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I feel like this was a bit of a weaker piece compared to my other work as I'm still an amateur writer, but don't worry everything will be explained soon. I understnad if you think I rushed the timeline a bit for this part but believe me if i had time to write a novel for you all I would. I have a good plan for the ending, don't worry. I want to thank you all for your support and feedback once again. I've been dealing with some trouble in my own love life recently and seeing you all so excited to read my work makes me so happy. It might be just a short series but to hear you guys praise me makes me smile. Please give me your feedback and suggestions. The series will probably go on for another 1 or 2 parts, so please let me know what you think or want to happen.
“What?” I yelled suddenly. My heart felt like it fell into my stomach when I heard Zoe speak. Everyone was silent, “What do you mean you’re leaving?” I asked. Zoe had her eyes on the ground with her arms cradled, I knew she was upset. “Perhaps it’s best if you and Zoe have some privacy” my mother suggested. Kylie let go of my hand and gave a nod of approval. In shock, I walked inside with Zoe still unable to look me in the eye. We sat in my living room side by side, I didn’t know where to begin. I repeated my question and Zoe answered, “My parents are moving a franchise over to Toronto, we’ll be staying there for a year to make sure the business spreads” she replied. My heart sank as I suddenly realized Zoe could be out of my life for real this time. I continued to question, “When do you leave?” I asked. “You have me for another week and then we fly out” she said trying to hold back tears. I didn’t know what to say, the thought of being without Zoe made me feel weak inside. I just wanted this to be some kind of cruel joke. “Why didn’t you tell me?” I shrieked. “I just wanted to spend time with you as if nothing was wrong. I’m sorry for the way I’ve been for the last few weeks and the stuff I’ve done. I really do love you, I was selfish to try and take you from Kylie”. I uncontrollably let out a sob and tears flushed through my cheeks. I always knew Zoe cared about me, as difficult as she had been for the last few weeks I enjoyed her company. “I missed my chance with you, I have to live with that” she said trying not to break down. “I guess now that I’m gone for a year I pretty much have no chance to fix what I did”. I hugged Zoe on her side as tears flowed from her face onto her dress. She looked at me with watery eyes and smiled, “Can you just do one thing for me?” she asked. I nodded, I had a good idea of what she wanted from me. “Just kiss me, it doesn’t have to be anything special. I just want to feel the love I missed out on for a second”. Without much hesitation I placed my hand on her chin and pulled my head towards her. I gave her a closed mouth kiss on the lips and held it for about 5 seconds. When I released Zoe was smiling, “Thank you” she said.

My life was turned upside down. I couldn’t stomach the thought of Zoe being so far away from me for so long. Zoe had always been so close to home, I always took for granted that she would always be here. But I knew now that I would find it hard to live without Zoe. She was always there, not in body but in presence. I always felt like Zoe would be there for me no matter what. Even with my stable relationship with Kylie I felt unease with Zoe’s departure. My mind drifted off into the future, I questioned if Zoe and I would keep in touch. We had never been apart since we first met, I didn’t think I could cope. Kylie sat with me after the party and held me. She too seemed sad that Zoe would be leaving soon. She stroked my hair and kissed me on the forehead, I didn’t hide my emotions as I sobbed. The emotional impact this was having on me was immense, my entire body felt ill. Kylie called her parents and told me to get some rest when she left. I tried, but my eyes wouldn’t shut. I was more awake than I’d ever been in my life. I wanted to spend every hour until Zoe left just hanging out with her. I wanted to catch up on lost time, but I controlled myself and rested. The canvas Zoe had made for me was opposite my bed. I stared at it for about half an hour and began to feel tired. Seeing her and myself smiling, hugging and laughing made me smile. I fell asleep within minutes with Zoe peacefully in my mind.

The following Monday I wasted no time trying to be around Zoe as much as possible. She seemed fairly cheerful during the week but as she had already told me she was trying to act as normal as possible. Zoe’s other friends soon found out what was happening and stole some of her time from me. To compensate for this I caught up with her after school most days, we saw a few movies together to make up for never doing so. I felt like I was dating Zoe in the last week, we laughed together, ate together and spoke like we were a couple. It was nice to feel the replication of what our relationship might have been like. Kylie didn’t mind me spending so much time with Zoe, she was supportive and told me I needed to make things count while they lasted. But if Kylie had of seen the way we were together I doubt she would have kept that position. Friday was Zoe’s last day, she seemed down compared to her usual self. I felt this was the last time I would see her until she got back, but she assured otherwise. “Can you come to the airport with me tomorrow?” she asked. I was thrilled at the invitation, wasting no time I responded. “I’d be glad to” I said cheerfully as I hugged her. I felt better this week about showing physical affection to Zoe, she hadn’t made a single move on me. I suspected she would jump at me any moment, but she never did. There were moments I felt like I would be the one to make a move. I wanted to kiss her, I wanted to pull her hips towards me and caress her body. But I was through with the drama, we spent the last week with each other as the friends we once were. As I had feared, the day came when I found myself driving Zoe to the airport to see her go. Kylie has said goodbye the night before so she decided not to come. Her parents drove in another car while me and Zoe entertained each other in the car. We reminisced on our memories with one another and laughed hysterically at some of the dumb things we had done. Neither of us brought up our intimate past, but I had a feeling it was all we were both thinking about. Waiting for her plane was the most difficult part of the day. I couldn’t go with her to the international terminal so I waited with her holding her hand before she went in. It was almost time to go as we both held each other tightly trying not to cry. “I’ll write to you, I promise” she cried. I smiled and raised my hand to the back of her head and stroked her hair softly. Zoe stood up and walked over to the terminal with her head hanging low. As we arrived at the gate she turned to me and place her arms around my waist. I felt her kiss my chest before pulling away and kissing me on the cheek. I sobbed uncontrollably while she looked me in the eyes. “Thank you for everything this week” she said softly. I was unable to speak, she turned and headed to the gate. In a sudden outburst I softly spoke to her as she moved away, “I love you Zoe” I said. Zoe turned her head towards me and smiled with tears pouring down her cheeks. She closed her eyes and whispered to me, “I know”. She disappeared through the gate and I watched her slender figure vanish. Her black hair swayed side to side almost waving goodbye to me. Unable to comprehend her departure, I looked out until I saw what I thought was Zoe’s plane leaving. It lined up on the runway while I watched. Before I knew it the plane was flying thousands of miles away from me. It occurred to me then, she was gone.

I took Zoe’s departure badly for the first few weeks. I kept feeling like she would turn up one day at school and surprise me telling me it was all a joke. But she was long gone, she posted pictures of Toronto. We did video chat, but it was never the same as being around Zoe in person. I didn’t always have time to talk either, while we spoke a few times a week at first within months I spoke to Zoe less and less. Video calls became a rarity, but I never once stopped missing Zoe. This was confirmed for me one night when I slept at Kylie’s house. I was dozing off and before I knew it I felt myself in a dream where Zoe and I were together. It was like history was rewritten, she said yes when I asked her out and we were together happily. Kylie didn’t exist in my dream, but this didn’t occur to me. I was relished in the fantasy of a life with Zoe, we kissed and made love like I had fantasized. My body was weak at her soft touch. I felt that my dream was becoming reality as my body tingled in pleasure. This entire dream felt like an intoxication of ecstasy. I soon realized my dream was no closer to reality as my fantasies. I woke trying to move my body in awakening, but there was something holding me down. I opened my eyes and tried to peer into the darkness. At first I saw nothing but peering down at my waist I saw that someone was on top of me. My eyes adjusted and I saw someone was having sex with me in my sleep. My first thoughts jumped to Zoe having awoken from my dream, but as I looked carefully I saw Kylie’s red hair flowing as she rocked back and forth on top of me. She was facing away from me while I rested on my back. Kylie noticed I had awoken and turned her head to me. She smiled lustfully at me “Sorry babe” she said panting, “You were moaning in your sleep”. She paused and released a playful shriek of pleasure as she sat back down pushing me inside her. “I saw your hard on and I got a little horny” she remarked in a cute voice. I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her deeper inside of me. She let out a long moan and moved my hands along her thighs. “Don’t stop!” groaned. By now I could see her much better, Kylie had a nice crease below her ass which revealed all the action. I could see myself disappear inside of her as I simultaneously jolted from pleasure. She rotated between sensual movements and bucking on top of me in an attempt to spice up the scenario. Her warmth consumed me, “Fuck me harder!” I yelled as she went faster. Kylie was playfully teasing me as she slowed her pace. She knew exactly when my climax was approaching but prolonged my ejaculation for as long as she could. Kylie was soaking wet, she had been fucking me in my sleep for some time before I woke. I realized that during my sex dream about Zoe I was most likely inside Kylie the entire time. In the darkness I tried to imagine Zoe on top of me bucking away however I was reminded by Kylie’s bright red hair that this was not the case. There was almost no friction as Kylie pounded her hips on top of me. The experience became too much for me as I started to groan loudly. Kylie turned her head to see me clenching the sheets in ecstasy. She grinned down at me with her hair messily covering her eyes and lowered her body. Her chest was almost parallel with eh bed as she began pounding on top of my harder and harder. The end of my penis nearly escaped as she brought herself all the way to the top of me and slammed down giving me the feel of her smooth vaginal path. She continued this for over a minute before I screamed out, “I’m going to cum!” I yelled. This only made her more excited as she moved faster and faster on top of me. I held on for my life as I sprayed my load inside her, she felt me exhale from my orgasm and sat up leaning back on me. She giggled for a second, “I can feel it coming out” she remarked. I knew Kylie was turned on, as I finished my climax she simultaneously rubbed her body paying careful attention to her tender nipples. As I was finished Kylie repositioned herself and laid down back on top of me. She turned her head and I greeted her with a soft kiss. I remained inside of her while she and I passionately exchanged affections. “Can we stay like this for a while?” she asked. I felt close to her, my semi-erect cock was pulsating inside her while she and I rested. I signalled a nod and she closed her eyes holding my hands on her body. Eventually Kylie fell asleep and I slipped out of her placing her down onto the bed. I kissed her on the head and tucked her in. Turning over I resumed my sleep, hoping to again dream of Zoe.

Until recently I had always felt a surge of guilt at my fantasies about Zoe. That had faded since her departure. I was aware that this was potentially damaging to my relationship but I tried to ignore this. When I was with Kylie I constantly thought of Zoe, it really wasn’t fair on Kylie. But my relationship remained quite strong. My usually low sex drive had heightened since Zoe left, I felt the two were connected. Luckily for me Kylie was more than happy to compensate for this. We had sex in every place we could find the time for. My car was a favourite over the summer. Kylie would climb on top of me and bounce on top of me. This lasted a few minutes before I threw the seat back and took her from behind on the backseat. We did other things together too besides sex. I cooked for Kylie one night but as I stood behind the stove Kylie became aroused at the sight of me providing for her. She approached me from behind and twisted me around. We made out for a few minutes and she threw herself on the bench top. Instantly she demanded “Fuck me right now!” and I made no hesitations. The food was ruined during my moment of pleasure but we both felt our sex life was a priority. Soon we discovered the wonders of shower sex. I was brushing my teeth when Kylie came in the bathroom and asked if she could shower with me in the room. Of course I didn’t refuse, Kylie slowly took off her silk black night dress and revealed her erect nipples. She was grinning at me in a naughty manner, I knew she was trying to turn me on. She pushed her breasts up as she played with her nipples. Kylie turned to the shower door and ran the water. Her dress was still above her hips as she pulled it down bending over in front of me. She gave her hips a slight wiggle. Her bare lips were staring me in the face, I was frozen in awe of her beautiful body. Kylie stepped into the shower and as she close the door looked me in the eyes seductively. The door shut and I found myself jaw-dropped staring through the shower door. I had stopped brushing my teeth completely. “Are you coming in or what?” she yelled over the shower door. I jumped out of my clothes and leapt into the shower. I pushed my body against hers and her breasts squashed into my skin. I became hard and felt myself grind against her lips as we stood facing one another. Kylie pumped her hips into me grinding her soft pussy lips along my end and shaft. I became even harder and Kylie pulled her leg upwards allowing me access inside her. She and I kissed with the water running over our faces. I threw myself inside her and Kylie panted in the hot mist of the shower. The wetness of the shower lubricated my entry, I picked Kylie up with my arms around her and threw her against the wall. She squealed playfully and pulled herself down on top of me. Kylie and I passionately made love for about 10 minutes before I began to climax. As I clenched my body tightly Kylie threw herself off me and began jerking me with my cock aimed at her chest. I moaned and looked down as Kylie rubbed my cock on her breasts and nipples. Unable to contain my excitement any longer I came loudly as my ejaculation washed off her chest and down the drain. Kylie smiled up at me with her wet hair and water running down her face. Kissing the end of my penis playfully, Kylie rose to her feet and whispered in my ear, “It’s time for you to wash me baby”. Needless to say I had fun doing so.

It had been a while since Zoe and I spoke over video chat. She almost seemed like a stranger to me when we set a date and time to meet up over video. I made sure Kylie wasn’t around when I spoke to Zoe, it made things too complicated if I had my girlfriend over my shoulder for every conversation. I waited patiently, we had agreed to talk at four in the afternoon her time. I watched as it went from 10 minutes to 5, 2 minutes to 1 and then right on the second I saw Zoe’s name pop up in the corner of my screen. I instantly made the call and waited. Her face popped up on my screen and she smiled at me. “Hey handsome!” she yelled over the speaker. My face lit up as soon as I saw her, I had missed her so much. By now she had been gone for about 7 months more or less and I was feeling the toll of communicating long distance. I thought we would find it hard to communicate after such a long time, but before I knew it Zoe was telling me all about her time in Toronto. She had made new friends and even gotten a job at a local grocery store. Zoe looked happy, to this I felt relieved. As she was talking continuously about her time in Toronto I realized I was just staring at her. To see her so cheery and bubbly made me numb. I felt like I did when we first met. So infatuated with her, Zoe was really amazing. “So how is Kylie?” Zoe asked. I snapped out of my trance and responded. “We’re doing great” I said, “Things haven’t slowed down at all”. Zoe smiled and repositioned herself for the camera. “I’m glad to hear that” she added, “You look really happy. I was a mess when I left you, I think I must have cried for days”. I nodded and considered telling her the same, but I decided to play it tough. “I was pretty sad too” I added, “It’s good to see you’re really enjoying yourself though” I said smiling like a little kid. Zoe shot up and raised her voice “Oh I almost forgot to tell you!” she yelled. I leaned in and gestured for her to continue. “I won’t be gone for as long as we first thought! My parents are leaving the business under management at the start of January. We’ll be able to do our finals together at school!” Zoe was shaking with excitement, she awaited my reply. “That’s awesome!” I yelled back. I thought to myself for a brief moment, I was so excited for the year to end all of a sudden. It was only about 3 and a half months until January. I wondered what kind of impact this might have on my relationship with Kylie. It was a well kept secret until now, but my heightened sex drive had made our bond so much stronger. Problem was that my heightened sex drive was due to my emotional withdrawals of Zoe. I was deprived of Zoe’s usual sexual innuendo. Her naughty photos, her teasing and her advances, I actually missed them. When I didn’t have them I released my deprivation onto Kylie. Lately we had been fucking like rabbits. When Zoe returned, I questioned if things would be the same.

During the summer break Kylie and I decided to rent a beach-side house for a few weeks. Neither of us could afford anything too big, but we enjoyed the time we spent together. As we arrived Kylie put on her bikini. I had seen Kylie naked a hundred times, but seeing her in her black bikini with white polka dots made me horny as hell. Her breasts nearly popped out of her top and her bottoms clung tightly to her body. Kylie saw me staring with my jaw dropped and giggled. She didn’t cover her body, instead she gave her body a little shake and caressed her body for me. Nothing she wore looked bad. “Like what you see?” she said whilst licking her lips. I nodded and approached her. I picked Kylie up and threw her against the wall. My hands supported her backside as he arms were wrapped around my neck. Kylie smiled, “You want a quickie before we head to the beach?” she asked. I moved my hands underneath her and moved her bottoms out the way, it was my way of saying yes. The sudden excitement had gotten Kylie very wet. As I move inside of her, her breasts lolled around in her bikini top. I must have done something right, after only a few minutes Kylie let out a high pitched cry and I felt her gush all over me. It was the first time Kylie had ever orgasmed before me, I was quite proud. She recovered from her pleasure after a few seconds and grinned at me exhausted. “Now we have to clean up” she said laughing. This was going to be a fun few weeks. But I knew at the end of the summer break I would see Zoe for the first time in 10 months. Throughout my holiday even when in the middle of an extended session of hot sex, my mind drifted to Zoe again and again. I knew it was wrong, completely wrong. But even when I explored every desire with Kylie it wasn’t enough to suppress my craving for Zoe.

Another month passed, it was the 4th of January, one day before Zoe’s plane arrived bringing her back to me. Things were still going well with me and Kylie. We rarely fought and had continued a loving relationship which was now past its one year anniversary. During the past year Kylie had not changed much, she was the same loving, joyful girl I had met during a lonely summer. I began thinking, had Zoe changed since we last saw each other? Physically there was not much more to change, but what was she like now? Did she still love me? I worried during the week leading up to her arrival if things would be the same. I was afraid Zoe would be different, that she wouldn’t be the girl I cared so much for. This was mainly nonsensical paranoia, but as the final day came to its end I became increasingly eager to rediscover Zoe Becker. Kylie decided to travel with me to see Zoe. After all, the two had quite a liking for each other. I wondered if Kylie was also jealous of me being so eager to see another girl, but I had my doubts. Sitting in wait was a complex feeling. I was overrun with excitement and fear. Every girl who walked through the terminal looked like Zoe due to my impatience. I tried to fill in the gaps on people’s faces before realizing it was not her. I hid my anxiety from Kylie. Soon however I peered through the crowd to see a familiar figure. First I saw her legs, white as porcelain. Her red and white dress illuminated her from the crowd. Her hair, so lush flowed as she paced swaying side to side. I could tell it was Zoe in a matter of seconds. I shot up in anticipation and smiled, as I did this I noticed Zoe had spotted me. Her pace quickened as she pulled her bags behind her trying to come towards me as fast as she could. Kylie followed me as we walked quickly over to her. Within meters of each other Zoe and I looked in each other’s eyes as I felt her connected to me once again. I knew in this instant she was the Zoe I cared so much for, she was the Zoe I loved. “Hey h…” my speech was cut off as Zoe threw herself onto me and squeezed her arms around my neck, her chest muffled my attempts to speak. We held each other for a few seconds and Zoe released my holding my face. “I missed you so much!” Zoe yelled. She turned to Kylie and exchanged a hug before we took Zoe’s bags. “So how was Canada?” Kylie asked. Zoe turned and smiled lingering her response. “Well it wasn’t home, but I really enjoyed it. The locals were amazing, I’m going to miss them too” she said chuckling. “We’re glad to have you back Zoe” I added as we walked to my car. I took my time to investigate whether Zoe had changed at all, there was little difference. She looked and acted like the amazing girl I had always fallen for. As expected, I felt immediate tensions on my relationship. As we drove home I was stuck in a trance like infatuation with Zoe. I stared lengthily at her in my rear view mirror throughout the trip. She looked amazing as usual. Luckily for my sake Kylie had fallen asleep, I didn’t care to risk any drama. As I watched Zoe would look into my eyes through the mirror and smile. I looked away shyly like a little kid and continued to drive wondering if she was thinking about me. I felt however as we looked in each other’s eyes that the connection was still there.

Kylie asked me to drop her home, I was surprised she was prepared to leave me along with Zoe so easily but I knew Kylie was under the impression my heightened sex drive was exclusively due to the two of us. As I kissed Kylie goodbye, Zoe and I drove away to her house. I began to grow nervous with her and myself alone in the car. We were surprisingly quiet in the car, Zoe was tired and gave short but sweet responses. Part of me wanted to pull over and pull her close to me, I had waited so long to hold Zoe in my arms. But I restrained myself, I was unaware if Zoe was still in love with me. We arrived at her house, Zoe explained to me that her parents were due to arrive the next day. I grew nervous at the thought of Zoe and I alone in an empty house. My mind wandered at the possibilities, I questioned my faithfulness to Kylie. I didn’t want to cheat on Kylie, but I felt myself uncontrollably in desire of Zoe as we walked through the front door. Zoe fetched me a glass of water and we spoke for a while. She told me all about Canada, the people the places and everything in between. Zoe ranted for ages telling me how much fun she had, I simply watched in admiration as she glowed before me. I felt the anticipation to ask her about us, she wasn’t saying a thing about it herself. She asked about Kylie, to which I took the opportunity to move the conversation. “Kylie’s great” I responded, “We’re better than ever. Things just never really slowed down”. Zoe bowed her head and smiled, “I’m glad you’re happy, it’s all I ever want for you” she said grabbing my hand. I squeezed her hand and smiled at her. Zoe sensed a tension between us and pulled away from me, she tried to change the conversation but I wasn’t having any of it. “Do you still love me?” I asked. Zoe hesitated and backed away from me, “We can’t talk about this anymore, it’s all in the past”. I wasn’t satisfied, “Answer the question” I replied sternly, “I need to know”. “Why?” she yelled, “Why do you so badly need me to hang on the sideline for you?”. I stood up and shouted back, “You’re the one who was obsessed with me! Don’t try and run from it now”. Zoe’s voice grew distraught and croaky, “I was hurting!” she yelled, “I didn’t know how to deal with it. Every day I live with the pain of losing you. Don’t make me hurt you and Kylie because I made a mistake!” she cried. We stood in silence. What on earth did we want? Zoe loved me, I loved Zoe. But there was so much more to us, we couldn’t be together even though it was what we wanted more than anything. “Maybe it’s not too late” I suggested. “Oh and what do you propose? We run off together and break Kylie’s heart, you have to deal with the guilt and you blame me forever for how you fucked up your relationship with her? This won’t work, I’m sorry but we failed. You have someone who cares about you, don’t break her heart like I broke yours”. I was stunned, it was clear Zoe still loved me. But she was right, how could I merely break Kylie’s heart as if I didn’t know the feeling. My entire relationship with Zoe was one of heartbreak. How could I possibly do the same to the girl I loved. “So is that it? You won’t talk about this because you’re guilty that you never gave me a chance? What the fuck is going on with you?” Zoe threw her head into her hands and cried, “All I’ve ever done is hurt you, I just want to finally see you happy” she whimpered. I walked over to Zoe and grabbed her, “You make me happy!” I yelled. “You make me angry, you make me sad, you make me cry and you make me feel like a fool. But above all you make me happy Zoe. It’s not your fault I filled the void in my heart with another girl. It’s always been about you”. Zoe pulled away from me, she looked scared. “I won’t do this” she said softly with a whimper in her voice, “I can’t hurt you anymore”. I became infuriated, all my life Zoe had walked away from me when I tried to hold her hand. Years of being rejected by her had built up. Before I go on, please spare me your anguish as I know what I said was wrong. “Well fuck you then Zoe, if you don’t want to hurt me then stay the hell out of my life and go fuck with someone else’s emotions. You’re the worst thing that ever happened to me!” I yelled. A silence was emitted into the room. Zoe stopped crying and just looked at me. My infuriated state, she had only seen it once before. I hated myself for saying it, but I was too stubborn and angry to take it back. “Leave” Zoe said quietly as tears poured down her cheeks. I turned away letting my eyes water rapidly. I couldn’t believe it, was it over? Approaching the door, I turned and saw a horrified look on Zoe’s face like I had turned into a monster. I wanted to turn around, hug her and tell her I was sorry. I wanted to hold her and drain her tears on my shoulder. There were a hundred things I wanted to do, but I turned around with my head hung low and shut the door. “Goodbye” I said to myself.

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I also wanted to say I was torn but now I want Zoe to get him but will be sad for kaylie

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You are great and can't wait for the rest. I check multiple times a day for your stories. You should do commission work


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That's a good question, I was wondering when someone would bring that up. I actually don't name my main character of its from first person perspective. I think it helps the story sound more like its being told rather than read. It's a technique I picked up from various novels.

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I FUCKING LOVE THIS!!! Whats this guy's name by the way? And I want him to be with Kylie like it's turning out to be xD not tryig to be selfish


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What ever you write from here on half of your readers will be torn to pieces and the other half will self explode. Go ahead and have at us since half have to go down in flames. ???UNLESS? he marries both of them!! LOL Have at it, were waiting !!! (countrycadillac)

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