Lucas forces her sister to do a favor for him
PS: I wrote Mom Humper and got around 20k hits but after 2 sequels found that story gets monotonous. So I am opting for at max 3 part stories and proceed with a new one. I love nasty and incest sex and all of my stories have it whether you like it or not.
This one consists how Lucas made enough to blackmail half of his family, no sex yet.

Lucas lived in the city of NewYork. He was basically a school kid but did not have any girlfriend. He had a great lust on his sister but he keeps all to himself. He lived with his parents Mr. and Mrs Norman. He used to watch lot of porn.

“Lucas , Lucas ..”, Lucas heard a voice. It was her 16yr old twin sister who was calling him from her room upstairs. Cindy was calling him. Lucas dressed up himself and proceeded towards her room upstairs. He climbed up the stairs and reached her room. He was thinking about what his sister wanted at that time. He knocked he door of her sister's room.
“Come in “ came a voice from the room. Lucas opened the door. His sister was using her laptop and was holding his pendrive. Lucas stood at the door.
“What is it Cindy? Do you again need some help?Because I won't. Call your boyfriend” Lucas was irritated. He was watching an adult movie in his room and enjoying his time. He did not like to be disturbed.
“I do not need any help you dumbster. Well I used your pendrive and found something in it” Cindy replied.
“what?” Lucas already knew it. It was the latest 'Mom Bangs' porn which he took from David. He forgot to delete it.
“Well you know it.” Cindy said.
“Fine. Just forget it.” Lucas said trying to wrap up the conversation. Saying this he went off bamming the door. Cindy also decided to ignore it.

It was night time soon and the family was ready for dinner. At the dinner table. Cindy and Lucas were shy of what happened and tried to avoid each other. They did not speak any words on the table. Mr. Norman interrupted. Mr. Norman was an architect and was a frequent traveler. He had projects out of city on that night as well and had to leave after dinner.
“Why you two are making faces? Why is it so quiet ?” Mr. Norman, their father said while picking his favorite cucumber from the plate.
“Nothing Dad” Lucas finally said.
“We are cool dad. No issues” Cindy supported.

Soon the dinner was over. Mrs Norman cleaned up everything and everyone proceeded to their rooms.
Mr. Norman left to his work. He had 2200 hrs flight to catch. Mrs. Norman bid him goodbye and went off too. She was a quiet lady. She was nice and beautiful like a young girl in teenage was. She was still sexy in the eyes of Lucas and he dreamed some nights with her as well but never thought of doing it in real.

On the other hand, Lucas too went to Cindy's room and went in with her and stood just in room and closed the door.
“I am sorry” Lucas said trying to clean up the mess.
“Its all right buddy” replied Cindy with a smile on her face. “Just that you watch pretty cheap one. Take one from me. It has better girls. Atleast better pussies than what this guy was licking in this movie” Cindy said while showing her CD collection under her bed.

“Whaaaaaa....t ??” Lucas was dumbstruck at this reply. He did't expect his sister to be such girl. He stood quiet. He thought that it was a good time that he could get some thing out of his sister who he wanted to bang but had no means to so.
“Don't be shy common have them” Cindy passed a few CDs.
“Well I would tell mom and dad about this and they will handle you” said Lucas making a plan in his mind.
“Why would you do that bro?” Cindy was surprised unaware of what was on Lucas's mind.
“I would also tell that you watch them on your laptop” said Cindy again trying to save herself.
“Well I keep my laptop clean and have none right now” said Lucas strengthening his argument.

Cindy thought for sometime. She wanted to slap him but kept her cool as she knew that consequences would not favor her after that. She sat on her bed and said
“What do you want?” Cindy was looking to make a deal now. She knew he is far ahead in this game already.
“You” said Lucas.
“what?” Cindy was confused.
“Well with such a 36” boobs and 34” inch ass , who wouldn't like you sis?” said Lucas.
“Get out. Right now. You asshole. You wanna bang your sister. Are you out of your mind?” Cindy was raging already. She tried to push him out of the room when Lucas started to resist and closed the door.
“Don't shout or the secret would be out. Your choices” said Lucas. Cindy was deeply confused. She never knew that his own brother wanted to bang her. She did not expect such a thing from him. But she had no other option. She knew it that if mom-dad gets to know this, it would be bigger mess for her to clean up. Specially Mr. Norman did not expect her to be like this. She gave up. Lucas sensed this from her expressions. He patted her sister and then said.
“Well you have a task to do” Lucas said. Cindy looked up at him without saying anything. She was ready and had nothing to bet upon.
“Well I would be bored alone with you, so we need to get Mom in too.At night you need to peep into Mom's room and make her unconscious with deodorant and ...“ BANG. He was slapped by his Cindy.

“You want her to be in this? You filthy. Who bang's her mother? You can take my CDs and give to whoever you want to but I would not let this happen at ANY COST.” Cindy did not want to give up this time. She was very angry. She thought his brother would melt down for mother but she was wrong. Slapping made Lucas very very angry. He was in a mood to teach her sister. He could have made it worse but he resisted and tried his filthy brain to make something quick and handy but large enough for Cindy to make her cry.

He quickly took Cindy's scarf from her chair where it was hanging and held her sister with his hands. He clutched her mouth and while suppressing her screams , simply tied that scarf somehow around her mouth. Cindy was startled by this. He locked the door from inside and now Cindy was helpless.

He quickly unbuttoned her jeans. Cindy wanted to run and cry but could not. Door was locked well and keys were in possession of Lucas. Scarf was too tight to open. He forced her to lay on her bed while he tried to remove her tight jeans from her legs. It took a while to remove them as Cindy was constantly moving her legs trying to kick him. He got few kicks but he did not stop. He pulled her jeans off. Removing panty was easy then. He removed it as well. Cindy was bottom-nude now and was crying too.
“STOP MOVING” He said with authority. Cindy was horrified and stopped all her movements at once.
He spread down her legs and sat in the middle inches away from her pussy. He could have done anything but he made a long lasting plan. He first lay his fingers on her pussy. It was a smooth butter shaved pussy. His slight touch made frogs jump in her stomach. He rubbed it a little. Soon petty pussy juice came out which showed that Cindy too got excited after all. He rubbed a little more only to hear moans of her sister. He poked her a little in her pussy as well. His finger went in the soft pussy . He felt warm and juicy inside. But after sometime ,he took his cellphone and started to take as many pics as possible with Cindy tied with Scarf and bottom fully nude. Her pussy was visible. It was a shaved one and he was tempted to bang her then and there. But he chose not to. He instead wanted her to more humiliated. He rolled Cindy over and spread her legs wide, wide enough to make her ass clearly visible. He took Cindy's fingers and made her poke in her own ass and finger her ass. He forced her to put 2 fingers deep in. He again started to take some pics. In order to make situation more vulgar, he rolled Cindy again and unzipped his pants to release his own dick. Then he bent over her head so that her face and his dick was clearly visible on cam and he took some pics again. Soon he took enough. He saved them all on his online backup.

He released her by opening her scarf from her mouth. Cindy broke down crying. She did not even care to dress herself up.
“Now you realize my strength sis?” he asked her showing the pics on his phone.
“One more word of reluctance from your mouth and you would the whore-of-the-year on internet.” Lucas made his point clear now. Cindy gave up and submitted to his demands.
“See you have to make mom unconscious with this deodorant and undress her and do the same with her what I did with you. All lesbo stuff. I would film you two and later BANG you. Is it clear?” he said looking at Cindy. Cindy had no choice. She gave a nod with tears in her eyes and again started to cry. She gained some consciousness and then soon wore her jeans back and was quiet in her room. Both were sitting on her bed. They did not speak a word with each other. They were waiting mother to be in sleep well before they could do anything. At 1 am , Lucas got up and took her scarf cloth and sprayed it with deodorant well enough to suffocate her.
“Your chance Cindy” he said tossing the scarf dipped in deo.

Cindy tried to normalize first. She has not seen or done anything of this kind and anything could happen. She slowly peeped into her mother's room while Lucas was following her closely. Incidentally the door was open that night and Cindy's game was easy then. She opened the door slowly. The door creaked but was not loud enough to wake her mother up.She simply tip-toed to her mother and wrapped her mouth with the scarf and tried to suffocate her. Her mother woke up for sometime and tried to escape but Lucas came from behind and nabbed her hard. Mrs Norman was unconscious now. Lucas was on.

“Well Cindy, undress her till I take out the cam” He pointed to his mother. He opened the cupboard and took out his dad's costly high quality video cam. He checked the battery and memory etc. to make sure that the game wouldn't get spoiled after this hard and risky work they both had done.
Cindy first of all removed her mother's night suit. Mrs. Norman did not wear anything inside as such. Cindy undressed her bra and panty as well. Mrs Norman's boobs were sexy and large. Bigger than Cindy's. But her pussy was unshaved. She had some wrinkles but then she was sexy with those too. She had hairs all over her ass and pussy.
“Well she would have to remove them” Lucas said when he saw the hairs.

“Cindy , take your position” he said to Cindy. Cindy soon undressed herself. Lucas made the cam ready. He mounted it on a stand and put it on the recording mode.

“Now take orders Cindy and follow them without a single word. One word and you would be exposed” Lucas warned her sister.
“For each pose I demand. Do it for atleast 1 minute” Lucas instructed. Cindy was quiet as she had already lost all.

“Start by licking that hairy pussy” and Cindy followed it. She started to lick her mother's pussy.
“Lick it deep you slut” Lucas shouted. Cindy was soon between her mother's leg trying to push her tongue in her pussy. She kept on licking her pussy.

“Next , do the 69 pose and spread your ass over mother's face” Lucas said. Cindy was little reluctant to do it. She felt bad for herself and her mother. But she had to do it. She soon got over her mother and it seemed as if her mother was licking her ass. She made her ass touch her mother's lips twice or thrice to give the video a real feel.

“Next , roll her over and lick her ass” Cindy was stunned as Lucas said this. It was dirty and filthy to lick her ass. “NOW” Lucas shouted. She rolled her body and spread her legs wide open. Her ass was clearly visible and she pretend to lick it but she did not. Lucas noticed this and push her head so that Cindy's mouth smashed onto mother's ass. Cindy felt yeww but she could not do anything.

“Next , put your 1 finger in her hole and then you put up in your mouth.” Lucas was enjoying now. He was humiliating both his mother and sister.
“I won't. This is inhumane.' she retaliated. But Lucas was far from hearing NO. Lucas himself got up and forced her sister's finger into the asshole. He moved it in there for sometime.
“fine , I am stopping the cam. Wash yourself and then come back to show it” Lucas relieved her sister sensing that was not good anymore. Cindy returned from the washroom and recording was restarted. She licked her fingers as if the script continues. Lucas filmed it well . He soon transferred it to his laptop and erased all of the memory of the camera to keep it secure.

“Cindy, dress her back up and set the room as it was before we came. I do not want her to know what happened so soon. Do it fast as I am waiting in your room” He said while tossing the his mother's panties towards Cindy. Cindy made the room well and returned to her room in 15 mins.

Well the story continues in the next part where he plays with her sister.

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Word of advice! Find yourself a decent editor and then you might be able to post more than 3 chapters per story. This story is so hard to read that I am truly surprised that you ever managed to receive 20,000 views on your other stories. Clean it up and the readers will be much happier!!!!

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