and April’s and…stop it…they didn’t stick into the cleft between her legs and I just knew it was because of the mass of hair of her groin; I moaned, lolling my head back at the imaginary vision and Yoni stepped over close to me and asked “Are you ok, Mr Steve?”

Am I ok – how to answer that to the 12y.o. asking, the one causing this fantasy – through absolutely no fault of her own, no design of her own, perhaps not even any desire of her own, or knowledge of how she was causing this state to overcome me – putting my mind into a blur of fantastic images of her, all centred around her bushy cunt….”Yes, young Yoni, I am fine, just some thoughts in my head.”
“What kind of thoughts, Mr Steve?” “Old man’s thoughts Yoni, that’s all - nothing for a pretty young girl to worry about.”
“Do you think I am pretty then?” “Oh, you are beautiful, nong Yoni, trust me.”
“Wow, thanks, Mr Steve, you aren’t the first man to say that, but you are the nicest, so I like being pretty, or beautiful, for you” and she leaned in to kiss me, not on the cheek as I smilingly expected but a full-on frontal assault on my lips and with her tongue sliding around them, wetting them, beguiling them into opening to her so she could dart a small tongue in and out, god like she was fucking with it!

I moaned again and Yoni pulled back “Is that what you were moaning about before too, Mr Steve?”
Breathless, I whispered “Something like that, yes Yoni.” She laughed and danced away and I dropped my head, seemingly staring at a hole the size of a volcano’s crater opening up underneath me.
The next interruption was my wife popping into Sam’s room and wishing the girls ‘good morning and bye, see you tonight’ and then she came out to me; I couldn’t move as the cock in my shorts would have stood out to greet her well before the rest of me followed, so I nonchalantly sat there and let her give me a hug from the back and a kiss on the cheek.

But she saw it and whipped her hand down, “I haven’t seen one of these in the morning for a while” and she curled her hand around it and gave it a few up and down tugs; ooh the moaning was back! “Do you need some help with that, husband, before I go to work?”
I gently removed her hand, patted it and smiled up and back to her, “I’ve managed for a long time on the rare occasions this has happened; it’ll disappear in a moment” ( a silent crossing of my fingers at the 2 small white lies: it is happening a lot these new days, and it may not disappear at all today!)
She kissed me again on the corner of my mouth and headed off to work; I sat there, willing my cock down, more so when I heard my wife greeting Ming as they crossed at the doorway!

“Ming, good morning, could you check on Sam please, she needs to come out for some breakfast, thanks.”
“Good morning, Khun Steve, yes of course; I will put your paper on the table Khun.”
The table – a good idea for hiding my lower half under; I moved quickly for another café and sat down as Sam and Yoni came out behind Ming.
Ming asked the obligatory ‘was Yoni good, no problems’ etc. and Sam said it was a lot of fun to have her and I added she was easy to take care of and welcome here; Yoni beamed and Sam said “That’s nice of you, Daddy, so she can stay again, thanks Daddy.”
I had no control over anything, did I - wrapped around little fingers and breasts and young women’s every part and even my own cock!

Sam ate a bowl of cereal and Yoni had one also, and though she had never eaten Corn Flakes before, she pronounced them delicious and had a second bowl as Sam ran off to brush her teeth, grab her bag and call “Come on Daddy, walk me to the corner please.”
I grabbed my ever-present t-shirt hanging on the back of my chair for just such necessary moments as when I had to greet someone or go out for 5 minutes to buy something and ran out with her as the lift arrived.
My cock bounced minimally and I berated myself: the way I am these days, and as much as I don’t like to, I really do need to wear some confining underwear when not alone; Life was becoming more complex by the erection.

In the vestibule of the apartments, waiting for the lift having watched Sam from the corner, I was joined by a young girl who said “Good morning, Khun Steve” and bent to wai to me; when she stood upright, I recognised her as one of the 2 girls who had been talking in the pool to my girls the other day. “Sawasdee krub, nong….” “Nong Linh; I know Sam and her friends; I live up on the 10th floor with my sister and Mother.”
I looked at her, “13, almost 14” she said, reading my mind; I smiled as she puffed out her small-breasted chest and my cock reacted at another young woman seemingly entering my life.

“Clever girl, young Linh, I was about to ask that, yes; so, why aren’t you in school today?”
“My school has this week off because the workmen are repairing the whole roof before the rains start and they didn’t want students around.”

The lift arrived and I let her enter, not entirely because I was a gentleman, though I considered I was, but mainly to look at her long hair (of course), shapely legs – she was taller than Sam’s friends – beautiful small bum, and her breasts’ outline as she turned around before I had stepped in. “Are you staying there, Mr Steve, or coming with me?”

She was giggling as I started and jumped in as the doors began to close, my cock bouncing almost loudly in my shorts – a longer t-shirt on my mental shopping list. Linh half-grabbed me as I stumbled to a halt, but she held on – ‘oh Linh’ I thought,’you don’t want to do that, you don’t know what a young woman touching me does to me!’ – And steadied me, but held on to my hips and slid them down my thighs, and then to the front of my shorts and curled them around my cock!

The groaning returned; “My mother saw you at the pool the other day; she said you look like you have a big cock; now I can tell her it is very big, and it bounced just for me and it feels wet and beautiful.”

“Are you swimming today, Mr Steve, see you down there; I get out here, but you should press the button, Mr Steve, for your floor.” Linh gave my cock a shake ‘bye, pulled her breasts against it fiercely, and stepped out.
The doors closed but I moved nowhere for several seconds, until I made that useless shake of my head but did recall her words “…press the button…” and finally did so, waiting until the last moment to get out and imploring my cock to be reasonable as I entered my own apartment.

Part 7

I snuck in to the table and sat; ah, safe for a while as I unfolded the newspaper; Ming came into the kitchen from the washing area and I could hear the machine filling.
“Have you had breakfast, Mr Steve – I was going to make something for Yoni, but she said she ate with Sam, but I can for you if you would like?”
“No thanks, Ming, I will do some toast in a minute, enough for me.”

2 minutes later she came in and put a plate with 2 pieces of toast in front of me, already spread with margarine and honey: my staple toast spread. I smiled up at her “You didn’t have….” But she put her mouth to my lips to quieten me, then whispered “I wanted to” and went on to the bedrooms, leaving my cock in as bad a state as previously.

It wasn’t helped when Yoni appeared in front of me, coming from the bedroom still with one arm to put through her costumes shoulder strap, leaving one nipple exposed to the air and to my eyes; I groaned as Yoni smiled broadly and said “Ready for a swim, Mr Steve?”
I stifled the groan, averting my eyes which were all too ready to lead my mouth over to her; “Not yet, Yoni, let me eat my breakfast, and it is only early anyway; what about you turn on a News channel and find out what is happening in Thailand and the World for a while.”
“Oh, ok, Mr Steve” and she turned away, finished dressing now but wiggling and waggling her delightful posterior at me as she headed over to the lounge area and picked up the various remotes and settled on the sofa; I went back to my toast and the new café Ming had also bought – 3 cups in quick succession: as if I wasn’t ‘hyper’ enough!

45 minutes or so later, I was changing into my costumes in my bedroom but leaving the door open and Ming walked in with new towels in her arms; she didn’t pause, just walked by me bent over to lift one leg into one leg of my costumes, “Ah, so that’s a small Mr Steve is it….oh, it doesn’t stay small very long, does it Mr Steve” as my cock began extending as soon as it noticed her in the room. I fumbled and then had to stuff that cock into my costumes painfully to be able to face her, cock extended further in greeting.
She was just smiling, no more words as I pulled my shorts up over ‘it’ and then found my longest t-shirt to slip over my head and down to cover ‘it’ quite well.
‘I am sure Yoni will enjoy the swim, Mr Steve, thank you; see you later….” She left that hanging, but left me in no doubt she would be hurrying to finish chores to have available time for a repeat of yesterday.
Yoni was waiting with 2 towels, a beer, cigarettes, newspaper, and a bottle of water: no more excuses, “Right, thanks Yoni, let’s go.”

It was still comparatively early, but warm, close to hot as normal, as we dumped everything on a table near the shallower end and Yoni begged to jump straight in; “Fine, but I am waiting a little while and reading my paper – if you are going to drown, let me know first ok, so I can call ah, Tare over to rescue you?”
“Very funny, Mr Steve; Aunty Ming said ‘stay with Mr Steve’ – how can I do that when you aren’t in the pool with me….” “Just a little while, nong Yoni, just let me read some News.”
She jumped in and scrambled out “It’s cold!”

“Ha, that’s why I am waiting, young lady – here sit in the sun for a while until we feel hot, then I will go in the water with you.” This was funny, Yoni complaining I knew it would be cool and hadn’t told her; I read my paper while she kept her towel wrapped around her shaking body - for all of 1 minute as it heats up every one of those which ticks past.
A very short time later it was quite hot enough; “The water will still feel cold, but after a minute or two it will be refreshing; come on, I will join you for a while Yoni.”

‘Join you’; what a choice of words I use at times, as I dived in, swam under for a few strokes and turned around to find her legs in front of me, the bubbles of her jump still escaping to the surface as I climbed my hands up them, away from dangerous places, and she clamped her arms around my emerging neck and legs around my waist: we were practically joined….if only my cock rose a mere few centimetres and broke through both our costumes….

“Mr Steve” Yoni broke through my reverie, “I need to go to the toilet, I forgot upstairs; can you come with me, I have never been here.”
‘If my cock will just go down, Yoni, sure’; “Yes, Yoni, we just need to dry off with the towels a bit before we go, out you get” and I pushed her bottom up and planed her through the water to the side; she was giggling and my fingers were so close, so very close….

We dried ourselves, wiping my crotch as she did hers, both looking – desirous? Certainly on my part, I couldn’t get her aunty Ming’s hair crotch out of my head – or rather, the fantasy transference to the same on Yoni: a young girl with a thatch of hair I wanted my mouth to explore so badly it kept my cock aching and my mouth not far from drooling when she was close.

Tare wasn’t at the bar when we passed and headed into the hallway with the toilets; Yoni entered and I stood at the entrance.
“You have to come in, Mr Steve, please!”
Her pleading voice, no-one around, I nodded and followed her into the Ladies, checking: empty. Yoni headed into a stall and I stood opposite, expecting her to close the door while I waited near the wash basins, but she didn’t do as expected.
She didn’t close the door; she didn’t just sit and pull the crotch of her costumes aside to pee; no, Yoni stood there facing me, full frontal, stripping her costume down off her shoulders, down over her little tits, down over her belly button and down over that pubic hair and her groin hiding her cunt behind that mass of jungle growth.
Then she stood, looking at me before sitting down.

I was distraught; I was sweaty and shaky; I was forcibly holding my legs from walking over to join her in that little room which seemed surrounded by inviting neon lights flashing ‘Steve, Over Here’; my cock would have broken my costumes if I had bought a cheap pair from a market. But as it was it was so pointed and rigid, like a hunting dog who has spotted the prey and points with its nose and its tail straight in line, it had pulled my costumes down as it stretched outwards, exposing the top of my own pubic hairline.

Yoni was smiling at me; “Come here, Mr Steve; I know you want to….”
It was a gentle command, and it was enough for me to unlock my legs and walk unsteadily across the space to the doorway of her cubicle; “Perhaps you should come inside and close the door, Mr Steve.” It was another rational gently spoken directive, and I complied in a daze.

Yoni stood and flushed the toilet – I was devastated, thinking she was finishing, getting dressed and leaving; she sat on the lid and rather laid back and slid her bottom to the front edge of the seat facing me.
I knelt down on the cold tiled floor, shuffling closer, my hands tentatively reaching to her knees and gently, pleadingly, seeking to open them wider; they did as she said “I haven’t washed or wiped yet, Mr Steve, are you sure you want this?”

Had I been a shark, my gaping mouth and teeth would have been frightening, as my response was to bare my teeth and plunge my mouth as wide open as possible into her growth, that hair I had wanted since seeing such a thing for the first time I could remember, and it was on her, a 12y.o. with pubic hair befitting an old lady who had never shaved.

It was the Heaven of the religions I entered, my nose inhaling, even sucking in, her drops of hanging pee and the aroma of her was so intoxicating I knew no purchased perfume could compare.
My mouth began to feast, my teeth gnawing at her like that shark does with prey, but I had no intention of ripping her apart in my gentle biting and nipping of her hairs; I sucked in any moisture I found, tasting both chlorine and pee, with the latter winning the taste competition, and I tried to separate each strand of curly hair with my lips just to taste a single one at a time – but we would have been in this cubicle until the next millennium, so much, so many hairs did she have covering her girlhood, her womanhood, hiding within.

As with her aunt, Ming, my face was covered in her fur the more I burrowed and it entered my nostrils and eyes and mouth as I sought the path to young Yoni’s holy grail of a slit, itself hiding the entry way to what I expected Nirvana to be like.

The hairs seemed like branches and twigs intertwined and intersecting to create a barrier as I used my tongue like a probing tool to fight a way through to the crown jewel awaiting; finally, stuck in the maze, I had to bring my hands up and part the growth, and it was a Red Sea path opened before my eyes: her slit, puffed, engorged with blood, dripping a trickle of moisture, opening and closing actually like a clam breathing, lying in wait for easy prey to come and investigate before sucking it in for its own pleasure and enjoyment, to satisfy its base needs and hunger, and to proclaim its dominance over the weaker species.

My tongue was the seeker snaking out first and testing the vertical slit to see if this was the prize sought: no doubt about it as the opening pulsed and drew my tongue in to its opening, to the succulent juices therein and the meaty flesh surrounding and pulling, an invitation my tongue accepted in advance of my quickly following mouth.

The battle began, my mouth endeavouring to surround the lips of her as my tongue spiked in and around and tried to find the heart of this unique mystery: The Cunt protected by a forest so dense it would keep away lesser mortals, those without the desire to fight through for as long as it took to show It was what he or she had come for.
And I had come for this.

Yoni had put her hands on the back of my head, almost blessing me and wishing my voyage success; when I reached the path’s end and ventured into the dark cavern beyond, she pushed on my head to keep going forward. My lips caressed her cunt’s lips, my teeth nibbled around the edges until they found the nub which was the ignition key to be turned on to begin her vibrations and shudders and her own groans for the first time, and my tongue darted in as far as possible to stimulate anything and everything it found.

My face buried and rejoicing in it, my hands caressed up her body and found her nipples; as tiny as they were, they were sensitive and when my fingers gripped them, she writhed and squealed – not a quiet squeak, a genuine squeal, and I growled in response into her cunt, my breath hot and burning her into another one; a thought flashed of people running in to rescue some child from something causing her pain, but all remained quiet as I suckled, ate and swallowed the orgasm when it flooded from her.

She was shaking around me, her hands on my head and then on mine on her nipples; her chest heaved with grunting breaths, but she couldn’t squeal any more, she just moaned constantly and slid her pelvis at me, thrusting it at me, giving herself to me, and Nirvana’s lower levels had indeed been reached because we had scaled some of the heights together; “Fuck me” Yoni wailed and I wanted to, to continue climbing into the Clouds until the Rain came for us both…

But I pulled my tongue slowly out, my mouth slowly away, my hands caressing not stimulating to shake my head and say gently “Oh that is what I want also, young Yoni, my lover; but not here and to make that happen, I want you, not in a toilet, but somewhere comfortable and when you have considered it more calmly.”
She was in anguish “Then take me upstairs and fuck me there, Mr Steve, I have to, I am gasping down there for your cock in me, and I have never felt this before!”

Someone came into the toilet and washed their hands and then closed a cubicle door, locking it; when I heard the gushing sounds of someone pissing, I kissed Yoni’s lips and motioned I was going, she need dress and I would wait outside. She understood, but her eyes pleaded as I left quietly, pulling the door to as I heard tissues being used; I was just outside when the flush came, a door opened and someone went to the basin, washing hands.

“Hi Mr Steve, are you spying on my Mum?” It was Linh from the elevator smiling, startling me from behind; I stared blankly for a moment, recovered and smiled by return “Waiting for my housekeeper’s niece, Linh, first time here so I went into the Men’s while she is in here.”
She looked at my cock projecting ahead of my body; “Oh, I see; what did you do in there, Mr Steve, must have been something exciting, was it?”

As I came to learn, she had a devilish nature and a wicked sense of humour when it suited her; seeing my face flush as I turned away seemed to suit her, and she gave my cock another pat and squeeze as she walked past into the Ladies.
I needed to disappear; my aching cock – as it had been for hours it seemed – needed to calm down in private. I said loudly, “Yoni, I am going to the toilet; you can go back to the table and wait there ok.”

As I finished talking, before I could turn and run into the Men’s, a pair of breasts came out of the Ladies; I swear they were a full second ahead of the following body!
That’s all I saw, oh and the yellow colour of the enclosing costume, and I scurried into the Men’s like a frightened rabbit, which I felt like as well: in a perpetual state of Fantasy which seemed to overrule my real world these days and kept me mesmerised and surrounded by, and offered, objects of desire from within my fantasies, never letting me be calm and rational anymore.

I gave that shake of the head again, stood over a urinal wondering if a eunuch was a happier being without a cock to get him into so much trouble, and waited for mine to finally wilt and dribble a tiny amount of urine.
But I had at least a modicum of decency in my costumes as I washed my hands and exited; no Yoni waiting so I walked out and over to our table, smiling at a visibly exhausted Yoni; I took her hand, stood her up and we jumped into the pool together.

She could hardly walk around, certainly not swim, so I just stood near her and told her the water would rejuvenate her. She gave me a bigger smile and put one hand on my shoulder – we had both noticed there were now more people in and around the pool, compared to no-one when we had gone to the Ladies – just like a niece might do to the uncle taking her for a swim; I gave her a mental tick for maturity.

“I don’t know how to thank you, Mr Steve, and there aren’t words to say what I felt – there might be in English I don’t know, but none in Thai that I know for sure. No-one has ever used their mouth like that on me; my brothers tell me I look ‘gross’, my father and uncles have fingered me before but my father said he doesn’t like it and wants me to have it shaved. But my mother won’t agree; she told me it is a woman’s heritage in my family and I should keep it.”
“She also told me:’ the man who really loves you will love your body hair’….do you love me and my body hair, Mr Steve?”

“Yes, I do, Yoni.” The words came easily and I knew there was no trickery in them, but I had to qualify them: “But, Yoni, I am an old man, you are 12 years old; I can love you, but you will want, will meet, a suitable, young man in the future, and he will be able to love you freely, as I cannot; does that make sense to you, my young lover?”

She nodded and threw her arms around my neck to kiss me on the cheek; “You said you love me and call me your lover; that’s enough for me – the future is not yet here, Mr Steve.”
How astute an answer she gave; I gave her a hug and threw her away.

Part 8 (Epilogue)

As Yoni and I were laughing, a bright yellow came into my vision; “Hi, Mr Steve, this is my Mum, she wanted to meet you….” Linh and her mother were walking towards us….

Many years ago, my Vietnamese wife had explained to me that a natural pair of breasts would bounce and jiggle – as her own beautiful breasts did – but those with implants or whatever would seem stiff and boring, according to her; thereafter, I had automatically taken notice of breasts – as if I hadn’t before!
I looked up at the breasts which had caused me to scurry into the Men’s: they were bouncing their way to the pool side near us, enormous and natural; Linh’s mother, who had told her daughter she thought I had a big cock, was the bearer of those tits and the yellow one-piece costume, covering not only her voluptuous tits but an otherwise slim, model-like body.

As my cock began issuing its welcoming wave, a face broke into a broad smile around perfectly white teeth; “Nice to meet you, Khun Steve” she paused to bow and greet me in the respectful Thai manner; I returned the gesture and she continued “Linh said she had met your daughter, and you today, and told me I should get to know you; we should get together sometime….see you….”
Linh added “Very soon….” And waved and went with her mother, hugging her arm and talking; I watched both their bottoms, firm and taut, walking away, but my eyes were fixated and hoping she would turn around for one more glimpse; oh my, Linh’s mother did – what’s her name? – and my eyes were set at exactly the place where her breasts came into focus!

“Do you like her, like her body, Mr Steve?”

“Just a dream Yoni, just a dream I sometimes have….”

(End of Chapter 3 – I know it’s long - my fingers ran away with me and didn’t stop….)

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