Hey guys, sorry that it’s been so long but school’s been fairly hectic for me lately. I want to thank Kstarrules90 for prompting me to keep going. I also want to say thanks for helping my first story get such a high rating, I was never expecting such a positive reception. This story starts out a bit slow but I tried to establish a bit of a back story. If you haven’t read the first story, I suggest you do. Enjoy!
Hey, this is George again. It’s been over a year now since I got my new powers and boy, have I got some use out of them. Just in case some of you don’t remember, I was out with some friends and was approached by a girl, Emma. She was hot, and I seriously considered her out of my league, but she took a liking to me and told me about her ability to control people. She then gave me this power and I, not particularly thinking with the right head, immediately took control of her.

Anyway, that was Saturday night and Sunday passed without incident (I am an only child with a single parent so it made it easy to avoid saying people’s first names and inadvertently bringing them under my control. I still didn’t know the limits or potential consequences of my new abilities and was therefore extremely cautious.

That thought blew straight out my head on Monday when I arrived at school in the morning. One look at some of the girls in my year and I knew I wouldn't make it through the day; some of the girls there….just whoa. I had once been against having a school uniform, much preferring to be able to wear what I wanted, rather than what some stuck-up principal decided we should wear, but not that day. I noticed just how much the girls tried to push the limits of ‘acceptable’. There were short skirts, tight button-down shirts and cleavage galore, I was in heaven.

I decided to start out sort of slow and just plan before I did anything stupid. With sheer force of will I managed to finish all my classes and get home without exploding. I decided I needed to find out the limits of my powers sooner rather than later, and who better to ask than the person who gave them to me so willingly? I knew Emma would be more than willing to help me with what I needed so I decided to call her. Not knowing what to expect, I got her mobile number from a friend and dialled.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Hi, Emma, it’s George”, I stated cautiously.


“Emma?” I asked, a little worried.

“Yes”, I noted that it wasn't a questioning tone.

“Are you ok?” I started to relax a bit.

“Yes”, came the reply.

“Say ‘apple’.


And there it was, I knew for sure that she was still under my control and I actually laughed. I then got her to tell me everything I needed to know about the powers that she had given me. She then spent the next little while explaining.

She told me that I could control anyone I wanted to and she didn’t know about any limitations except that I had to be in close proximity to the target for the initial take-over but afterwards any form of oral command would do. I asked her why she really gave me the powers she said she hated them. She was too scared to say her friends’ names and it was driving her insane so she got rid of them the only way she could, by transferring them to another person, me. She also said that someone could be released from my control if I wished for them to be able to live a normal life. She said that I could release them with or without memories of what happened between us. I could wipe all memories of any commands I had given them, as well as of all acts I had made them perform while controlling, or I could let them keep their memories. But Emma said that with no way to tell how someone might react to becoming aware that they have been another’s unwilling slave, it was probably safer to not let them remember.

When I asked her how she came about the mysterious powers she told me that she’d seen a really old man attempting to cross the road when he tripped. With cars approaching rapidly that wouldn’t see him she acted impulsively, simply running out onto the road and causing the cars to swerve and stop, saving the man. When they reached the other side the man showed enormous gratitude and told her how noble she was to put her young life on the line just to save an old man from dying in that way. Emma said he then held her hands really tightly and whispered something and she blacked out for a second, she knew it was only a second because she came to while still falling to the ground. When she looked around, however; the man was nowhere to be seen and she was left with a massive headache. After that she was on her own with the power, teaching herself to hone her skills through trial and error and experimentation.

As I said goodbye I made a decision about Emma.

“Emma, I release you, and I want you to remember.”

“Thank you”, she replied, “I hoped you wouldn't take control of me but I’m glad you released me. Don’t worry about sex; it was good for me too. See you around.” She then giggled a bit and hung up.

So there I was; no real answers about the origin of my new ability but a bit more confident about using it. When I went into school, I still restrained myself from sex. I really wanted to test the waters before I did anything major. It was still early and there weren't many people around. I went up to my friend Jake and said his name. His eyes immediately went misty like Emma’s had done. I told him to stand up and sit down 5 times and he did just that. I decided to release him with no memory of it; I didn't want to lose my best friend through this thing.

As Jake and I were talking another of my friends, Natalie, walked past with some other girls.

“Hi George!” she called.

I was in the middle of a conversation so I casually replied, “Hi Natalie.” I froze. I spun around, freaking out about what people would say if they saw her suddenly stop and mist over, and how I would release her without other people realising something was going on. As I looked over, however; Natalie was still walking away. There was no pause, no sound; no hint at all that anything was off. I was curious, so I called out to another friend, Kyle to say hello. After I said it I waited. And waited. I waited until Jake tapped me on the arm, concerned about my staring at Kyle. Kyle just kept on with his conversation, not missing a beat.

I started to think about what had happened, so far I had said the names of two boys and two girls to their face and had only successfully controlled one of each. I tried it out on my friend Justin, who came under my control and I released him immediately. I tried to think what the difference was between test subjects. It wasn't until an hour later in first period that I realised.

Of course! It all made sense; it was the intent behind my words. I had meant to control those three people, unlike when I causally replied to Natalie and when I called to Kyle. That made me feel a whole lot safer with the powers. Now I knew that I could live a normal (sort of) life if I wanted. I guess Emma never really got this far in her learning.

Next period was Chemistry with Mr Alexander. I hadn't done the homework for the lesson because of the weekend’s events and I knew he wouldn't be happy because it’s not the first time I haven’t done the assigned work. So he took me outside the class and started lecturing me about the importance of doing all the work, and that I’d regret it one day, and that it’s all valuable, yak yak yak. I didn't want to hear it.

“Alan” I said calmly.

“Do not refer to me by my first name, George,” He replied coldly, “address me as either Sir or Mr Alexander”.

I was confused. I had meant to take control. There shouldn't have been any problem, so I tried again.

“Alan” I said more forcefully, focussing extremely hard on controlling him, thinking it over and over in my mind as I said it.

“That’s it!” He exclaimed loudly. “That’s detention. I won’t take any more of your rubbish. You’re to go see the deputy after school.

I was shocked. Not only had my powers failed me for no apparent reason, but I had just got my first detention in my life. My mum was going to be pissed. So the rest of the day I was quiet and did my work. I didn't talk through classes, I wasn't too energetic at lunch either which my friends put down to me being bummed about the detention. I made the decision to give up on the testing for the day, realising that, despite what Emma told me, there were just some people out there who were able to resist the powers of mind control. Looking back, it was stupid of me to think that I was all-powerful; of course someone could resist it.

So I walked into detention after school and it looked like it would be a lonely hour, sitting by myself doing the homework. I liked the deputy, Mr Nirth, and he liked me so it wasn't all bad, but he knew he couldn't be friendly when I was supposed to be being punished. After about five minutes the door opened and in walked Kirsten. She was gorgeous. Standing a bit shorter than me at 5’ 10”, she was taller than most other girls. She had blonde hair, nice sized boobs and just a general sexiness about her probably caused by her fantastic body, toned from all the sports she did. She’d only recently moved to Australia from the US and her Texan accent only added to her appeal. We didn't ever hang around each other, her being 16 and me being 17 and being in different years, so when she walked in I was ecstatic about an opportunity to ‘get to know her better’. Luckily I knew the deputy well enough to be on a first name basis.

“Paul?” I asked, focussing entirely on controlling him.

“Yes”, he replied, and I noticed his eyes had gone misty.

Success! I went up to him at his desk as if to ask a question and as I bent down I whispered some instructions to him without Kirsten knowing. I sat back down and soon after I turned to Kirsten.

“Kirsten?” I was brimming with confidence.

“What?” was the reply.

Oh shit, it didn't work! I started to panic. The container holding my confidence shattered and it drained away, leaving me with only my usual awkward self. I acted impulsively and immediately regretted blurting out.

“You’re really sexy, Kirsten!”

I know, not the smoothest pick-up line, closer to last place, but as I said, this was the best that awkward me could come up with.

“Thanks, you’re not too bad yourself.”

That hit me like a bucket of cold water. That wasn't meant to happen. She was supposed to laugh and dismiss me, maybe telling her girlfriends about it and making me a laughing stock. While this was flowing through my head, Mr Nirth, who had been sitting blank-eyed at his desk waiting, stood.

“I think you two can look after yourselves for this hour”, he said with a smirk, “or each other” he added with a wink as he closed the door. I had set that up for my only benefit, trying to create a certain atmosphere for myself, I didn't think Kirsten would be in a position to even register it had been said.

“Well, you heard the man” She said, standing up and pulling her shirt open in one smooth motion.

I sat there speechless. Her boobs looked fantastic and I could tell from her sexy stomach that her sporting lifestyle really was worth it. When she made for her shoes I snapped out of it and started undressing. Soon we were both naked and staring into each other’s eyes, separated by only a desk. She ended the moment swiftly by climbing onto the desk on her hands and knees and grabbing hold of my rapidly hardening dick. I moaned just at her touch. It was so sexy to see her from this angle in that position. She looked into my eyes again as she took me into her mouth and began to suck. It felt so good, much better than Emma’s, which was a surprise to me, given the quality of Emma’s but I guess the fact that this time was consensual was amplifying the feelings.

This went on for only a few minutes before I was ready to blow. I told her and she just started using her hands to help speed things up. I finally came in her mouth and she stayed there, looking me in the eyes as she swallowed it all. I then flipped her over and laid her on her back over the desk. From there I started to push a finger into her and began pushing in and out. She started to moan so I guessed I was doing it right. I added another finger and after a little while I was rubbing her clit with my tongue while thrusting three fingers in and out of her tight pussy. She kept on moaning and it was getting louder and after about five minutes, she orgasmed.

She laid there panting for a while, not wanting to get up. I eventually heard her whispering to be fucked. I decided to leave her on her back and aligned my still hard cock up to her pussy and began to press inwards. I only got a little bit in when I got some resistance. I stopped; extremely surprised that she was a virgin, yet so willing to not only blow me, but also to have sex with someone who may as well be a stranger to her. She noticed my pause.

“It’s ok, I’m ready. Go for it”, she sighed.

Well, that’s all the encouragement I needed. I pushed all the way in and she almost screamed out in a mixture of pleasure and pain, only her hands blocked out her noise. I pulled all the way out and pushed back in slowly again, not wanting to hurt her for her first time. I kept this on for a minute or two, and then decided to pick up the pace. I then began to pound in and out rapidly, making her moan and eventually scream as her second and third orgasms coursed through her body and her hands fell from her mouth. It was a good thing that everyone had gone home for the day or we may have been interrupted. I finally felt my balls start to contract and yelled that I was almost ready to cum.

“On my chest!” She screamed.

I pulled out and started jerking off over her body. I shot several ropes of cum up her body, some reaching her boobs. With that I laid down next to her, exhausted. We stayed there for a while, kissing passionately with our tongues in each other’s mouths before I realised that the hour was almost up. We quickly got cleaned up and dressed and after packing our things we left the room.

Mr Nirth was standing at the end of the hall, completely still. I guess I should have given another command after, ‘leave the room and walk down the hall’. I knew I’d have to practice being more specific, if someone had walked past they would have noticed something was wrong. Kirsten and I then walked out the front of the school together, holding hands.

Little did I know that someone had noticed Mr Nirth. That someone was now watching us leave the school from a second-storey window while talking on his phone.

“It seems he’s had enough of them. He’s given them to someone else, a boy. Yes, of course I’m sure; I wouldn't be speaking to you otherwise. He tried to use it on me.”

Well, there you go guys, Part 2. I promise it won’t take me so long to write the next one (if that’s what people want). Any constructive criticism would be appreciated. Thanks again to all of you who rated positively on the last story!


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And of course, This was a good story... Have to find the next chapter :)

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