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I love my boyfriend; the dark chest hair that sprawls easy across his chest. His hands, enormous and bronzed on the back side. He is a man’s man. Unemotional and logic based. Good with his hands, short with his words, yet over time I have come to appreciate that he is also very sweet spirited and intelligent. Sometimes goofy, always hilarious, he has a frat boy sense of humor (and we have had numerous arguments about his sexist viewpoints), he can be obnoxious and insensitive, at times rude, uncultured - what my friends call “an asshole” - but when he looks at me, late at night when we are alone, the glow from our television illuminating his face, our legs tangled in each other, safe in the bed sheets … I know that he loves me beyond what he can put into words. It seeps from his eyes, pleading a language I can’t decipher, his eyes burn gold housing the embers of all his memories, his chest fills with….a softness he has never put into words. That look. Means more than any “I love you” ever could.
I put my hand on his chest. I never know what to say when he looks at me that way.
“Babbyyyy.” I swoon and whimper, quite overwhelmed.
He grabs my tiny wrist, perched on his collar bone.
“Turn over.” His voice husky.
My stomach flips with excitement and I lie down on my belly, spreading our comforter out of the way. I feel his fingertips trace my sides, slow and even along the sides of my delicate waist. His hands tug at my leggings, his hands pull on handfuls of my ass. I can hear him whispering to himself, then to me.
“Spread your legs.”
I do as I’m told right away and before I could even finish the movement, his hand is hard between my legs, pressing on my labia through my panties.
“I said, spread your legs.” He says snatching up a fist full of my hair. I gasp, his grip on my pussy increasing. I’m wet, he knows.
“You wet for Daddy?”
I say nothing. Words caught in my throat.
“Hmm baby, you wet for your Daddy?”
He shakes my head “yes” for me using the hair wrapped in his palms. I’m released. I exhale face down into the pillow. I can feel him snatching my leggings off, roughly, quickly, tossing my legs about. I feel his body weight on mine, the pleasure of his hard dick against me. His heartbeat pounding into my back, his mouth just centimeters from my ear.
“Who’s is this?” His fingers roughly working my panties out of the way, sliding along the folds of my pussy, teasing the entry with pressure. I whimper, overwhelmed once more.
“Babbyyyy.” Is all I can manage.
“Who’s is this? Who does this belong to?” His voice more earnest now. I can feel moisture leaking from his boxers, the firm head of his manhood twitching near my opening, his hands in the way. I’m squirming with arousal now, my face hot, his scruffy face passes against mine, frustrated with my silence.
He snatches me up onto my knees by my waist, reaching to grab my heavy breast dangling underneath my t-shirt. He pulls the nipple hard, stretching until I cry out. Amplified by the hard smack on my ass, which rocks through by body, he nearly knocks me forward onto my face. Again, again, each smack harder than the last, my ass is hot, burning from somewhere just underneath the skin.
“I’m not going to ask you again. Who’s. pussy. is. this?” each word punctuated with a smack on the ass. The floodgates open.
“Your’s Daddy, this pussy is yours baby, I want you so bad.” I’m writhing as I moan the words.
“Good girl.” I hear him moan, taking himself out of his boxers, running the head of his fat dick up and down my pussy, massaging in hard circles over my clit, tapping his dick all along my inner thighs and stinging ass cheeks. His erection feels like heaven sliding over my skin.
“You want this dick?”
“Yes, Daddy”
“Say you want this dick.”
“I want this dick daddy, I want your dick.”
“Beg, slut”
I’m gone. I don’t even know what I’m saying it’s rolling out in tongues.
“Please Daddy, please give me the dick, please fuck your slut Daddy, I need it. Please, please, please, I need your dick inside, me I need to feel you right now…. Please Daddy, please give me the dick, I’ll do anything, ple-“
He slams himself inside of me from behind. A deep rumbling moan from his chest, our fingers interlock into the mattress and he wraps his entire arm around my body, cradling me at my middle, pounding me from behind. All I feel is pleasure, all I hear are his grunts, his nuts against my pussy, rocking my cervix.
Under his breath, “Fucking bitch….nasty little slut…fucking love you” more indistinguishable noises and words, his body all over mine. The intensity swells, so wet I can feel the slickness in my thighs and ass crack. He’s gone into meditation with this pussy, stroking at a consistent furious pace. He doesn’t make much noise, I gauge his pleasure by his rhythm, his tightening muscles, his breathing. Right now, all of him is stone.
His fingers lock harder around mine, he fucks me harder, deeper. I can’t take him pounding deep on my cervix any longer.
“Daddy, it huuuurrrts.”
A rush of heavy breathing from him, his grip tightens around my waist, he slams himself into me now, no regard, I’m not even sure he can hear me. My legs are about to give out.
“Daddy, I can’t take anymore, it hurts, please stop, please –“ I’m whining, crying. Pleading.
He moans, “Baby girl, hold on, be a good girl, hold on please. Daddy’s gonna cum soon…you’re gonna make me come baby girl.”
It’s intense now, my pain, his vicious stroke, his entire body rigid, my wetness obscene, I’ve gone limp and silent, submissive, accepting he isn’t going to stop and this sends him over the edge.
He sears through my entire body, cumming with the force of a hurricane, he speaks in rumbling thunder “I’m about to cum, I’m about to cu-“ The final strokes are pure ecstasy. I feel nothing but him, and him nothing but me, he waits until the very last moment, before snatching himself out of me, panting and growling with animal heat and cumming in streams all over my pussy and inner thighs. Claiming me once more as his own. Only his. Always his.

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2013-10-10 11:13:28
Well im surprice that u COULD take so much abuse from him . And stell like it. When i could give u some better luving .

anonymous readerReport

2013-10-06 23:02:49
No that was male domination, didn't care if it hurt her was just about him & his pleasure and him getting off. I don't know how you could make a series out of it, but I'd read it.


anonymous readerReport

2013-10-06 20:19:24
This is amazing thank you for writing it, please massage my brain into esctacy with your lucious words soon. Part two, you must do


2013-10-06 19:39:19
This is great ;) I adore his roughness.

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