A vey naughty boy is punished by his teacher, Principal and Janitor
A story on how they robbed my innocence.
this is just an idea, if the idea is good I will continue it with much more sex!!!

My name is Andrew, I go to St Andrews Catholic School, one of the best in my state. My father dishes out $35K for me to be here each year. It was a semi boarding school, basically this means we can go home is we want to any day from Monday to Friday, but we have to go home for the weekends. For this reason most of the kids didn’t live to far away from the place. It was full of ever so pleasant students and sugary sweet teachers. It made me sick. And bored. I would always be avoiding class, sneaking out after the teacher had marked my name and usually I got away with it, unfortunately this week was not my week.
I just snuck out of class and was in the school gymnasium, I had just been caught doing something bad. I was wanking, I couldn’t help it, honestly. I was a horny kid, I was in year 8, my 13th bday was coming up but already puberty hormones were coursing through my veins, and I got hard over anything. What’s worse was that if I didn’t take care of it I would get blue balls. So today I had snuck out of Mr Martins algebra class, it was last period anyway and I figured as soon as the bell went he wouldn’t notice. So I headed to the gymnasium, hopped into the janitors closet, and started to wank. Unfortunately, just as I was getting ready to cum the door opened and the janitor walked in. My penis went limp immediately, I was mortified. The janitor stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes dropped down to my penis and he just turned and walked out. That was 5 minutes ago, I was still in the closet, I didn’t know what to do. Then suddenly

“Andrew Michaels” came a loud voice filling the school with my name, “report to the principal’s office immediately.” My heart dropped, that was the Principal, Mr Phillips. I was screwed, if my dad found out I knew he would take the belt to me. My dad was the pastor for our very ultra conservative church, he did not think twice about corporal punishment. And in his own words “faggots can be beaten straight, faggots should be beaten straight and faggots will be beaten straight”. He once caned me because I picked up $2 I had found because he considered it cheating. I was shaking thinking of what he would do to me if he found out I was MASTURBATING!!!! But since I had no choice I walked to the principals office, knocked and pushed the door to go in. Just as the school bell rang signalling the end of the day.

As soon as I walked in I knew I was in trouble, sitting behind his desk in his comfortable chair was the principal, mr Phillips, he was 65 year old man, he had a gut, a head that was going bald with only white hair, glasses that went over his blue eyes and a really nice suit on. If it weren’t for his suit though one would’ve thought he was a paedophile.

Standing beside him to his right was Mr Martin, the Maths teacher whose class I had snuck out of, he looked very serious, Mr Martin was a 34 year old man, he was tall and thin, but with nice broad shoulders, he had what one would consider a manly handsome face with just a little stubble. He had brown hair and brown eyes and all the girls had a crush on him.

Lastly there was the janitor, his name was Robert, he was a strange man, hardly ever spoke, he had a short beard that was messy and a messy crop of hair. He was just standing there looking at me with almost a smile in his eyes, like he was glad he caught me.

“sit” said the principal, so I sat down on the small hard chair opposite him. “im sure you know why your here” he continued as my heart started to beat faster and my head started to get moist with sweat. “we have decided that the only course of action is to tell your father, the reason for this is that you broke multiple school rules. First skipping class, second being out of your class with consent, third going to a restricted area, fourth, masturbating”.

I couldn’t contain myself, if they told my father all this I was good as dead, with a small tear in my eye I begged “please don’t tell my Daddy principal, you don’t know how much trouble I would get in, please sir I will never do this again”

I was sure this would work, why wouldn’t it, it always worked before. See I was a very good looking kid. Cute, pretty almost, I had beautiful blonde hair that came down to my eyelashes, green eyes that looked almost as if someone drew them on. My lips were small but round and beautiful, and my nose was small and dainty, I almost looked like a girl, and with longer hair I might have been able to pull it off. It helped that I had a skinny body and long thin legs. In fact everything about me was small and petite, I was small for my age as well, the only thing not small about me was my bum, that was kinda big, but thank god it had a good shape. The year 12 boys on the showers often told me that I had a “bubble butt”, not sure what that meant but they seemed to like it. It had a little bit of fat on it but they liked it a lot, once when I was washing myself and dropped the soap, as I bent down to pick it up I felt a tongue run lick me from my scrotum all the way up. It felt good I’m not gonna lie but that's another story. Another thing I learnt in the showers that like the rest of my body my penis was small, maybe 3 inches fully erect. I didn’t care though because it still felt amazing to touch.

Anyway I thought my looks would pay off, but they didn’t, in fact as I stared at them tears in my beautiful green eyes, I saw the principal give me the same look that janitor gave me earlier, Mr martin also was trying not to smile, and as for the Janitor, he wasn’t even trying to hide his smile.

“hmmmm” said the principal, “we thought u wouldn’t wasn’t us to tell your dad, and we wont” he said as I started to feel incredibly happy, “but u still must be punished right?”

“yes sir” I said, overjoyed I wouldn’t get in trouble with dad “I agree sir, punish me however u like sir, just please don’t tell me dad”.

The principal smiled, “ok Andrew I will, but did u need to listen to every word we say without a second of hesitation, if u hesitate for even a second we will tell your dad immediately, there are no second chances.”

I nodded still happy, I guess I was smiling too cause Mr Martin said “if you listen to us hopefully you will be smiling more”. I didn’t understand what he meant but I didn’t want to show any hesitation so I quickly said “yes sir”.

The principal then got up and said “are u aware that masturbating without orgasming is very dangerous?” I shook my head no. “did you orgasm in the closet?” he asked. Again I shook my head no. He looked at me with a surprised expression, “well do your balls hurt?” he asked. I didn’t realise it then but I did have blue balls and they did hurt a bit. I said yes.

“oh no” said the principal “that's very bad, that pain happens because your balls are in danger of exploding, u have to orgasm straight away! Quick Robert help him” said the principal.

I was scared, I didn’t want my balls to explode! So when the janitor came to me and started to pull down my shorts and undies I helped him and quickly threw them to the side. But what came next was unexpected. The janitor started to fondle my genitals, very slowly with his fingers, I looked up at the principal who for some reason started to sweat a little, Mr Martin was just staring at my package, and licked his lips. I figured this was how they would stop my balls from exploding, so I looked at the janitor who by know was on his knees. And he looked so happy, even though his eyes were closed, I could tell by his deep breathing and big smile that he was happy. My dick was fully erect at 3” when I felt the janitor move so that now he was facing my right shoulder, his right hand was molesting my penis and the principal and my teacher were watching, and then I felt his left hand start to caress my bum. I wont lie it felt...strange, but nice, quite nice. The janitor leaned in and whispered into my ear “u like that boy?” I didn’t know what to say, but I guess he didn’t care cause he answered his own question “of course u do baby” but he said it in almost a moan. I noticed that his left hand was now squeezing and pulling my bum cheeks aside, and he started to rub my butt hole with his finger. Then I felt my penis get wet while he was rubbing me, and realised I really must be enjoying this cause now I was leaking precum. I felt like I was close to cumming and could feel my balls start to tighten up when the principal started to come around his desk, as he came around I saw a big bulge in his pants and knew he must be really turned on. The principal came around and faced me. His bulge was in my face now as was his gut. He started to breath really hard and went to unzip his pants, I got scared, I think I know what he wanted from me and I really didn’t wanna do it. His dick popped out and my god was it seemed huge, it was probably about 7” and thick! Very very thick, it was uncut and I could see precum starting to drip from the tip down his shaft. I knew now that he wanted my to suck him, and I felt disgusted and very scared, but he suddenly seemed to change his mind. He dropped to his knees and told the janitor to stop what he was doing, the janitor stopped groping my ass and dick and went back to where he was standing before, I was a little disappointed but it was short lived cause the principals left hand took the place of the janitors as he started to squeeze and pinch and grope my bum, his right hand went up to the back of my head and cupped my head, with his left hand he pulled my ass in closer to him, I felt my hard wet precum dripping dick come in contact with his wet hard precum dripping dick.

As he pulled and pushed my bum cheeks my dick and his rubbed together sending shock waves of pleasure through my body and my legs started shaking. All the while he was staring at me but I couldn’t look at him, I felt so wrong and dirty, but I couldn’t stop feeling so nice, I loved how his precum and mine mingled together and started to drip down my legs. Then whilst I was enjoying this feeling of adult dick against my 3” pecker, of chubby soft hands molesting my bubble butt, he suddenly pulled my head towards his and kissed me passionately, he did not hold back, his eyes were closed now but mine were open, as I felt his tongue slide into my mouth, I did not enjoy this much at first but I figured it was better then feeling his penis in my mouth. But as he kissed me he must have got really turned on because his penis started to throb and the feeling made me quite horny again. He stopped molesting my mouth and slowly started kissing my cheek then my ear, then my neck and my collarbone. As he got to my chest his gut wouldn’t let him bend so he pushed me gently until I was sitting down on my bum on the floor of his office, at this point things started to get hazy from all the hormones coursing through my body, but, I remember the janitor came and ripped my shirt off my body and lay me down, whilst he was doing this the principal had removed his clothes and the fat old man was as naked as the day he was born. As I lay down on my back the principal got on top of me, almost doing a pushup he started to kiss me again, first a quick peck on the lips, he kissed then sucked my cheek, then he ran his tongue from my collarbone to my ear. Then he started kissing my chest and sucking my nipples, each time getting more and more passionate, each time sucking on my skin like for longer and more powerfully, as he got lower and lower his passion seemed to increase, then just as he got to my pubes I realised he was gonna suck, the realisation made me stiffer then every before, I hadn’t realised it but, I was actually moaning and thrusting my pelvis up. He stopped, just before he got to my dick he stopped and got off me. I was at this point incredibly disappointed. I opened my eyes to look around the room and saw the janitor holding his uncut dick, about the same length as the principals but thinner, and I looked at Mr Martin, he was pantless and slowly stoking his uncut dick, mr Martins dick was smaller, but to me it still seemed huge, about 6” not too thick. The principal then sat naked on his chair and said to the janitor “Robert, your the best cleaner I have ever had, clean this boy, I want to be able to eat off his ass”.

The janitor smiled, “my pleasure” he said

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He then came to me and flipped me onto my front, my erect penis was rubbing against the carpet, and that still felt amazing. As I lay there I imagined what a peculiar sight this would be: a young boy, naked laying face down on the carpet of a Principals room. The principal naked on his seat, a maths teacher stroking his dick and a janitor who just started to clean my body with his tongue.


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I'm loving it so far can't wait to read about the three of them fucking him for the first time. Maybe later we can find out that his dadknew about it the whole time and even shows up to join in the fun.

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it is really moving fast, I think one adult at a time, with a few blackmail pictures, and maybe more curiousity by our student.

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